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 Genjutsu Release (Com)

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Fenrir <3
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Genin of Kiri

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PostSubject: Genjutsu Release (Com)   Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:48 pm

Fenrir arrived at the training grounds ready as hell for some hardcore training.  He had built up his chakra for it, he made the bracelet, now it was time to actually learn the technique: Genjutsu Release.  Fenrir was actually somewhat amazed that he had yet to learn how to use the technique, as it was excessively important in a shinobi's line of work.  Without the technique, who knows what kind of nonsense some Genjutsu using Uchiha could pull on a poor wittle genin like little ol' Fenrir here?  This nice little Mist Genin who wouldn't hurt a fly, but may kill a number of humans.  Anyway, back to the training.  He wasn't entirely sure how he would manage to test the technique without an actual Genjutsu, but he decided he might as well just try the jutsu out a few times and then wait until he's in a proper situation to see if he actually learned it right.  This was a fairly risky thing, seeing as he could be going in with the completely wrong technique and just get ended instantly by Kisuke, but that was simply a risk he had to take.

Taking his stance in the center of the training ground, Fenrir began to warm up, doing basic physical exercises since this was a low ranking technique and wouldn't likely be taking the entire day to learn.  Starting with jogging around the training grounds a few times, he slowly increased speed until he had done about 25 laps, then stopping to move on to something else.  With a short pause for deliberation, Fenrir decided he would just do the basics, pushups, situps and the like.  This didn't last long, simply going on long enough to get him all limbered up and ready to go.  He wasn't certain why he did this, but it seemed like physical activity helped him with chakra exertion.  Now, taking up the stance in the center of the training grounds, Fenrir began to train the technique itself.  He put his hands into the seal unique to this jutsu, pushing chakra outward from his body, attempting to push away any foreign intrusion into his mind or nervous system.  This didn't have much effect, but Fenrir could feel a strange force move throughout him when he did it.  Hopefully, this was what was supposed to happen, and it just felt so weird because there wasn't currently a genjutsu in effect.  He continued to train like this, simply forcing the chakra into the hand seal and his body, then pushing it outward.  This, combined with the seal, ought to be about right for the Genjutsu release, but with no way of testing Fenrir wouldn't be sure until the tournament, when he would test it out against Kisuke, his temporary Eternal Rival.  Going into a fight with nothing but hopefully as assurance, what a wonderful plan.  Red was unfortunately right, and while he wished their was a better alternative, there wasn't.  And so, Fenrir would begin walking away from the training grounds and towards the arena in which the tournament would be taking place.

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PostSubject: Re: Genjutsu Release (Com)   Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:24 pm


You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday.
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Genjutsu Release (Com)
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