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 Repeating, of Course [IO,nk,Jaye]

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PostSubject: Repeating, of Course [IO,nk,Jaye]   Sat Sep 30, 2017 2:36 pm

Breeding plants was easy enough. Grafting plants was also fun. All you had to do was learn how plant life worked in the first place. For example, genes for things like pod shape and trichome density were easy to track and easy to cross. But when it came to ninjutsu, things became a little bit harder. After all, it wasn't like growing a piece of wood and shooting it at someone was as easy as growing grass or bean plants. And it was at this point that Kiichi found himself. Stuck, that is, and in need of help, or at the very least, inspiration.

There was an aspect to this that he didn't quite get. He was a smart kid, but not some kind of super prodigy, as much as he wished he was. Still, lack of talent could be supplemented by hard work, so he decided to get started. As it was, the day was not bad for a northern village whose culture was just starting to take off. There was sun, so at least he had that much. A bit drowsy from having just woken up, Kiichi wandered outside, ready to take on the day's tasks. What he could accomplish today would be up to his own luck and efforts, like the old ones said nonstop. 

He wandered out to an old farm space that wasn't being used anymore, and scooped up a handful of soil. He knew that eventually, he'd have to start growing mokuton techniques from nothing, but for now, he needed a seed as a base. In every unit of soil, there were so many resources for him to use, so he wouldn't lack for much. After a bit of time, he managed to pick out a small corn seed. There hadn't been enough moisture to make it germinate yet, and he knew that he could start to affect it with chakra, so he took it back to his room with him.

This wasn't a bad start. He sat down cross legged on the floor of his room, and held the seed in his left hand, focusing bits of chakra into it at a time. This required some sensitivity, he knew, since giving it too much could yield undesirable and lesser results. So, he did it carefully, stopping now and then to peek at the kernel and measure his results. Nothing until about five minutes in...

The seed split open on one end, and a small tendril appeared. Yes! He'd done it. Slowly, he was getting stronger, even if he couldn't feel it. He knew he had talent, he absolutely had to, but he just needed to find good avenues to tap into it. With that, he decided to head straight to the training grounds. Hopefully, he'd find someone there interesting enough to help him tone up a little. With a strong body came great stamina, which he could tap into, considering his lineage. He just needed a little help, and a little motivation, after all.


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PostSubject: Re: Repeating, of Course [IO,nk,Jaye]   Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:01 am

The second day since his arrival in this strange village and he still felt out of place. The first was filled with something akin to morbid curiosity about the place, his eyes looking around as he walked to take in more of the scenery. At this point no one had bothered to stare at him for some reason, either because he didn't look like a ninja or looked like a bum. The ever tired expression of the male stayed hidden within his cloak as he walked about, small yawns escaping from his lips here and there until he had stopped at a small place for some breakfast. The shop owner, who at first looked at the male skeptically, took his order of something simple. A small sandwich and water would soothe him all the same until lunch came around, his lunches were after all the biggest part of his meal intake. For whatever reason he ate small in the morning and evening yet when the afternoon came he was as hungry as the spirit of Gluttony.

He still hadn't forgotten about the churches and various religions in this place, one so he could have sworn had no place in this time but who was he to judge. Some cosmic power decided it to be so and so it was. As his sandwich came out to him followed by the glass of tap water he examined it thoroughly for any inconsistencies that might have arrived. Plain bread slices, two pieces of ham, some kind of cheese and condiments. Yep basic sandwich was obtained and he ate it in silence before finishing off the water alongside it rather quickly. He paid for the food with the amount of ryo he still had left over from before Shiroi had gave him the upfront cash, his pockets hurting at least until she paid him the rest for whatever this venture had gained from it.

Feeling satisfied and a little better, the brown haired male made his way out of the small shop he thought of a good idea. Why not go and do something minor, like training? The last time was rather fruitful and he managed to learn a little more about the village as a whole. So maybe this time he would find some other person who would be generous enough to speak with him or at least entertain the thought. So on fluttered feet he went taking his trusty staff and placing it onto his right shoulder before walking onward. Luckily he already knew the way so it was probably for the best that he didn't stop and ask for directions. After shortly arriving he took the time to look around once more, this time to see the amount of people rather than what they were doing. With the hood still on his head he moved over to a nearby post and began simple stretches to improve his breathing before doing anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Repeating, of Course [IO,nk,Jaye]   Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:37 pm

Arriving at the training grounds, he found it to be a little more crowded than he would normally have liked. Oh well, he'd just have to deal with it. He wanted to do some chakra training, but he was distracted by a brown-haired fellow with a staff. He didn't seem like a Hoshi ninja, since he lacked the headband, but he was clearly here for a reason. Mmmph.... he sat down in an unoccupied corner, and placed one of his hands on the ground. He wanted to perfect the wood cutting technique first, as it would give him at least some small amount of offensive power. To do that, however, he should probably get a good comprehension of water and earth release techniques. 

He decided to start with earth. He began to meditate, slowly gaining comprehension of the earth element. He'd already done some training in accordance with the element itself, but now he had to think about how to apply this. Theory was all very well and good, but he had to put his knowledge and relatively powerful chakra to use. He decided to go with the list he had searched up in the library earlier that week. Whoever had founded that library must have been some kind of genius.

He gripped some soil in his palm, and focused on changing some of its properties. Make it more dense, perhaps? Create stones to attack his enemies! Yeah, that could be a good first step. He slammed the dirt-filled palm into the ground, and concentrated his chakra. However much he wanted to make it denser, however, it just ended up becoming more loose and sandy. Fuck! Maybe this soil had too much silt in it. But that didn't make any sense, really, since these were training grounds BUILT for ninja kids. 

Gritting his teeth, Kozogami would try again. Rather, he tried harder. This time around, the earth responded to him a lot faster, gathering together and solidifying, compressing a process that could have taken years into mere seconds. It came to Kozogami that jutsu required precision, not just wild chakra-throwing. He'd keep this in mind as a lesson for next time, he thought, as his field of vision was suddenly filled with the rock that he had just created, as it shot up toward his face. He must have been too absent-minded.... he quickly jerked his head out of the way as the rock was sent shooting up into the air, down towards the head of the staff wielding fellow nearby. 

Oh, crap! Kiichi hastily stood up.

"Errr... sorry about that!" He yelled at the dude. Even if the man did move out of the way, the results of his own space-iness had intruded on somebody else's training space. Either way, the rock had still been somewhat different than the other ones he'd tried to make in practice before. It wasn't just more dense, it was like some kind of extra weight had been added to it. Still, he had to worry about fending off the wrath of the staff guy first...


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PostSubject: Re: Repeating, of Course [IO,nk,Jaye]   

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Repeating, of Course [IO,nk,Jaye]
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