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 Higuto Tangoes with Lightning

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Higuto Aburame
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water, Lightning, Storm
Clan : Aburame
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PostSubject: Higuto Tangoes with Lightning   Sun Dec 31, 2017 10:59 pm

Higuto woke up that day refreshed and ecstatic as this day would be the day he trained for something he'd been trying to achieve since he was little: Attaining access to a second elemental affinity to his chakra. But which one, he wondered? He had water already as he felt it would make things easier for him to have an affinity for medical jutsu as he grew stronger. But what would serve as an awesome side element? He had always wanted to be able to breathe fire along with water. But then he felt that the best course to go with first would be an element that would complement water and make it stronger. That idea gave him the perfect element to learn next: Lightning.

He got out of his bed and dressed up as he felt rested and healthy and ready to train as he walked out of his home in the village. He put on his jacket as the headband he had wrapped around his sleeve gleamed in the sunlight. He began to run as he headed toward the village gate on his way to the training field. He jumped up into the branches of trees as he made his dash from branch to branch. Before long he had made it to the field as he landed on the ground from atop a tree and cracked his knuckles.

The field looked the same as always save a few scorch marks from the training of other ninjas as he wondered what the best way to train an element would be. Of course the first route to go would be to warm up his body as he could still feel the kinks of waking up in his body. He stretched his neck as he heard the bones and muscles crack and strain while he started to do breath exercises. He took his jacket off as he felt the heat of the sun bear down on his skin and he knew that the events of the day were going to tire him out. He walked out to the middle of the training field and stretched out his arms as he got on his hands and began to do push ups.

Due to the training he'd put his body through over the course of his time as a ninja he'd grown accustomed to exercise as he could now practically crank out push ups in his sleep. Of course he was going to have to put his body through more than it's fair share of strain this time as he kept his breathing as normal as he could in order to preserve as much of his energy as he could. He kept up the pace until he could feel the strain set into his arms as he felt that he had done enough to warm up his arms and hopped himself back to his feet. He stretched his arms out as he started to jog in place before taking off around the field at a pace only ninja could achieve.

His speed had grown considerably along with his strength and he was able to maintain a speed which made him appear like a blur to anyone not trained to keep up with a ninja's speed. He ran laps around the field, running over the river at certain times, as he continued to keep his breathing steady so that he could travel farther. After he had given the initial burst of speed into his jog he slowed his pace to a more manageable speed as he continued to run around the field as sweat formed around his forehead. The sun bore down upon him as he ran and the heat was causing him to tire out quicker as he continued his pace. Before long he had to stop as he felt properly warmed up and feeling his body having gotten loose enough for him to begin the real training. He stretched his neck once more as he walked over to his jacket and pulled out a bottle of water as he took a swig and relaxed a bit before he would continue his training. He looked up to the sky as he contemplated his strengths and wondered about his weaknesses.

He then closed his eyes as he could feel his chakra swirling inside and channeling through his inner network as he reached into a second pocket of his jacket and pulled out three light pieces of paper. The paper, as he had studied, could be used to test a person's chakra affinity if they concentrated their chakra through it. He placed a slip of paper in between his index and middle fingers as he slowly began to channel his chakra up to them and he could feel the chakra reaching the paper as he watched the results. The paper slowly began to get soggy as water seeped into the surface and started to drip down from the corners. This perfectly showed that he had an affinity to water as he hoped that by the end of the day he'd be able to produce a different result. He threw the ruined piece of paper away as he got up and took another quick drink of water and then set the bottle back down as he hopped over to the center of the field and thought of what to do.

