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 The Seed Sprouting Buds (AS Training, Private)

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PostSubject: The Seed Sprouting Buds (AS Training, Private)   Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:29 am

"Dog Boar Ram." Azaire spoke aloud because his mind felt to cluttered. He had a potent list of the things he wanted to learn and perfect before he allowed himself to return to his home and he didn't plan on leaving until everything was perfect. He repeated the hand signs again but this time silently. Dog, Boar, Ram. But once again nothing happened. He growled to himself. He needed to focus, or he'd never get this. First things first he needed something to visualize for his transformation. An image he could keep crystal clear in his head and hold throughout the circulation and distribution of the chakra to his body that allowed the transformation. Azaire looked around the forest that surrounded his home village. He saw a lonely looking lavender flower nearly hidden in a nearby brush. His mom had taught him many of the flowers best suited for medical practices. Lavender was an especially useful flower and could be used for anesthetic. Azaire sniffed the lavender inhaling a scent so familiar it was near heart-breaking. His mother had always smelled of lavender. As he sniffed her flower he got a sharp and painfully clear image of his mother. It flowed through him as smoothly as his own chakra as he stood up placing the flower in his hair on the right side much like his mother often did and once again performed the hand signs. Dog, Boar, Ram. This time he let thoughts of his mother flow through his mind and attempted to fuse those thoughts with his chakra. Long flowing green hair, Round innocent face, hourglass body with graceful but long arms and legs. Tall yet still elegant she significantly dwarfed his father. He felt the changes before he saw anything. He could feel himself growing. Growing a lot as he had inherited his father's shortness. Therefore growing into his mothers form stretched his body up significantly. Next Azaire felt his hair get heavier, thicker, and longer, until it reached the small of his back. He also felt his clothes grow and change, Thankfully, so as to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.In no time at all he was wearing his mother's snow white medical kimono with red insignia of the leaf village on the back and the symbol of the Senju clan on the front right. Finally at the last moment as Azaire realized one last important fact about his mother he felt his chest tighten....and change....and grow really heavy as his mother's overly big endowments settled on his chest. He nearly lost his focus and his transformation right then and there. Huffing tiredly and holding back the head ache that was threatening to knock him out Azaire continued poutring chakra into the transformation to fill out all the quirks and imperfections and anchor the transformation more solidly. With a relaxed breath he finally let go of his chakra and stood somewhat shakily. He'd walked to a nearby lake and examined himself. Satisfied at his handiwork he made to release the jutsu. But then he realized he didn't have a clue how to do that. He'd forgotten! (517)

Twenty minutes later when he'd finally figured out how to change back he moved on to the next technique he needed to perfect. His good mood from his success had already been ruined by his failure to release the previous jutsu. Azaire recalled his training with his parents and ensured he knew how to release the clones he intended to summon. Azaire focused calmly and sure he imagined himself down to the last detail. Medium length white hair that fell just above his shoulders, smooth caramel skin, Piercing green eyes, a combination of laugh lines and frown crinkles around his eyes. Powerful and wiry build with firm calloused hands used to honest working and odd jobs as well as a disappointingly short stature that kept other people looking down on him constantly. Azaire felt his eye twitch irritably. This exercise was strenuous for him. Azaire wasn't exactly his own favorite person so being forced to imagine himself sickened him more than a little. A lot of self-doubt and self-depreciation clogged his thoughts. So it shouldn't have been a surprise when he fed chakra to his internal image and with a poof of smoke what appeared was....a pile of crap...a LITERAL pile of crap. Azaire sighed exasperatedly. "This is obviously going to be a problem." Azaire relesed the unwelcome fertilizer and tried again. This time he added thoughts about being stronger by adding numbers to his strength. He focused on his internal image again strengthened by those thoughts. When he once again released his chakra there was another poof of smoke and......a...donkey...he got a donkey. But not just any donkey. Where the donkey's backside should have been there was his face. "Ok that's not even funny," he muttered to himself. With an angry swat he made the donkey poof away as well. He took Five deep breaths in and four deep breaths out. Then he began again. This time he visualized grabbing his chakra by the reins and wrapping it around his brain as he sent an important message to it mentally. THIS IS FOR STRENGHT!!! Do not resist this is all so we can become stronger and protect everyone. With that he performed the hand seals for the third time. Ram, Snake, Tiger. Azaire could feel his chakra hum as if it was finally going to obey him. Letting it go he strengthened his visualization with his force of will. There was a big POOF and what appeared....was a doll that looked like something a child had drawn up and brought to life to imitate him. Enraged Azaire bounced and jumped around the forest swearing profusely using words his mother would have surely washed his mouth off with soap for. After letting out all his frustrations Azaire plopped back down in his previous spot and began repeatedly forming the hand signs: Ram, Snake, Tiger; Ram, Snake, Tiger. and at this point throwing his will into each clone and watching as each clone comes out looking more insulting than the last. Finally Azaire closed his eyes and performed the jutsu one last time and when he oppened his eyes sitting before him was what could have paseed for his twin, although a bit more insubstantial. With a happy sigh Azaire continues practicing until he can call forth two shadow clones on command nearly every time. And with that he decided to take a break before moving on to the next jutsu. He decided to go for a dip in the lake and removed his clothes down to his undergarments. After loking around a bit to ensure he was alone, he slipped off those too and dived in. (606 Words)

