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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Konoha

Element(s) : Wind, Earth, (Adv) Magnet
Clan : Hyuuga
Clan Element : N/A
Bloodline : Byakugan | Hyuuga Body
Ryo : 9000

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PostSubject: Persona   Persona I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2019 4:01 am

Character Persona Hyuga


Basic Information


Age: 8

Birthday:  October 30th

Gender: Male

Height: 4”1

Weight: 80 pds


   Persona has dark blue hair with bangs in the front and a pony in the back. He is slightly taller than average for boys his age. He wears a black short-sleeve hoodie and mismatched shorts, one side being black and the other white. He wears his tool pack on his backside for more arm mobility. His eyes are white like the moon. A Yin Yang necklace is always wrapped around his neck.


   Persona is pretty lax as he is not the firstborn in his family. Persona is known to make fun of people, especially his enemies. Although Persona can seem uncaring due to his indiscriminate joking, he actually cares more than most that he finds close to him. Persona has the personality to lay down his life for those he cares about. He is only ambitious towards the things he really cares about, not what society or Hyuga life has pushed him towards.



   Ever since Viper Uchiha had made the Hyuga disperse it’s ways of having a sub-branch family serve for the main branch, the Hyuga had finally united -- or so the people on the outside thought. In reality the Hyuga still has a hierarchy established that pushes second born children and thereforth below everyone else. These impure or lesser Hyuga as they were called, were made to be servants to their first born counterparts. Because of this, Persona, a third born, wasn’t known as anything, but trash existing to serve the needs of others.

   In the morning, Persona’s father would expect him to be up with breakfast made for his siblings Hokori and Raijingu. In the afternoon, Persona was made to sit in the dojo and have had the privilege of watching Hokori, the eldest son spar with Raijingu, the second son. In reality, this honor of father letting Persona watch them spar was a ruse to wait for him to sweep the dojo clean. Persona didn’t mind much though, he was always enthralled in watching them fight. Finally, at night Persona was made to deliver all of his siblings laundry and then blow out all of the lights with the exception of the dojo where Hokori got to stay up late with father. 

   With each passing day, following the same routine, Persona eventually felt a spark light up within him. Persona was at the age of 8 and after seeing one brother becoming a chunin and another a genin, he too had a thirst at what they were allowed to experience. It came to him on an afternoon where Hotori and Raijingu were sparring which became more rare to see as they were both seemingly sent out on missions most of the time. Persona stood up during the middle of their spar and jumped in smacking both of his brother’s hands with each of his own. 

    Hotori was shocked at Persona’s course of action while Raijingu tried hard to hide his smirk from father’s eyes. Persona pressed on, slowly pressuring both of his brothers to the wall. The fight became a 1 on 2 match and Persona kept gaining ground. Hands were being shot out with lightning speed from all sides, but Persona took minimal damage. He was used to dodging blows from when his father would try to beat him from sloppy work. Eventually, Persona landed a critical blow to Hotori. Raijingu seeing this, put his hands up in surrender.

   Persona looking over to his father for approval was met with only solid disdain. His father who was far away soon was a fingertip away from him and then everything went dark. Passed out on the ground Persona could hear his father yelling. “HYUGA NEVER SURRENDER”, he said, and, “YOU’RE A CHUNIN”. Persona began to open his eyes, but once he locked eyes on Raijingu’s bloody face he soon closed them once again. He knew Raijingu would take the beating from father for both him AND Hotori’s defeat.

   Persona awoke later in his bed at the opening of his door. He pretended to be asleep however as he was extremely guilty as to what he put his brother’s through. Persona’s father sat on his bed, his Byakugan activated. His father then grunted and lifted Persona up, revealing him to be awake. Persona’s blue hair and hood began to dangle. “Why was I born”, asked Persona in despair. His father responded, “Mistakes are often made and we must atone for them. You are third born and you are here, if anything to serve your brother Hotori just like Raijingu was made to. Your name reflects your status. You are not extraordinary like Hotori was made to be. However--”.