He had read some books about other affinities and how to acquire them as he had learned that he could train his chakra to take on another affinity after trying to channel it into different kinds of jutsu. He took a deep breath as he brought his hands up and formed the tiger seal as he called upon the chakra within him and allowed it to flow up and out of him. He thought that the best way to train his chakra to take on electricity would be if he channeled it into his hands and allowing it to run wild with energy instead of utilizing the land's elements like he did with his water style jutsus.
"Ok, maybe I can direct the chakra to act in a spontaneous fashion after calling it into my palm. Make it do what that masked ninja way in the past did... If I remember correctly he drew his chakra into his hand and it formed into it with sparks and could practically cut through anything. I don't think I'll be able to produce the same results but..." He began to concentrate as he allowed his chakra to swirl up to his fingers and palms as he drew his hand out and called upon it. Nothing happened, as he had expected, though could tell his chakra was there. If he was going to make things easier the best way to go about increasing the strength and flow of his chakra would be to meditate with it. He sighed softly as he hopped over into the trees as the shade offered him some relief from the sun that fully occupied the sky as he walked over to one and sat by the trunk with his back to it and began to meditate with the chakra inside his body.

He allowed it to grow and swirl as he wondered how best to train for the element of lightning. He was born with the natural ability to both control insects as well as water so the act of trying to train his chakra to form a new element was quite hard to perform indeed. He had such fond memories of the way his parents taught him how to better control the actions of his insects and also the ways of water as to how it could heal when administered in small quantities but hurt when given too much. 'As a puddle water can be made to nurture the land and help offer ways to treat a person's injuries. But as an ocean it can drown and kill the land without remorse nor mercy.' He remembered the words of his mother as she explained the properties of what water can do to a person.

'In the hands of ninja water has been used to help in both medical practices as well as warfare on the battlefield.' The words of his father next came into his mind. 'Those who practice with it could control their chakra to help close up cuts and heal bruises and even reconnect dislocated shoulders and fractured bones. As weapons they could do such as create mist that covered the field, launch whole typhoons at the enemy lines, even use the water to create large dragons that took out large forces. It is a jutsu that can cleave it's way through fire and erode itself through the Earth but the only thing that it cannot handle is the effects of a lightning bolt. As a conductor to electricity water cannot flow freely and therefore it cannot heal but only damage. But used together lightning and water can produce a power the likes that can absolutely dominate on the field of battle. And even though you may need to endure pain and hardship for the right to wield lightning you only have to do one thing: Train your chakra while it is storming and lightning fills the air. Only then can your chakra adjust and take in the properties of such a powerful element.'

That was it! The answer now lay clear before Higuto as he would need to come back to the field another day in order to acquire what he lacked. From what he had gathered, while today was nice and sunny, tomorrow would be stormy and therefore provide him the perfect setting for a day of training. He opened his eyes from his meditative state and hopped up as he stretched his body out. He felt as though his chakra had grown a little stronger from the training as he walked out of the wood back to the tree which held his jacket. When he reached it he picked up his jacket and placed it back around him as he looked up to the sky and smirked. 'Tomorrow you better bring your A game, weather. I'll most certainly bring mine.' With that he walked off the field as he would continue his day until ultimately going back home to his bed.

The next day...

Higuto awoke once more for a new day of training as he put on his clothes and jacket once more. The thunder outside told him everything he needed to know that today would be the perfect day for learning the element of lightning. He made his way immediately to the training field as rain poured from the sky as well as blasts of lightning striking in the sky. He made it to the field as he looked up to the sky to see the lightning clashing inside the clouds as some strikes would lash out and hit the ground from afar and also close by. This gave Higuto pause as, while it was a recommended form of training, lightning was still lightning and lightning really really hurt. He inhaled deeply and exhaled while cracking his knuckles once again all while trying to psyche himself up for what may be his last day of training. He kept his jacket on as he thought that the best way to accumulate a lightning affinity would be to meditate out on the water. He walked to the center of the river as he sighed and smirked at the thought of not only being able to control water but soon being able to use lightning as well. The possibilities of another chakra nature opened up a wide variety of what he'd next be able to do. As well as the concept of possibly being able to have his insects mingle with certain jutsus also made his imagination explode with ideas as he found a nice spot for his meditation and used his surface walking technique to allow him to sit cross legged on the water's surface.

