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 (W.I.P.) Wandering (p/solo)

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 33
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Lava
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava, Boil
Bloodline : Dual Elemental Convergence
Ryo : 5000

(W.I.P.) Wandering (p/solo) Empty
PostSubject: (W.I.P.) Wandering (p/solo)   (W.I.P.) Wandering (p/solo) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 23, 2018 6:50 am

Walking through the familiar forest, Kyo sighed deeply. His life as a ninja has been rather half hearted for awhile. Most of his time, he spent trying to help others with mundane tasks, training to keep up his physical, chakra, and jutsu up to par, or just plain simply studying ninjutsu.
Trying to balance out and harness his large chakra pool has pushed him to walls and broken bridges in way of success. Getting experience and control with everything his body was pushed rapidly into took him months of practice, but now he felt he could return along on his path forwards. His mind and body felt much clearer than before and he reached deeper and deeper for improvement. Kyo never gave up on becoming a great ninja, but still he remained stuck at Genin without much of an urge to go to Chuunin.

It was funny almost to him. Chuunin was a mountain before him. He had the skills, talent, and jutsu for it with five A-rank techniques under his belt, but still he felt like he wasn't good enough. His brushes with death and weakness as a person tore him into pieces and shrunk himself down. To Kyo, being a Chuunin meant you were a shoulder for civilians to look up to for protection and that you could shoulder taking something as large as the Kage's place if the village were to lose them. He had to push beyond all the walls and the doubts if he ever wanted to attempt the Chuunin exams and compete for his spot three ranks beneath Kage.

He approached his training spot and felt his chakra network flow smooth as silk with his control over it. Harnessing it came easier than before, but it was still such a large beast to tame. Holding out his right hand, he created a chakra membrane and lava to drip from his hand harmless to himself. Lava practically killed him to learn, but it was well worth in just about every sense. The rubber ball technique and melting apparition technique took a great deal of control with the control of a combination of both fire and earth together in two different ways. These techniques taught him more about the complexities and mystery of chakra in its nature.

After feeling satisfied and watching the remaining lava slide off from his hand to meld with the earth below, he unzipped his dark, army green winter coat to reveal a plain, white wife beater style shirt underneath. Considering it was in the middle of the winter, the cold air challenged his body and shot goosebumps across every inch of his skin. All he had were a pair of black sweatpants that did little against the chilling winds, but that didn't matter much to him. Though he risked hypothermia, he took off his shoes, which were just a shade of black different enough from his sweatpants to not match, and navy blue socks that traveled up his calves.

Pressing both feet upon the earth, he felt the cold, harden dirt floor of the forest beneath him in the clearing he loved to train at. He forced himself not to shiver and focus on nothing more than feeling through the ground below. The bottoms of his feet grew numb as he closed his eyes and mentally mapped out the ground below. Instantly, Kyo knew his work was cut out for him.
"To travel through the ground as if it were water while also knowing where I am and what is on the surface is really a C-rank technique?"
He looked at his palms knowing full well this technique wouldn't require a single hand seal.

The cold air gave him a fire under his butt to learn. Kyo would likely suffer from the elements if he didn't find a way to hide from the icy winds. Keeping his eyes shut and concentrating, he carefully shot his chakra into the ground and tore it. Below his feet, the ground grew softer and softer before he felt himself sink slowly into it. Losing focus could mean suffocating in the depths of hell. He read this jutsu caused the death of a good amount of ninja who rushed into it. Not having a plan for every step along the way could mean being drowned in sand as ridiculous as that seemed. He had to keep his head clear. He had to keep focused as he sunk faster and faster and was swallowed into the earth.

Focus, focus... focus.

"HEY KYO! Where the hell have you been?"

Kyo turned his head to face his friend, Hart, and fell through the world. He flew downwards past sand and began to panic. The world was closing around him. Swallowing him up until he told himself, forced himself, and strained himself to find some sort of peace with it. Feeling around the sand nearby, he came to find control with his chakra and stopped himself while in nothing but darkness. Oddly enough, this wasn't as claustrophobic as he thought. The quality of air was pretty bad, but he began to feel almost free within the ground. He moved his arms through the earth as he changed it to sand and began to get a feel for what it was like being stuck under ground. Now he had to figure out how far down he was and where Hart was. Pushing and spreading chakra around him in a paper thing spread, he began to feel Hart's chakra above him and closed his eyes in the darkness. Seeing wasn't possible anyway.

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(W.I.P.) Wandering (p/solo)
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