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 Inactivity in Hoshi

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Ayato Hyuuga <3
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 21
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning
Clan : Hyūga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 20700

PostSubject: Inactivity in Hoshi   Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:32 pm

Holding torches on their hands the men exited the barracks and moved in straight line. It was the hour before the dawn when the world was dull and gray. It had rained the night before and the one before that, as such everything was damp and chilly. Poodles of water had formed atop the black brick street and the yellow-white light of the torches was reflected upon them, as they remained there ready to soak the foot of the unwary. The faces of the four men in front of him were covered underneath scarfs or half faced masks, but Ayato did not need to see their faces, to know the names of his shinobi brothers.

The summons had come half an hour earlier with a shake to the shoulder from the rough callused hand of the keymaster of the barracks.  “Wake up, wake up Hyuuga. It’s your turn to watch. “ He rose quickly enough -sooner than anyone else in fact- because it took forever to get dressed while being sort an arm.

The wolf-gray cargo trousers with side pockets and the matched jacked of his attire were the easiest to put on, the sleeveless black Chuunin vest over them was a tad tougher, but the high laced boots were a blood-path to put on. And even worse than that was fastening the woolen cloak with a silver leaf shaped pin on his right shoulder. 

The once proud gown had turned dirty and ragged in time, and the leaf-shaped pin originally silver colored appeared bronze now, due to all the rust it had collected. Both of these tokens of his village of origin looking like the unwashed garbage that Kenshin Uzumaki put one and deemed clothes. Ironic, how Hoshi’s zombieman looked way more alive than Ayato did currently. 

A fabled clan from a fabled village, both reduced to dust. ” Knowing that and still put on your boots and do your duty was the hardest. “I tried my best though. “ The last part he talked himself, and the morning cold made his breath steamy as if it were coming from the mouth of a dragon.

The words traveled quickly through the morning mist to the ears of the grizzled Chuunin ahead of the column. “The hell you mumbling back there Hyuuga? Faster you are holding back the line.” On his better days Ayato might have told him to go screw himself, as he did for everyone else who talked too much, yet for now, a few quick strides with his black billowing on the wind behind him caught up. 

Guard duty and patrol. Missions with no official rank, made for washed up ninjas, old men, greens boys and...cripples - such as he was. The glorious days of this once exciting prospect fighter were long gone. For a shinobi, losing part of the pinky finger could be a major blow to his combat skills by taking away his ability to execute properly a handseal. Now an entire arm and for a taijutsu combatant on top of that, essentially meant a career ender. "Missions" only in the name was all this particular Hyuuga Chuunin could manage nowadays. But more importantly, it was all he had.

(WC: 534)

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Ayato Hyuuga <3
Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

Fame : 21
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning
Clan : Hyūga
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 20700

PostSubject: Re: Inactivity in Hoshi   Mon Dec 03, 2018 6:39 pm

The five smoking torches continued to make their way through the city, with the streets desolate and calm during this hour, where later in the day they would be brimming with people. Especially in the market where you would have to push and squeeze and curse amidst the baffling crowd if you wanted to reach a specific market stall. 

Someone might have felt more comfortable making patrolling then. But the whole desolation on the streets did no matter to Ayato, who even in better days was not individual to enjoy population; he valued his personal space a great deal and being surrounded by a lot of people always made him uncomfortable. As they neared the looming building in the distance that was Hoshigakure’s hospital the anti-social shinobi felt a whole different level of discomfort coiling around his slender figure like a snake. 

Ayato had found himself in there when his eyelids opened half a year ago - after being in a Koma for twice that time - and all he could see was nothing. As if the darkness at the end of a dream had enveloped the whole world as if a bad dream never ended. He knew he had been awake though. The pain that stabbed through him confirmed it. After a time the vague outlines of a room had appeared around him. The drapes were drawn. Under him was the yielding softness of a bed, and the pillow beneath his head was goose down. “This is not my bed.” He remembered noticing. It was warm beneath the blankets that covered him up to his chest but his arms, they felt exposed. “A hospital bed, I am in a hospital. Kyousuke had said something about a hospital.” Ayato had thought groggily before attempting to lift his head but it felt enormous too heavy to raise. He was so weak he gave up the effort. “How did I end up here.” 

A burning itch on his bicep would not let him finish that thought. His fingers found stiff clothe where they should have found flesh. “Was I hurt so badly?” He kept examining his arm with his fingers and finally found exposed skin but it felt queer. As if something stuck out of it. Crust composed of dried blood. He tried to scream upon that bitter realization, only to give out a muffled groan instead. Gritting his teeth he had grabbed hold of the bed hangings and tried to stand up, only to meet the floor face first. There was no dominant hand to cushion the fall, after all.

Medical-nin had entered the room to put him back to bed and hold him still. “Easy my lord. Here drink this.” One of them said bringing a cup near to Ayato’s dry lips. “Water.” Ayato had not realized how thirsty he was till then. He remembered drinking eagerly, gulping all of the water down his dry throat. At first, it tasted sweet as candy, then sour as wine and finally Ayato figured that was no water. Back then, as he drifted back to sleep he hoped his arm would grow back, or at least that his head would stop pounding.

“Halt who goes there!” The voice of the Grizzled Chuunin at the front of their formation buzzed the daydreaming Hyuuga of the same rank back to reality. "I must have been out of it for quite a while." The Hospital that triggered some ugly memories was nowhere to be seen. They were near the Water Gardens if the taijutsu user had to take a guess. It was hard to tell with the pre-dawn mist having become far thicker than before. Probably the five-man patrol bumped into a guard stationed there, hence the sudden halt.

Ayato could barely see the outlines of his shadowy figure, despite him being only a few feet away from them. "What sort of mist can hide someone from a Hyuuga of the Byakugan?" Ayato asked himself, but by then he already knew the answer.

(WC: 660)

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Inactivity in Hoshi
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