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 Shinkou Clan Page

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Naoki Gekou
Master (Kiri)
Master (Kiri)
Naoki Gekou

Fame : -189689
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Wood
Bloodline : Mangekyou Sharingan, Wood Release
Ryo : 5000

PostSubject: Shinkou Clan Page   Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:02 pm

Shinkou Clan Page

This is a thread for the complex clan of Shinkou, where I will put a member list, jutsu list, relevant links and details, and display the progress on its update into V6.

A short summary of the clan: Shinkou hail from a secluded Village Hidden in Abyss, which is literally hidden in an abyss. The bottomless pit is inhabited by a sentient form of dark chakra which is called Yuumei and uses the clan's ninja as hosts. The chakra's sentience appears when it attempts to communicate with its host through visions and dreams, eventually it becomes an inner entity with which the user is able to speak freely. Because of Yuumei's influence Shinkou members develop a unique doujutsu as well as are capable of performing dark release techniques, both canon and custom.

Becoming a Shinkou is possible in two ways, either making a new Shinkou character, or obtaining clan's unique chakra from another member through use of a specific clan technique.

Joining is open without the need for permission, just let me know about it via PM if possible, or post here.

Shinkou Clan App: link
Meigan KKG App: link
Yuumei Element App: link

Clan Jutsu, Skills and Items:

Dark Eye: Shrine of Evil Deity
Dark Eye: Revelation of Evil Intentions
Dark Eye: Life or Death
Dark Eye: Hypnotism (Remake Pending)
Dark Eye: Dark Play

Genjutsu: Yuumei Binding
Genjutsu: Hidden Presence

Dark Release Jutsu:
Dark Release: Dark Pulse
Dark Release: Dark Whip
Dark Release: Eight Cages of Hell
Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
Dark Release: Wicked Star
Shade Clone
Permeable Yuumei
Dark Release: Chakra Blade
Dark Release: Evil Matrix

Yuumei Transplanting Jutsu:
Yuumei Infusion
Yuumei Sealing (Creation Pending)

Awakening Jutsu:
Limit Breaker (Creation Pending)
Serenity (Creation Pending)
Stargazer (Creation Pending)

Character Unique Jutsu:
Dark Release: Ziel
Dark Release: Ausloschen

Clarity through the Eye of the Void
Hungering Shadow
Dark Convergence
Fate's Midnight

Kurokamisori (Akira unique)

Member List:
Akira Shinkou
Altar Shinkou
Daiko Seidra
Hysterio Shinkou
Kazuo Kemuri
Kozata Shinkou
Rikaro Shinkou
Vixen Shinkou

Dead members:
Yozora Shinkou
Tee Shinkou

A note for everyone who joined the clan - consult with me before making any clan related things like jutsu or items. This is my agreement with all people who use my creations, as I want to make sure my stuff is used as intended, no loopholes abused and that everything makes sense to be part of my creation.

Get in touch with me if an update of this is required.
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Naoki Gekou
Master (Kiri)
Master (Kiri)
Naoki Gekou

Fame : -189689
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Wood
Bloodline : Mangekyou Sharingan, Wood Release
Ryo : 5000

PostSubject: Re: Shinkou Clan Page   Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:03 pm

Meigan and Yuumei:

Unlike other doujutsu the powers of Meigan come from Yuumei itself. Because of that a transplanted Meigan is useless if the new host does not possess Yuumei inside them as well. And while having this unique chakra is essential in unlocking this doujutsu, Meigan in turn is required to master Yuumei, mastery that is later needed for most Shinkou techniques and abilities. Because of this dependency it is possible to recover lost Meigan, while you retain Yuumei. However, if you lose Yuumei, you lose Meigan as well, until you reacquire the dark chakra from another Shinkou or from a seal.

Important aspects of Shinkou characters and their development:

You need to train first stage of Meigan in order to train the clan element. All born Shinkou already possess Yuumei in their body, but training it as an element is a sort of mastery and recognition of Yuumei. This can be done at any rank, as long as you have the first stage.
Second stage of Meigan is where most confusion comes from. The second stage has three different versions, each named differently, with different abilities and supporting a different play style and ability pack. For simplicity we'll call them red, green and blue, based on Meigan's color when they are active.
Red is all taijutsu and weaponry oriented. It gives a speed boost when active and its abilities are meant for close up combat, and reaction, although it is the least explored and used path.
Green is the most popular ninjutsu path that also has the canon techniques like Inhaling Maw. It revolves around using Yuumei to suppress and negate chakra, as well as various elemental infusions with Yuumei.
Blue is Genjutsu mostly, it gives a boost to chakra and most of the ocular techniques of the clan are in this path. Some other supplementary styles like fuuinjutsu might go with this version as well.
Now, when unlocking the second stage, the player chooses the version, that their character gets, while IC it is supposedly determined by their personality. You may only choose once and then it cannot be changed, but don't worry, this does not necessarily make you unable to use other abilities. When unlocking the second stage you choose your primary version, but upon unlocking the third stage, you get your secondary version in the very same manner. If an ability requires a version, then you can use it if you have that version as primary or secondary, unless it requires it to be specifically primary. The most advanced, ultimate moves of their respective paths will most likely require a primary version, so don't be surprised. But the more basic techniques of either path should more or less be available to users of any version.
Unlocking the third stage requires a journey to the Hidden Abyss village in the Land of Shadow and performing a ritual in the Temple of the Deep, where Heart of Yuumei bestows upon you the greater power. Unless your character comes from the Abyss village, the must learn about the location of the village and about having to go there through some other means. I can be through their Yuumei, or through research, they could be told by another clan member, etc, your choice as long as it makes sense.

As you probably know is a form of sentient chakra that is the source of Shinkou power and lives within each member of the clan. It is an inner entity for the clan members and it communicates to them mentally through visions, dreams, or nightmares if you so choose. I have seen different members come up with their own unique ways and representations of Yuumei in their characters minds, so I will not be restricting this, as long as you don't say it actually materializes in the physical world. Your Yuumei personality can however take over your character, suppressing their personality.
When playing my own Shinkou character, I preferred to have my Yuumei related training, such as Meigan and techniques, take place inside my character's mind, where she would talk to the representation of her Yuumei, explore the depths of her subconscious mind and her history, her genetic memory even, to some extent. This is of course, not the only path, you could have a character that is absolutely oblivious to their Yuumei personality, or a personality that hides from its host, that is up to you. My path is only an example that you can follow.

An important moment of using Yuumei is the Yuumei Points (YP for short) which are in a sense like Action Points, but used with Yuumei related stuff only, such as techniques, skills and items. Yuumei capacity is equal to your base chakra stat, meaning it can go up to 100. Active Meigan can give it a boost of up to 50, making it cap at 150. No other amplifications for this substat are allowed. Most Shinkou abilities use up YP, how much to be explained in the guidelines. What is important is that unlike AP, YP is not recovered at the end of the thread. It is recovered over time, with posts out of combat, resting or meditating. It means that if you had burned through all of your Yuumei points in a fight and then left a thread immediately after, on your next thread you will start with just as much as you left with and if a fight breaks out, you will be unable to use your clan techniques. There can be alternative methods to recover it though.

Guidelines and Regulations:
1. Speak to me when making a clan creation. I will try to be as available as possible. If I am not, then consult with other clanmates.
2. List which stage and version of Meigan you have on your stat page.
3. Keep track of your Yuumei points in brackets of your posts when using or recovering them.
4. The amount of YP that techniques consume should be half of the technique's power. This is a guideline, not a rule, it can be less if it makes sense, or more if its a potent move. It can also be way less, if its a continuous drain.
5. B and higher rank techniques should require a version of Meigan, primary or not. Ultimate moves should require a primary version.
6. I supervise (NPC) the Awakening (Meigan third stage) ritual. Exception if I am unavailable.
7. Don't make your Yuumei give you absurd information. It can teach you clan techniques, reveal to you your origins, coming from your parents it can show you some of their memories, tell of the clan history, but it can't know what has happened since your birth and that your character has not witnessed themselves. In turn don't have it tell you in detail the canon events, as the clan was not present back then.

... To be expanded, if need be
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Naoki Gekou
Master (Kiri)
Master (Kiri)
Naoki Gekou

Fame : -189689
Home Village :
  • Mist

Element(s) : Fire, Earth, Water
Clan : Uchiha
Clan Element : Wood
Bloodline : Mangekyou Sharingan, Wood Release
Ryo : 5000

PostSubject: Re: Shinkou Clan Page   Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:04 pm

The Houses of Shinkou:


Heads of the Houses:
Hiro Shinkou
Kiyomi Shinkou
Madoka Shinkou
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PostSubject: Re: Shinkou Clan Page   

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Shinkou Clan Page
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