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 A Medical-Nin Almost Dies?! (P)

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Hikari Hyuuga
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning, Water
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PostSubject: A Medical-Nin Almost Dies?! (P)   Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:11 pm

It was a dark, gloomy day, as the Hyuuga was training inside the Konoha Hospital, working with her usual teacher, Dr. Satomi. The clouds outside the window were a deep grey, covering the entire sky in shadow. Every once in awhile lightning illuminated the darkness, and thunder drummed across the village, creating noise in the eerily quiet silence. Hikari and Dr. Satomi were training in a special training room today, one that required ventilation and protective casing, the two of them were unaware of what was taking place outside the four silver walls they were encased in.

The room was bleak and empty, besides the lone table to the right side of the wall. Sitting atop the dark wooden frame were high level shinobi masks, ones typically used to protect the wearers against poisons, several bowls of water, vials of mysterious dark liquid, and a few ninja scrolls. Hikari was unsure as to what her teacher was wanting to show her during this day’s lecture. Was she going to create a poison, or learn a poison jutsu? What where in the vials, poison or antidotes? Why did she need bowls of water? And what did those scrolls contain that they had to be kept within the scrolls instead of out on the table like the other equipment?

Then something clicked within her mind.

The kunoichi remembered reading about several medical jutsu when she was studying in the library a few days ago that might just be the techniques she was about to learn. If she recalled correctly, there was the Poison Mist jutsu, which would definitely require poison masks, the Delicate Illness Extraction jutsu, which required some kind of liquid to expel the poison into. She figured the vials had to contain poison, so she could learn about the different kinds and effects they had. The only thing that left her questioning were the scrolls, as she had no idea what else they would need for those two jutsu besides the equipment already present?

“Hikari, we are going to be training three medical jutsu today.” Dr. Satomi started, her voice stern and unwavering, bringing the girl back from her train of thoughts, “I assume you have at least read up on these jutsu at some point, if not then I may be a bit disappointed in you.”

Hikari gulped nervously, her confidence faltering as she tried to recall what medical jutsu she had read about that would need scrolls, but none immediately came to mind. There were the mind reading techniques, the sleeper jutsu that could make one feign death, and ones that healed the caster, but those didn't specify anything about scrolls as far as her memory could remember.

Taking a deep breath the young girl looked into her teacher’s hard eyes, trying to keep her voice as composed as possible despite how nervous she felt, Hikari did not want to disappoint her teacher after all, “Well for starters, the poison masks are going to be used for the Poison Mist medical technique, the bowls of liquid will be used for the Delicate Illness Extraction jutsu, and vials, depending on their contents, could be used for either jutsu. If they are a poison, then they can be used instead of the chakra made poison that the Poison Mist jutsu is founded upon, however the vials could also be used for the second jutsu due to the fact that this jutsu focuses on removing poisons, thus one would need poisons to work with in order to train this technique. The scrolls, on the other hand, I am honestly unsure about. Knowing what was sealed away in those scrolls would help me determine the third and final jutsu I am learning about today.”

Dr. Satomi nodded her head in approval, satisfied with Hikari’s answers for the time being, and the young Hyuuga sighed in relief, a grin replacing her nervous grimace. She was about to thank the doctor when the aforementioned person began to speak, back to her scholarly way of teaching, “Those first two jutsu, please explain what they are to me, including hand signs used, if any, range, and effects. Then we can focus on the last medical technique.”

“The first jutsu, the Poison Mist jutsu, does not require any hand seals, and has a ten meter range. This jutsu is created by kneading chakra within the user’s body, and using medical and anatomical knowledge, the kneaded chakra is then morphed, gaining special chemical features that allow the chakra to become poisonous immediately after it is expelled from the mouth and hits the oxygen in the air. Breathing in even just a little bit of this poison mist can be fatal if the person is not treated right away. Thankfully, due to the poison being apart of the user’s own chakra, whoever casts this jutsu is immune to the poison’s deadly nature. Similarly, the user may use a different kind of poison, rather than being limited to what one's chakra can make, and this poison can have a completely different effect than the jutsu’s original poison, such as putting the target to sleep or slowing down their speed.” Hikari recited, her ability to memorize any jutsu uncanny, although she did add a majority of her own wording into her mini speech rather than spouting word for word what her medical jutsu book said about this jutsu.

