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 Ad: Training Needed! (Open, NK)

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Fenrir <3

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PostSubject: Ad: Training Needed! (Open, NK)   Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:34 pm

Fenrir was sick.  He was not sick physically, and his mental sickness had already been noticed and sometimes even discussed with other people.  He was sick of monotony.  For as long as he could remember, all he had done is train and spar, but he had never once been able to put his skills to real use.  The one chance he had to do that was against the Uchiha he had fought in the tournament held here in Konoha, and he had lost that with little to no real resistance.  He was physically capable of winning against those weaker than himself, but he lacked the real combat experience necessary to fight an equal opponent and win.  He had the abilities, but wasn't skilled enough with them to use them effectively.  It was for this purpose that he had decided to post on every surface he could find to legally do so in search of assistance.  He needed someone stronger than himself to spar against, that way he could actually improve.  Fighting a weaker opponent provided little challenge, and therefore encouraged little progress.  If he fought with someone greater than himself, than he would be able to speed up his progress.  Of course, it couldn't be someone who would absolutely destroy him as Kisuke had, so he made sure it was clear in the ad that it was for training purposes, and that it would be pointless if either party was wiped out instantly.  This was accompanied by a drawing of himself, done with roughly a 4th graders artistic ability, to make sure they could find him as he waited at the training grounds.  This was going to be a different training experience, he thought to himself as he sighed.  He didn't enjoy getting his ass beat, but sometimes it was simply necessary to progress oneself.

As he waited for his partner, he also realized that it may be awhile till someone responded to the ad, as he had just finished posting them not 10 minutes ago.  This gave him a good opportunity to get warmed up and ready for his opponent.  Since he had already gotten his physical warmup finished running around the village and climbing buildings in order to post his ads everywhere.  He had spent all night making them, and it had taken quite a bit of work to spread them across the village.  He had even snuck some into the clan districts to ensure he attracted someone's attention.  It was a lot of work he had went through simply for a training partner, and he hoped his efforts would not be in vain.  For his chakra warmup, he would be learning a fairly simple technique, albeit one of a specialty he had absolutely no experience with: Fuinjutsu.  This would be a new experience for him, and as such, he had to start out with the easiest thing he could think of, the Mark Seal.  It was nothing apart from a dot placed on the target with the users chakra.  It would stay until removed, and when used with other techniques, allowed for things like tracking and summoning to be utilized with it.  His current target for the mark seal would be his left palm, placing the mark with his right index finger.  He was unable to make the mark stay for more than a few fleeting seconds at first, but would continue his training until a partner arrived for him to train with.

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Ad: Training Needed! (Open, NK)
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