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PostSubject: New Observers   Sun Dec 24, 2017 5:55 am

Yurei Uchiha’s eyes fluttered open, greeted by the new day. Light pierced through his window, reflecting off of his alabaster skin and stretching across his bedroom, warming the cold floorboards below. The Uchiha raised his eyebrows, stretching his eyes and their covers as he let out a great yawn. He quickly closed his mouth and sat up, stretching as he did so by extending his arms toward the ceiling. He twisted his torso, first to his door and then to his window.
However, there was something peculiar atop the building next to his bedroom. Something perched on the roof. Yurei lowered his eyebrows, squinting to catch the image of the object. In a flutter of silhouetted wings, the shadowed figure took off, flying out of view. It was some type of bird, but a far larger one than Yurei had ever seen in the City Blessed by the Stars. Peculiar.
The Uchiha took a deep breath, disregarding what he had seen for now. He had other things on his mind, like learning more jutsu. But first, he had to get out of bed.
Yurei placed his feet onto the warmed floorboard. The floors gave a welcoming embrace, comforting him as he strode across his room to his clothing rock. In a swift motion, Yurei tied his headband onto his forehead and quickly slid his arms into the silky sleeves of his kimono. The sun had warmed it as well, relieving Yurei of the cold that had taken place within his home.
With a swipe of his arm, Yurei slid open his bedroom door. Finally, a familiar smell. His mother was out of bed, and she was making her usual honey tea once more. Yurei had brought up an admittedly ill-advised topic over tea, but that issue seemed to have passed by, at least for now. Getting rid of it forever would simply be unjust and ignorant of the past’s lessons. But the grief was definitely there.
“Hey, Mom, Yurei said, turning the corner into the kitchen. “I just wanted to say that I was sorry for-“
“You’re fine, Yurei,” his mother said, giving him a quick glance and a thin smile. “Let’s just not talk about it ok?”
Yurei’s lips shifted to the side of his mouth. “Alright,” he said, taking in a seduction aroma of tea kissed by honey. “Make enough for two?”
“Three,” Takia said with a smile. “You never pour the right serving,” she chuckled.
Yurei smiled,” reaching for a cup and filling it with tea. “I saw something strange this morning,” the boy stated, placing the teapot back onto the rod supporting it.
“Oh?” Takia said, taking up the pot and pouring her own.
“Yeah, some kinda bird. But it looked huge! I had never seen one so big.”
“You never really know how big they are until you get up close. They’re wings are really long. Your father and I used to flap our arms around like we were big birds to get you to laugh when you were just an itty bitty baby,” Takia said with a smile. Hot air left her nostrils in a sigh.
“We’ll, I’m not so tiny now, Mom,” Yurei said, smiling in return.
“Maybe not in height,” Takia said, laughing.
Yurei took a sip of his tea, sending the warm liquid sliding down the back of his throat. “It tastes really good, Mother,” he said, nodding.
“Well, thank you,” she replied, sipping her own tea. “You in a rush?”
“Yeah. I have to get that Jounin test done, and I won’t get there just sitting around and being lazy.” Yurei responded, placing his teacup into the sink.
“Alright, well, have fun. And be safe.”
“Oh, I will, don’t worry,” Yurei said, winking. The boy quickly rushed to put on his shoes, and with a quick slide of the door, went outside.
The Uchiha smiled, greeted by the same warm sunlight. He took a few steps forward, but when the boy was about to make his turn onto the main rode, something caught his attention. The same figure. Yurei blinked twice, trying to make out the bird. He squinted, staring at it. It was watching him.
Yurei pursed his lips and continued walking. When he looked back, the bird had disappeared. “Strange,” Yurei said to himself, walking along the sidewalks of Hoshigakure. The Uchiha’s mind began to catch ideas, thoughts, of what the bird could be. Was it mere coincidence?
The alabaster Chuunin made it to the market, then through the crowd to the shinobi district. It wasn’t particularly busy at the marketplace, but the shinobi district was a different story, as it often was. There was not a soul around. The Academy was empty, and more graffiti had taken up the once beautiful walls and buildings in the area. It seemed the Academy was the only maintained place, but even then it wasn’t as well-kept as the other parts of Hoshigakure. This part of the city reminded Yurei everyday of what his goal was. Soon, these streets will be lined with people. Yurei weaved his way through the litter and dilapidated buildings, keeping his eyes to the sky.
Upon turning to the training grounds, Yurei spotted it again. The light shined off of its feathers, revealing half of its colors. “Is that…” Yurei squinted, focusing on the bird. “That’s a big owl,” Yurei said, relaxing his eyes. The large bird left its perch, flying passed the training grounds.
Yurei bolted forward, following the bird. His mind now raced with possibilities. What was going on? Who sent this owl? Was this some kind of trick? No one knew, least of Yurei, but he had to know.
The Uchiha plowed through the training grounds, eventually coming to the gate that enclosed the area. With a swift jump, Yurei landed on the other side, where something caught his interest. There was a hole in the ground.
The chuunin eased forward, peering inside the hole. It was massive, stretching outward as it got deeper, much like stairs. Was this where the owl went? There weren’t any buildings in site for it to perch on. It must have gone in here.