Dr. Satomi made no sounds or movements, her eyes not giving away any emotion as she waited for the white haired girl to continue her explanations. The said girl did not skip a beat as she started to explain to her teacher the second jutsu, her voice gaining more confidence and determination blazed within her pupil-less eyes, “The Delicate Illness Extraction technique also requires no hand signs, and the user must be in extremely close range of the target, where the user can reach the target with their hands. This jutsu allows the user to extract toxins and heal the target while they are doing so. To extract the poison, the user must first determine what is causing the target’s illness by perceiving disturbances in their chakra. Once they have found out that information, they use a chakra scalpel to make an incision near the affected part of the body. Then, using medical chakra, the user pushes medicinal fluid through the incision. This fluid draws out the toxin from the affected body parts and organs, serving as a means to rid the target of the poisonous substance as the toxin is suspended in the liquid and removed through the incision. This removes the poison while simultaneously repairing any damage the poison caused. After the toxin is extracted, the user can analyze the substance to create an antidote or medicine which can be given to the patient to ensure a full recovery is made.”

Hikari, while reciting what the previously jutsu did, had come to the realization about what the third and final jutsu had to be. The Chakra Scalpel jutsu, which is necessary in order to learn the Delicate Illness Extraction jutsu, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to make the incision, a key part of extracting the toxin from the patient’s body. Before Dr. Satomi could say anything regarding the third jutsu, Hikari spoke up again, wanting to impress her instructor with her deducing skills, “The third jutsu we are going to go over today must be the Chakra Scalpel jutsu, as it is required for the Delicate Illness Extraction jutsu. Without it, I cannot make the crucial incision used in the jutsu to place the medicinal fluid in and extract the poison.”

“Good job, Hikari.” Her teacher finally spoke up, smiling softly down at the petite girl, “Yes, you are correct. Now, do you know what the Chakra Scalpel does?”

She was testing her on this jutsu as she had done with the rest, however Hikari was prepared for her to ask that question and immediately responded, “Yes. The Chakra Scalpel technique requires the following hand signs; tiger, horse, rabbit, rat, and dog. The range of this jutsu is the user’s hands, and as the chakra is expelled to their hands they will glow blue instead of the usual green of medical-ninjutsu. This jutsu allows the user to concentrate chakra to their hands, and sharpen the edges of their chakra like a blade. The scalpel can be used in both surgery, to create incisions like in the Delicate Illness Extraction technique, and as a form of offensive medical-ninjutsu, as it can be used in battle like a blade, slicing the opponent or blocking their own blades.”

Hikari felt a tap on her shoulder as Dr. Satomi gave her a pat as she passed by her to get to the table full of supplies, talking all the while, “Excellent. You’ve done your research, Hikari. I’m very glad to see your interest in being a medic has increased exponentially.” Dr. Satomi left out her final part of that statement, having wanted to say that she was going to be a fine medical-nin. She decided to wait until after this long training session to praise her, wanting her to feel accomplished and proud of what she has done thus far.

“Thank you, Dr. Satomi!” She chirped happily, turning to fully face the doctor as Dr. Satomi picked up one of the poison mask’s from the table. She motioned for Hikari to come over to the table, and she obliged, taking several of her small but fast paced strides to get there quickly. Dr. Satomi gave her the mask to put on, and she knew the doctor was going to show her how to perform the jutsu. Hikari placed the mask over her face, concealing her whole face from what was to come. She was thankful the doctor had thought to have the masks, as it would have been such a shame for Hikari to die while being shone the Poison Mist technique.

Dr. Satomi took the other mask, placing it on top of her head but not over her face just yet, as her mouth needed to be free for her to expel the mist into the air. “Hikari, activate your Byakugan and watch how I control my chakra, kneading it until it changes into the chemical properties I desire.” As Hikari nodded her head in an affirmative ‘yes’, she activated her Byakugan, the veins around her lilac eyes bulging as chakra focused there, giving her the chakra vision her clan is known for.

After a few seconds, allowing Hikari to prepare her Byakugan and adjust to the dimness the mask created over one’s eyes, Dr. Satomi stood still, her left hand fisted with her right hand covering it, beginning the chakra kneading process in a slowed down version for Hikari to study. Using her Byakugan, she could clearly see Dr. Satomi’s chakra network, and she a large amount of her chakra pooling in her abdomen and stomach area. She watched, in a trance of sorts, as the doctor continuously kneaded her chakra, amazed at how the chakra would roll and pull but come back, the process going on for what seemed like eternity with no real change that Hikari could see- at first. Dr. Satomi released her hands, them limping falling to her sides, as she ran forwards, passing by Hikari and causing her hair to whip around from the force of the doctor’s speed. That was when Hikari noticed the doctor’s chakra was changing form, becoming more of a free floating substance rather than having a definite shape. Then the doctor cupped her left hand in front of her parted lips, blowing a deep purple gas from her mouth that slowly encompassed the entirety of the room, covering every inch of the dull surface and blurring Hikari’s eyes.

