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 Remembering The Past, Building The Future (IO, NK)

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Also Gin Kouen
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Genin of Konoha
Also Gin Kouen

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PostSubject: Remembering The Past, Building The Future (IO, NK)   Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:22 am

The day would begin as dawn broke the horizon, the gentle light fading into the room through the window as the brown haired girl slept a peaceful sleep. She was safe within the village walls after all, and she would be awoken in case of an attack either way. All civilians were after all, and make no mistake. As a mere genin, she was still considered a newbie in the ninja world.. She had come far in her years in the academy, proving herself to be capable with their subjects, such as the history of the village, the kages, summoning theory, trap theory, ambush theory, jutsu theory, as well as information regarding the kage that reside in all of the other villages. Well, what information could be obtained after all. No village told all of their secrets after all. But we digress, Evelynn would slowly open her eyes, deep, blue orbs of crystal opening as the sun rose to meet them. She would take in a deep breath before sitting up in bed, letting the covers fall down to the sheets as he naked chest was exposed to the cool air. She would let out a long stretch and a yawn, before working any kinks out of her neck, the light pops resonating through the silent room. She’d proceed to toss the covers off of her and move to sit on the edge of the bed, her feet setting onto the cold wooden floor, still not warmed by the warm light of the day. Light creaking could be heard as she stood up, moving to her full height of 5’3. Of course she didn’t exactly make for an imposing figure, but she did not need to. Hell, it would almost be helpful in the future if she didn’t look imposing. She would be underestimated, of course first she would need to gain power to BE underestimated. But that was metaphorical journey down an endless road that was to begin this day. She would simply have to begin training and obtaining power through whatever means became available to her so that she could defend herself in the future.

Standing now she would move across the hard, wooden floor and enter the bathroom, the dripping of the water on the faucet making the slightest noise in the still air of the house. Reaching over she would turn the faucet completely off before turning toward the shower and running the hot water. As she allowed the water to reach temperature she’d turn to look in the mirror. He white hair was cut short, well short for most women, as it wasn’t even at shoulder length. At this point she’d turn toward the shower and step in, relishing the feel of the hot water cascading down her skin as she stepped into her morning shower. Before long of course she would step out, the air now significantly colder to her, for obvious reasons. Before running a towel through her hair and drying off the rest of her body. Then, after brushing her teeth and straightening up the bathroom after she used it, she would step out to dress. If course she would lean toward her preferred attire, as nothing was keeping her from doing so. With that said she would dress in black shinobi style pants, with a black hoodie. Which she preferred, as it caused people to generally ignore her so that she was left alone. Oh the times she had slipped away when people took notice of her walking to the Academy before stepping into said academy for class were too many to name. Each one of them brought a smirk to her as she remembered them. She would pull on her combat boots, allowing her to handle rough terrain that normal sandals simply wouldn’t be able to handle. With that she would check her appearance once more in a mirror and, nodding in satisfaction, would move out of her room and into the kitchen. As she moved by, a large bar like counter would be between her and the kitchen. A large bowl of apples would sit prominently and she’d reach in and pluck one out before taking a bite of it and moving toward the door. She would then proceed to open the door, chewing her apple happily as she stepped out, turning to lock the doorway as she did. Afterwards she’d turn toward the world and take in a deep breath of the first bout of fresh air and let show a small smile at the smell. Sometimes a little fresh air can do wondrous things to a mood. Of course she wasn’t exactly in a bad mood now. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t appreciate the fresh air now could it? I didn’t think so.