He brought his hands together as he meditated along the churned to the storm as the wind and rain howled all around him while he concentrated to maintain his focus on the objective. His chakra swirled inside him as he allowed it to stir itself within his network as the water around him started to halt and circle it's way around his body. Lightning struck around the area but never upon him or the water as he breathed in and out and allowed his mind to remain calm and his chakra to branch out around him. The water continued to swirl as he sat in the middle and continued to meditate as the lightning churned more within the sky.

Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the ground next to him as his concentration was quickly replaced by fear and he jumped up and out of the water. He was breathing and panting while trying to calm himself down but it was rather hard to do after feeling as though he was about to die a couple of seconds ago. He ran into the nearby trees as they sheltered him from the rain quite a bit and he breathed slower to calm down a bit better. This wasn't going to be easy as keeping his cool while meditating in the middle of a lightning storm was proving to be a lot more than what met the eye. He took a breath to calm down as he hopped in place to get psyched up once again and also to get a bit of exercise. He ran in place as he thought about how he would go about doing the meditation once more while still fearful of being struck by lightning. He stopped jogging as he walked back out to the water and sat back down on the churning waves of the river. He slowly sat back down on the water as he crossed his legs and brought his hands together once more as he closed them into fists and brought the two sets of knuckles together. He breathed slowly as he tried to concentrate to where the sound of rain, wind, and thunder would be drowned out. He meditated and controlled his chakra to flow as calmly as he could as he succeeded in making the noise of the outside drown itself away as all his concentration was focused on his training. The water that flowed over and around him started to slowly encircle around his body as his chakra became accustomed to the environment.

Lightning struck all around as he continued to focus on the task at hand as the lightning struck the water. The current of electricity travelled it's way up the water and reached him as the electricity circled around him along with the chakra and was absorbed inside him. He didn't notice or feel it as he continued to allow his chakra to swirl around him in concentration. The water churned and swirled as he continued to sit and concentrate all while his chakra swirled the water upwards around him and surrounded him. Lightning once again struck the water as it went up with the chakra infused water and his chakra absorbed it into his body. He could feel changes in his chakra forming as he felt the numbness of electricity occupying his chakra and molding itself into him alongside his water nature. He felt his training was working as he kept his concentration and memories of his parents once more occupied his mind. The way they smiled softly and provided warmth only parents could to their children. The way they rewarded him for good behavior. The way they held him in their arms and kept him warm and safe. It was these memories and thoughts which kept his mind calm in such extreme and dangerous conditions and they also allowed him to be able to look deeper into himself and see the network and flow of his chakra.

He could see the formations of water in his chakra nature slowly taking on a mixture of lightning as it absorbed it all into itself. He smiled, at peace with himself, as lightning struck the water more and allowed him to take in more of it's shocking power into himself. His chakra was molding and transforming with more and more of the foreign element as he meditated which slowly became more and more his own element.

After a good while of meditating he opened his eyes as his focus once again came into light as he saw the weather continuing to pound at the land with the forces of nature. Lightning and wind attacked his body as he saw the water of the river and the lightning of the air still surrounding and protecting him as he smiled at his newfound power. He took in a deep breath as he kept his cool and calm composure all while allowing the circle of water and lightning chakra to splash back down into the river. He stood slowly up from the water as he panted with exhaustion after he had used so much of it to not only keep himself afloat but to learn the power of lightning. He quickly jumped off the surface of the river and landed on his knees on the grass as he rested there a little bit. The thunder of lightning closing in on the field helped him come back to his senses as he got back to his feet and he slowly made his way off the field. Now that he had acquired the element of lightning he would come back to the field tomorrow when the weather was better suited for it and he would test out his body to try and see if he had truly acquired a new element to have fun with. He got under the protection of the leaves in the trees as they shielded him from the rain as he used one tree to keep himself steady. He sat down and allowed his body to rest a little as the leaves above rustled and little rain drops dripped from them onto his body. He laid his head onto the trunk of the tree as he looked up the trees to relax himself and calm down.

