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 Shoto's Training

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Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

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PostSubject: Shoto's Training   Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:59 pm

It was the start of a new day for Shotomoru as he walked onto the training field for a day of training towards becoming a Genin with the Leaf. He felt he was strong enough to be Genin already but he knew that you couldn't be Genin unless you had a clear understanding of the basics. Those came in the forms of the Transformation Technique and the Clone Technique. He couldn't help but feel that a little side training along with those two wouldn't hurt as there was many techniques that were open to him. He thought he'd start with a little training to warm his body up and allow his muscles and body to get loose.

He stretched his arms and legs out a bit as he knocked any kinks out and began to go for a jog. He increased his speed as he hopped into the wood and trees while jumping from branch to branch. He'd often times aim a kick at one of the trunks as he traveled while kicking off to hop to the next one. After doing this for a few kicks he'd use his fists next as he would land on the ground and put forth a few good punches into the wood of the trees before kicking off the ground and back into the branches. He did this for a few minutes as he could feel his body growing accustomed to the tension he was putting it through as he gave one final kick upon the trunk of a tree and landed on the ground just short of one of the training stumps. He panted a bit before heaving one last relaxing sigh as he walked back and brought his hands up into the tiger seal to call upon the chakra within himself.

He thought he'd try the transformation technique first as it was sure to be a useful jutsu when infiltrating an enemy compound. Of course he had heard that it wasn't the ideal jutsu to risk using when infiltrating ninja compounds as there was always the possibility that their might be ninja with sensory abilities amongst them. That didn't mean it was useless though and would prove an invaluable jutsu to have nonetheless. So he brought his hands up as he allowed his chakra within him to grow and swell to accommodate. He first formed the Dog seal, following it with the Boar seal, then finally Ram as he felt the chakra within surge outwards in the form of smoke. "Transform!"

His form changed to that of an old man he once passed along the street as the smoke cleared and he could see his skin paler under new clothes. He smirked to himself, feeling as though he had accomplished his task, as he allowed his chakra to relax which caused smoke to once again engulf him before revealing his original form once more. He felt his chakra slowly relax itself as he cracked his knuckles and thought about what jutsu to use next. He decided the next one to learn ought to be the clone technique as it was the second of the required jutsus to know in order to take the ranks of Genin. He thought about how the jutsu worked and how it was helpful even though it made doppelgangers that weren't flesh or blood. Would fellow ninja or people who know nothing of jutsu in general be fooled by such a taunt? Either way he couldn't deny it should be helpful in some form or fashion so he brought his hands up once more to form the necessary hand seals for the jutsu.

First came the Ram seal, then next came Snake, and finally Tiger. He could feel the chakra inside him once again swell up and outward as smoke surrounded him and he closed his eyes. "Clone Jutsu!" He opened his eyes as the smoke cleared and he could see one clone standing next to him, looking rather winded and weak, as he looked down to notice his other clone smoldering on the ground. He panted as his chakra had been squandered to create the two clones and he released the jutsu to allow the two clones to fade back into nothingness. He smacked his fist into his open hand, his frustration at not being able to get the jutsu the first time getting to him, as he cursed at how weak he was. He had practiced jutsu in the past but it had been a while since he had tried to flex his chakra. He cracked his knuckles as he prepared to try the jutsu once more and hoped it'd work out well for him this time.

After forming the Ram, Snake, and Tiger seals once more he allowed his chakra to run free once again as it flexed outwards and caused smoke to once more surround his body. "Alright. This time for sure! Clone Jutsu!" He kept his eyes closed as he focused his chakra once again into the jutsu until the smoke cleared and he cautiously opened his eyes. He was welcomed by the sight of two clones, whole and healthy, as they looked back at him. He smirked as he panted softly before once more relaxing his chakra as they slowly faded into the wind. He walked over to a tree and sat along the trunk as he relaxed and looked to the sky. He sighed as his breath was shortened from the chakra training as he could feel himself slowly unwinding from the earlier efforts. He couldn't wait to be able to unlock the jutsu of his ancestors, the art of controlling wood and going so far as forming entire forests of trees, as the concept of holding such powerful jutsu was awesome to him. But for now he'd need to train his body stronger in order to be able to sustain such untapped power as he stood up from the trunk of the tree and walked forward for more training.