Evelynn would proceed to get a careful of her surroundings before moving anywhere. Her home was located in a middle class area of the village, not far from the Tachibana Wildlife Reserve, it was a beautiful place with all kinds of animals, and plants of all kinds. She would train there today, intending to find a secluded place to train her techniques and review everything she had learned in the academy. She had just recently graduated after all, so she should probably make sure everything was still up to snuff before moving on. She would probably select an area by the lake, there groves of trees tended to make lovely little secluded hidey holes for any seeking some peace and quiet from an otherwise stressful life. With that in mind she’d scan the street with a careful eye, noting a few people out for early morning jogs to keep fit, or walking their animals. She would carefully note every one of them and which direction they were traveling in and came from. A sense of paranoia followed her around like the plague ever since her family was murdered. She was constantly looking over her shoulder for the white haired man, whom she fully intended to kill herself one day. That would be rather far down the road though, but she could be patient. The road to power was a long and arduous one. But even so, every path had it’s shortcuts, and every road had it’s detours. As she moved throughout the streets, the early morning sun would continue it’s climb over the horizon, the sky a myriad of colours that one almost couldn’t help but smile at. The final bits of the chilled night air would be disappearing as the warmth of the sun began to reign supreme over the world for the day.

She briefly wondered if she could utilize the concept of warmth to keep her warm during the cold desert nights. It was something she’d have to test later on. She knew she possessed a fire element, maybe that would be the key? Time would tell of course. It wouldn’t do much good to learn it now after all when it was warming up outside. Maybe she would try it tonight if she didn’t exhaust herself in the training of the other techniques she intended to learn. The list itself was quite long. A few of which she had reviewed at the Academy over the years, simple ones that a shinobi would be silly to not know. As she moved toward the final stretch toward the wildlife reserve she would turn the corner to face the entrance. A few civilian volunteers who kept track of everything were currently opening the gates for people to enter. For obvious reasons the gates were closed at night as they didn’t want people to end up inside where it wasn’t safe. She would begin to move toward the entrance only to be stopped by one of the employees.

“Welcome to the Reserve, I must ask you to please be careful of your surroundings as we have recently obtained some new additions that might need a bit more time to become used to their new surroundings. They might become violent.” He would say. She could not really blame him for warning her. Especially since a lot of the shinobi of Hoshi hid their headbands to avoid unneeded attention by the civilian populace. For all he knew she was a fully trained shinobi here to train. He didn’t need to know that she was a shinobi herself after all, she kept her headband hidden carefully to avoid suspicion. She would be careful after all. As she moved throughout the reserve she would take note of multitudes of flowers that were stunningly beautiful as well as other forms of vegetation. It truly was an incredible place to have in your home village, it was also a place she could certainly see herself spending a great deal of time in. Eventually she would move off of the road, to go find a grove of trees near the lake. The very same lake she had heard was created by a single man. It was impressive story for kids, but for a shinobi such a feat wouldn’t be too difficult she thought. She could imagine thousands of small lakes and ponds marred the land of the elemental nations due to fighting between villages. After all water, unlike fire, lightning, and wind jutsu, didn’t disperse when used. The chakra in it might, but the water itself stayed. It, like Earth, was a constant. She wondered what it might be like to command those elements. She would shake her head however, as that would have to be for the future. She had learned what her element was in the academy and it was in fact fire. A fairly powerful element in it’s own right.

Indeed when she tried to manipulate it into the first fire jutsu she had ever performed she did in fact find it extremely easy to perform the jutsu. It was odd how simply it came to her actually. Almost as if she were born to mold that chakra and utilize the incredible power is possessed. As she moved through the trees that made up a good section of the reserve she would see a rather large spider web, the light of the sun filtering through the trees in just such a manner as to illuminate it brightly for her to see. She would study it for a few minutes before seeing a bee fly into it in the constant search for flowers to obtain pollen from. The poor little black and yellow insect was stuck, and it tried ferociously to wiggle out of the bindings it found itself in. Very quickly thereafter a large spider, about the size of Evelynn’s hand, would descent down the web quickly before wrapping the bee up in the web it produced from the spinnerets on it’s abdomen. Evelynn noted that the spider had not been on the web itself when the bee started thrashing about it. At least, not that she could see. The web did however make a terrible amount of thrashing and pulling which the spider noticed, ran to and dealt with. Taking himself a nice lunch in the process. Evelynn wondered if a similar technique could be applied with chakra, it would certainly make things easier when it came to sensory. At least until she could develop her chakra to more precise levels. She noted that the way the web worked was like a giant sensory net for the spider. Any movement within it’s ‘domain’ moved the entire thing and the spider could easily pick up where it was and move accordingly. Evelynn nodded her head at the concept and continue on her way to find a nice quiet plot of grass hidden by trees to practice other things in.

