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Tomoko Satsuma
Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Follow the Leader   Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:41 pm

Name: Follow the Leader
Element: N/A
Rank: B/A
Spec Type: Ninjutsu
Backstory: Tomoko developed this technique from a desire to be more mobile in dangerous situations. Yes she had the Body Flicker Technique but it was difficult to perform it multiple times in quick succession. She needed something that could be used more often, and also in more situations. The body Flicker couldn't be used in the air for instance. Using the Body Flicker technique as a base, Tomoko practiced for quite some time before coming up with a new concept entirely. What if she released a chakra construct and tethered it to her body, using it to quickly pull her in a desired direction.

It didn't work quite to well at first. Tomoko found it hard to keep herself oriented while she was simply tethered to the end of her chakra as she expelled it forward from her body. Realizing this wouldn't be effective, Tomoko realized she had to do more than simply connect herself to the construct by a tether. This led to her next idea.

She propelled her chakra forward as a projection of herself, and tethered her limbs to each corresponding limb on the projection. It was still a bit sloppy but Tomoko believed she was getting somewhere.

After a few more attempts she was able to create a projection that traveled in front of her at high speeds and then her body would be pulled by the connections into mimicking the projections movements at the same speed. Unfortunately at first those movements were limited to...none at all. Meaning if someone was fast enough to hit Tomoko while she was using the technique she was a sitting duck. In order for it to be effective she had to be able to move quicker.

This would eventually lead to her learning to make the construct capable of running in a manor similiar to Body Flicker, allowing Tomoko to be pulled at higher speeds.

Appearance: User is either suddenly propelled or moves at high speeds. A chakra construct identical to the user in appearance is generated up to 3 meters 'in front' of the user in terms of the direction they intent to travel using the technique. Construct is visible to chakra vision as a transparent imitation of the user with wisps or chakra connecting the two.

Handseals: Ram, Ox, Boar
Duration: 5 Posts
Cooldown: 3 posts
Range: Self
Power: N/A
Speed: N/A
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: Explained Below
What it does:

When the user activates this technique they are capable of creating invisible constructs with the exact same dimensions as the user that can be propelled in any direction up to 50 meters, moving at a speed equal to the user's chakra. The construct's orientation to the ground and placement of limbs is identical to the users. When initially created it appears 3 meters away from the user along the path. After reaching the desired distance the construct stops moving. If the desired distance is less than 3 meters the projection simply appears there.

After the construct is created invisible wisps of chakra that connect the construct and user pull the user towards the construct at the same speed it's moving. Once the user comes into contact with the chakra construct the movement ceases and the user comes to a safe stop.

If the user creates a construct while being propelled by something they are immediately stopped. If the user wasn't being propelled by their own speed, but rather by something that would cause them to possess an impact force they are treated as having hit a wall when they come to a stop.

The user can disperse the construct prematurely: causing them to move as though they had been thrown by the construct from the point it had dispersed in the direction it had been traveling. This can be used to allow someone to travel a farther distance with the technique but carries the risk of possibly hurting oneself with the landing if the impact force is to high. In regards to throwing rules the constructs strength and speed is considered half the users chakra.

The constructs are incorporeal.

Due to the projection telegraphing the users movements, those with chakra vision have +20 RT when it comes to determining if they can see the user's movement while they are mimicking the projection.

Each time this technique is activated the user can create constructs that travel a cumulative total of 50 meters (initial 3 meters counts) before the technique is forced into a cool down. Jutsu is also forced into a cool down if the user disperses/reaches 5 projections during the course of the duration.

When using the projection it can suffer from interference if generated while the user is near a character or summon. If the user's distance from a being with a chakra stat is equal to (being's chakra stat)/10 meters the projection is difficult to control and it's speed is subject to acceleration rules. If the user has already had a post of acceleration before creating the construct it can move as normal, otherwise the projection moves at half speed.

Upon learning the A-Rank version of the technique the user can have the projection move as though it were under the influence of the Body Flicker Technique. Rather than a direction the user can choice a point B that the projection travels towards. The projection then runs/jumps there at a speed equal to the users speed+chakra after it appears 3 meters down the path and cannot take any other actions. The user is forced to mimic the projections exact actions at the same speed and cannot disperse the projection early. Each use counts as having reached/dispersed 2 projections in regards to the cool down.

Character Specific: Tomoko, those she teaches
Wordcount to learn: 3k for B Rank, additional 1k to unlock A-Rank
Action Cost: 30 AP to activate, 10 per construct generated
Mastery: Yes
Bonus Requirements: Body Flicker
Canon or Custom: Custom

Tomoko's stats

R.I.P. Denkiteki Hayato
[19:18:29] Kazuhiro Hayate : YOU AFK'D ON ME
[19:18:37] Denkiteki Hayato : I AFK ON EVERYONE
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