The events of the day were shocking to say the least as he could feel his body having grown stronger from the training he had put his chakra through. Maybe this was the sign he was looking for? The sign that told him he was taking steps in the right direction toward which he was becoming stronger and over all a better person as well. He smiled to himself as he could feel his legs were rested enough for him to stand as he got back up to his feet and he started to walk slowly back toward the village. Today he had achieved something very few Genin had been able to do and tomorrow he would put those new skills to the test and try his luck at using lightning style once again. He might not have been able to use any jutsu yet but he could at least make sure he was now in possession of lightning chakra along with his water.

The next day...

Higuto woke up, rested and full of energy once again, as he sprung from the comfort of bed sheets and mattress. He ate himself a quick bowl of cereal as he put his jacket on once more and walked out of his house on his way to the training field once again. The previous day's storm had allowed the weather to be clear and sunny today as he breathed in the fresh air as he hopped from tree branch to branch toward the field. He landed from a tree to the ground as he stretched his body and dropped his jacket next to a tree trunk. He stretched his arms as he could feel his muscles loosening up and the chakra within him swelling with more energy than ever before. He chuckled as he could feel new power tingling from within and he picked up another sheet of the paper he had yesterday. He concentrated his energy as he formed a half tiger seal and held the piece of paper in between two fingers as chakra formed it's way to the tips. He could feel tingling in the tips of his fingers as the paper slowly began to, instead of taking a soggy turn and dripping with water, crinkle up from the chakra of his fingers. He smiled as the paper crinkled more and more until it was wrinkled all over. He dropped the paper back into his jacket pocket as he felt giddy over the fact that he now held a powerful new chakra nature. He wondered what to do next with it as now he had an entire arsenal of new jutsu to learn and power to grow. He got up and looked out to the river as today he felt was a good day to relax a bit and to train only just a little bit in order to make his body stronger as a reward for learning a new element.

He started by getting on his hands and began to do push ups as he panted. He could still feel a little soreness from the efforts he had put his body through yesterday as his arms relented from the strain he was putting them through. He counted the push ups out, one by one, as he felt his strength waning quickly until he could do no more and he collapsed onto his gut. He rested on the ground a bit as he couldn't help but laugh at the pain he was feeling as it ebbed slowly out of him. The fact that his pain meant he was growing stronger as a ninja pleased him to no end as he got slowly back up to his feet and he stretched his body back into shape. He took a few steps toward the now calm and clear water as he took handfuls of the cool blue liquid and splashed it along his face and body. He would take a couple of handfuls as thoughts occupied his mind once more of the next thing he should learn to do now that he had lightning at his command. He had heard that there were actually ways of combining elements together to make even more powerful natures in chakra and therefore creating what were known as advanced chakra natures. He knew that that would be the nature of his future training sessions though he felt they might need to wait until further notice. As of right now he'd need to allow his body to adjust to what he had already learned as he would begin learning lightning jutsus soon.

He smiled as he got back up and jogged in place before taking a final run around the field in order to get himself warmed up for the day. He ran lap after lap after lap around the field as he couldn't help but feel happy at his new strength. He was on his way to becoming a strong ninja and one who could take on even the toughest of challenges. His next goal would need to be to go after the rank of Chuunin but that goal might not have been achievable for quite some time. He stopped running as he felt tired once again and he breathed in the fresh air of the clear and sunny day. He chuckled and walked toward the trunk which held his jacket as he picked it up and placed it around himself once more. He smiled as he could feel the chakra within him swirl and his insects growing accustomed to the new element of lightning as well. He smiled one last time as he walked toward the exit of the field, ready for a new day, as he made his way back to the village.

(WC 4,011)

(Objective: A second chakra nature: Lightning. And 20 stat points)
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PostSubject: Re: Higuto Tangoes with Lightning   Sun Dec 31, 2017 11:04 pm

Seems legit approved.

You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday.
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Higuto Tangoes with Lightning
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