The fewer eyes she had on her development after all, the better off she was. After all she never knew who could be a potential enemy in the future. So she did almost all of her training in secret, lest someone keep tabs on her and counter her somehow. It would be at this time that the power hungry and reclusive kunoichi would find the spot she was wanting. Indeed it would seem a large grove of trees not far from the lake would be her training ground for the day. Here the tree’s wrapped around and made it impossible to see into from the outside. Only from within sight of the entrance to the grove could one actually see what she was doing within, and by the time someone was there she could cease her training and come up with some random excuse for her to be there. The morning hadn’t been moving very quickly, as the sun had yet to lose it’s pinkish hue from when it first started moving up the sky. This meant that she had plenty of time to train for the day. ‘Perfect, let’s see how much I can get done today shall we?’ she’d think to herself. She’d begin to mold her chakra, the power exploding outward and she’d raise an eyebrow at this. ‘I’m getting stronger, quickly. Good, hopefully I can handle anyone who tries anything on me.’ She would think with an icy air about her. First things first, a review of what she knew so far. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, centering herself in her surroundings before bringing her chakra outward once more. Her eyes would open slowly, an air of calmness about her as suddenly her chakra flared powerfully out of her. The result of her having trained genjutsu release to the point that it didn’t require her to mold a hand seal to utilize the technique. This would help her combat illusions and it was one of the first techniques she’d ever learned. After all flaring your chakra to the point of displacing it was pretty simple in reality. It simply made a better test to see if students had a handle on their chakra than most others. She had completed the technique with seals easily, performing without it though was the real trick. She had always learned that performing a jutsu of any kind without seals required an innate familiarity with how the technique worked and how the seals molded your chakra into the form necessary to do so. Granted Genjutsu Release only had a single seal, so it was relatively easy. The white haired girl did not harbor delusions that it would remain that easy for other techniques. But that was obvious to almost anyone who could mold chakra. For now she was still taking stock of everything that she could do so far. A bit of review if you will, it would further show that she had in fact retained the practice and could perform the techniques at will now.

With Genjutsu Release and it’s mastery out of the way she would move on to something far simpler. Two other techniques she had learned in the academy, and the two required to pass on to becoming a genin. When she proved she could perform these two the instructors wondered why she didn’t simply move on to increase her rank early. In reality, she simply wanted to make use of any time she could get her hands on. The easy, scheduled lessons and even granted training time made it simple to plan and become ahead in the world of shinobi where she would need every advantage she could get. One couldn’t reliably plan a training schedule when an emergency mission could come up at any time now could they? So she held herself back, trying to make sure she learned all she could before thrusting herself into the cruel world of shinobi. There were other reasons too of course, for example the fact that since she hadn’t been an official shinobi yet. I.E. she did not yet have a head band, branding herself a shinobi in it having it. She would not be harassed by the civilians who hated them. So long as she had kept her training in the use of chakra secret, no one could would bother her. As a matter of fact, one of the manners in which she avoided the scrutiny of the civilian populace was with this next technique. Quickly performing a few hand seals a small ‘pop’ sound followed by a bit of smoke to cover the change and she would suddenly look like a completely different person. Indeed the Henge was technique she learned early on. It allowed her to disguise herself when she went to school. Meaning her true physical appearance had absolutely no correlation between the Academy or ninjutsu of any kind. Indeed she worked hard to make sure that there was no way civilians could know she was a shinobi. She had too many experiences in the past to be so trusting of those around her.

