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 Free World (P/Solo)

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 33
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Lava
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava, Boil
Bloodline : Dual Elemental Convergence
Ryo : 5000

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PostSubject: Free World (P/Solo)   Free World (P/Solo) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 4:31 am

Kyo walked towards the forest as he adjusted the strings on a bright red hoodie over a black t-shirt with a small explosion emblem on it. Today, he wore black, cargo shorts and his newly done tattoo he had let heal up for a day. Now, with this tattoo rewiring his chakra network and flow, he could test to see just how far he had come. He planned out to learn "Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation" today to see just how far he could push himself past the limits he once had. Feeling amount of chakra surge in him, he could hardly contain himself from burning the whole forest down to just test his strength. It felt corrupting and empowering to know the amount of destruction he could cause. The sheer force of these techniques were surely going to be above and beyond and now he wondered why they didn't let Genin go beyond just D-rank missions.

As he walked towards the clearing, a black man in white wrappings sat with his legs cross in the direct center. It seemed as though the man was staring off into the distance with many piercings and tattoos all visible around his bald head. The man appeared to be a monk and Kyo got sick to his stomach remembering the last time he encountered people out here. He walked up and approached the monk, but the monk got the first word.
"Sit Genin. I have been seeing you."
His voice was crisp and contagiously calm. Immediately Kyo sat without questioning the man as he felt the man showed a great calm that flowed into him.
"Stay silent and listen to my words. It is fate that brought us here today and your divine duty that lead me here."
The amount of power he felt coming from the monk brought a sense of trust to the odd words. Maybe Kyo was just happy to have some kind of divine duty and some powerful fate. He stayed silent and sat cross legged like the monk had.
"Your mind is in a storm. When you look back to the past or the future it is quite cloudy and I am here to clear that. Today you were destined to die. A corrupted man is on his way here that would show you great weakness within yourself. Your stormy mind would prevent you from winning, but it was a message from the many gods that brought me here to teach you the power of your spirit. The man will come, but failure will not happen with my teachings. If you allow the man, he will bring great destruction to many lives within the village. You must stop him, Kyo Terumi. You're destined to. You may speak."
Kyo was taken aback by what the monk was saying. It was a lot to take in and he felt a bit confused bit it all. Calmly and respectfully, he replied to the monk.
"By power of my spirit. do you mean the power of my chakra? Isn't my chakra already immense enough as it is? Also how do you know so much about me?"
The monk smiled at him and stood up. He then motioned Kyo to do the same and he began to stand up too. The monk placed a hand on Kyo's head and it appeared to release a sort of blue glow to it. At first nothing happened, but, the next second, everything happened.

Kyo was trapped in a world far different from the world he mastered lava in. This was a world of pure darkness on the left and pure light on the other a smoke coated the floor that seemed to not even exist in a thick cloud that moved slowly across the ground in a stream of a white cloud. As Kyo looked in wonder, he looked to the left to see the darkness and how it somehow felt as blinding as the light. In front of him, the smoke pillared up to the size of a person before dissipating with the monk now standing in front of him. He kept silent, waiting on the monk to speak first.
"This is your mind I brought you to. Without me here, it would take centuries for you to ever come back out within this world, but a century here is but a mere second in the world you know best. Within 10 seconds, the man I talked about will come to your physical body and kill you if you don't wake up. It will only take you a mere day here, so fret not. Every question you asked before will be answered before you and I will open your eyes. Focus."
Kyo looked forwards as he felt a rush of blood to his head. He looked down at this hands to find they were fake and looked up to see everything was gone and replaced with a darkness. It was the darkness of night he set his eyes on and the darkness of night that coated every bit of his eyesight. He looked around to see many trees before seeing the monk beside him silent and a large pond. None of it made sense until he saw himself sitting at a dock to the pond with his little legs hanging off as he watched himself stare off into the waters. Within seconds, he recognized what was before him and felt that the darkness he saw to the left was nothing compared to the darkness before him. His heart quivered as the monk put a hand on his shoulder and spoke.
"I don't know what this is, but I do know that is you. In every timeline of every life you had, there has been a you and that you is your spirit. What's inside of you doesn't change. I know what you see in front of you might be hard, but you can't lose focus now. The cloudy mind I told you about, stems from the blocks you put upon your own memories and how you refuse to let them be settled. Do you see it now Kyo? Can you tell me what this moment was?"
Kyo felt a wave of emotions hit him and he wanted to punch the monk for everything he had said. His blood boiled all over and he didn't even know where to begin, but he entrusted the monk since that was all he had left. Calmly, he took a deep breath and let this flood gate in his head open up from the depths.
"It was the night of my uncle's death. He meant a lot to me and I remember exactly what I was thinking at that dock. It was a thought of how I woke up that morning to see my uncle and how that would never happen again within my lifetime...."
Kyo's voice cracked and he felt his body getting weak as the memories drew in closer to him.
"...I remember looking into the waters without really ever seeing it. All I saw in it was the reflection of the body who let his role model die. The waters haunted me with their stillness and reminded me of how lifeless my uncle's body was after that chuunin. I sat on that dock till I fell asleep and someone came for me in the morning only to find I didn't have any motivation left in me. From that day forwards, I grew this sickening hatred in my heart towards those who would kill senselessly. I wanted to learn fire and all I wanted was strength. I wanted to be great. I wanted to be the best. It's just not fair. It's just not fair."
The monk patted Kyo's hair as Kyo shivered and frantically cried to the darkness of the night. Kyo was so broken up he couldn't have cared about what the monk had said or at least thought this till the monk said but a single sentence.
"What do you see now?"
Kyo, confused and distraught by the question, looked up wiping his eyes to see the boy on the docks asleep peacefully and widened his eyes. With that, Kyo broke out of this mental world and returned to his body.

