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Tadashi Namikaze
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Genin of Konoha
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PostSubject: Tragedy That Courses Through Us    Tragedy That Courses Through Us  I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 11, 2018 11:50 pm

It was the 2 days before the duel, a day of preparation to be exact. It was a duel between two souls of different backgrounds. A bandit, who lived his life in solitude, his parents who were drug dealers, abandoned him and fled to the outskirts of Hoshigakure, leaving him, in the pretty much Ghetto section of the Fire County, alone, forced to kill and steal, he became hellbent on finding purpose and became battle-hardened to the extreme, at the ripe age of 17. The near opposite, Tadashi Namikaze, a boy born in... not even he knows and raised in Konoha, he strived to be a ninja to become somewhat of a hero to stop disputes and help his village. He is extremely naive and has yet to bloom, at the transitional age of 13. May he become a fierce ninja. The two opposite souls met each other two weeks ago just outside of the Konoha when the crimson haired Genin was trying to find a Summoning Contract, and he came across the bandit. The fight lasted for about a minute, and Tadashi passed out, beaten beyond belief, as the bandit left, bored at his adversary's skill. 2 weeks have passed, and the bandit sent the crimson haired Genin a message that they will fight in the Konoha Forest, to the death.

Now, a 2 days before the fight, Tadashi was walking out of his Ninja Academy to his house, as he just finished his Written Exam for the Chunnin Exams as he reflected on his country,

"A year ago, Konoha was nearly destroyed by Kirigakure, mostly by the Mizukage, Xyxer the Conquerer. He forced Konoha to bow down, and now it's basically a colony of Kirigakure, and also, a Konoha Shinobi died in the process of trying to defend Konoha... Everyone tried their best in the effort against the Mizukage and his army, yet we had to bow down after most people were bloodied, and their pride was broken beyond belief... What did I do, NOTHING, I sat on my ass with my parents... instead of fighting with all of my strength... I was an Academy Student at that time, but... I should have done something, instead of cowering in fear, bowing down to that piece of crap. But no longer shall I do that, shinobi do not have the right to cower in fear, we fight diligently for my village, I was being a disgrace by letting him sack my village like that, letting my comrades die like that... BUT NO MORE, I SWEAR, I'LL SHOW KIRIGAKURE WHAT I'M MADE OF IN THE CHUNNIN EXAMS! I WON'T LET PEOPLE DIE ANYMORE BECAUSE OF THAT JERK, NOT ANYMORE! I'll become someone or something, and I'll protect my village to the bitter end, and rebel against Kirigakure. I don't know what that is now, but I have two legs, and I'll walk to the end." 

The crimson haired Genin thought fiercely as he arrived at the entrance of his home, opening the unlocked door, Tadashi got a vibe of suspicion due to the fact that his parents always lock the door, along with Raiu. As he opened the door, he realized that he shouldn't have. A light was open in the kitchen as the crimson haired Genin raised his eyebrow, "An unlocked door, and someone is in the kitchen at this hour? Something smells fishy..." As the young Namikaze took his first step in the kitchen, red yet not dried smears of blood was spilled all over the area, primarily on a light switch on the left of him, as the switch creepily dripped on the marble counter. Tadashi was pretty freaked out by this as sweat dripped down his forehead. Only the wheezing of something that was just below him, brought him back to reality. "Ta-Da-Shi...?" The crimson haired Genin quickly looked down, as it was a familiar body, drenched with blood, and a pool of blood surrounding it, lifeless eyes and body, a slit open stomach, and a slit open throat, it was going to die soon.