The next jutsu he felt he'd need to learn would be the Substitution Technique. This was to be one of the most useful jutsus in any ninja's arsenal. He had known this jutsu to be a technique that could get a person out of a jam if anyone was to catch him off guard. He'd be able to switch places with a nearby item once attacked and, while making it look as though he was hit, the enemy would actually hit whatever item he chose to switch with. He looked around and saw a small log as he brought his hands up and began forming seals. First Tiger, then Boar, Ox, Dog, and finally Snake. He felt his chakra within him have an influx as he eyed the log and in a puff of smoke switched places with it as the log clattered onto the ground right where he had been before. He smirked as he felt that the jutsus he was learning were coming easier than ever as he felt that maybe was a time to train his body a bit more rather than his chakra. Thus he began running around the field once more and jogged his way through multiple laps.

He ran his way as fast as he could around the field and kept his breathing steady while doing so in order to keep his inner energy centered and keeping it from running out too quickly. He kept running until he could feel his strength waning slightly and he slowed down to more of a jog as he continued to keep his breathing steady so that he'd continue his new pace. After a few more laps he finally expended the last of his energy as he stopped short of the river that made it's way through the middle of the training field and he sat near it to wipe his face with some of the cool liquid. He took a few sips and washed his mouth before spitting it back into the dirt as he laid in the grass for a short while to look back up into the sky.

He thought about the three jutsu he'd just practiced and practically relearned as he had done the three jutsu when he was a bit younger and couldn't help but think about how hard it'll be to learn new jutsu that were higher tier. He'd first need to train his chakra within him to grow before he got too tired from utilizing so much jutsu. Of course he'd need to acquire the rank of Genin before he could do that but he vowed to himself he'd train himself to be as strong as he could be. He got to his feet as he thought of one last jutsu to learn as he knew it'd be the best to learn for the long run of opponent ninja he would ultimately face in the future: Genjutsu Release.

He wiped the water and sweat from his head as he rubbed his neck which had stiffened from the rest he had taken. His mind soon began to wander as his imagination helped him think he was in an enemy Genjutsu as he thought of what needed to be done. He knew that the act of knowing you were in a Genjutsu wouldn't be easy unless there was blatant evidence but he had also know he could get out of the jutsu using one simple hand seal. He brought his hands up as he formed the tiger seal and began to control his chakra to come to a stand still. He continued to focus until his chakra flow stopped itself and he could feel it stagnant and waiting inside him.

"Alright... Release." He felt his frozen chakra burst out a bit from inside him as he felt it tingle nice and warm throughout his network and he could feel the jutsu was a success. He had done it. In the span of a short amount of time he had learned four extremely handy jutsu that would help him in his endeavors of becoming a great ninja. He'd also gained a bit of strength and could feel a little faster, too. He sighed as he thought that he'd give his jutsu a once over just to make certain he could do them again as he charged his chakra for one more burst of training.

He brought his hands up to form the Tiger seal as he allowed his chakra to flow freely throughout his chakra network. He practiced halting his chakra flow again to see how fast he could grind it to a halt in order to be able to release from a Genjutsu, he practiced transforming into multiple people he'd crossed on the paths of the village, he tried to summon forth more than two clones without success but could feel his control over them improving by a large margin, and he practiced his substitution technique this time by actually hurting himself upon activating it to see if it worked in such a way to which he was happy to find it did.

By the time he was done with everything he was laying on the ground once more hard at work trying to catch his breath as he was beaten by the absurd amount of chakra he had used to practice and he could feel his consciousness slowly fading. Before he fell asleep in the middle of the field, however, he decided he was not going to wake up sick the next morning as he got slowly back up to his feet and stretched his legs and neck. He shook the cobwebs out of his body as he headed toward the exit of the field and walked through the gate which served as the threshold. He used a nearby tree to steady himself and wiped more sweat from his brow as he gave one last sigh of exhaustion, as he willed himself to fully get onto his feet and staggered back to his home in the village.

(2,009 WC)

(Obtaining 10 stats along with jutsus: Substitution TechniqueTransformation TechniqueClone Technique, and Genjutsu Release)
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PostSubject: Re: Shoto's Training   Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:17 am


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Shoto's Training
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