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 Odin Kozuki (WIP)

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PostSubject: Odin Kozuki (WIP)   Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:29 am

Odin Kozuki

Basic Information

Age: 37
Birthday: August 24th
Gender: Male
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 226 Pounds
Appearance: Beginning with Odin's hair it is said to be the most extraordinary part of his body. Even though he is healthy at his old age. The years are still getting to him. Which means the hair that was once atop is head is slowly turning gray. As if to deflect people from his true age and knowledge, Odin long ago shaved off both his beard, mustache, and still for some “unknown” reason his eyebrows. Some may differ in opinion and proceed to say that Berserker shaved off a millimeter of his eyebrows after each kill, or even that he wants his face forever clean. The honest truth is that he actually doesn’t remember. The man never cared for the color of his facial hair. As his adopted grandparents once told him just because you have a lot of hair doesn’t make you cool. Although, they probably just said that because they were growing bald.

Odin’s hair is extremely long. Most likely due to his huge size. The bright black strands extending backwards as if spikes were placed on his head. On the top of each spike is a single bead. Most of them blue to match his eyes, but a select few being red for a reason that will be revealed later on.

Transitioning to the face of this “ninja”. Odin’s face was one of absolute beauty back in his younger days. As could easily be predicted by the color of the beads in his hair, Odin has blue eyes. His eyes are a solid and intense light blue, but often changing to a darker blue for some reason. Most say his eyes represent the sight of a calm storm beginning to rage into a hurricane. However, most of the time you aren’t able to see his eyes. Due to he rarely opens them all the way. (Please disregard the eyepatch).

Next in line would be Odin's nose. In terms of width, his nose is relatively similar to his eyebrows. His nose is actually quite large in length and protrusion. It could be considered maybe an inch and a half long and half an inch in protrusion. His lips are opposite though, small and thin. Moving over to his jaw, Odin has quite a sharp jawline. Ever hear the saying about jawlines cutting steel? This one can. In both ears, he wears a duo of diamond stud earrings. Catching light occasionally causes them to reflect the captured light and let off a faint sparkle. A small accessory but adds on to the ..... appearance in a positive way. At least in his own opinion.

Odin has broad shoulders unlike most people’s closed and tense shoulders. Though he prefers this as well. There isn't much about himself that he dislikes. Supposedly a sliver of narcissism exists within the old man. (Of course this type of narcissism can not be considered equivalent to Narcissus of greek mythology.) Odin in his own way differs. He simply takes pride in how he looks. It's something that is not able to be changed. The one thing about himself he does not like would be none other than his own scar. It is located just on the left side of his head. Going downward from his forehead, over his eye, and down to his chin. A scar he will forever resent from his younger days when Yukigakure was still a village.

The ninja has a defined and toned body. His height is peaked at well over six feet. Hidden beneath his clothing attire one may be fooled but looks can indeed be deceiving. Odin has well built biceps. The anticipated indents and bulges come along as well. When enough strain is put upon them, veins are able to be seen making themselves well known to the viewers eyes. If one were to run their hand or hands along his arm they would be able to feel the hardened compact muscle built up.

Furthering the explanation of Odin's physical bodily appearance, his clothing attire not only conceals his biceps, but his abs as well. Odin has solid, defined abs. The lines etched into his body form a six pack showing his core strength. After all, a strong core is a necessity for somebody likes him, constantly engaging in fights and battles along the borders. Of course, most times it is his own fault that he should be involved in all of these battles. It takes some work to maintain his body, however he gets it done. The work and training to maintain his body does not even come close to comparing to his most difficult forms of training.

Last and but not least compared to every other aspect of Odin’s appearance, is his clothing attire. Past member of Yuki enjoys wearing a different style of clothing than your regular ninja. There are times where he decides to put that to the side and where what he wants to where. His current clothing being an all black kimono, equipped with a white belt tied around the waist. Over his kimono, Odin wears a white cloak with purple lining in the inside. Under his kimono are many bandages wrapped around his abdomen. Some are due to the many fights that he gets into, but others are just to look cool.
Personality: Odin is a very laid back type person. Much like a bunch of old people. There is a certain aspect of himself that others may feel when being around him. Not bad, but good. As if an absolute stranger could confide their deepest darkest secrets with him. As if they could trust this man they have no knowledge about. At a family reunion, Odin would be the cool grandfather that everybody loves. The one that would look out for his grandsons and granddaughters whenever they got into trouble and their parents sought to punish them. Vibes are sent off from his body language showing he has no worries or stress. Nobody is exempt from worries or stress aside from maybe a newborn baby. Odin only appears as if he does not.

Odin’s vocabulary is very inclusive of vulgarity and slang. The situation does not matter. Whether he be at a funeral, wedding, or important meeting. His mood, tone, and body language may change, however his speech will not. That's who he is. He won't let the world or age change him for something so trivial as proper grammar. The single variable that has the power the temporarily alter him is women. Odin has the highest respect for women. So in a scenario where a woman is present, the outcome will most likely change. Odin has a positive affinity towards women, meaning being a creep or perverted are both out of the question. When it comes to the opposite sex the lieutenant is a gentleman. Being considerate by holding doors, giving up a jacket, listening to problems, or simply buying chocolate, Odin respects women to the fullest.

In terms of respect to the other gender however is a different story. Odin generally dislikes other men, especially the young ones. He finds himself saying there is no need for male acquaintances. Though, he is not completely opposed to the idea. There are some things that can be done when men get together and hang out that can't be done with strictly female friends. He won't just accept any cocky stuck up people within his space. Odin would confine himself to solitude before he made friends with someone like that. 

Odin really does not care for justice. That died the day his village was destroyed.The world lost its sense of justice a long time ago. Way before he had even become a ninja on the borders. That's why he won't be the one to put the weight of the world on his shoulders, unlike other people. The way Odin sees it, the world is filled with an abundance of problems. Let those who want to REALLY play hero take care of it. He has a ambition for revenge and will do whatever it takes to grab holds of it.

The man can't stand to sit still for long periods of time. No he does not have ADHD, he simply finds sitting still incredibly boring. He feels as if his old life may end at any moment and wants to experience more before he is carted away. As a result he has picked up some bad habits and some neutral which wont effect him. Smoking is one of the habits Odin has acquired. Odin smokes at random intervals of the day. However, around others or while holding a conversation, he will often put it out. He himself understands that the smell of cigarettes and cigars can be unpleasant.

Speaking of unpleasant things... Odin has a crazed lust for fighting locked away inside of him. He was never sure where it came from, how, and why it made itself present. The most logical explanation would be that it followed him from his long and enduring life in Yuki. The fact that Odin is a man set out for fighting can’t be ignored. It was one of the main reasons why he was able to escape the destruction of Yuki.

Lastly, Odin is surprisingly a patient being. Even with his annoyance of sitting still. Patience is a virtue, he knows that.

Likes: Fighting, Training, Yukigakure, Winter, Revenge, Killing
Dislikes: Akatsuki, Ninja, Defiance, Arguing, Rudeness, Idiots

Ninja Traits

Rank: E Rank Missing-Ninja
Village: Ex-Yukigakure
Specialties: None
Clan: Uchiha


Health: 1
Chakra: 15
Stamina: 5
Speed: 5
Strength: 4

The Player

Other Characters:
Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Odin Kozuki (WIP)   Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:38 am

Hiya, still working on this?

Stat Page

Quick Stats:

Health: 30 (+ 20)

Chakra: 100

Stamina: 45 (+ 175 AP)

Speed: 100 (+25)

Strength: 50
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Odin Kozuki (WIP)
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