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 Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]

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Missing-Nin E
Missing-Nin E

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PostSubject: Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]   Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:01 pm

Today was a wonderful day to be out and about, Ashe thought as she made her way through the beaten downtown she hadn't bothered to learn the name of. As far as she could tell, this cesspool of lowlifes and miscreants was what was keeping her safe! No one in their right mind would be here longer than to just pass through and those who WOULD stay here have nowhere else to go, which when she thought about it was perfectly fitting. She really didn't have anywhere to go to live forever. Her movement came to a stop, the earth shifting ever so slightly to her foot as she thought to herself 'What was I out here for again?'

She sighed and frowned. She continued her steps, keeping a more cautious eye out for anyone who may be looking at her. She checked her pouches for any notes but only felt the steel of her equipment. No reminder note. Now, Ashe wasn't the smartest woman alive- far from it actually, but she knew that she normally writes a note for herself or commits it to memory as best she could. Did she forget the one that she had committed to memory? She looked to the ground as she made a walk, and tried to sift through her memories but couldn't remember what it was. Was she just out and about for no reason? Yeah, that has to be it.

As she sighed she looked to the sky, enjoying the sight of the clear blue sky. The only beauty in this disgusting dirt-rag of a town is the sky. She sighed as she turned into an alleyway, she heard... something. She wasn't quite sure, her head snapped forward to look at the scene before her

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Kutari Uchiha
Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]   Thu Aug 09, 2018 12:43 am

The sight inhabiting the alleyway could be described along the lines of mortifying and sinister as blood echoed across the wall and pavement, failing to lack in depth as it’s volume would never waiver down the alley, a painter running his brushes down the way in abstract methods until running out of ink, extracting more crimson paint from his source before continuing to express his artistic values as it led back to the creator of this work. It was but an unfortunate realization that some of his paint sources dried up, their longevity peaking as they laid mutilated throughout the alley, no longer wishing to aid their painter in his coming piece, though of course he made sure to find replacements as the show must go on. Settling upon what seemed to be the remaining supplies that he unknowingly stocked up on, Kutari would pin the bodily mess of a human being up against a wall within the alleyway, his arm extended out as the foe who proposed the creation of a new piece would retaliate in little effort as his stamina was drained, the heart and soul he put into this piece clearly showing it’s consequence. There Kutari held him up, reading a small note acquired from the fool as the sounds of grunts and pains carried itself throughout the area, a fact Kutari hadn’t expected as he assumed the lot would be unconscious by now due to their injuries. A deadpan expression ran across his face as he focused upon the writing to be had, attempting to properly read the message despite the blood which ran across the paper alongside the sloppy handwriting of the writer, the nearby screams being nothing more than a bonus.  

I need this guy dead. I don’t care for witnesses, as Long as he suffers the utmost amount of pain that tatsu did. I’m telling you he’s the one who killed him, do whatever you gotta do but sure he’s conscious and within a whole other world of pain before you finish him off. That bastard Kutari has it coming.

Kutari would smirk upon finishing his read of the note. Someone seemed to be quite upset that oath Tatsu was killed, and pretty hellbent it was Kutari that did it. Though they wouldn’t be wrong, it was just a shame they took Tatsu’s death so personally, not like the guy was some saint and worth following after all. Kutari couldn’t wrap his head around people who followed such trash, unable to think for themselves and always wanting to get revenge for low life. He’d crumple up the paper before tossing it amongst the ground before him, taking a lengthy sigh as he simultaneously strengthened the hold upon this man’s neck, irritated that his day became wasted away thanks to such a pitiful resolve. Looking up at the battered man, Kutari’s amber eyes intense as he looked toward the fool who could only raise but one eye in response, squirming amongst the overpowering force keeping him captive, his face bloodied and nose broken, one eye shut and cuts all over, he was truly an ugly sight now.