As Azaire swam peacfully in the lake a rustle for the bushes startled him. He rushed to cover as much of his exposed skin as possible. Although it was probably an embarrassingly female thing to Azaire didn't like exposing to much skin to others. He was shy about that kind of stuff. But it was for naught as he watched the spot the rustling had come from and observed a seemngly injurred bunny hopping haphazardly out of the brush. Laughing to himself he saw that it's left hind leg looked as if had been ripped by something. Azaire left the lake taking a moment to shake himself dry before sitting down on a nearby stump and calling the shy bunny forward. He had always been good at getting the animals to approach him comfortably. This particular rabbit he knew as he'd tended the little scrapper many times when he was young and still learning from his mother. Azaire didn't bother getting clothed as the bunny hopped over awkwardly jumping straight into his lap. It wasn't embarrassed about his state of dress being an animal so Azaire felt no need to be himself. He examined the bunny's ruined foot closely and carefully and the bunny chattered impatiently as if he was rushing Azaire. "Oh hush Soldier it's been awhile for me okay!?!" Azaire fixed the bunny with a stern look and could almost swear it rolled it's eye's at him. Azaire steadied his breath and synchronized it with that of the bunny speeding up until it matched the bunnies quick intakes and outtakes. Next before he infused any chakra he recalled the animal anatomy books his mother had him studying when he was younger. He had to recall a perfect image in his head of every little nuisance or else the healing wouldn't be as effective . His mother often told him: "To fix someone's body you must first understand what you are fixing and how it was before." So Azaire focused on the bunny's body and visualized every blood vessel, organ, and bone in it's body and every nerve, and how it all came together. He focused on that a few minutes more before he solidified the visual in his mind and carefully he mentally pushed it to the side as he moved on to the next step his mother showed him. Next he visualized how the wound would heal naturally. The exact way it would scab over, the way it would over and how the scabs would eventually diminish and evaporate. Next he focused his chakra into his hands and pulled on his Yin nature mixing and infusing until his hands glowed a vibrant green. "Okay this is when the magic happens Solider!" Again Azaire could almost swear the bunny rolled it's eyes at him before he placed his hand gently down on the bunny's injured paw. he let his chakra flow into the bunny as he focused it onto the injured leg and willed it to heal. After only a few moments Azaire got his wish. There was something very satisfactory about even that small success healing an injured bunny. It might not be saving a friend from a fatal wound but it was a step in the right direction. Soldier jumped from his lap hopping in place a few times as if to test out Azaire's handiwork. Satisfied the bunny hopped up to Azaire as he stood shakily an nuzzled his leg's like a fluffy long eared cat. Azaire laughed at the facetious bunny's antics and gave him a quick pet behind the ears. "Want to help me train," he asked the bunny as if it's understand. As he said that Azaire turned his attention to "Welp you're welcome to watch along." His next exercise in his mental training list. (634 Words)

Azaire was weary and he knew that by himself he wouldn't get much stronger any time soon. It was moving to slow. He made his way back to the escape tunnel discouraged when he came upon two characters that were clearly ninja. Azaire tensed and observed a bit before he realized they were both Leaf ninja and he rushed to join them hoping having training partners would speed up his progress. (70 Words)

{Total Word Count: 1,827, 500/500 Clone Technique, 500/500 Transformation Technique, and 500/ 500 Basic Medical Ninjutsu. +9 Stats.}

Azaire's Stat Page: Super Senju Stat's

Azaire: Azaire

Health: 9
Chakra: 10 (+20)
Stamina: 12
Speed: 9
Strength: 11
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Valen Akari
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Missing-Nin S
Valen Akari

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PostSubject: Re: The Seed Sprouting Buds (AS Training, Private)   Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:57 am


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The Seed Sprouting Buds (AS Training, Private)
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