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 Shigi Uzumaki

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Missing-Nin E
Missing-Nin E

Fame : -1
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Wind
Ryo : 500

Shigi Uzumaki Empty
PostSubject: Shigi Uzumaki   Shigi Uzumaki I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2018 12:02 pm

Shigi Uzumaki

Basic Information

Age: 19
Birthday: 5/3
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 187
Shigi stands at five foot and seven inches. He has long, red hair that when let down comes down around his shoulders. He usually keeps it up with a headband, or a sort of hat. His eyes are a light green, and typically wide with his ecstatic nature. He often has a wide smile on his face, even in poor situations. He typically wears baggy clothing, of green and brown colors, or whatever fits in with the environment.

He keeps a few pouches on hand for small throwable weapons, such as kunai knives and shuriken. One on his left arm, upwards near his shoulder, which opens on the side. He keeps another one close to his right ankle, which opens from the top. He is almost always carrying a large backpack, as he moves around from campsite to campsite every few days, and keeps a large portion of his belongings in it.
Personality: Shigi is extremely ecstatic. He is shouting anytime he talks, and is in a constant state of loud. Naturally, he loves every second of it. Even while whispering, he tends to be louder than most. He strives to be a fairly friendly person, no matter what the situation. In a fight? He will sometimes compliment his opponent for doing something he thinks is a smart move, or gets them out of danger. Being insulted? Naturally, he would instead compliment the offender.

It is hard to get Shigi angry, which also coincides with him having a more serious look on situations. You would have had to have killed a close friend, or family member for him to consider you an actual enemy. Alternatively, a friend could be threatened, or attacked and Shigi would take on a more serious attitude, without being angered.

Besides serious, when he does get angry he tends to snap mentally. He gets the strong desire to kill, of which he probably received from his mother, who had this trait and was jailed prior to him being on his own. He tends to enjoy fighting more than anything when he becomes like this, taunting and insulting his opponents becoming more casual, as he would never tend to do anything of the sorts when he keeps himself ecstatic.

History: Shigi was born in a village named Kumogakure. He was raised by an extremely abusive mother, and a paranoid cowardly father. He had two older siblings, one was only a year older, the other was three years older than Shigi. Shigi and his brothers were trained by their mother to become a Shinobi prior to entering the academy, in an attempt for them to get ahead of their classes. The training sessions were short lived, however, as their mother had been arrested for killing a few citizens in the village.

Their temporary peaceful lives were got hectic once again as their father began having paranoia bouts, he kept telling Shigi and his brothers that 'they' would eventually come for them too, that the family needed to flee before that happened. Shigi was often confused by such speakings, and just tried to keep a positive attitude, as one of his older brothers had advised.

While all that had been happening, Shigi's older brothers had been bringing Shigi up to the level they had been taught. Since they were born first, naturally they had excelled further than Shigi had during their mother's teachings. However, he didn't know much. If anything, they only taught him how to throw shuriken and Kunai better than he could.

It had been a few years after his father's first bouts of paranoia had began, and they've only progressed worse. Shigi's older brother had suggested him getting help, however their father had only accused them of helping 'them,' trying to lure him into a sort of trap to believe there was nothing wrong. His father had taken them all outside of the village at the middle of the night, under a sort of guise that it was planned on being a last minute camping trip. Shigi, to this day believes his brothers only went along with it due to Shigi being with his father at the time.

The family went deep into the forest, and relied solely on hunting and spending the rest of their money on any scarcities in nearby villages that weren't associated with ninja villages. Eventually they ran out of money. Their father began shortly disappearing for times on end, appearing later on with items that normally would cost money. At this age, Shigi was old enough to begin understanding that he was stealing.

His father than began to train Shigi and his brothers to obtain money, taught them the way to properly pickpocket someone. Out of pure necessity Shigi would begin stealing any money he could, too hungry to care about being a thief. He would continue to do this for years on end, eventually robbing travelers. He would eventually get smarter and carry kunai to threaten them instead of just trying to pickpocket them and run away. This, again carried on for years, until he reached the age of nineteen, and one day he came home to his father dead, stabbed through the chest, and his brothers missing.

He began to live on his own, doing the same things. It became easier to survive with less people to pay for, so he started doing it less. He also began to take up hunting more, teaching himself how to hunt.

Likes: Books, puzzles, exercising
Dislikes: rainy days, staying still for too long, eating horribly made food.

Ninja Traits

Rank: E
Village: Missing Nin; Formerly Kumogakure (As a Citizen.)
Element(s): Lightning
Specialties: -
Clan: Uzumaki


Health: 5
Chakra: 10
Stamina: 5
Speed: 5
Strength: 5

The Player

Other Characters: http://naruto-role-play-rpg.forumotion.com/u853
Roleplay Sample:
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Kōmori Hozuki
Kōmori Hozuki

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Element(s) : Make
Clan : Kumo
Clan Element : Great
Bloodline : Again
Ryo : 0

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PostSubject: Re: Shigi Uzumaki   Shigi Uzumaki I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2018 5:11 am

Shigi Uzumaki Approved

Congratulations for submitting a character app and having it approved.
- Take a look at any rules that you haven't already looked at.
- Create a topic here for your character's stats and jutsu.
- Put your character's stats in your signature.
- Update your profile accordingly.
- Upon Genin Rank you get some free basic Jutsu, click here to view them.
- Have anymore questions? Click here to make a topic and ask a question, or join the ChatBox.
- To better maneuver the site, feel free to use the directory listed here

I hope you enjoy your time on Naruto RPG! <3

Shigi Uzumaki 8024c21c5611787eea453087fd168635

Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I'll sleep more easily by night.
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Shigi Uzumaki
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