Yurei lowered his body into the hole, using his arms to support himself. He took a deep breath, squeezing in as he entered. Once he landed, he walked forward, following the cave with his hand against the sides. It was dark, and as Yurei ventured deeper and deeper, it became pitch black.
“Fire Release,” Yurei said, releasing fire from his mouth. Light filled the cave for a moment, allowing Yurei to see his way. He continued to traverse it until he came across a curious obstacle. The cave simple ended, but the wall in front of him was peculiarly flat, almost too perfect.
Yurei extended his hand, noticing something wrong with the texture of the wall. It wasn’t too hard, too soft, but it did feel… almost hazy.
“Genjutsu release,” Yurei said, forming the handseal.
With that, the cave lit up, showing Yurei a world beyond the wall. The cave extended, into a chamber of sorts, with a very large tree in the center. The plant extended outward with numerous holes within its trunk.
“Woah,” Yurei mouthed, looking around at the brightly lit room.
“You are Yurei Uchiha,” a voice called out.
The chuunin fell silent, looking around. He could not find the source of the voice, but it was elderly, yet deep. It oozed with embrace, however.
“Hello?” Yurei said, looking around.
“Look to the tree,” the voice called out. From one of the holes emerged an owl, one he had not seen before.
“Hey there, little guy,” Yurei said, smiling thinly in amazement.
“Don’t call me that,” the owl responded standing tall.
“You’re… you’re talking?”
“Yes. Welcome.”
Talking animals was nothing new. Yurei had experienced shinobi cats and their jutsu, but to hear it from something else was admittedly strange.
“What is this place?” Yurei asked, looking around.
“It’s one of many. Shrouded in genjutsu. We were hoping you’d find it.”
“We?” Yurei replied, glancing back at the owl.
“I am an Illusionary Owl, one from Hoshigakure as you call it.”
“Hoshi? And how do you know my name?”
“The Illusionary Owls have been watching you for some time. Only now have we revealed ourselves to you.”
“What?” Yurei said, squinting in confusion. “Why?”
“The Illusionary Owls are not trusting. Particularly of people like you. Shinobi. However…”
Another owl emerged from the tree. It possessed the appearance of a great horned owl, much like that of burned wood with hints of grey ash. “We’ve made an exception. You.”
The first owl before Yurei nodded in agreement. “We know much about you, Yurei. The good. The bad. Everything of note. However, despite your flaws, we have taken a very keen interest in you. Particularly Kogarashi.”
“Kogarashi?” Yurei replied.
“He is one of the greatest and oldest of us. You intrigued him,” the Great Horned Owl replied.
“Why would this great owl take an interest in me?”
“Despite what we know of you, we know little of humanity. Kogarashi’s reasons are his alone, however,” the first owl said. His feathers ruffled in slight irritation.
“And he wants something from me?” Yurei asked, raising an eyebrow.
“No, not from. Of. We would like you to sign a contract with our race. We’ve noticed your proficiency with Genjutsu, and your goals as well.”
“This is a rare opportunity. Few have been given the chance.”
“So you selected me because of my goals?” Yurei asked, stroking his chin.
“In a way, yes,” replied the Great Horned Owl. “In return for signing the contract, you will be granted access to the summoning of our race. Our abilities will be at your disposal, should we allow them.”
“I,” Yurei paused. “I’m not sure I entirely understand.”
“We’ve taken an interest in you, Yurei. Your goals, your interactions. We want to observe your path.”
Yurei sat silent for a moment, taking the information in.
So much had happened in so little time. The Uchiha anticipated a mere jutsu training session, but instead he was talking to a summons race? And they chose him, rather than him seeking them out. What did they really want? Or were these owls really telling the truth? And this Kogarashi… what did he want? And why is he so curious about me of all people?
“Do you accept, Yurei Uchiha?” the great horned owl said, tilting its head.
“Yes. I accept,” Yurei said, taking a deep breath. The first owl disappeared into his tree, but remerged with a scroll in his beak. “You muss sine it in blud,” the owl said, the scroll impairing his speech. He dropped the scroll at Yurei’s feet. “Bite your finger and wipe the blood onto the scroll. This is also how you will summon us.”
“I see,” Yurei said, nodding. The boy bit into his finger, slightly wincing as he did so. With a swift swipe, contract was signed, and the deed was done.
“You now have access to our summing race, Yurei Uchiha. No owl will come to your aide purely because you wish it, however. You must work for them. I recommend starting with Kogarashi, however. Seek him out. He was by far the most intrigued with you. Do remember that not every owl will be interested in you, however. Some will be quiet the opposite,” the Great Horned Owl said.
With that, the two owls returned to their holes within the tree, and Yurei now possessed the ability to summon talking owls. How unqiue.
The Uchiha took a deep breath before turning back. Perhaps the Kozai Yuki Library had information on summons. First Genjutsu, then ninjutsu, now talking birds. What a track record.
The alabaster Uchiha emerged from the cave, stepping out into the sunlight. The future was ahead, and it was admittedly much more interesting now. “I wonder what Damon and Akio are gonna think of this,” he’d say heading back to the training grounds.

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