That was beside the point however, as now it was time to practice the next technique. Dispelling the technique quickly she would perform a few more hand seals. Seeing the illusory copies of herself appear out of nowhere mimicking her actions. The basic clone technique wasn’t particularly useful in fooling anyone competent as the clones merely mimicked the actions of the original. But it did serve as a good basis to create other personalized clone techniques later on. An exceedingly useful stepping stone in their world. At this point the pale teen would allow the illusions to disappear before moving on. ‘Those two are still good, time to move on to the harder stuff.’ Evelynn would think to herself before taking a deep breath and performing a few more hand seals before releasing the breath. A small, thin stream of fire would shoot out of her mouth, the stream rather weak in comparison to most other fire jutsu. This would simply be a starting point for future elemental jutsu in the future. One must always be learning after all lest they fall behind those around them. It wouldn’t do to obtain the power she needed to make sure she never ended up in chains again only to stop learning and end up back there again because someone else was better. She wouldn’t allow it, she’d sooner die.

At this point the girl would take a deep breath, he hand moving up to lightly brush her hand across the slave brand under her left eye. It was a constant reminder of her past, she’d never be rid of it it seemed. She still had the nightmares, still couldn’t stand it when men touched her. It sent her into a panic attack almost immediately. But she was alive, and she was working on it. Slowly, yet surely. One of the first things she learned how to do when she started the academy was how to escape ropes and other such bindings. But she still had a healthy fear of the touch of a male. The beatings, the rape, everything. It left too much of a scar on her for it to be easily remedied. “Maybe one day..” She’d say absently as she sat in her grove. It opened up to a lovely view of the lake. The now mid afternoon sun casting hundreds of shimmering diamonds off the surface of the waters. It was peaceful, and she was safe here. It would be her honour and duty to defend this village, this..home.

WC: 3228

Going to keep up with claims on a post by post basis to try and make it easier to the attending mod.
Gen Release and Mastery for no Handseals
Rope Escape Jutsu
Spider Web Area (Insipiration in the post above)
Fire Stream

This uses 2500 of my words thus far.
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PostSubject: Re: Remembering The Past, Building The Future (IO, NK)   Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:18 pm

Ran is a tall one. Standing just under 6 feet tall, not many people, at least not many other women, stand higher than her. With her short bluish green hair and matching eyes, she certainly stands out in a crowd.

But the person whom had passed her stood out even more. Similar hairstyle, but different colors. She was a more average height. But her face was the truly interesting part. Ran had a pretty face. She drew many looks from out on the street. Though many would argue that was more due to her short shorts and size too small t-shirt. But this girl's could grab your attention and keep it better than Ran's ever would. And it did. Ran saw that face and simply had to know more. So, she followed the girl.

It wasn't super close. Ran wasn't a creep. At least, not that type of creep. And slowly the girl got further and further from Ran. But it worked out. Ran saw her head into the wildlife preserve. And at that point, Ran decided to just look around a bit. The girl with the interesting face would probably be around awhile. Who went to a park for only ten minutes? Of course, at this point finding the girl again would be more luck than anything else.

So Ran looked around a bit. The place was pretty, but it felt so... Artificial. This was not nature. Where was nature? In the trees. So Ran decided to take some time for a hike. Off the trail almost entirely. Occassionally she would find what resembled a trail. And she would follow it for awhile.

It was a bit if time before she happened upon a Grove. And who do you think was in said Grove?


No you idiot, it was the girl from earlier!

"Hello there!" Ran called out, waving, as she entered from the exact opposite side that the tattooed person came from.

Of course, being an ever cautious one, Ran's chakra was disguised by the Chakra Disguise Technique, and seemingly reduced to very low levels.

[[ If you want to start keeping track of AP, just tell me. For now, imma assume I can just not list the -5 AP per post, since I can last 34 posts. ]]
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Ciel "Pico" Duchamp
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PostSubject: Re: Remembering The Past, Building The Future (IO, NK)   Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:56 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Remembering The Past, Building The Future (IO, NK)   

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Remembering The Past, Building The Future (IO, NK)
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