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 I'll show you hardcore Training... (Private)

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Masashi Uzumaki
Genin of Hoshi
Genin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: I'll show you hardcore Training... (Private)   Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:36 pm

The renovations on his parent’s home in Hoshigakure were finally completed. It befit a noble family of Hoshigakure to lay claim to the area back when the village was founded. Not just because of their Noble status, but because Himari Akari was a powerful shinobi and worked tirelessly for the betterment of not only the village, but all of Haven Country. It had taken a much longer period of time than Masashi had expected. It was a fairly large piece of property though, so it made sense that it would take a while for the building and remodelling to be complete. The Uzumaki-Akari estate in Hoshigakure was a square acre in size, bordering on the Water Gardens and the Royal Palace. The entire property was surrounded by a vibrant lawn of emerald green, the grass being kept in immaculate condition by a combination of the grounds keeping crew and an extensive irrigation system that had been installed before the grass had been laid out. The irrigation system maintained the entirety of the compound, from the grass and trees, to several offshoots for fountains that lined the main path. The main path was an interlocking stone path in red and grey leading up to the estate compound. The actual estate itself was more akin to a fortress than anything. The path ends at a gated wall, 10 meters tall and ten feet thick, made of a light grey granite. The Gate itself was a double door 7 meters tall, 5 meters across, and 6 inches thick, made of ironwood and banded with strips of steel. It was stained a cherry red colour to allow the details in the woodgrain to stand out. The wall that surrounds the compound itself is octagonal in shape, and blocks off roughly a third of the estate in size and all of the estate’s structures are housed inside, with stairs leading to the ramparts so that any guards can access the guard posts at each of the eight points.

The compound inside of the wall consisted of the manor house complete with attached conservatory/greenhouse, several outbuildings for staff to live in, a private garden, and personal training areas for any of the Uzumaki-Akari household. The Manor itself is situated in the middle of the estate, three stories tall, and made of light grey stone with red accents. Once inside the front doors, the foyer was 5 meters tall, with supporting columns and a pair of curved staircases leading to the second level. The manor itself had several wings that were divided based on their specific purpose; there was the sleeping areas, with separate wings for Masashi, his parents, and guest rooms for other family members. Both Masashi’s rooms and those of his parents had their own private sunroom. There was a separate wing that house the kitchens and dining hall, and smaller rooms for less formal meals. The other most commonly used wing was full of rooms for people to work on their passions; rooms for painting, sculpting, music composition. At the end of the hall was the access to the conservatory, which Masashi used to expand on his stores of plants and herbs. There was also a large library, which included a hidden passage for Masashi to be able to access his lab and personal workshops. The only other person that knew of this section was Masashi’s personal butler, whom the Uzumaki would trust with his life.

The outbuildings were nothing spectacular; all of them shared a similar theme to the manor, just not as grandiose. A barracks for the garrison of a two dozen guards that maintained a constant vigil of the property to deter thieves and thugs. There was a separate building for menial servants like cooks, grounds keepers, and footmen. There was also a shed for the equipment that was used to help maintain the estate in its entirety. The only other things of note inside the estate’s walls was a large garden, with ponds for swimming and water features, and a training area near the back wall of the compound. The training area was nothing more than a patch of dirt with some training dummies, targets, logs, and boulders. It was to be a spot where rough and tumble combat could happen without disturbing the rest of the grounds. The one aspect of Masashi’s calm and collected life that he would have to keep rough and chaotic.

Masashi had a hand in most of the renovations himself, especially because of his natural affinity to earth chakra. He didn’t know much in the way of actual techniques, but he could channel his earth chakra in order to dig the trenches in the ground for the irrigation system, flatten the terrain on the estate, compress the earth into a solid foundation for the rest of the building blocks that would form the true foundation of his home, and carve out the tunnels and rooms underneath his home to create his secret workspace. He had previously moved his research to a different location before the re-construction had started, and only now had completed the process of moving everything back. His new lab was accessed from a shaft he had dug under one of the book cases in the library. The way it was designed would fool anyone looking for it, even if they moved every bookshelf, since they were all designed to move. The layout of the lab itself was similar to the previous one. He had split the area into several different rooms, each with its own purpose; there was an alchemist’s workshop, for working with plants, herbs, extracts, and the like. It was one of the largest workshops because not only would he be using it to make salves, tinctures, and other ways to heal others, it would also be used to come up with poisons, and you should never mix the two unless you’re trying to kill someone that you’re healing. There was also a workshops designed for work in different types of jutsu, depending on which direction the ambitious Uzumaki decided to lean. The largest workshop was devote entirely to genetics and the study of DNA and the bloodlines of different shinobi clans. There was not much in this workshop yet, that would hopefully be changed with a visit to the Hogokage’s office. He needed to find out if there were any other shinobi in the village that were skilled in Medical ninjutsu or if there was someone who had been given permission to experiment with any dead bodies that the village had acquired. Anything he learned would be stored in the most important room in his underground lab, the research library. It wasn’t the largest room, but it would be the location where all of his accumulated research notes would be. Anything he discovered would need to be written down on the off-chance that he forgot it later. It would also benefit anyone he decided to share the information with. Of course he would share his research with the leaders of the village, as a thank you for the opportunity should it actually happen. That would be something to look into tomorrow. For now he would focus on the materials he had access to, and would worry about adding to that tomorrow.

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I'll show you hardcore Training... (Private)
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