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 Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)   Sat Dec 24, 2011 6:07 am

Zee looked at the village. It was so peaceful. He could understand why his father had stayed here so much in his youth. It was a nice place to be. At least, if you ignored the gruttal noises coming from a little out in the forest. It was these noises that made the people of the village cower in fear. People were afraid of the trifecta of animals that surrounded the village. The lion, the King of the Jungle.The Tiger, the wildcat, and the Bear, King of the Forest. See, people were afraid of these things, because they were dangerous. And, it is a ninja’s job to get rid of danger. So, Zee was here with one other to do just that, get rid of danger.

Zee started by heading out into the forest. It was rather easy to find a lion. Just follow the roars. Now came the hard part, subduing it. Zee would go for a running kick. Accept, his running would be at incredibly speed, as he flickered his way across the forest, across the several meters between then, and kicked the lion soundly in the genitalia, the gonads, the nuts, the private parts, the pudenda, the stones, the testes, the vulva. A sound kick too. That lion wouldn’t be doing very much for a few days. “So, how about we go round up some more animals? I know we only had to bag one, but, I mean, shouldn’t we protect the people? Don’t we have a civic duty to save these people from the wild animals that force them to cower in fear? To leave their crops untended? To leave their food reserves low, all because they fear to follow the path to enter the village? Well, I SAY NAY!” Yin: Oh shut the hell up, Zee. You sound like you are fighting for independence from a force that has been oppressing you uncontrollably for two centuries or so. Its not that bad, its just a few wild animals. Zee: Shows how little you know. This IS a type of oppression, an oppression of the peoples right to enter the village as they please. Yin: most people cannot do that nayways, unless they are a trader or a Konoha ninja, or here on business. Zee: Well, true, but... Yin: But what? Zee: But..... Yin: Like I thought.

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PostSubject: Re: Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)   Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:56 am

Nashua had recieved another mission with the kid Genin Zee. Today it was to take care of lions, tigers, and bears. How did they end up all in Konoha forest?, Nashua thought as he prepared for his mission. He walked to his closet and pulled out his kimono like everyday. Putting the kimono on he walked downstairs to get breakfast. Nashua quickly made his breakfast and slurped it down still wondering about the strangeness of the mission. None of those creatures lived in climates anywhere near each other. Still a mission was a mission and Nashua HAD to obey his orders. He picked up his katana from the couch and strapped on his back. He then opened the door and headed out into the village. It was slightly chilly out but nothing he couldn't handle. He looked around and saw people dressed in heavy coats and scarves. It was winter but maybe they weren't used to cold feelings. Nashua walked towards the village gates seeing several cheery sights on his way. Children playing ninja with toys in the road. Adults eating ramen at Ichiraku and flirting with the waitress. Konoha was usually a happy place but now was more than usual. Nashua reached the gates not long after he departed his home and headed to the forest.

He reached the forest and heard quite a ruckus. There was noise all around him and it was loud. This was starting to annoy him so Nashua wanted to get this mission over with quickly, get his reward, and go back home. He decided he would try and take down one of each animal. Not sure why, Nashua searched around for a bear. It was an easy process because apparently the animal population of the forest was now abundant and quite numerous. Nashua sighted a bear pacing around a clearing with tall grass. This was a perfect place for a shinobi to ambush his quarry. Nashuaquietly unsheathed his katana and held it in a ready position his right hand which was holding it down at his waist. Nashua crept up on the bear hiding within the grass preparing to strike. Just then he heard something not to far away. It sounded like a creature moaning and a kid talking to himself. That must be the other Genin what the hell is he doing? Never mind back to the matter at hand, Nashua thought as he was now very close to the bear. The bear stood up on two legs and sniffed the air as if he had found something. It's too late! Nashua thought as he slashed his katana across the bears' feet at the ankles and Achille's tendon restricting proper movement. As the bear fell down and layed there Nashua stood up with a sense of victory.

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

Fame : 34
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Element(s) : Wind, Earth, Lightning
Clan : Fubatsu
Bloodline : Joubuna
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Re: Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)   Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:32 am

Now that Zee had dealt with a Lion, Zee decided to go after some tigers. Perhaps a good method for the tigers would to be to hunt them as a cat. A nekomata to be exact. Zee entered the realm inside his body, the giant circular insignia under which a giant blue beast laid, with an S curve on it, separating it into halves. Each half was colored differently, at exact opposite ends of the spectrum. Within each half was a circle of the opposite. It was as if a cookie cutter had been taken to each part, such that there would be rotational symmetry to the shape, and had swapped the sections in the cookie cutter. This shape formed a symbol very representative of Zee.