Instantly, Tadashi dropped down eyes tearing up, face in shock due to the whiplash of events, and his body crouched down. "Mom... Mom!" He said, trying to comprehend what just happened, tears freely falling down, as his Mother's bloodied hand cupped his left cheek, trying to give him emotional support. "Tadashi, I love you so much, don't ever forget that ok? The crimson haired Genin would begin to sob, almost choking in between as her Mother began soothing him by giving him a brief hug. "Mom... WHY! WHY! I love you, why do you have to go.." He sobbed more, as his Mother's eyes began to go up, in her last moments, "You said that you are a Genin right...?" Tadashi sniffled, "Yes... I just finished my written test, to become a Chunnin..." He paused in between words, still not believing that this is a reality, "That... Is....Good.... You'll become a splendid ninja, and I'll always be with you... My soul resides in the hearts of our family." She continued "I care for all of you, Soichirou, Raiu, and you... I just wish I can return to Ho-me-la-nd...." Her eyes closed, and the strength was released from her body, as her hands splashed on the pool of blood, laws of gravity made the blood splash on Tadashi's regular jersey jacket. She still had a visible, innocent smile on her face. His eyes widened at the scene, as he cupped his Mom's cheeks with both hands, tears flowing like a waterfall, "MOM! DON'T LEAVE ME, NOOOOO! WHY!!!!!"

                                              2 days Later

Tadashi stood in the Graveyard that his father rented in the afternoon along with Raiu and his father, Soichirou, with tens of other people, in black and white suits, friends of the Namikaze family and co-workers, along with bosses as they looked down on grave of his mother, already buried. It was a bleak tone, no one was happy on this day, and Tadashi cried way too much to cry now, his face was dry from sobbing, and his mind was tired of feeling useless. This was the time to move on... but, the young Namikaze didn't know if he ever could. The smell of burning incense mixed with rice filled the bleak atmosphere, as it was time to pay respects. The first one who came up was Soichirou Namikaze, his face saddened, yet solemn at the same time, "My name is Soichirou Namikaze, wife of Naomi. Naomi Namikaze was a great woman and an amazing wife. Wanting to help and nurture people at any time, becoming a respected doctor, I couldn't ask for a better wife to spend my life with, and she still resides, in our hearts..." Next was Raiu, as he stepped to the stage, with a more sorrowful face, about to cry, "My mother was great, she would always help us in school, care for us, and heal us if we get hurt, all in all, I'm happy I got to be with her." 

Last in the family was Tadashi, with not a sorrowful face, but with a mix of determination and vengeance in his eyes, with a solemn face, "I loved my Mom for what she did. Fearless, virtuous, saint-like, a heart of gold, loveable. Those are some words to describe her, yet it isn't fair. She was taken from us far too short..." He would say in a solemn voice, not wanting to show his emotions that are going to explode soon. After people were done saying their condolences to the deceased Naomi Namikaze, it was time to leave, it was about evening at 6:00 PM. Whilst the now 3 family members were walking home, Tadashi proposed a statement, "Hey Raiu, Dad... I think Mom dying was a murder..." The two stopped in their tracks, beckoning the young Namikaze to continue, "Her throat was... slit open as well as her stomach..." The crimson haired Genin carefully said, not to hurt their feelings. Raiu clutched his mouth in shock, eyes widening, "Oh my god!" 

Soichirou gulped, trying to keep calm, rather than bursting in tears, "The Police Force will handle thi-" A chuckle transforming into full out laughter escaped out of Tadashi's mouth. As he stopped, his eyes turned dark and serious, as his face wasn't playing around, "The Police are nothing more than a joke, middle-aged, pimpled faced, mochi eating, jokesters who can't do their job correctly. I've done some research in the library, about most the catching rate of criminals, most criminals are caught by ninja during missions rather than Konoha Police. That's why I'm taking it upon myself to find and capture the bandit." Tadashi said in the most cynical voice he could as Soichirou furrowed his brow, "Tadashi... You're just a Gen-" "A Genin who could fight against D rank Missing Nin, don't write me off as a kid, Dad," At that moment, the crimson haired Genin clenched his fists in anger, "When I find that bastard, I'll kill him! I'll torture him! Limb by limb, bone by bone, cut out his skul-" He was hit by a fast yet firm slap on the cheek, knocking some sense into him. It was Soichirou, with tears welling up, "Look at yourself, Tadashi, all you care about is revenge now, rage is a powerful tool, but should not be overused, we've taught you all of your life, but look at you! Your mother would be disappointed that you're using the excuse that she is murdered, so you can relieve your anger."

The young Namikaze would grit his teeth as tears would leak out of his eyes, "You may be right, Dad, but I won't forgive him! The only way I will feel complete is if I see his corpse!" Tadashi spat, literally, a misty spray of saliva and he would run off in anger, as the two would sigh in sadness.