Luckily she kept her Byakugan activated so she could still see Dr. Satomi and her chakra network, thus she crossed the small distance in the room to reach the doctor, thinking she would ask Hikari what she saw or what she learned once the young girl got to her.

However, the doctor did no such thing.

Instead she stared Hikari dead in the eyes, no emotion lacing her visage, her eyes void of feeling as she raised her hand in the purple mist, the girl thinking she was just going to pat her again like earlier, but was caught completely off guard as the doctor placed her hand on the top of her head and pulled the mask off of her, exposing the girl to the poisonous gas that floated around the room. The Hyuuga’s eyes widened, fear and betrayal written across her face as she began to hold her breath and covered her mouth and nose with her hands, although she had lost most of her air when she gasped at the mask being pulled off. Thus, as she tried to hold her breath, her lungs fought with her to relieve them of their aching pain.

She couldn’t believe her teacher, and friend, was going to kill her just like that, no remorse or pain at her decision. And for what reason? Just to kill her, or to take her eyes? This thought caused the girl to stumble backwards, eyes still widened and body trembling, scared that this was the beginning of her encounters with people trying to steal her clan’s precious Byakugan. She mentally cursed herself for not placing a Hyuuga Curse Seal on her before this day, although the thought of her eyes being ripped out while she was alive caused a shiver to run down her spine. No, it was better this way, for her to die and then her eyes being taken. At least, that would be what she would pretend to do, and in actuality she would try to stab her eyes enough times with her kunai to make them useless, so the doctor would not be able to take her kekkei genkai.

As her mind raced with all the scenarios that could follow this, if she survived the poison mist, it became crystal clear to her why they had used a different training room that day, everything making perfect sense to her now. The doctor had been planning to kill her for a while, plotting out everything and deciding to use a training room hidden within the hospital, so no one would be able to disturb Satomi’s evil plans. If the room was sound proof like how the walls looked, thick and hard instead of hollow, no one would even hear her scream for help if her body succumbs to the poison. She would have to lie, limp on the ground, awaiting her death if she inhaled the poison. Unless she used her medical ninjutsu to postpone the poison’s effects and use that time to escape, although she doubted she had the strength to heal herself, try to fight off Satomi, and make it to the door in time to flee.

Hikari was in quite the predicament and after roughly a two minutes of her constant fighting, the pain became too much and she inadvertently gasped again, this time for air as her lungs burned inside her chest. She closed her eyes, preparing for instant pain from the poison as she breathed the deadly toxin in, accepting her death at the hands of her former friend, wishing she could have said a final goodbye to Kuro, who was yet again told to wait in the hospital’s lobby until she was done training. Her chest tightened and tears threatened to cascade down her ivory skin at the thought of leaving Kuro and Salzem, not being able to tell them she loved them one last time or to embrace them in a hug before she passed away. Goodbye, my friends…I love you all so much, I wish we could have had more time together… were her final thoughts, as a stray tear escaped her tightly closed white eyes.

Yet nothing happened. She did not choke from the mist, nor did her body burn as if she were in the fiery pits of Hell, or the Underworld. Hikari felt the same as she had when she was holding her breath, as if she had not just breathed into her lungs toxic gas.

She slowly opened her eyes, looking around and pinching herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating. Finally, she nervously glanced at the doctor, who held the mask in her right hand and wore a devious smile on her face. “I was wondering when you would realize you weren’t going to get poisoned. At least, not so suddenly.” Hikari’s face contorted in fear once again at the doctor’s words, not understanding why she would slowly cause her pain instead of immediately ending her life. Seeing her confusion, the doctor continued her explanation, “I weakened this poison so you wouldn’t feel the effects immediately, but the poison is still coursing through your body as we speak. Before you learn such a dangerous technique, I wanted you to experience what it is like to be on the other end of the poison. In a real battle, you would have died, or would slowly be dying from the poison, your body writhing in pain and unable to move. This technique has fatal consequences, and I did not want you to carelessly use it against someone in battle. Whenever you think about using this technique, remember the deathly fear you just experienced. If you don’t want to kill the person, you can still use this technique, but you’ll have to extract the poison from them immediately afterwards while also using the Mystical Palms technique to delay the effects of death.”

Satomi walked over to the far end of the room, where a handle was swinging from the ceiling. She pulled the handle, causing a fan to whip through the room and capture all of the poison mist. Once the purple mist all dispersed into the other room the fan connected to, Satoni released the handle, stopping the fan and closing off access to the waste room, at least that’s what she assumed it lead to as her Byakugan had long since been deactivated in her previous fear.

