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Kamie Magica
Kamie Magica

Fame : 2
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  • Star

Element(s) : Wind
Ryo : 500

PostSubject: Hope/Despair   Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:51 pm

Element Name: Hope / Despair
Components: Yin + Yang
How it is used:
The Element of Hope/Despair is used by the Magica clan as the basis of the abilities used by Magical Girls. Most Magical Girls manifest this element as Hope, while those who have fallen to the negativity and hopelessness of their cause manifest this element as Despair instead.

Intrinsically, these elements function identically to one another, however, the difference in the emotions used when manifesting the Element results in a differing appearance between the two names for the same element.

These Elements are manifested by a Magical Girl channeling their Pact along with their emotions in order to form the element into different shapes and molding them for use in their Techniques and vary greatly depending on the individual Magical Girl who is using them, ranging from simple uses such empowering themselves physically or larger scale abilities such as creating massive blasts of energy channeled through a weapon utilizing their Element.

The color of Hope is the same as the Color of the Magical Girl who possesses it, while Despair always appears black in color without the usual flair that most Hope techniques possess. Other than these two distinctive differences, Hope techniques can appear as mild or as extravagant as the user desires so long as they create techniques to do so.

The Element also appears around a Magical Girl when they utilize their Transformation and can be seen surrounding them in a faint aura while they are under the effects of the Transformation, the color depending on the Color of the Magical Girl in question. This aura is not tangible and can be seen alongside the individual's Chakra Signature if the latter is visible, appearing much like a second layer over top of the first.

Be a part of the Magica Clan.
Must have 'Soul' item: Magica Soul
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Kenshin Uzumaki
Missing-Nin S
Missing-Nin S
Kenshin Uzumaki

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Element(s) : I'm the Avatar
Clan : Youka ain't my dad
Clan Element : None yet
Bloodline : Many
Ryo : 96000

PostSubject: Re: Hope/Despair   Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:51 am

Trial approved

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Nero Yuki
Chuunin of Kiri
Chuunin of Kiri
Nero Yuki

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Element(s) : Kiri
Clan : Kiri
Clan Element : Kiri
Bloodline : Kiri
Ryo : 20825

PostSubject: Re: Hope/Despair   Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:49 am

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PostSubject: Re: Hope/Despair   

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