A few hours later, during nighttime, but still very visible, the crimson haired Genin would have stacked up in accessories to go to the Konoha forest to fight the bandit. He would wear a red cape and hood, with a button close to his collarbone, revealing his casual modified jersey zip, infused with the flak jacket abilities. His hunting knife would be on his left hip, for close ranged combat, and his katana, rather than being strapped on his back, it would be on his right hip, much more practical than on his back, while sacrificing the coolness. His ninja tools would be attached to the sides of his thighs on his black pants, his Quicksilver Earring would work as a keychain on a ring on his left ring finger. His face would be instead of a carefree look, it would be dark and determined.

Tadashi took a hidden detour through the Konoha Forest so that he wouldn't be stopped by anyone as he walked, determined to fight. Suddenly, Kunai ran through the wind towards Tadashi's eye as the crimson haired Genin smirked while catching it easily, the kunai being caught, in between Tadashi's left hand, middle and ring finger as he dropped it to the ground, laying on the grass. "You're gonna have to try harder than that to kill me, bandit." He spat venomously. There was a small elevation of land, about 10 meters away from away, stretching from 20 meters in height, as the bandit, in a flash of light, would have appeared with a smile stretched out of his face. "Good to see you, kid." "Cut the crap bandit, I have a question before we start." "Hmm? Shoot away, kid."

Tadashi would stare into his eyes, killing intent leaking, to which the bandit would smirk further, "Did you kill, Naomi Namikaze?" The bandit would maniacally chuckle, "YES I DID KILL HER! I loved the sweet sounds of her shrill screams, while I carved through her throat, and dug through her intestines with this knife!" He pulled out a knife with Naomi's blood dried on it, "She was so pathetic, trying to run for her life, and trying to turn on the light to figure out who was stabbing her, leaf citizens like her are SOOO fun to play with! You got your answer, so can we fight now, I have to steal something from a bakery." The bandit grotesquely explained.

The killing intent was leaking fully, a black aura spread across his body, increasing his power, unbeknownst to him, it was one of the traits of the Black Dragon Family, after a few seconds, the crimson haired Genin had a demonic-like smile, about to exact his revenge, "I see... You killed my Mom for enjoyment, I can't believe I wanted to fight you with respect. You're nothing special, I shouldn't even take you seriously. I'm going to kill you, no matter what, you murderer." The last word, he said with a demonic inflection in his voice.

"Hmph, I like it when they resist." 

A transparent, circular barrier of light appeared around the bandit's body, his eyes turning gold, "If you think you're strong, TAKE THIS GENIN!" A ray made out of light particles and lightning rushed towards Tadashi's area, about to explode. "Light?!" The crimson haired Genin thought as he performed the Ram hand seal, as he jumped to the air, almost like a teleportation. Tadashi was up in the air, safe from the ray of light, or so he thought. "GOT YA!" The beam, instead of hitting the ground, literally swung up, about to cut the crimson haired Genin in half, from down-up. "Idiot.." Tadashi quickly unsheathed his katana and angled it to the elevation that the bandit was controlling the light from, as the light hit the katana, then instantly reflected to the elevation, and exploded on the  surface level, destroying the elevation where the bandit was. At that same time, unsheathing his katana, and forming handseals to do a jutsu...

The two were both in the air, Tadashi at a higher level due to his previous Body Flicker, the young Namikaze pulled out his Kunai with a long piece rope attached to it as he would throw the kunai to a nearby tree, the rope bringing him to the tree, while the soles of his feet would turn blue, making his feet seemingly stick to the trees like maple syrup. At that same time, the bandit was on the ground, as Tadashi weaved many hand seals, a fireball spurting out of his mouth towards the smirking bandit. When the fireball connected with the barrier, it was instantly pushed upwards and downwards, not even scratching the bandit. As the fire ceased, the crimson haired Genin watched in awe as the bandit was about to charge up his ray attack towards Tadashi, unscathed from the previous attack.