I don’t consider myself to be a bastard, so you could understand my confusion as to why I was randomly attacked by a band of idiots who mistook me for the wrong Kutari. I mean, that has to be the case, right? I’m sure you bunch weren’t seriously intending to take me down with the amount of power you displayed today, a damn shame you’re targeting some infant though, that’s about as good as what you guys could take down.

Mocking the leader of this attack, he’d look him in the eye as he spoke, sarcastically dancing around their entire reason for being here. He’d feel a bit offended that they were the ones sent to kill him, making light work of the makeshift bounty hunters.

Just as he was about to continue, suddenly the one eyed man decided to spit in Kutari’s face, a mixture of saliva and blood beginning to run beneath his right eye. Disgusted by this barbaric action, he’d swiftly wipe it away with his thumb as his hand ran across his face in one motion, before back fisting the man in the face as he returned his arm to its respective side. A grin escaping from Kutari’s lips as he wanted to inflict more suffering upon his fellow, already dirtying his clothes and occasional cuts, he had lost his jacket in the heat of the fight as he now wore his white t shirt, the lower half of his body still having the same clothing and accessories. Kutari wondered why it had to be today out of all days for this all to happen, looking forward to a much more peaceful day.


A typical day in the eyes of Kutari Uchiha, having little sleep the night before, would see the casual blue sky and the sun shining brightly. He’d decided upon going to the market today in order to shop for valuable weapons to increase his arsenal and fighting power. Everything was going well as he browsed the various vendors and shops until he started to notice the not so stealthy individuals tracking him and following the boy around. At first he hoped it was just coincidence, though after a hour of the same thing happening he had to face the facts. Dipping into a nearby alleyway, he decided it be time to confront these stalkers and for them to state their business.

It didn’t take long to realize what their business was, as they readied their weapons and numbers reaching around six to come towards Kutari, rushing him after murmuring about getting what he deserved.

They assumed rushing him in numbers would do them good and be an easy kill, the torturing coming later. Though they seemed to underestimate what Kutari could do, leaving the majority of them incapacitated and with broken bones, a few losing a limb or two, and the ringleader of this entire ordeal now in Kutari’s clutches as he beat the man senseless. Though throughout the fight they continuously moved, starting from the beginning of the alleyway some meters into it, being close to halfway through the alley before the fighting ceased. Of course any people who seemed to catch whiff of this battle kept to themselves and ignored it, wanting to act like it never happened. At first, they’d expect the boy getting ganged up on would perish that day, though as time went on and each passerby witnessed what was to be had, the tables turned and saw Kutari as a lone demon, the alleyway acquiring bodies and blood in quick time.


Overlooking this lone leader as he held him up with one hand, Kutari would speak once again with emphasis upon his words, a snobby tone to be had.

You know, you’re a real mess right now. Though to be honest, you got off better than all your pals over there, at least you still have all your limbs. Shouldn’t have brought such well sharpened swords with you, you thought I was in the market looking for weaponry just for show?

As he spoke, his eyes would look over the many bodies and injured folk that lay on the ground or using the cobblestone walls as support, eyeing each and every one of them as he backtracked to where it all began. Though as he was just nearing the starting point, he’d feast his eyes upon another figure that would be coming from the entrance to this alleyway. The darkened space caused him to struggle somewhat in seeing their face, mainly due to his eyes refocusing due to the sudden direction of light. For this reason, at first he assumed this one person would be back up to the many fallen grunts around him, though as his eyes refocused he was able to discern this person as being a girl near his age, and likely not apart of the older flock of individuals around him. Not only this, but he lacked their clothing and accessories which distinguished them amongst a crowd, even more reasoning to show how they lacked tact.

Though still, Kutari was hesitant of this girl, not sure what side she was on if on any. The many people in the main street likely saw his fighting and looked the other way, so what made this girl feel the need to suddenly butt in, especially as it neared its conclusion? He wasn’t sure what exactly it was, but regardless he decided to test the waters by yelling over towards her.

Hey girl. As you can see I’m a little busy over here, but mind doing me a favor and handing me that sword on the ground there?

