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Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Certainty [P]   Certainty [P] I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 16, 2018 1:05 am


The alabaster skinned Uchiha took a breath of air upon entering the Kozai Yuki archives. He disliked this place. Even for all of its knowledge, it unsettled him. Too much knowledge was at the fingertips of those who did not deserve it. It appalled him, but he was not here to rant about the psychology of the human race, but instead to learn of it, to learn of Hoshigakure.
It was ironic, really. Yurei had dedicated so much of his time to this village, this home of betrayals, only to now research it by the books. It was a mission, in truth, but one that caught his eye. There was nothing particularly difficult about researching the culture and vibrancy of the City Hidden in the Stars, especially with the resources being handed to him. Surely, this library would showcase the nature of this village within its many texts. That was the extent of this mission.
Yurei climbed up to the second level, eyeing each of the categories of shelves as he passed them. The hardest part of this assignment seemed to be finding the books he needed to complete it.
When at last the pale Uchiha discovered a section dedicated to the City Blessed by the Stars, he quickly grabbed as many as he could – taking all of the relevant books into his long, skeletal arms. They towered above him, teetering as he sought a table to place them on.
With a loud thump, Yurei placed the stack of books onto the nearest table. He sighed, sliding a chair across this floor and sat. He hadn’t even started, and the prospect of researching culture already bored him. So, instead, he decided to look into the village’s views on shinobi.
It was more of the same, never truly venturing outside of the knowledge Yurei had already attained. Most of what he could find were simple acts of violence, perhaps greater ones as well, littered through the village’s history. Shinobi were consistently the victims of brutality and murder – and by their own people. Religion played a very large role in the deaths of hundreds, but this was already known to the Uchiha. Yurei collapsed the book, frustrated. Not a single book provided the answers he was looking for. This was rooted in psychosis. That’s where his dilemma was located as was his solution.
Yurei huffed, standing up. He quickly grasped the books he had collected and returned them to their rightful places. The knowledge he gained from them was minimal at best. Instead, he needed to venture out and attain the wisdom for himself. There was nothing to be gained here, at least nothing as timely, constructed, and impactful.
The alabaster Uchiha opened the doors to the library, venturing out into the sunlit streets. The people around him, that was Hoshigakure. It wasn’t something to be found within a book, no it had to be experienced.
And it disgusted Yurei.
Protests were frequent. Anti-shinobi rhetoric was zealously chanted in the streets. Children in Hoshigakure Headbands were openly denied food. Fights dominated by alcohol took place.
The Uchiha had never really seen the village in this light. Perhaps it was simple ignorance, or perhaps now he simply sought it. But never before had a simple stroll angered the Uchiha so much. It was revolting, but still, Yurei pressed on, hell-bent on completing his understanding.
Yurei already understood it well. He had read of it in a book, but, more importantly, he had experienced it. This village was under a curse, a curse of hatred. Violence was spread by hatred, and it was no more potent in this village than with the zealous religious leaders taking root there. Nothing was done to stop them, not entirely. Instead, they were a needless intolerance, shaping the village behind the scenes with their hate-filled influence.
The Chuunin could feel his hands tense into fists. Why didn’t anyone do anything about this? The solution was simple, even he knew it. Perhaps they did not care. Perhaps this conflict was desired. Who knew?
All that Yurei cared about was ending it – shaping the world to his own will, denying it of its own. The world – its people, they had their chance to seek peace. For decades, millennia, eons. Something new needed to take root. A strong influence, one stronger than that of the world’s. Yurei believed it to be his own. That was the solution. Not genjutsu, but true reality, true influence that would continue for eternity, long after he had died. With genjutsu, that could not be accomplished. People would act they always did, as Yurei saw them here – now. They’d break free and pursue self-preservation instead of charity, hatred instead of love, violence instead of peace.
Yurei grit his teeth, narrowing his eyes as he passed numerous types of people. He saw nothing but contempt in their hearts.
That would not stop him from pursuing the change he wanted to see, however. To do so would allow the world to shape him instead of the opposite. Yurei needed to be his own master, his own influence. The alabaster Uchiha took a deep breath, departing from the streets. He had seen enough for now, and he had done his kindness to the world, today. It was not out of simple laziness, but out of exhaustion. This village demanded everything of him, and, despite his attempts to fight it, he could only serve this village lightly. To do much more brought his blood to a broil. Instead, he tried to view his aide as helping others – people. That’s how he had to look at things. The betrayal of the village was too great.
The Uchiha took a deep breath, making his way home. The lessons learned today were not fruitful, but only served to reinforce his perspective. He could no longer sit idly by while this world suffered. He had to do something; he had to fix it. People had to be held accountable. They needed to be taught to be responsible, to use their chakra for the benefit of the world, and to weed out the intolerance in the world, for the tolerance of intolerance was its death. Yurei knew this now. If he wanted to save the world, those who would perpetuate this hatred and violence had to be changed. If they did not, however, shutting their eyes forever would have to suffice.
There was defeat in such a thing – the death of belief in others. But it was practical, and wishful thinking would not shape this world into what it needed to be. Yurei saw it now; he saw it clearly. He knew what needed to be done, now, once and for all. There was no more debate, no more internal conflict.

There was only certainty.

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