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 First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!

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Genin of Kiri
Genin of Kiri

Fame : 29
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Element(s) : Water
Clan : Seiteki
Ryo : 9620

PostSubject: First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!   Sat May 19, 2018 10:17 am

D rank Mission: help the fishermen

Here's the type of cart i reference, though a bit bigger to fit two men pulling and a lot more fish.


It was time. The 15 year old ninja secured his last sandal strap and stood up straight, looking in the mirror. All five and a half feet of him didn't reach an imposing height, but his bare arms showed enough strength that one could assume what was under the black combat pants and sleeveless white hoodie was equally athletic. He had the hood and half mask down, exposing his face, with shaggy blonde bangs kept out of his eyeline by the still new blue banadana that held his shiny metal genin insignia.

Strapped to his right leg was a pouch containing his ninja tools, and his hand rested on the hilt of the sword which hung on the same side. He found the image acceptable of a village shinobi, and gunted his assent with a nod. Today would be the day he took his first mission since becoming a genin just over a week ago.

Hayate would do what the village asked. He was under no illusions of fun and adventure, nor of his skills as a ninja. Today he knew he would not be chasing down missing-nin or waging war on the enemies of the village. The shinobi of Kirigakure usually did not form teams right away. Each was expected to grow strong individually, and to face the reality if what a ninja was by themselves for a while. The period of chasing down dogs, lifting heavy objects, and helping around the town reenforced the singular truth of the ninja – they were there to serve the village, in whatever way it needed, no matter how dangerous, no matter how mundane.

Hayate arrived at the circular administrative building alone, and approached the front desk, where a mid twenty something man looked bored with the day already, an impressive feat considering it was still well before noon. The man yawned, his eyes catching the approaching genin with the disapproving look of those that are about to be forced to do work.

Hayate kept up his formality – this was for the village after all. He gave a shallow bow and announced himself.

“Hayate Seiteki, genin. Applying for a D or E ranked mission, please.”

But the man was already holding out a scroll, and was beginning to wave it around in circular motions because he hadn't taken it immediately.

“Go on, take it. The last genin shoulda had this one, but truth be told, I didn't think that little squirt could handle it. Not that you look like you've got much going on, but you're at least average sized.”

Hayate took the scroll, unfolding it as the man continued “Of course, that means you're probably close to being late, since this was SUPPOSED to be given out earlier”. Was that a sadistic smile creeping on the mans face?

Hayate scanned the scroll quickly – the northern dock, returning fishing boats...... today, the village needed him to be be a fisherman. He took of running.

The buildings of the town speed by underfoot as Hayate traversed the rooftops, as he had done so many times on his deliveries. His recent training had even given him enough strength to leap across the narrower streets, so he was able to make good time heading toward the dock in a mostly straigh line, avoiding twisting and turning as the streets dictated. As he closed in on the dock, he pulled up his half mask against the morning sea spray and distinct wharf aroma.

Arriving at the base of the dock, Hayate spotted a man near the with a medium sized two wheeled cart, with short legs at the front to keep it standing when not in use, but handles to lift the legs off the ground when moving it. The figure was checking out the white and black glad figure that had just landed in just the same way as Hayate was looking at him. The man – looking unsettlingly close to the transformation Hayate had used in his genin exam – waved and beckoned, and Hayate walked out on the dock to him.

“Ya mus be that shinobi we put in fer.” The mans eyes once again took in the genin headband and sword, before the rest of him, before continuing in his heavily accented speach. “Well ya dont look scrawny, but this hur's a mans job. Takes real UMPH” The man flexed an arm at Hayate. Despite the begginings of what could be described as a beer gut, the man had real muscle. “Not fer kiddies. Can ya run back and tell 'em we need a bloke a bit... bigger?”

Hayate considered for a moment. The man obviously wasn't that familiar with the training genin went through. He didn't want to be rude and go against the customer, but he couldn't have his first mission end like that.

“..... If you'd really like, i could. But mister, give me a second first.” Hayate ducked under the man's wooden cart while the man watched quizzically and pressed his back against the bottom, lifting. He fortified his limbs with chakra, and the wooden cart rose off the ground without too much trouble. He set the cart back down and scrambled out from under it.

“Hmph. Alrigh', boy. I guess ya'll do. But dont fall behin' none, we're payin good monay. More than those layabouts usual-lay cost, if they weren't ALL conveniently 'sick'. Sick my arse, festival flu mo' like.” The man mimed drinking a bottle. “But eh, any port in eh storm”

Speaking of any port, one of the ships was breaking toward their very dock. “Ay, there we are.”

As the man raised his hands to his eyes to look at the ship, Hayate was busy sealing his sword back into a scroll, and tucking it neatly into his leg pouch. Today it would clearly not be needed, and he couldn't afford to have anything in his way.

Hayate had lived in Kirigakure all his live. He had eaten many a fish, he had went fishing, he has been by the fish docks. But having a net full of live, wet fish totaling almost the same weight as you are, slung across your back, was an entirely fresh experience. And so far, it didn't give him any desire to change his profession.

He took netfull after netfull from the boat to the wooden cart as the fisherman aboard stowed their gear and passed the nets to him from the buckets of water they were in to keep them fresh. His pace was just about as fast as two normal grown men would be, thanks to his training. As he worked, he could see the other docking spots were less populated than usual – apparently a lot of people taking time off for the festivities. But fish was a major commodity in Kirigakure, and this work would make sure that they at least got a good amount in. He was starting to see why the office would accept such a mission that at first seemed like temp work – when no one else could do it, a ninja could step in to bridge the gaps, and keep the village running smoothly. He allowed himself a smirk. That sly old bastard of an instructor must think he's pretty clever, getting us to realize like this.