The monk looked at him with only seconds to spare.
"Now put chakra into that and let it energize you. I will never see you again, but farewell Kyo."
Kyo watched still snapping back to reality as the monk's body was suddenly nothing but a dirt statue of him sitting crisscrossed before him. For a second, Kyo had a great bit of strength over the lesson the monk gave and felt that boy on the docks within him. He began to focus his chakra into it and was astonished to see it grow as an aura around his body. A rush of energy flowed into him and he felt every bit of power that laid dormant behind his mental flood gates. He looked at his hand coated in a red aura and felt a power beyond imaginable. This was when he heard a loud crushing of aluminum behind him.

Turning quickly, he saw a man with a Hawaiian shirt completely unbuttoned to show off a muscular figure and plenty of white marks signifying scars. The man produced a beer can from some sort of cloth bag and proceeded to chug it in front of Kyo. The large adam's apple moved back and forth as beer went down the guy's neck and it appeared the man was wearing lose, red pants with frilled edges and a string tied to keep the waist up around the bulky, overly muscular figure. After chugging the whole, large can of beer down, the man easily crushed the can like paper and threw it behind him nearby the other beer can he had crushed. It appeared this was the man who would have kill him without the monk's help, but Kyo had trouble seeing it. Sure the guy was ripped and had two red and purple katana's on his back, but he looked as though he was made of ego.
"Shi is the name. I am death and the death of Konoha."
Kyo's whole body cringed as the man looked at him with large, blue eyes that seemed to swirl as he watched. This was it. He was going to kill this man with everything he had, but when he went to move a single finger his body rejected him. The man must have had some kind of genjutsu he used when he made eye contact and Kyo felt the man's presence almost weighing him down all over. It had to have been some kind of illusion or maybe a trick to freeze him up through eye contact. Either way, he had to act quick. One punch from this guy would knock his skull off his head. As he began to try to resist without showing signs of progress, Shi took a large comb out and slathered it in a paste without a care in the world. The man would then take the comb through his long black hair and spike it backwards The man was such a douche bag that it almost distracted him from trying to break out of this. Kyo flowed chakra through his whole body and tried to fight what paralyzed him to no luck.
"You're weak kiddo. Should hide behind more than jutsu village walls and a kage. How about this? I let you free if you let me strike a line through your headband and you join me in my massacre of every village member. I'm sure you must have some stupid grudges with some assholes who raped you or some shit. Come on, once in a lifetime opportunity here before I rip your head from your body. Your death or your aid in the death to your shit hole with weaklings."
Kyo couldn't even move his eyes to look the man in the eyes. He couldn't move any part of his body but his organs and all the essential parts to keep alive. The weight on him grew stronger as the man sat down in front of him and opened Kyo's mouth with ease. The man then casually pulled his tongue out and began to wipe his disgusting comb over it to clean it off before tucking it back into his bag. Every morsel of his body was in rage with his skin feeling as though it was one fire. He radiated an aura of red from his body and the man just stared at him with a frown. Shi pulled out a katana and licked the edge of the blade while pumping his muscular pecks in front of Kyo.
"You look so cool in that red mess, but you ain't no jinchuriki, slim jim. It doesn't seem you accepted my request, but thanks for cleaning off my comb, dude. You know I really wish there was a girl wondering idiotically around in this forest instead of you. I could have had a little fun, but I'm just gonna kill you because I ain't into men. Sorry if you were gay lil bro."
He held his katana outwards and looked at Kyo's neck. Kyo could hardly take it any longer. Every single bit of him kept imagining punching this guy in the neck. In fact, he imagined the boy on the docks wouldn't nap here. The boy at the docks would take out every bit of anger he had on this guy. Kyo knew that there wasn't a reality or time where he wouldn't have wanted to kill this guy and combined all of the possible dimension's strengths into himself. He expanded his soul with chakra outwards farther and powered himself up until it began to hurt a little and then he did it farther. There wasn't time to practice. Now was the only time he had. Kyo felt the paralysis wear off as he reached for new levels within the monk's technique. His soul extended out far from his body in a blood red cloak and he began to look at the man with hatred. Everything in his body felt ridiculously stronger and the mixing of his soul with chakra affected his body in ways he never expected. Never before had he felt this kind of power and he stood up as the man put his katana pointing to the ground with a big smile.
