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 Something random and wierd

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Doton
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PostSubject: Something random and wierd   Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:32 am

Shinoskay had been relaxing in his forest hut that he had worked on across several threads, enjoying the sounds and sights of the crackling fire in the fire pit that so too had been constructed across several threads. The pit had not changed very much since the last thread describing it. There was quite a lot for the boy to think over, from the chuunins, his team, Konoha and Kiri... He couldn't help but also include that there were genin trying to flee konoha. He himself had thought of it so he didn't see it as so strange, but it showed that he wasnt the only one.

He also didnt see the Kiri ninja leave, yet the Kage did... and his recent discoveries of Kiri stashes and ninja. What was happening in the village he lived in?

Suddenly, there was a fluttering of animals off in the distance... a rush as if something unexpected happened. The birds scattered into the sky and a few deer seemed to bolt across his view from the same direction. Something bit but quiet had just happened and nothing big in nature was quiet, something strange or unnatural had just occured.

Shinoskay quickly stood and took a slow gaze in the direction of where all the animals had reacted from, He was trying to see if maybe a bee hive fell or perhaps something else and the sound just got lost on its way through the forest..... but he couldn't see or hear anything else, no sounds of any poor critters struggling for survival within the swarm, no buzzing, nothing... In fact, it was eerily quiet. As if something not of nature was in the forest beside himself, a lot of something.

Within an easy reach, the boy tapped his puppet to cast 10 chakra threads upon it before quickly forming the seals for, first, 2 Rock clone jutsu and then the standard clone jutsu. The RC Shinoskay would form from the boys footing to in front of him, leading from its foot that was under his and facing him so it only just rose Shinoskay foot a few inches but would not knock him off balance.

His standard clones would form on either side of him.

He would then attach the other 5 Chakra threads onto the Earth Shinoskay before it would turn and make way towards where all the animals came from. Because it was half the speed of the original, it was an easy thing for him to form the seals for Clay Doll jutsu and have one form 10 meters towards the source of the disturbance where it would be in the path of the Earth Shinoskay so that he could connect 5 chakra threads from himself to onto the Clay doll.

And so, with E. Shinoskay and its clay doll leading at max speed and Original Shinoskay, his puppet, and two clones following behind at half E. Shinoskay's speed till he was 20 meters back, where he would then move to match speed with the same... this small crew would make way. The second Rock Clone would follow behind the 6 human sized individuals.

[524 wc, exit]
2 stats
Claim 195 towards flicker movement. 195/1000
Claim 305 Earth moving core
24 wc towards puppeteers tail


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Something random and wierd
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