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Yoichi Hisato
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha
Yoichi Hisato

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PostSubject: Ultimate Spider-Man [Nk, IO, Solo]   Ultimate Spider-Man [Nk, IO, Solo] I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2018 5:16 am

His volunteer work at the shelter was almost finished. It was a posh little place and most of his coworkers and the homeless people that stayed there were great people, but today Yoichi couldn't help but feel an urge of excitement. After all, The Amazing Arachnoid was coming out today, and he wouldn't miss his big hero's movie debut for nothing! Still, despite how excited he was, he managed to perform his chores just as good as it usually was..maybe even better since he was so happy!

"I'm sure Sakura won't kill me if I don't stay an hour or two extra. Just gotta leave her a note.."

The letter was quick and to the point. In spite of what her snarky personality might have told you, she was actually a pretty reasonable person. It didn't hurt that they were on friendly terms and that he always gave 120% when it came to work here, either.

"Now that that's out of the way, it's movie time! Man, I've been waiting for this day fooooorever!"

Even with Kirigakure's recent acquisition of Konoha, life moved on. Civilians still wanted to have fun with their lives, they still breathed, they still went out to eat. While it was true Yoichi's job as a shinobi carried far more responsibilities, the amount of stress a dangerous rank like that entailed was enough to break a man, let alone a young teenager like him. Sometimes, finding an outlet to get his stress out was necessary.

Whether it was his love of fashion, rapping, helping those in need out or reading comics, it all helped keep his sanity in check from the bleak future they no doubt faced if Konoha couldn't rally its will together to fight back the oppressive villainy of the Mist. Sometimes, walking through the streets of his beloved village was hard. People looked so dead inside these days..while plenty of civilians were content with continuing life as normal, there were still many that seemed to have given up on everything. 

Families were torn apart in that war. Mothers, fathers, sons, daughters: Gone. That type of loss was unfathomable for Yoichi. Even if the conclusion of the war was little more than a year ago, the influx of the homeless never seemed to slow down. Seeing whole families with nowhere to turn was just absolutely heartbreaking, but it gave him even more fire to set right what once went wrong.

But, as he was about to turn the corner to head home and freshen up before his little outing, a spider landed on his shoulder. Now, Yoichi was definitely not the squeamish type, and this little thing was small enough that he was comfortable just squishing it, buuut..then the strangest thing happened.

"At the mountain two rivers divide, one is low, the other is high in tide, will you be the one we confide?"

As most would be after encountering talking animals, he was too shocked to immediately respond. Before he could gather himself though, the spider was already gone, leaving a single strand of silk behind.

Suddenly, an amazing day was going to have a lot more mystery than he would've thought. Not only did that arachnid SPEAK to him, it also gave him a riddle. Was this one apart of a Summoning Pact? He sat down on a nearby bench, thinking.

"My favorite animals are spiders, but animals only choose to work with humans if they're worthy. Once I solve this riddle, I'll ask 'em why they picked me. The Amazing Arachnoid has a few other showings tonight..it'll suck that I have to miss this, but sometimes you just have to set aside what you like.."

The silk on his shoulders was picked up, thoroughly analyzed. When you loved arachnids as much as Yoichi did, you wanted to learn everything you could about them at your local library.

"This is Fagara silk..you'll only find this stuff in the mountains of Konoha. Mm..guards are pretty busy right now, so I guess I can go ahead and sneak out."

With that, he'd hop out of his seat and make his way towards the gate. Really, he wasn't sure if "A talking spider told me to sign a contract at the mountains" was the best way to approach anyone guarding the gate, even if summons were pretty well known. He -was-merely a Genin after all, how common was it for people his rank to have a contract, anyways? 

But, as expected, the gates were empty. Perhaps it was a lucky stroke of coincidence that the Shinobi were in the middle of rotating shifts, or perhaps the spiders were intelligent enough to know the schedule as well. Either way, he took the opportunity to head out and into the woods, searching for a safe path in the mountains.

"Should I have brought some Kunai? Nah. I mean, there's only lions, and bears, and snakes, and BEARS! Let's just hope my handseals are fast enough.."

Growls. It seemed every word that came out of his mouth managed to provoke the universe.

"Three snarls. That's bad. Okay world, I get it! It's just kids playing some Henge prank on me, I'm gonna continue on my quest, and we're gonna call things even. Got that? Good!"

If only things were that simple! Egads! Ten meters away, a pack of three bears leaped from the cover of the forest, ready to murder him on the spot. He was starting to remember why no one came here..

"I suppose I can't interest you fellas in a couple of picnic baskets?"

A defeaning roar from what seemed to be the leader of the group silenced any notion of him getting out of here without a fight. athe trio barreled towards Yoichi at full speed, but luckily the Genin had a decent speed advantage. All he needed to do was stay far, far, far away from their overwhelming physical prowess.

"Luckily I'm a pretty spry guy!"