He’d point towards a sword that was out of reach from him but nearby as it was easily discernable, the handle wielding some blood as the blade had the majority of it, a body not too far off from the sword itself.

Make sure to watch your step though. Wouldn’t want you tripping over scum like this one.

Indicating the man he was holding up against the wall, he’d slam his head against the wall again for good measure. Kutari was now watching the girl, expecting her to make a move as she was already looking towards him. Her outfit was quite casual compared to what she just walked into, but he wished to see what type of girl she was, how she’d react. If she would squeal amongst the sight of blood, or pay no mind to it as she lent a helping hand. Curious now as to the origin of this girl and what she would do, he’d wait for her to move and help him as intended, already examining her face and getting a good idea of how she looked, imagining the various possibilities as to how she operated.

WC: 1663
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Missing-Nin E
Missing-Nin E

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PostSubject: Re: Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]   Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:15 am

Ashe viewed the scene in front of her with more emotions then she thought her little head could handle. First would be the absolute horror. The crimson corridor before her harkened to that of something otherworldly, evil in nature as the dead and near-dead stand and lay, some dismembered and many dead. The ones living were tough to discern from those who have died, the only thing keeping her from assuming they weren't dead too is them being on their feet and barely breathing. Her left hand shakily made its way to her weapon pouch, though she fumbled severely with it.

Her fear did not just extend to the gory scene before her, but as well to the fact that he was very clearly a Shinobi. And, while she only got a very faint glance at it, she could tell the Uchiha clan symbol anywhere seeing as her best friend was one too and wore her symbol. The first thought that popped into her head was 'Oh fuck now I'm going to die!' as her thoughts brought her to assume he was a Shinobi of Konoha sent to find her; she DID have a precious bloodline after all.

As well, she was a tad bit curious. He had clearly seen her, and if he WAS actually after her to end her young life, he wouldn't need to bother with these people. Unless they attacked him? But why would a bunch of thugs attack someone with the Uchiha clan symbol... Unless he was hunting them? Maybe he was on a mission to kill them, and she just so happened to find him in the middle of finishing it?

This made her feel a little bit calmer, but what if... he had a bingo book? Surely someone even as weak as her would be in one as a missing nin? Could he think her an easy catch and take her back as a bonus? The knife in her hand shook wildly as she held it, terrified at the prospect of her being this unlucky as to find a Shinobi on duty. Maybe she could beat him? He didn't look that old, maybe he was weak like she was? She did kill a Genin before. Then again that was an accident, but maybe she could do it again?

There was another emotion and string of thoughts that ran through her wildly imaginative mind; she was curious. Did people really hold all this blood? What did it feel like? Maybe she should try on one of the people remaining? She could dissect him and find all the good points to kill- though she wasn't really a medic nin so that wouldn't be a good idea, she probably wouldn't find much. The curious notion began to shift to a mix of joy and disgust.

She was almost at a point of laughter; it looked so fun! Humans could be so messy with how they died. She remembered the pool of blood, and the smell of iron from her first kill as if it was yesterday. It smelled like this, only it was not as thick and nowhere near as much. If she had stabbed him more, would more have come out? Or maybe she had hit the wrong area? If she stabbed the neck blood most likely would have sprayed everywhere! Oh, it would have been quite the sight to behold!

On the other hand, she was utterly disgusted with herself. She was taking joy in her worst memory! She murdered her best friends brother, and ruined both of their lives! She took joy and was having fantastical thoughts of ripping a human to shreds just to release the crimson within their veins and watch it spray across the walls and ground coating them in a similar, intoxicating way.

Ashe's mind had wandered, though she snapped back into reality when she heard him say something to someone he was beating. She couldn't quite tell what he had said, but he clearly did not like them which lined up with her theory just fine. Maybe he was asking for last words? But he was beating him with his hands, not just out-right killing him, which seemed odd for what she remembered of Konoha nin, but then again she didn't really remember all that much in the first place.

