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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Ambitions   Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:42 pm

Yurei lay in his bed, staring up at the sealing. Night had fallen, and the pale moon’s light peaked through Yurei’s window, stretching across his bedroom to his door. The Uchiha took deep breaths, noting each one with care. Surface thoughts raced across his mind, but he could not help but think of his mother. Of what he had said.
It plagued him, as did his regrets on that night he earned his Sharingan. The Uchiha’s hands extended into his sheets, gripping the bed beneath him in anger. Why? Why did I use that genjutsu? My father, he struck me. But why? Because I disobeyed him. I betrayed my family. And for what? No father. My friends, my family, they’re in constant danger!

No… This was my birthright. These people need me and I need them. I have to help this village. I have to help Damon, Akio, and the other shinobi. And I can’t let my grief get in the way of that!

Yurei shot out of bed, throwing his covers off of his body. The boy ran to his clothing rack and quickly slipped on his kimono, followed by his Hoshigakure headband. Bearing the star emblem on his forehead, Yurei slid open his door and walked down the hallway. However, as he passed his mother’s room he came to a stop. She was still sleeping, photograph in hand. The boy’s heart sank, but he couldn’t stop now. He had been lazy, too caught up in emotion. There were greater risks at hand, and he couldn’t do anything about his mother.

But moving on… That was hard.

Yurei clenched his fist and bit his lip, marching past his mother’s bedroom. He slid open the front door of his home, stepping outside into the night. The air was brisk, but with the quick grasping of his sandals, Yurei headed out.

The alabaster Uchiha’s skin reflected the moon’s light as he walked, light bouncing off of silk kimono. Thoughts swelled in Yurei’s head as he walked, watching each house pass in dark and darker shades of tan. The pale moonlight danced on the sand crystals coating each house. There was a calming element to the night. Yurei’s past was commonly associated with tragedy during it, but the sound of nature, the quiet, these were something Yurei longed for. It was peaceful. It was free of the commotion caused by villagers, zealous or no. It was free of the endless taunts and bickering of shinobi, constantly fighting and arguing with the other villagers, and sometimes among themselves. Yurei knew that well, perhaps more than the Uchiha desired. That was what he was trying to save, however. The night, while blissful, was not the Hoshigakure Yurei wanted. It was marred by shadow and plight of the past. Yurei wanted something bright. Something warm. This was not it.

The albino Uchiha looked at his hands, watching them as he took his steps. They were scarred, wept, and broken. The otherwise delicate young man knew what had to be done and when it needed to be done. To defend others, was one thing, though. To assault the attackers…

That was how Yurei earned his Sharingan. The third tomoe was the result of an overuse of his dojutsu, in which he was enacting revenge upon those who attacked his home. Or was it defense in the future? Defense with finality? No, Yurei outed that zealous group for what it was. A self-loathing organization. The blood spilled that night was not lethal. No, it was nothing. Nothing compared to outright murder. One way or another, Yurei changed them, but the lesson may not have been as clear as he hoped. Even at his age, Yurei knew that violence bred hatred. Lessons could not be taught through pain, but through understanding. Pain triggers response. That response triggers more pain. But the same pain along with communication, that could change the world. Yurei had no intensions of causing harm to others, but the tread curiously followed him despite what he wanted. His ultimate, act of peace would be different, however. With the power of his Sharingan, Yurei would show the entire village true unity.

But that was a long time away. And, while his ambitions were sky-high, Yurei asserted that he needed to focus on the now. Getting there. And right now the obstacle in his way was achieving the rank of jounin. And mastering ninjutsu.
Yurei was no doubt astonished at what Damon could practically achieve. Ninjutsu was not without his flashy moveset that could devastate opponents. I would know. I was at the receiving end of it. However…

Enhanced abilities. That was the ninjutsu Yurei needed. All of his abilities bolstered, if only for a brief period. And what better than the Soul Expulsion jutsu? Yurei was already familiar with it, more than familiar. The pain it caused him after its use was well worth it, but it could still be improved. He could still be improved. And this particular jutsu would both bolster his other ninjutsu, his genjutsu, and his speed more than ever.

Yurei recalled his chuunin exam. That jutsu was the reason that he won. There was of course a rather dull planning face of doing nothing. Each shinobi was far too careful. That careful planning was smart, but also dangerous. It was not preparation for the real world. Surely no rogue shinobi would stand and watch while Yurei planned and plotted. No, instinct was key. And the sense to not choose wrongly was also needed.
The pale Uchiha marched onward. Soon, the soft sound of crickets and birds were replaced with the bustling sounds of the marketplace. It was pure chaos. When the night came about, the air was cool, and there was much more one could do for cold weather than the blazing sun of day. The area was blanket of clothing, constantly shifting a yelling at stands.

By now, Yurei’s hands began to ache with cold. His fingertips had gone numb, and the desire to warm them with a nice cup of tea was growing.

However, there was no time for tea. No time for any sort of break. He had to get to the training grounds. He had to master this jutsu. He had to become jounin.

