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 Kutari Does Busywork(P)

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Kutari Uchiha
Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

Fame : 5
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Wind
Clan : Uchiha
Bloodline : Sharingan
Ryo : 11000

PostSubject: Kutari Does Busywork(P)   Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:43 am


It proved to be another typical day in the trash which made up the crooked town of outcasts, forced to reside in such a zone until able to acquire enough finance and influence to properly distance himself. Until then, these lands would be the hunting ground for the ambitious caretaker, keen on carrying out his duties as he continued his rounds around the area. Currently roaming around the more “luxurious” parts of the town mainly in search of more weapons to add to his arsenal, an act he’s recently found himself partaking in for far too long. A fascination for weapons and tools of a similar utility, even when it came to armors he would find himself intrigued while spectating the various merchandise, though in the back of his mind he knew these ornaments and gear couldn’t compare to the true materials the outside world had to offer, his current location featuring cheap tricks and common quality.

The sun would be seen far and beyond the typical grasp of the basking heat as the star seemed to keep it’s distant on such a day, allowing the expected climate of the current season to come in and delegate a more chilly atmosphere, though this fact would fail to keep him from changing his attire, wearing the expecting clothing he found himself always comforted in. His black jacket continuing to dance throughout the air as he walked throughout the streets as he spotted various merchants and tools, looking for items of higher quality that would last in a combat situation. The majority of merchandise simply being knock off items and weapons to simply be displayed, his warrior heart unwilling to even own such frail equipment.  Perceptive yellow eyes would glisten in the afternoon lighting as he distinguished which weapons and armors would be useful and others simply for show; the majority of equipment leaning towards the latter, unable to find a suitable tool to even consider purchasing.

As he continued his afternoon shopping, he’d take note of a particularly interesting sight which brought back memories in an almost deja vu sort of fashion. Noticing the same batch of individuals this afternoon stalking him in an unprofessional manner, failing to truly hide their presence as they frivolously attempted to keep a distance and eye the boy, an easy concept to pick up on as he was well versed in such an activity, even recalling a similar scenario a few weeks ago. Memories rushing through his head as he gazed upon the lovely alleyway he decorated in a gracious coloration of blood and screams, the various shoppers wishing to look away as he continued his paintings and added upon the unfortunate events those idiotic tools decided to get themselves involved in. In his spree he could remember a lone girl walking in at the wrong time, and paying a steep price she surely would of regretted due to such insubordination on her part.

Looking back, it was clear this new batch of people seemed to want to pick a similar fight, or at least had the intentions of following him until he led them to an isolated location. He could fight in the middle of the street, but it may be better to keep the act in a secluded location, so he couldn’t scare off any merchants or have them disregard any of his business. Though if they did as such, maybe he’ll scare them as well, convince the fools to partake in business upon his behalf.

Regardless, Kutari wondered the best action to take upon dealing with these people, their numbers dwindling as he made it obvious he caught on to their ploy. Early on counting about nine of the stalkers, until only but three would be in the line of duty until their nearing demise. He was curious as to what story they would concoct that gave them enough merit to pick a fight with Kutari, or who he crossed to get them on their bad side. Surely some more “You’ll pay” or “Tetsu sends his regards” before they would come at him in a frenzy intending to do harm. Though...Maybe the poor fellows name was Tatsu, to be utterly honest Kutari failed to remember the old fool, especially after he pissed the Uchiha off for the last time, ending up gurgling on his own blood. That’s what the last group of “assassins” wanted, at least.

Kutari would go about his typical actions, planning an assault as he dipped into a nearby alleyway, operating in such a pattern to act as if he was trying his best to hide but was lacking in finesse, sure his pursuers would follow in his path. The goons would follow as expected, their dwindled numbers being quite obvious as the three looked around in confusion searching for the rest of their numbers. Before they could run off or even look far for the rest of the members, Kutari would appear, looking at the three and questioning their business, curious as to see who it was now he pissed off. Of course, just so happened to be some guy who was buddies with the last batch of people he had the luxury of killing who did the same ridiculous stunt to isolate him, to Kutari it seemed like a legitimate story. Sadly, he had little interest in this encounter unlike the last, the same tactics getting old too quickly. Deciding it’d be best to end this quickly and make sure it stayed as such, in case this guy’s friend decided to be an idiot and try and hunt him down, Kutari would engage the three as they came at him from his front. It being a quick and decisive battle as he killed off the two goons this “leader” had before maiming his arm and breaking one of his legs. Looking the fool into his eyes, Kutari would make it clear his intentions.

“This is all you have to do. Stay away from me. I don’t want to hear or see a whiff of you or anymore of your buddies, this is starting to get boring.”

With that, he’d kick the man down with a boot to his face as he continued to walk towards the end of the alley, trying to continue his shopping at a quickened pace, hoping no one else decided they wished to attack Kutari or bring up something he’s done in a previous bar as well.


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Risako Akara

Fame : 238
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Wind, Earth
Clan : N/A
Clan Element : N/A
Bloodline : N/A
Ryo : 5150

PostSubject: Re: Kutari Does Busywork(P)   Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:12 am


Risako's Stats

@ TheInvincibleLegend : Risako is probably the manliest Ninja in Konoha.
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Kutari Does Busywork(P)
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