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 Some super serious amping

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Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Some super serious amping   Tue Apr 03, 2018 8:12 pm

While it wasnt really announce, Shinoskay caught rumor that there was going to be a chuunin exam coming up soon... this, plus the recent missions he went on were everyone seemed to see him as young and inexperienced, spurred the young boy to redouble his efforts and to really apply himself even further. He needed a puppet, he was getting good with his chakra threads but he still only had some basic tools.

That would be his first project then, and so for that he made his way into the forest, first he would make a stop by his small forest homestead to check on it and its fireplace, knowing that he needed to keep up with the fire daily so that it would not be a chore again to get it started once more. While the smaller logs he had stacked in preperation for his fire could probably, in part, be used as material for a puppet, they were largely too small or just the wrong kind of wood. All and all, the pile was more suitable for fire wood, though they may be useful for fingers or something small where leverage would make it particularly difficult to apply the required pressure to break or crush the pieces.

For this trip out, he had made his way around the village, in this (will edit in a link shortly) thread, collecting scraps and material from the varying shops to try to have more then just wood to work with for all the crafting he felt he had ahead of himself. Among these materials was a makeshift caf

Upon arriving at his site, he looked in over his small fire pit wall to see the state of the embers left behind from last nights burn. In it he noted that they were a little less than the last few times he checked but it was still more then some of the close calls he had where he almost did have to remake the fire from scratch.

He took a few of the smaller bits of tinder, laid them into the small wind funnel build into the center part of the pit before layind down a few more thicker bits of wood and thinish logs. He decided for now three logs would be sufficient to start an actual fire, he knew he could add a few more if he ended up needing more heat. Once nicely stacked in a bit of a tripod like manner he would then kneel and slowly blow into the pits funnel to feed the embers some oxygen and cause them to flare up... allow the heat to combust upon the smaller bits of tinder and than to eventually combust on the bigger bits... slowly chaining this until there was a little flame built up and he was confident that it would catch the small logs. Having practiced this over the past few weeks, he had started to get into a good flow of doing it and almost didnt feel the slight wash/wave of over oxidation causing him to feel hyperventilated.... almost...

As he rose from his kneeling position, the small rush hit him, and so he waited as he watched the world around him spin and brighten slightly, before after a short amount of time it passed. He really enjoyed the feeling of the growing fires heat on his face, the sight of the growing embers brightening, the sound of the flames crackling into life once more... and finally he also enjoyed seeing the bellowed cloud of ash that wafted itself out of the pit at the whim of his breath... but he did not enjoy that rush.

Satisfied that the fire had taken well enough to stay lit, no longer relying on embers and charred remains of wood for life, and once the rush was fully over he would turn and make his way out into the forest. For the first 100 or so feet he had a nicely cleared area, having long since collected and burned everything in the immediate vicinity until only a cleared and open area remained. He would make his way out a few hundred feet till he found where the forest rubbish and tree's smaller, tree's small enough to be easily chopped down for small logs, started up again.

Once out far enough, he actually realize that he forgot his axe, so shaking his head he would turn back around and once more make his way back the couple of hundred feet to his built up little homesteading. The idea occured to him that he could have taken the chance to practice with his tonto, he felt it would be better to just use the axe and work and focus on making the puppet.


it happened, I have proof:

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Some super serious amping
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