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 Inactivity Rules

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PostSubject: Inactivity Rules   Inactivity Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 18, 2018 5:26 am

Inactivity Rules

It's a sad time when a character dies. The hours and days spent writing the heroic, or villainess, tales of a character that will grow on you with each word committed to this internet paper. Death in combat is all well and good, you tried but weren't quite good enough at the time. Maybe it was fate perhaps that your character meet their demise at the hands of the missing-nin that you crossed paths with. A lesson well learned and a touching yet bittersweet ending for a character much beloved. Shinobi should die a glorious death in combat, or retirement at a ripe old age. Shinobi do not simply wither away.

Activity checks

Activity checks are regular checks that are upheld by the staff in order to determine who's character is active on the site. Checks are held regularly throughout the year. A check is held for a duration of two weeks in which time a topic will be posted, one that you will be required to post in with proof of your activity. Failure to post in the activity check (or failing to meet the requirements), will render your character inactive or missing in action.

Missing In Action

Shinobi never die, they're just missing in action.

Should you miss an activity check your character will be considered M.I.A. During this time your character will exit all topics that you were previously apart of prior to failing the activity check and will disappear into the wilderness. After a character fails the activity check they will exit threads immediately and will be unable to be interrupted to be robbed or killed off.  For all intents and purposes they will be lost to time and space unable to be found by regular means. Your character will remain in the world until a time in which you return.

Upon returning to a state of activity you will be able to make a claim in order to bring your character back into full duty once more, but they won't be the same.


Being a shinobi requires dedication and constant training. Slacking for even a week could have catastrophic results in the field due to lack of practice. In such a dangerous world remaining at the top of your level is a must. Unfortunately, it is not something that an inactive character has done. During their time missing your character has not kept up, they've lost their edge.

When a character is brought back from being M.I.A their current stats are cut in half and will need to be retrained at the regular cost. The stats cannot be changed from what they originally were prior to losing them in your characters decline.

For example:

Naruto Uzumaki misses an activity check. Prior to the activity check he has 200 stats. He returns a month later and re-announces his presence to the world.

Naruto Uzumaki's stats are now 100. Previously Naruto had 100 speed, now his speed is 50. He must retrain his speed to 100, the number that it was before the halving.

Legendary Weapons

Legendary Weapons are some of the most precious items in the known world. Sought after by many and known by even more an inactive shinobi would be hard pressed to keep a hold of such weapons/items of great importance to the world.

Should a character go missing so will their legendary weapon. During their inactivity the LWs will be lost to the wilderness, or perhaps even stolen by their original owners, returning back to the LW pool for future fights.

When a character who previously had a LW returns they will no longer be in possession of their LW. If they wish to reclaim their precious weapon they will be required to sign up to the fights as they had done so in order to obtain it the first time.


There is perhaps one thing more valuable than legendary weapons, bijuu. Throughout history the one constant were the bijuu. Famed throughout history becoming a jinchuriki naturally paints a target on ones back. An inactive jinchuriki is a dead jinchuriki. Whether the host became too weak for the bijuu to be contained and broke free or the jinchuriki was hunted and killed; should a jinchuriki fail an activity check they will die and the bijuu will return to the pool for future bijuu fights. In the case of bijuu kept as summons, should a character go inactive then the bijuu will escape out into the wild to be added back to the pool once more.

Character Reclaim Template

Below is the template to be filled out should a character you have be lost to an activity check. Your claim must be filled out and posted in the character reclaim topic located here. Once it has been approved by a staff member you will be able to continue on with your character's tale.





[b][color=green]Stat Page:[/color][/b]
[b][color=green]The Lost Chapter:[/color][/b]

Inactivity Rules OIkMFaJ

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And if that's impossible, I at least want to find companions who are as strong as I.'

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Inactivity Rules
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