"Looks like someone is a bit mad. Only a jounin has been able to break out of my paralysis technique before. Now I get to really warm up with you bitch boy."
Kyo kept silent as he had no way to put his hatred into words. There wasn't even a way to formulate sentences as he looked at the man with a death stare and expanded his aura out beyond the limits he thought it could go. The aura glowed brighter and brighter than before. It was here he found a way to hone his hatred in onto the man and verbalize it.
"You won't destroy konoha because your just a fucking douche bag with a god complex. I can still taste your fucking pasty hair gel on my tongue and I have every reason to kill you right now. Surrender or die, fuck face."
The man looked at him with an even brighter smile than before.
"I am going to cut off your head so you can't taste my luscious hair gel. Don't worr-"
Kyo moved his fist at double the speed he was used to and quickly moved forwards to chop the wrist of Shi and cause the katana to be released. He then grabbed the handle and stuck it right through Shi's right eye at an impeccable speed. To finish him off, he weaved the half tiger hand seal and then proceeded to vaporize the flesh from Shi's bones on his chest exposing charred organs that stopped beating. Kyo then took a second as the man fell to the ground dead before releasing his cloak and seeing he was covered in blood splatters from head to toe. For a moment all around him was quiet and then he saw what he had done.
"I-I-I killed him."
Though it was what he trained himself to do. Seeing a lifeless body of the man who almost killed him caused him to think about how real this was becoming. He had killed his first person as a ninja and also came seconds from death to this man. He thought of the world around him as he stood here and thought of the kids this man could have killed. They now could choose to play tag or hide and seek instead of being locked into death. With this Kyo saw the price of a free world within konoha and how peace was really done. Peace wasn't just pen and paper and meetings. Peace was killing those who wished to disrupt it or shutting them out from the picture. Peace was his job as a mission and with peace came the freedom for those to live out there lives within a free world. A free world where they could grow up to want to massacre or grow up to want to end the massacres. Kyo stood within the center of this free world realizing how destruction and perfect it could be. This was the free world he had been taking advantage of and a free world he wanted to protect as a ninja. This was a world he was destined to protect and that was what he felt his true divine purpose was. Maybe it was just the monk getting to him, but he couldn't stop thinking of his place within it all and his purpose. With these thoughts in mind, Kyo headed back the village to report all of this and have the higher ups handle this. A fear of death was opened within him as he left.

[WC: 3,000]
15 Stat Points Gained
Komon wrote:
Wordcount to learn: 2000/3000/4000/5000
(to learn the next one the wordcount from the last counts towards the next)
Ex: You already learned C rank for 2000 words, so when training for B rank you only need to write 1000 words.
Soul Expulsion C-rank learnt (1,033/1,033) + 967 words from here
Soul Expulsion B-rank learnt (1,000/1,000)
967 words towards Earth Wave

Free World (P/Solo) Tumblr_op67yjtbWs1w03plso1_540
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"Now, it's your turn."
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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

Fame : 33
Home Village :
  • Leaf

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Lava
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava, Boil
Bloodline : Dual Elemental Convergence
Ryo : 5000

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PostSubject: Re: Free World (P/Solo)   Free World (P/Solo) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2018 9:20 am

~Completion Bump

Free World (P/Solo) Tumblr_op67yjtbWs1w03plso1_540
Health: 25 | Chakra: 61 (+20)(+25) | Stamina: 30 | Speed: 100 | Strength: 25 | AP: 318
"Now, it's your turn."
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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

Fame : 113
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Earth
Clan : The Chad Uchiha
Clan Element : E d g e
Bloodline : White Mangekyou Sharingan
Ryo : 2600

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PostSubject: Re: Free World (P/Solo)   Free World (P/Solo) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2018 9:33 am


Free World (P/Solo) Image210

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Free World (P/Solo)
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