   Persona looked up, crying at father’s insults. “H-However?”, he said.

   “However, I will give you a chance to prove me wrong. Go. Go to the academy. Don’t make me regret this decision,`` his father finished. His father stood up and left without saying another word.


Likes: Sweet food, Training, Feeling needed, Any kinds of noodles

Dislikes: Domestic violence, Spicy food, Being called third born 

Ninja Traits


Rank: Academy Student

Village: Konohagakure

Element(s): Wind

Specialties: Gentle Fist

Clan: Hyuga




Health: 5

Chakra: 5

Stamina: 5

Speed: 10

Strength: 5


The Player


Other Characters: Other Characters Here

Faceclaim Name and Series: Info Here

Roleplay Sample:


   Persona snuck out of the Hyuga household late at night while everyone was sleeping. He made his way to the forest nearby which was forbidden to him of course. As he got there, Persona dug up his hidden stash of wooden kunai he buried in the past. *Thunk* *Thunk* Persona made them himself and smiled proudly at the fact that he finally made them sharp enough to stick onto the log he pulled upwards. “Yes”, he whispered triumphantly. 

   Soon, Persona moved on from kunai to hand to hand. He imagined the log having the anatomy of Shinobi and striked at the key spots he learned from watching his brothers spar. He would go from the tips of his fingers to eventually the palm of his hands. Persona’s eyes were in its prime, therefore he missed no detail. “If this Shinobi was real, he would be dead.” he thought. 

   Persona paused, activating his Byakugan in the process. He heard it. Just now he heard it. *Rustle* *Rustle* Persona saw everything clearly, it was a girl around his age who had caused the bush to shake. Was he being spied on? Persona got ready to sprint home, afraid of him being told on. 


“Don’t go”, asked the girl pleadingly. 


Persona stopped and turned towards her. “Who are you?”, he asked. 


The girl came out from the bushes. “It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry I won’t tell. Here.”, she said.



   Persona reached out and grabbed the dango. It was a special sweet one, he could tell. Persona popped one into his mouth and began to chew. “Okay, I suppose it doesn’t matter where we are from.”, he says. Persona and the girl sat there eating, simply enjoying each others company. When they finished they agreed to meet each other there again every other day.

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Rin Togakawa
Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B
Rin Togakawa

Fame : 78
Element(s) : Lightning, Wind, Fire
Ryo : 14000

Persona Empty
PostSubject: Re: Persona   Persona I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 23, 2019 2:39 pm

If you could give me a little more for appearance and personality, as well as a rp sample that would be great. Let’s aim for 1 paragraph each for appearance and personality; perhaps detail his facial features and body shape a bit more and explain how his early life affects his personality.

I’d also like to see at least 2 more likes and dislikes.

Finally for specialties you can choose from Ninjutsu/Genjutsu/space time/fuinjutsu/Taijutsu/weaponry/puppetry/medical

Rin Togakawa
B-rank Missing Nin
Health: 1
Chakra: 125
Stamina: 43
Speed: 40
Strength: 1

Stat Page
Character App
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Rin Togakawa
Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B
Rin Togakawa

Fame : 78
Element(s) : Lightning, Wind, Fire
Ryo : 14000

Persona Empty
PostSubject: Re: Persona   Persona I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2019 2:35 pm

Persona Approved
Congratulations for submitting a character app and having it approved.
- Take a look at any rules that you haven't already looked at.
- Create a topic here for your character's stats and jutsu.
- Put your character's stats in your signature.
- Update your profile accordingly.
- Upon Genin Rank you get some free basic Jutsu, click here to view them.
- Have anymore questions? Click here to make a topic and ask a question, or join the ChatBox.

I hope you enjoy your time on Naruto RPG!

Rin Togakawa
B-rank Missing Nin
Health: 1
Chakra: 125
Stamina: 43
Speed: 40
Strength: 1

Stat Page
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PostSubject: Re: Persona   Persona I_icon_minitime

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