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 Another Super serious training thread?

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Another Super serious training thread?   Sat Jun 02, 2018 6:44 am

The act and theory of genjutsu was still a complicated thing for Shinoskay, there was a lot he still needed to understand. Before him sat a strike dummy, making a right forearm thrust into the upper left strike post, he felt the pretend block connect with the pretend strike but it just wasn't satisfying to train on an immobile strike post. Sure, it helped with form and control but in the end he knew his opponents weren't going to strike in such predictable or obvious ways... The young genin also had dedicated his ideology of combat to work more towards combat that complete sidestepped the strike and the block.... He had a decent defense at this time, he was already somewhat durable but he also had a good block.

What he needed now was a more effective attack....

Taking a step away from the strike post, he slowly willed the scorpion-like tail from his back to uncoil from him, slithering out from the clothing on his back to protrude like an actual tail. He had also demonstrated an effective use of his tools to augment his mobility, this was good, but his primary weapon still needed more... much more. The Aburame held a lot of all-around power, Yen had massive defense while higuto used his for combat awareness in compliment with his speed and ninjutsu power... The idea that he could also further his defense with those insects would be a poor oversight.

Looking over his surroundings, he smiled. 'The forest, a perfect place to go out and find insects to practice on.... why not' The young boy chose a random direction and quickly began dashing his way through it in hopes of finding a bee hive or some kind of flying swarm to practice against. The forest was an intersting place, always had been, as he dashed through it at what was now a casual speed of 50, taking a moment to chuckle at how much faster he is now in comparison to when he first graduated the academy a mere few months ago, he took note that in his speedy passing he made way past large snakes... startled a flock of birds from a tree, over took a small herd of wild boars, and even dashed past an exceptionally large bear. Thankfully with his chakra suppressed and his boots of silencing activated, most of these animals would only end up sniffing the air in alarm as a new scent crossed their paths... 'Maybe I should do something about that'.

This forest was full of odd and interesting creatures, a few that seemed normal and many that were dire breeds of exceptionally larger sizes to everything else.

Eventually, he came across what he was looking for. Finally, he heard the sounds of buzzing off in the nearby vicinity. It didnt matter what it was, just that it was a swarm of some sort.... he didnt have any effective AOE jutsu but he did have a decent array of ninja tools at his disposal.

making way towards said buzzing, he sees a strange mix of small insects with large ones; beetles, wasps, bees. hanging above them was somewhat smelly suckle plants that these many insects were working their way through in some strange co habitative manner.... Well, as fucked up as it was he was going to commit and so with a smooth action he released about 8, from his total 14, meters of wire through his left sleeve to cooly propel himself upwards at 55 speed, overtaking his own physical momentum just enough to not hinder his own coordination before he used this thrust to send himself into a slow rotation. In the same speed, he quickly charged his chakra through the chakra thread already attached to his Tail weapon to infuse and sharpen it... then the press the chakra outward. The Chakra was cool and easy to dedicate into an expanded weaponry to draw out a wide sweep across the loose swarm.... the carapace of these insects were not designed to resist such slicing power and so quickly, those caught in the sweep, were nearly instantly sliced into several pieces before a gooey mist would coat the weapon as well as mark its wake. Continuing the rotation and momentum, while allowing the weapon to coil around him, of course at a distance of 3 inches minimum from himself so as to not cut himself but now he was like a bug grinder as he made an aerial roll through... just below the suckles and not damaging them.

This sudden assault on the swarms, of course, drew them into a near instant and defensive frenzy as the beetles fled while the wasp and bees charged to fight back. Still flowing into a decent, Shinoskay would whip around the 8 meters out to catch a branch in order to draw his falling momentum into a swing to continue moving. Slowly, carefully and through the aid of a chakra thread so as to not cut himself, he drew his razor wire from his right sleeve before using chakra threads to whip out the razor wire, like some flying worm or some kind of razored snake, to use it to further end the swarm while his puppeteers tail, imbued by chakra three fold, continued to writhe around in its own imaginary 3 inch distant bubble to protect him from any of the swarm to possibly get close to him... not that it mattered, he would either be too durable to be harmed or any that did manage to would not be effectice as there wound would be minor enough to instantly heal.

It wasnt hard at all to deal with the many insects, his tactic was effective and not a single one of them reached him... an aburames' insects would likely be a little more intelligent but then their may be less of them as well. He was a little concerned about the bug blood that was now all over his weapon, as well as the bits of it that likely got on himself... he would have to investigate the risks of this through Yen or Cho.

No sooner then he had taken time to look over his weapon did he suddenly feel a painful sensation on his back 'What, THE FUCK!' in tandem with quickly slammed his fist into the spot he would begin to circle around to see if there was someone around the area.... just after slamming his fist, the feeling throbbed and he felt more pain so he draw back the chakra threaded wire to squeeze out the area to insure whatever struck him was drawn from him or dealt with.

Then he heard it, first there was more buzzing, quiet at first but slowly growing more loud.

It crazy that he would feel a strange pain on his back, there was a lot of bugs in the area, he thought about charging through them and using them as experience and practice for fighting swarms of insects but then he just couldnt be bothered anymore. Instead, he turned and made his way out of the area because clearly it was time to. He own skills would become honed after time, and there was plenty of time.

{1208 total wc, motivation died for this thread so closing it}
6 stats
all wc towards 'The Last Puppet' 1218 + 1208 = 2426/5500


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PostSubject: Re: Another Super serious training thread?   Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:09 pm


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Another Super serious training thread?
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