Nibi, do you want to have some fun? Fun you say? How so? Letting you stretch your legs a bit and go hunt some lions and tigers and bears. But, you probably shouldn't kill them..... Which is annoying as HELL. I just want to tear out one of their throats SO BADLY now that know I can't. That does sound like fun. I will take you up on your offer. With this, Zee let the Nibi out. Well, out a little. If Zee or Yin needed to take back control, they could in an instant. They did not want to risk the small chance that Nibi would decide to go on a rampage. As such, the Nibi would get a chance to stretch her legs. In the two tailed cloak form. They would not let her take her full form this close to a village. That would be stupid, irresponsible, and dangerous. She caught a whiff of something, a tiger, a large jungle cat. She would chase after this car, running on all four legs like she so surely had missed. ROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRR she went in her own way of screaming “FREEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!” She would run around the forest, chasing the tiger. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Eventually, she caught up to the tiger. She stalked around her unwitting victim, and pounced. The claws on he hands scratched at the tigers sides, tearing away small amounts of flesh and fur. More painful, however, would be the scratches of blackened flesh the scratching would leave behind, as the flames of the Nibi chakra ate away at it's very being, burning an imprint of this new, more catlike body, into the beast. Being a cat herself, however, Nibi would never too severely hurt them, just enough to make the tiger submit to her dominance. Within but thirty minutes, she had conquered three tigers in this fashion. Within another half an hour, another nine had succumbed to her might. They would likely follow her anywhere, seeing her dominance as a fellow cat. Then, when Zee retook control, Nibi having had enough fun for bow, the tigers continued to follow him, as if they knew he hosted the greatest cat inside of him, as if they knew that, inside of this boy, sat the creature who mercifully did not kill them, and who they should follow. It was in this way that Zee gained a group of loyal “pets” if you were to called them such. He allowed Nibi to pick the three she expected to be the loyalest, the strongest. The rest, he would bring to Konoha and let the people there relocate these most elegant of creatures to a place where they could live in peace. So, once again, Nibi took over and, after having picked the three and guided the rest to Konoha to be relocated, she felt something. A familiar presence. Somewhat like a relative, and rushed towards it, releasing the form before they were visible, but urging Zee to move along to where she felt the prescience. Little did Zee suspect that the person he had trained with would be the host of the great Four Tail Beast, the lava ape, or whatever you wished to call it. So, how are you doing, Yonbi?

1045 Mission done

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PostSubject: Re: Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)   Mon Dec 26, 2011 6:01 am

Nashua stood in triumph over a now paralyzed bear. He was quite proud of himself for taking it down. Not too much of an accomplishment regularly but Nashua had just started to use his katana. He looked around his surroundings to check the area for life and found nothing. He then decided he would meet up with the Genin. Nashua walked through the forest admiring the scenery. He saw several beautiful dark purple flowers, some growing next to rocks some growing out of fallen trees. It was then he sensed a huge chakra pop up out of nowhere. It was fierce but felt somewhat like he had met this chakra before. Nashua rushed through the forest towards it with his katana out and was shocked at what he saw. It was a beast hunting tigers roaring out. Nashua recognized it as he had another of the species inside him, a tailed beast. Obviously the Genin on the mission with him was a Jinchuriki like himself as there was no signs of any other ninja around. What an arrogant fool releasing it as if it was a toy, Nashua thought even though he had not mastered his own. "Oh well it can't be helped," he said letting out a sigh.

The next on his list was a lion. This shouldn't be too hard for the ninja now stalking through the forest. Nashua listened for roars or steps and heard something after a few minutes. There were two tigers laying down surrounded by trees making a ruckus as they shifted. The reason for the ruckus was there were dead leaves in the area. This complicated things. Nashua took off his shoes and crouched down ready to attack now only wearing shinobi stockings. When one lion walked away he jumped out and cut the other lion in the side. It wasn't a mortal wound but it would keep the lion from wanting to get up.

Nashua decided he would take care of one more creature then leave. He hunted through the forest for a tiger or lion. It would be harder for him to find a tiger however due to the Nibi being set loose to hunt. He still eventually found one prancing through the trees. Nashua crouched down and readied his katana for another strike. The tiger had no idea of his whereabouts or what was coming because he was too busy prancing. What a strange creature, he thought as he stalked the tiger. Nashua waited until the tiger stopped and sniffed some grass. Now was his time to strike. He jumped out of his hiding spot and cut across at the tiger's legs restricting movement in a similar fashion to the bear he attacked. Nashua left the forest dragging the lion, tiger, and bear out with him and reported back to the Hokage. He then headed back home after dropping the tiger off near a pile of other tigers in the village and put the lion next to it. Nashua brought the bear home and left it in his backyard, tending to it over time with medicine. Nashua planned on making it into a ninja animal, or not, it depended on how Nashua continued as a shinobi.

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PostSubject: Re: Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)   Tue Dec 27, 2011 3:23 pm

Mission Approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)   

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Aquiring some pets (and helping the village)
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