Then Satomi walked over to the table, picking up one of the vials and examining its contents, swishing the dark colored liquid side to side before setting it back in the vial tube holder and picking up a vial with a dark red substance inside, looking over to Hikari as she spoke, “However, I do want you to understand what it's like to be poisoned, otherwise you won't be able to tell what common symptoms are, or how it affects the chakra noticeably. Of course for the latter portion I'll have to demonstrate by being poisoned, but for me to do that you'll have to have the other two jutsu learned somewhat first.” Satomi placed the vial back into its holder as well, and threw Hikari her poison mask.

Hikari caught the mask easily, her fingers gripping the material tightly, making her knuckles white. If Satomi was going to use the poison mist again, she wanted the protection, the feelings of death hauntingly making a home in the back of her mind. However, Satomi covered her head with the mask, silently telling Hikari it was her turn to test out the jutsu. She had read about it, memorized every detail about the technique, and seen it in person, so there was nothing else to do but attempt it herself.

She placed the mask on top of her head, in case she needed to quickly pull it down to protect her, still a bit weary of Satomi and her intentions. She had known the woman taught strictly and creatively, but didn't expect her to terrorize her students.

Hikari took several deep breaths to steady her nerves and clear her mind as best she could, wanting to learn this jutsu and move on to the others quickly. Although the idea of being poisoned left a feeling of dread in her gut, making her want to fail this jutsu so it could be delayed. Her feelings were mixed, just as confused as she was.

No, I need to trust in her and her teaching, despite her being harsh, possibly even insane, it's the only way for me to effectively learn these jutsu! Hikari mentally prepared, giving herself a pep talk to boost her motivation. Once she learned these three jutsu she would be an effective medical-nin, being able to heal many ailments of others while also being able to offensively defend herself in combat. She became more confident thanks to her own words of encouragement and her thoughts of becoming the best medical-nin. She vowed to not let anything get in the way of her dreams, not even a crazy medical-nin like Satomi.

Standing confidently, her legs shoulder length apart and her arms in the same position as Satomi’s has been, she closed her eyes and focused her chakra to her stomach, in a similar way to when she used her fire chakra to create fireballs. Except this time she didn't use her chakra in its nature form, but as if it were like dough, kneading it as best she could within herself. She tried to mimic how Satomi’s chakra had kneaded, rolling back after it had been kneaded and forming a less than solid state. Her chakra fought against her, unwilling to easily follow her orders, not wanting to bend the way she needed it to.

“You must control the chakra as if it were a part of you, do not force it to bend, but instead bend yourself and it will bend with you.” Satomi’s cryptic words floated across the room as they were about ten feet apart.

Hikari was unsure how to physically bend her body in order to get her chakra to bend, noting Satomi did not have to do such a movement to perform it. She replayed the words over and over again in her head, trying to make sense of them. Then an idea popped into her head. She didn't need to physically move her body, but move her chakra slowly at first to get it to cooperate, as she remembered the jutsu said it took excellent chakra control to learn. She just was being too rough with her chakra, and needed to control it more softly to get it to work with her. Hikari had gotten used to rough control from her ninjutsu, and had forgotten to be more precise when using her medical-ninjutsu.

Keeping in mind her epiphany, of sorts, she kept her eyes closed and focused on her chakra that was already pooled in her stomach. She lightly controlled the chakra, willing it to bend at first just to test her idea. Her chakra did as she had instructed, bending over, and so she tried again, this time rolling it back up into itself to knead it. Her chakra complied and she continued to knead it, getting progressively better at controlling the blue energy inside of her. It took a while for her to knead all of the chakra into the same chemical substance that had taken Satomi not even a minute to perform- it had just felt longer due to Hikari’s anticipation of the jutsu, making time seem to slow down.

Once Hikari got her chakra kneaded, she cupped her right hand in front of her lips, parting them as she tried to release the substance she had created within her, again similar to her fireball jutsu creating a stream of fire chakra from her mouth. The room filled with a light purple substance, Hikari having created a weak poison mist, but created one nonetheless. Satomi used the lever to empty the room of the poison while Hikari continued to knead her chakra, wanting to attempt the jutsu again.

It took her significantly less time to knead the chakra the second time, having gotten accustomed to how the kneading process felt the first time. The hard part for her was making sure the chakra was kneaded enough to become chemically active once it hit the air, more potent than the first mist. Hikari felt her chakra change forms into the more free form of the mist gas, and released the poison from her in the same way as she had done before, cupping her right hand and expelling the chakra through it to create a five meter cone in front of her that expanded to a gen meter circle. Or would have if the room fit those dimensions, however the room was much smaller than the size of the mist.