She had zoned out again, but she tuned in just in time to hear him say something about how he was better off then his friends and that he was in the market looking for weapons not for show. She had looked him over one more time and began to asses the situation. Was he ambushed? Maybe they knew he was coming for them and tried to get the jump on him, but if that was the case why would he be buying weapons in such a run down the shit show?

Then he saw her.

All thoughts ran still, as her veins ran ice cold. The world around her seemed to freeze as the only thing she could think about was that she MASSIVELY fucked up and she should have left when she had the chance, and now that she didn't, she was going to die. She never even got to tell Shoku it was her that ruined their lives, that it was HER that killed her sibling, she never got to tell her-

And then she was asked to pass him the sword. She silently released a breath she had not realized she was holding, and slowly and silently nodded as she slowly stepped forward, her shoes making squelching noises in the viscera below her. She had walked by one of the ones barely breathing, and thought to herself; she could kill him now, it would be so cool! She held off though, her morbid side saying it wouldn't be fun and her rational side(which was very heavily outweighing the violent one) told her one wrong step may cost her her life. As she grabbed the blade and slowly dragged it up, she began to walk closer.

She never even looked at it, only ever so slowly handing him the sword hilt first but making sure the blade was facing away from her and having put her kunai between the two of them. The moment he accepted the blade she lept away, trying her best to keep her distance. The whole time she looked skittish, like a deer caught in the headlights. One wrong step and she would bolt.

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Kutari Uchiha
Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Re: Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]   Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:47 am

He’d watch her as she did as he instructed her to do, looking to have a face of reluctance and hesitation as she carried out her task. Kutari could only imagine the girl going through some sort of inner turmoil as she was faced with this task, though he could honestly care less as she was the one who wished to loiter around such a hellish area. Who knew how long she was just standing there watching the entire act transpire, though he had little plan to harm the girl as he was more focused on causing the greatest amount of pain and disrespect he can create on this fool as he held him in position. His fingers would wiggle in repetition as he toyed with the man’s life, fingering a piece that would encapture a grand audience as his fingers became more violent as he began to squeeze tighter around the man’s throat, the boy holding all the power over this puny man’s livelihood. He’d watch the girl continue her seeming walk of shame as she refused to look Kutari in the eyes or even hold her head up high, the splatter from the collective pool of blood ringing throughout the alleyway as she made the journey to his person.

As she grew closer, Kutari got a better look at the blade, seeing it’s blood soaked exterior dripping all throughout as it even covered the grip where most hands would typically be placed. Able to see the growing volume of blood caressing her palms and the likely sweat he can imagine her petrified attitude would secrete. He’d look over at the man held up against the wall and be dissatisfied at his seemingly calm and comfortable exterior, both eyes closed yet breathing soundly, to which point he’d use his free hand to punch the man gruesomely in the stomach, watching as his eyes popped open and he spewed up some blood through his cough. The blood would fall short from Kutari’s face as it landed only a few drops away from his shows, his tall figure and long wingspan giving him the edge he needed. Looking now at the man again, he’d sprout a smile as he spoke casually.

That was close! Didn’t want you falling asleep on me. Especially with our assistance here so close to bringing our gift.

He’d express his free hand out towards her as if welcoming her to the stage, his curved palm gesture as his arm swayed out extended to give the girl a nice welcome. As she would extend her own hand out to gift him the sword that he asked her to retrieve, in a method that could be seen as quite hostile due to the blade’s sharpened side facing Kutari pointing adjacent to him, he’d look at how the tip of the blade would point towards the wall the goon was pinned against, his developing idea seeming to already be in the mind of the girl due to her own subconscious movements. The left hand of the girl wielding the grip of the blade as it extended to her right, exactly where the man would be present at. He’d see the small kunai in her other palm beside her person, in a defensive nature as to not want anymore trouble, though as it seemed she was scared, the girl could be fighting an internal battle currently. Not even squealing at grabbing a blood soaked blade, looking down amongst the many bodies, loitering around to see the many bodies around, not wielding the blade and giving to him yet instead pointing it towards a target of interest, though her weakly kunai was all that aided in her defense as the much bigger and useful weapon she was gifting away to the tormentor. It could be possible the girl wanted to do some devious acts of her own, imagining what it could be like. Who was he to deny her of such a taste of the real world? The planet they inhabited was nothing more than a hell, it be time that she unlocked the true side of herself that would likely aid in her survival, much like how Kutari needed to do in order to survive his years of torment. This act would be a chance to free her of the previous oppression she was instructing upon herself. In such a world, morals and compassion meant nothing.

