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 Hustling for the gains (io, nk)

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Satoru Nara <3

Fame : 19
Home Village :
  • Cloud

Element(s) : Wind, Lightning
Clan : Nara
Bloodline : Shadow Manipulation Hidden Techniques
Ryo : 5750

PostSubject: Re: Hustling for the gains (io, nk)   Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:53 am

So this is Tsume’s choice. It is a smart choice too. Due to the smoke bomb, Satoru is unable to see his opponents, he does not know what they are up to or where they might be moving. Then it occurs to him. His control over the battlefield which he had worked to achieve, his ability to play a fight as though it were chess on a board, his win condition to manipulate the factors of a fight in his favor, these have been sullied. With the very act of clouding Satoru’s vision, Tsume has robbed him of a great deal of insight and information. How does one control a chess board without knowing where his pawns are or where the enemy’s pawns are? It is difficult indeed, probably impossible.

So, Satoru’s first priority is to remove the smoke screen created by Tsume. The very fact that it is created by Tsume is distressing. Satoru has a jutsu which allows him to create a dust cloud which obstructs vision. The smoke bomb used just now by his opponent is not much different from it except that this cannot be used in Satoru’s favor, at least as far as he can think with his current strategy. He has not been anticipating this, it was not accounted for in his thinking. He must adapt to the new information but at the same time he doubts that he has the time to reroute himself before Tsume takes control of the fight. Seriously, if Tsume had done some shifty movement involving Haku and the transformation jutsu and the clone jutsu, Satoru would know nothing about it. Absolutely nothing. He has but hunches and guesses to go off of and these are not by any means enough.

“I’ll get rid of this smoke screen first. Then, I have to be very cautious. Tsume has seconds to pull any kind of trickery he wants to pull. It isn’t a lot of time but any amount of time is dangerous.” Satoru thinks as his free hand uses his fan to stir some air around him. He does not have the chakra to perform the sickle weasel technique though it would most likely disperse this smoke faster. The spiraling ring requires his attention chakra wise so only physical strength can be used with the fan. Satoru knows that his strength is his lowest attribute but what choice does he have aside from this? He might move out of the smoke but without sight, he does not know where he is moving until it is too late and he is in a trap. There are too many unknown variables for Satoru to make any movements of which he is unsure.

Some might see Satoru’s mental pattern in this situation as an over analysis. In many ways, it is but it is for good reason. It is dangerous for one to overclock their brain while trying to anticipate the opponent’s next move. Satoru’s belief has always been to avoid overclocking by knowing what he himself should have as a priority. By setting a primary goal for one’s actions, they eliminate a great amount of options that do not result in their goal. So, Satoru sees only a narrow number of actions that he has open to take. Why then is he so torn between his options? Because of his lack of information. Literally, he is guessing what Tsume is doing and questioning himself along the way the whole time. Maybe he’s doing this right now. Maybe he’s doing that. And if he’s doing that, well then I should do this. But wait, if I do this then I’d be wide open for option one which I don’t know if he’s doing.

See? Confusing.

Luckily, Satoru’s mental freeze has let his body perform the same monotonous motion until its job is complete. He has been waving his fane while thinking and it has cleared away enough smoke to let him see at least the silhouettes of Tsume and Haku. From here, the wind from the spiraling ring is enough to do away with the rest of the smoke.

The spiraling ring is thrown in the rough direction of where Tsume and Haku stand. It travels at a speed of 65. Then, after this, Satoru’s fan is placed onto his back once more and he runs forward towards his sparring opponents. He performs three hand seals along the way and stops running forward when he is around ten meters away. He is now prepared to perform his last yet-to-be-seen trick. And good timing too, his energy is wavering. Consumption of chakra as well as having to think so much about two enemies at once is taking its toll. Is he even still able to use the shadow clone jutsu and even the numbers?


Satoru Nara's Stats:
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Tsume Chokyoshi

Fame : 10
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Wind, Lightning
Clan : Chokyoshi
Ryo : 5900

PostSubject: Re: Hustling for the gains (io, nk)   Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:39 am

Hakucho had watched this battle for a lot of the time and it seemed that aerial attacks worked, for the most part, so he turned back into the white feathered majesty. Tsume agreed with his partner. Suddenly, their diversion seemed to be foiled. The mass of wind chakra started for the Chokyoshi as Hakucho was already 10 meters in the air from where he was before. 

Tsume needed to react quickly to the explosion of wind chakra. A counter explosion. Quickly drawing the paper bomb up his sleeve, he threw it mid-air and denotated it. Once he through it, he jumped back to not get in the explosions. They went off with a loud bang. The shockwave blew Tsume back even further. Hakucho was able to ride the shock wave, getting to 20 meters. 

Satoru's turn was over. Tsume and Hakucho were able to avoid getting shredded and now it was their turn to attack. Hakucho, 20 meters in the air from Sat, fired 5 feathers that acted like kunai. Fast and also sharp, these feathers were great for Hakucho's defence and offence. Tsume still had his Fuma shuriken. Once he landed his shockwave boosted jump, he through his wind infused massive shuriken. Both of the attacks were at full speed. It would take a lot of speed and power to take them down. Tsume suddenly started to feel the effects of battle, he was getting really tired. Hakucho was as well. And based on Satoru heavy breathing, he was too. This was likely going to be the last attack for both of them. This was also exciting because this meant it was going to be where he showed his final jutsu. I hope it's not stronger than the one from before. I don't think I could handle another blast. Tsume thought. 

WC: 302
TWC: 1854

Tsume Chokyoshi

Health: 5
Chakra: 15 
Stamina: 10 
Speed: 64 (+25)
Strength: 20
AP: 147

Health: 5
Stamina: 15
Speed: 74
Strength: 19

PM me if you want jutsu ideas, I'll be glad to help with giving you ideas
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Hustling for the gains (io, nk)
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