For a moment, Yurei thought to himself. Am I going to fast? Am I pushing myself too hard? Or is this all just a distraction. No. I’m not. I can’t be. This is necessary. I have to help this village.

The image of Takia Uchiha flashed in Yurei’s mind as he wormed his way through the marketplace. I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing this for Mom. For Damon. For Akio. For Dad. For everyone. I’ve got to stop all of this hate, and standing idly by and watching it get worse won’t help anyone. No time for rest. Not now.

Yurei erupted from the crowd, now warmed from their collective heat. The fire that burned inside him swelled, and he knew what he had to do. The boy began to sprint, making his way to the shinobi training grounds.

Upon entering what the boy called the ghost district, the bustling noises of villagers silenced, and instead was replaced by the occasion chirp of a cricket. And then nothing.

It was eerie walking through here at night. Hoshigakure was not always safe, least of all here. And night made things much worse. But Yurei was strong. And anyone that messed with him now would have hell to pay.

Burning inside Yurei was a fire of determination he did not often know. Only in moments of intense anger did he feel this, but now, now it was a feeling of pure warmth. Of ambition. Yurei’s passion swelled within him like chakra, pumping ever thrust of his leg in a sprint.

As Yurei ran, the jutsu came to his mind. Soul expulsion. What an interesting ninjutsu. And while Yurei enjoyed testing himself, this familiar jutsu was simple far too useful. And it could be improved.

Yurei maneuvered through the abandoned section of Hoshigakure, passed the shinobi academy, and finally ended up at the training grounds.

“Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu,” the boy said, unleashing the swelled heat within his lungs. Through his mouth erupted numerous fireballs, each pelting the sand and crystalizing it with the heat. The sand launched into the air, forming spires, or, as Yurei saw them, makeshift targets.

The boy took a deep breath and raised his hands to his chest. Rat. Tiger. Boar. The Uchiha formed the hand seals, allowing his chakra to burn through him. His body began to give off the jutsu’s signature glow, red from his chakra nature. This was his fire. This was his ambition. This was the salvation of this village, and nothing would stop Yurei Uchiha from achieving his goal!

The Uchiha felt his chakra swell across his body. It warmed him, replicating the day’s light. “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” Yurei yelled, taking a deep breath and unleashing a massive blazeball that charged forward in burning passion. The fireball struck one of the six targets, shattering the glass with the force behind it.

Yurei blinked twice. The jutsu had improved, but only slightly. He focused harder, putting all of his will into the red aura around him. It burned bright. Stronger. Warmer. “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” Fire once again erupted from Yurei’s mouth, flooding the air with it’s red and orange glow. The fireball soared forward, exploding upon its collision with the glass target. Upon contact, it once again shattered. However, each of the pieces were now more finite and clear. Something closer to the transparent glass Yurei was familiar with. The Uchiha smiled, but turned to his last target. He shut his eyes, now focusing his chakra into them. Upon opening them, the white light of his unique sharingan, the pigment red absent from his melanin, glowed in the dark night. The Uchiha charged forward. He moved fast. Faster than he ever had before.

The jutsu and his eyes in conjunction spiraled Yurei into a torrent of speed. He was moving as if he were a blur, dashing across the sands of the training ground. “Fire Style:,” he yelled once more, “Phoenix Fire Jutsu!”

Fireballs launched from Yurei’s mouth, hurdling toward his targets. Each struck a different target, shattering the base and leaving behind a trail of clear glass in the jutsu’s wake. This was the power of Soul Expulsion in tandem with his ninjutsu, but his mastery of the art had only begun. And even still, the chakra buff earned from this more advanced version of Soul Expulsion hadn’t been used with his genjutsu yet, where Yurei’s true affinity lie.

The Uchiha clenched his fist in excitement, gazing at his handy work. Each target was completely destroyed. However, the fire that surrounded Yurei began to subside. The jutsu was ending. Surprisingly however, he felt nothing. There was no backlash. No drained chakra. Instead, Yurei felt fine.

The Uchiha glanced down at his arms and then his hands. The drawbacks… they’d disappeared. And in their wake, Yurei had achieved a far greater jutsu than he previously had. This was beyond his expectations. Finally, a boost to his speed and chakra without the risk!
Yurei smiled, nodding as he released his fist. He quickly stopped to compose himself. The passion was now subsiding, if only for now. So, his first A rank Ninjutsu was out of the way. Now to move onto the next. What awaited him was unclear, but Yurei did know that he needed to keep pushing himself and to keep going forward. No matter what stood in his way.

And his grief? The factor in his life that had sparked a motivation was still there. Yurei hid behind work and jutsu, but to confront that was painful. He had done it already, numerous times. But the sight of his mother was a clear truth. He could never hope to let go of what he did. He shouldn’t. Though a tragedy, the death of Roshi Uchiha turned his son into something new. Something truly unstoppable.

WC: 2023


Claiming: 20 AP, A-Rank Soul Expulsion Carried over from this

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Chuunin of Hoshi
Chuunin of Hoshi

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PostSubject: Re: Ambitions   Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:23 pm


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