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 Haku! (IO)

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Miyamoto Terumi
Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Haku! (IO)    Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:33 pm

Miyamoto looked at his teammate and sighed as his wound healed up. He could tell that Tsume was dwelling on the thoughts of what he just said in great detail. Hell, sometimes Miyamoto even had to wonder about the things he said aloud as well. When Tsume thanked him and began to leave, Miyamoto had to stop and think about saying something uplifting to make sure that this was not a complete disaster of an outing, but Isshin made sure of that already so, for now, he was just going to leave it be. Once his teammate was out of sight he reached into the pocket of his jacket and felt a familiar vial that he held on his person at all times. He knew that taking it made short work of his progress, but the night's activities were already working on his muscles, he was sure that if he took the vial of liquid now it would have the same effect.

"well, bottoms up I guess." He said before popping the cork on the small vial and downing it in one gulp. He did not feel any different, maybe he wouldn't after all this kind of treatment was really to be some sort of background effect that he would not be able to see the results so quick anyway.
"Tastes like ass...guess I should not be surprised though, medicines usually don't taste all that great...especially the ones that work well." He said as he picked himself up off the ground and dusted himself off.
"Guess I better get home and clean up so that way I don't catch flak or cause anyone to be suspicious." He said as he began to walk towards the direction Tsume did, back to his house.

The walk home was quieter than normal, the wind did not blow, the crickets did not chirp, and it was dry. It was odd and it caught him off guard to the point he had to pinch himself to make sure he was not caught in a genjutsu or that this was all a nightmare of some sort. He continued to walk as the look of his old mentor haunted his vision, the cold stare he gave Miyamoto before the demon lanterns exploded...the man had no regrets as if it was all going according to plan.
"I hope that bastard rots in hell with the rest of the people that have done my family wrong..." He spat out loud as he spits on the ground in disrespect. He arrived in his neighborhood to see that there were a few people walking around after dark, mostly just people coming home from late night workings. He was quick to remove the manipulation fabric to make sure he was looking just like a normal street kid.

He walked into his house as he saw the lights were all off as usual. His mother's presence was not in the house as everything was as it had been left. Perhaps she was working late, regardless he went upstairs and undressed before going to the shower and running the hot water. His blood was still boiling as he felt the hot water sting and the steam rise in the air as it grew thick and soupy. As he stepped into the water he relaxed before finally sitting down in the shower as the water washed the grime and blood away from his body. The dirty water pooled around him before making its way to the drain at the front. He really was finally done with Isshin...it felt like a weight was lifted from his chest as he began to cry. his tears felt like they would evaporate before falling down his face and he just sat and sobbed until the water began to run clear and clean. He stood up and washed himself off in finality as he turned the water off and stepped from the tub and out into the steam filled room. He reached for his towel to find it was damp as he smiled and dried himself to the best of his ability before opening the door to the hallway as the steam rolled out.

He grabbed his dirty clothing and ran it to the washroom after dressing himself in an old Gi as he ran his clothes through a wash to make sure that all evidence of that night was swept away by the water. Once done he went back to his room and laid down on his bed and looked up at the ceiling and as the night soon turned to daylight his mother came home. She did not announce herself but only walked up to her room where she shut the door. Miyamoto did not intrude as soon he heard her snoring from his room. The nightmare was over and now he could finally rest.

He shut his eyes as the sunlight began to pour into the room. He was through thinking, through fighting sleep. He wanted to rest.

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PostSubject: Re: Haku! (IO)    Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:41 pm


You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday.
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Haku! (IO)
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