Hmm. So that’s how it is.

Kutari would look down on her with an intense eye, wishing to tempt her to look at him voluntarily. Though if she refused to do so on her own accord, Kutari would happily speak his mind.

Look at me.

After a pause in his sentence, allowing it to linger in the air as his commanding voice entered the stage, he’d speak more softly as to lead her down a road that’ll be for her own safety, and Kutari’s entertainment.

I can tell, you know. If you wanted to cut him so badly, you could of just asked. Even if you wanted to lie to yourself and try to hold back, it’ll always come out some way. You wanted to point your sword at him…You wished to mingle with the blood beneath you as you made no attempt to avoid the many puddles around. You’re hands are now covered in blood because of that sword, yet you grabbed it with little hesitation as you likely bathed in the idea of being the one to cause so much leakage from one single body. I bet your tempted even now, to feel the resistance against your blade as it attempted to enter this low life’s body, before finally letting loose and feeling the various bodily fluids and structures within become under siege, damaged and extracted from its previous confinements.

As he spoke, he’d channel the feelings he held many times over as he was forced to kill again and again, convincing himself this was who he was and how he always was to endure the insanity that his life invited freely, before it finally overtook him and he believed it in his dirtied bones, explaining what he’d felt time and time again, the sensation and aroma that would take the scene around. Looking towards the pending victim to be had of what potentially could become a born killer, Kutari would speak to the man.

Ah, it seems as if my assistant here has taken a liking to you. Shame I can’t do it myself anymore, I’m sure it would of been a more dignified story for you to have been tortured and killed by your assassination target rather some alleyway girl, but hey, I don’t make the rules. Now, please be reasonable and allow her to pierce you full of holes, this is her first training exercise and we need a practice dummy. Excuse her as she’s only a novice, she might get a bit sloppy as she learns the ropes.

Intending to invoke fear within the man’s soul, Kutari would wear a sarcastically worried face as he explained what was soon to come, mocking the man even more as he wouldn’t even be the one to deliver the final blow. Such a poor way to go, but a way to go nonetheless. Crossing paths with him was a foolish mistake to begin with, he’d likely regret taking this contract now. As he looked away from the man to allow him to say his final prayers, energy lacking in this situation to give anymore fight, he’d look towards this new girl that was still holding the blade, refusing to take it from her as she now needed to be the one to do it, already seeing through her persona.

Now, do whatever you wish. Live out your fantasies now, it’s better to openly accept them then continue to be in disbelief. Who you really are will never let you have the end of it, tormenting you day in and day out until you finally crack and kill someone precious to you. In this world, it’s kill or be killed as I’m sure you’re aware. Now, let us see your first art piece.

Upon finishing his spill, he’d let go of the man from his neck as he simultaneously backed away from him, allowing the girl full reign to do whatever it is she wished. The pummeled man with all limbs still attached would instantly collapsed to the ground, falling on his behind and lazily using the wall as support to stay sitting up, trying to rise yet barely budging. He’d peer off to the side as he backed away from her, nothing more than a spectator as he wished to see what it is she would do. If he was right about his hunch and she having the impulse to act upon, or she being too weak and running off. Regardless, he’d watch with interest as a small smirk escaped his lips, crossing his arms as one hand slithered up to his chin as he granted support, the show soon to reach its climax.

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PostSubject: Re: Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]   

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Oh god, I've been found![P/NK]
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