"You can't win against my Ultimate Beam and Sheild, do yourself a favor and let yourself be incererated by yours tru- GAHHH!!!" A shadow clone, formed just after the crimson haired Genin unsheathed his katana, slashed the bandit's back with a lightning-infused kunai, as Tadashi smirked, while realizing that his hypothesis was right, "He can't use the effects of his barrier while he's charging up his beam. The clone would disperse in a cloud of white smoke, as the young Namikaze would jump off the bark of the tree, while unsheathing his Hunting Knife while walking, "Let's say that we'll finish off the fight soon, shall we?" "DAMN YOU, PIECE OF SH-" The crimson haired Genin would dash towards the bandit, as he kicked, square in the stomach, making the enemy clutch his stomach in agony, at that same time, the momentum of the dash and kick let him do a spinning kick, with his legs above his head, a spinning frontflip kick you can call it, formerly called Meia Lua. The momentum of the kick could have fractured the bandit's skull, but in the nick of time, the enemy raised his kunai high to block the kicks, creating a crack in the kunai, enough strength, and the kunai will break apart. Instantly, Tadashi would recuperate himself from the air, fencing stabbing the enemy with his hunting knife, but being parried by the bandit's kunai. 

The battle of knives raged on for about 20 seconds, until Tadashi infused Chidori Chakra into the hunting knife, increasing the sharpness exponentially, the bandit tried to block it with the blunt side of the kunai, but the hunting knife pierced through the knife, stabbing the bandit on the forearm, instantly dropping the broken kunai. The bandit attempted to use the charge the ray attack, but it was all for naught, as the crimson haired Genin elbowed in the stomach, the impact of the attack sent the 17-year-old, tumbling 20 meters away. "Why can't I win against you. Why can't I win against you! WHY CAN'T I WIN AGAINST YOU!!!" A plea turned into a roar of distress to a roar primal rage. A demonic smile etched through his face as he quickly drenched his fingers in his blood while drawing a medium-sized hexagram. Placing his bloodied hands on the hexagram, sparks would circulate, 50 meters horizontal, as 5 giant earth spikes, would stretch across the 50 meters. "THIS IS MY FINAL JUTSU, AFTER LEARNING THE SECRETS ARTS OF FORMER WAYS OF USING CHAKRA!!!" Tadashi would stare in shock, as he was starting to get tired from all of this nonstop fighting. "Bandit, show me what you've got." Tadashi got in his fighting stance with his katana unsheathed.

Suddenly, one spike elongated towards the crimson haired Genin, creating a spiked pillar as Tadashi slashed while running, cutting the pillar. The second pillar would charge as he jumped on it, then jumped again, 30 meters above surface and descending. The third pillar would elongate, as he easily sliced through it, in half, though some of the sharp earth, made a gash to Tadashi's left cheek. The fourth pillar, due to force would knock Tadashi's katana off of his grasp. The fifth pillar was about to drive through the young Namikaze's stomach, until he said these few words, "Trace On." Of turquoise materialized chakra, a 36 centimeter broadsword would appear, in replacement of the katana, as Tadashi would slice through the pillar, and with a roar of determination, when he would be just above the ground, the crimson haired Genin would slash through the muscle of the bandit's right arm, severing it forever. 

"GAHHHHHHH!!!! HAAAH!!!" The bandit would cry in anguish, falling to the ground,as Tadashi would tower over him, his broadsword still in his hand. "JUST KILL ME NOW!! I KILLED YOUR MOM DIDN'T I? EMBRACE YOUR DARKNESS!!! WE'RE THE SAME!!!" The bandit spurt out words like that as Tadashi finally began to get annoyed, "SHUT THE HELL UP! We're not anything alike, don't even get ideas like that. I've learned from my parents that rage is a powerful tool, but must not be overused. I hate you for a lot of reasons, one because you killed my Mom, and the other is for what you will be if I don't stop you! If I get consumed by my darkness to kill you, then I'm no better than you. I'm doing this, because if I don't then people will have to feel the same pain that I felt, so I don't want anybody to feel that, at all!" The crimson haired Genin explained in determination, as he tied up the bandit in some spare rope. He would Body Flicker to the Police Station, hoping that the bandit would get arrested.


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