While he rolled out of the way of their charged, he formed several handseals, unleashing a flurry of Fuuton bullets that whizzed through the air at unprecedented speeds, two of them impaling themselves for every one of his enemies. Crimson liquids stained the ground, but they were far from out of gas judging how the attack only seemed to make them even more angry.

"Of course, they never stay down after the first attack. That would make things too damn easy..."

If any of the beasts touched him once, he was as good as dead. Still, not a single shred of fear was coursing through his heroic veins of his. He knew he could win this. Power and intelligence were the greatest aspects a Shinobi could have, and he had both of them in spades.

The bears figured that Yoichi wasn't an easy mark either, judging how they were taking things a bit more cautiously now. But, this time he would be the one to make the first strike! Heavens bless this technique, because if he didn't have it, this fight would've been a lot more difficult! Again, those precious handseals were weaved to the point where his hands looked like nothing but a blur, the bullets flying through the air once more and striking their targets with ease. 


All three went down like rocks, leaving him victorious.

"Spend too much time thinking and you won't get your prey! These Yogi Bears are lucky I ain't a killer, but they should be sleeping tight for awhile..man, I need to stop talking to myself and get a sidekick!"

He continued his trek through the forest, eventually coming to the mountain's entrance. Two diverging rivers, each one leading to a different area of the mountain. Obviously the spiders were on one end and he didn't want to waste too much time going the wrong way, so he thought back on the riddle to see if it'd give him any clues.

"Confide. Confide? Confide! Aha!"

The left side of the river was often a place where young people confessed(or confide) their love for each other. Of course, in the recent months since Kirigakure's takeover that disturbed the wildlife and led to situations like the one he was just in, that unfortunately was no longer the case.

"Well, time to see what it is those spiders want. I really hope it isn't a trap and they're just trying to eat me, that might take the whole night for me to get out of.."

Following the river's path, he eventually came across a thick fog that seemed to slowly disperse as he wandered closer. A soothing, alluring voice emerged from the fog.

"Congratulations, Chosen One. Our riddle was simple, but believe it or not, some potential candidates still manage to fail. It bewilders me..but regardless.."

Finally, the mist was completely gone, revealing three spiders about the same height as him. 

"You may refer to me as Jotaro. My less talkative kin aren't so trusting of new initiates and are only here as is tradition, but gain the trust of our people you'll learn to utilize our infinite power. Welcome aboard."

A scroll was dropped from his mouth, covered in mysterious liquids that Yoichi -really- would have preferred not having to touch, but he didn't have much of a choice, especially with the other two glaring him down like he was a piece of trash. Still, this was a monumental moment in his career; if he was ever gonna have a hope at defeating the Mizukage, he needed all the allies he could get. From how everything sounded, he was on an impossible mission. But maybe with these summons..


His teeth pierced his skin, drops of blood staining the contract as he smeared his name in blood.

"The contract is complete! Now, I believe you were watching a movie about an.. "Amazing Arachnoid"? You've actually finished our trial in record time, so you still have half a hour before it starts."

How the hell did they know that? Secret spider powers?

"Woah. I mean, yeah, I do, but getting up the mountain took awhile. Maybe I can make it to the next showing.."

"Nonsense, boy. When you get to be my age, you tend to learn a few handy tricks."

Was Jotaro grinning? How the hell could spiders grin? Before he could question this further, suddenly he found himself entangled in webs, spinning at high speeds. For a split second, he was sure he lost conscious, but somehow..

"Alright, either I smoked some spiked shit last night or I was dreaming. There's no way-"

Back on the bench. Again? And from the wound on his thumb, that more than confirmed he wasn't dreaming. He even had -just- enough time to make the showing! Sure, he wouldn't look snazzy, but whatever transportation process the spider used seemed to clean his clothes right off.

"Whatever. At least I look like a half decent person..whatever technique they used, I gotta remember to learn it from them. Talk about comic book convenience!"

Stretching and picking himself up off of the bench, he knew the future held great things in store for him. His team was some of the closest friends he knew, and they were just as willing to free Konoha as he was. Every day, his strength as a ninja rose; soon, if he kept on his current growth of power, he'd be able to join the Chuunin Exams and maybe even win it. Not to mention, he just gained the kinship of a whole species of animal!

"Whew. All I need is a girlfriend and I don't think I wouldn't be wrong to say I got my life under control, huh?"

Pfft, yeah, right. Not only was he too focused on heroics to EVER have anything close to a stable relationship, no girl in this village was visually appealing. The exams taught him that all the pretty women were from other villages! You win some, you lose some. That was the story of his life!

WC: 2002


Claims: Spider Contract, 10 stats

Character Theme:


Current Stat Points: 108

Health: 15
Chakra: 30
Stamina: 19
Speed: 19
Strength: 25

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Hikari Hyuuga
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha
Hikari Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Spider-Man [Nk, IO, Solo]   Ultimate Spider-Man [Nk, IO, Solo] I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2018 10:46 pm

Approved Yoichi <3

Ultimate Spider-Man [Nk, IO, Solo] DkUIxm

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