“Ha, yer smilin boy! Could it be, ya want to give up the ninja life and be a fisherman? It an honest days work, and most days no one tries ta kill ya” The man made a motion of slitting his own tanned neck with an index finger, than laughed. “Com'on, we're almost ready to go.”

Indeed the cart was getting full, and wouldn't do to be left in the sun much longer. As the last batch was put on the rest, Hayate grabbed the handles of the two wheel cart and lifted the legs off the ground, then concentrated. This was normally the job of two men, but with his chakra flowing he managed to pull it without too much difficulty, controlling his breathing and moving steadily and surely. Just down the jetty and over a block across the coast to the warehouse/fishmarket, and a quick unload, and they'd be all set, first mission completed. This wasn't too bad.

As Hayate began wheeling the cart forward, down the dock, one of the men still on the boat, just ahead of where Hayate was heading called out to the man on the dock, who was near the boarding plank, farther out on the dock. “Hey Gorou! Dont forget what you owe me, you said you'd bring it today! You got it?”

The man on the dock turn to the ship and replied “O'course I do, ol Gorou always pays up. Here lemme see....” The man fished around in several pockets before coming out with a small brown bag, tied with string, bulging with round objects. “Here, take it!” Gorou exclaimed, and after hefting the bag in his palm a few times, cocked his arm back to throw.

The fisherman on the boat, clad in cap, long shirt, and fishing waders, didn't have time to take off his gloves. He stood at the edge of the boat, leaning over, waiting for the toss. The bag sailed past hayate, mostly true in its path, just a little low. The man on the ship bobbled the package several times, and on the last attempt to grab actually knocked the package in an arc out of his reach over the dock, heading for the water on the other side, a surprised and concerned look on the fishermans face

Without time to think, Hayate set down the cart and pushed off. Forming the hand signals as he began his dash, the genin used his newly trained flicker movement jutsu to accelerate even faster, leaving faint after images in his wake. In an all out dive, he managed to catch the package – while it was just under a foot above the water. Rotating his body, he held the hand with the brown bag as high as he could. Without his feet under him, and with one of his hands occupied and no time to focus on chakra control, water walking was out of the question. With a splash he hit the cold waves below him, barely keeping the package out of the sea as he treaded water to stay afloat.

Hayate didn't expect eternal gratitudefrom those still on the dock as he swam back, but.... uproarious laughter was certainly surprising. The men on the boat and Gorou had all stopped what they were doing double over in laughter. Surely they should care more about a sack this big full of ryo....

Wait a moment. This doesn't feel like ryo. He felt the bag in his hand as he swam. They were more like hard little ovals, not flat metal discs.

“HA HA HA! Ninja, my boy, I 'ave never seen no-one go ta that much trouble fer a bag o' my wifes salty roasted nuts. She will be PAST happy ta hear one o the ninja types cared fer em so much!” The laughter continued.

Great. Just great. He climbed up on the dock, soaking wet, walking over and reaching up to HAND the sack to the man on the boat. He performed the chakra cleanse jutsu to push a good chunk, but not all, of the water out of his clothers.

“Ha ha! Ya do try hard, i'll give ya that. “ Gorou had approached and slapped Hayate on the back. “And I aint never seen no one move so fast in all my life, neither. ya aint weak, and yer zippy. Ya did good today.” Gorou picked up the handle with Hayate this time. “come on, lets get this in. I got sum towels in tha warehouse. We'll get ya right as rain.” Gorou smiled at him genuinely, this time, instead of at him in mirth, the way one might smile at a son.

They finished pulling the wagon in, and Hayate graciously accepted the towel, drying the rest of the way off. He presented the mission scroll to Gorou, who signed the bottom, with a word of thanks and how he was definitely worth it today.

With that, Hayate was off, ready to return his first mission successfully. He was finally an asset to the village, and a smile formed under the mask as he dashed back over the rooftops, toward the administration center.


Requirement: 2000wc
TWC 2082

Claiming D Mission: help the fishermen complete!
1000 ryo
1000wc claiming D rank ninjutsu Body flicker in full 
1000wc toward c rank weapon jutsu quickdraw, finishing it (previously at 1000/2000)
1 D rank mission complete rewards: 5 kunai and 1 exploding tag

Hayate Mission Log

Hayate Seiteki (link) - 15, male 5'6.5"
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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!   Sat May 19, 2018 3:33 pm

Approved. I'll approve your mission rewards on your log.

Health:25  Chakra:125 (+25)  Stamina:60 (+421 AP) Speed:100  Strength:40
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Genin of Kiri
Genin of Kiri

Fame : 29
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Element(s) : Water
Clan : Seiteki
Ryo : 9620

PostSubject: Re: First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!   Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:57 am

Hey, this was my first mission.  it wasn't until i did a mission with someone did i realize you got AP from missions.  can I add the 3 AP claim for a D rank mission to this thread?

Hayate Seiteki (link) - 15, male 5'6.5"
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PostSubject: Re: First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!   Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:40 am

If you didn't add it already, approved of 3 AP

Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I'll sleep more easily by night.
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PostSubject: Re: First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!   

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First Mission: Hayate the Fisherman?!
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