The mist she expelled was a darker purple than the first time, and hung in the air densely. Each time she practiced she was becoming more proficient in the art of poison mist.

After Satomi cleared the room again, not wanting to have to continue wearing the masks not accidentally poisoning anyone should they somehow open the door, she took off her poison mask and smiled softly at Hikari, giving her a look a proud parent would give their child, as she began, “Great job, Hikari. You've done well with this jutsu, and I must say that you are ready for battle of you ever must use it.” Her tone became sullen, her eyes looking down as she dipped her head to the side, “I-i’m so sorry for scaring you earlier, I didn't mean to terrorize you. I thought you trusted me enough to have faith in me, but I guess that was too much to ask of you. I promise I won't do anything without your permission again, I swear on my life, Hikari.”

(WC: 4287)
(Mid thread claim: 3000/3000 for Poison Mist learned, leaving me with 1287 words left unused as I continue this thread. Also claiming 30 AP from the 3000 words claimed.)

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PostSubject: Re: A Medical-Nin Almost Dies?! (P)   Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:15 pm


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PostSubject: Re: A Medical-Nin Almost Dies?! (P)   Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:32 am

The young girl knew not what to say nor do, as her teacher apologized sincerely for her frightening way of trying to teach her. She pondered for a moment or two on if she should forgive Satomi, and ultimately came to the conclusion she would put her trust in the medical-nin once more, although if she attempted a stunt ever like that a again Hikari would never speak with her again.

“I accept your apologize, Dr. Satomi.” The Hyuuga began, her tone friendly but aloof, portraying how she felt to the older kunoichi, “However, if you should ever try something like that again, I will have no choice but to leave immediately and find another instructor. If you have plans in mind, please just inform me of them beforehand instead of bombarding me and scaring me half to death.” Then she paused, taking a few moments to make eye contact with her teacher before continuing, “I did trust you, Dr. Satomi, but even those one trusts can easily turn on them, if there is something the other can stand to gain. With me having a dojutsu, I must be weary at all times. People, especially shinobi, are excellent at deception, putting on masks and acting a certain part to gain someone’s trust, then stabbing them in the back when they least expect it.”

Despite the young girl having never gone through such an experience, her previous encounter with Hayate the ghost replayed in her mind. She couldn’t shrug off the fact that people could come after her for her Byakugan, trying to steal it for their own personal gains. If what Hayate had said was accurate, then she needed to be weary and on guard at all times, lest she lower her defenses to let a snake in, and they kill her, taking her eyes back to their village to study or transplant in another person.

Dr. Satomi slowly nodding, understanding where Hikari was coming from. She had done something outrageous, and was just thankful she had stuck around to continue their training instead of running away, too distrustful and afraid to continue onward.

“The next jutsu we are going to practice is the Chakra Scalpel technique.” Dr. Satomi finally began after a long, dreadfully awkward silence. She went over to the table and picked up the two scrolls as she began explaining what they would be doing next, “Firstly, I shall perform this technique to demonstrate what it looks like. You don’t necessarily need your Byakugan to study how I control my chakra, but if you would like to use it then you may. After I show you this technique, I will ask you to attempt trying it out. If you successfully perform the Chakra Scalpel jutsu, I will then have you practice making incisions on the animals I summon from these scrolls. They are not all going to be fish this time, to give you more practice on both large and small body types. How does that sound, Hikari?”

It seemed Dr. Satomi took her promise seriously, explaining everything in much better detail for how they would train this technique than she had with the Poison Mist jutsu. This made the Hyuuga hopeful, and a bit more cheerful for the outcome of this training session, “That sounds like a good plan, Dr. Satomi. Let us start then.”

As if she had been waiting for Hikari to give her the go on the training, Dr. Satomi placed the scrolls in her white lab jacket’s pockets, freeing her hands for the demonstration. While Dr. Satomi performed the tiger, horse, rabbit, rat, and dog hand signs, Hikari activated her Byakugan to study the doctor’s chakra despite her words stating she most likely would have no use for her chakra vision eyes. She preferred to be safe rather than sorry, and thus she used her dojutsu anyways.

She watched as the doctor focused her chakra down to her hands, but this time instead of focusing them specifically on the palms, she focused them arounds her hands, about an inch in length covering her whole hand with blue chakra. What was most interesting to see about this jutsu were the edges of the chakra. The were serrated, easily able to cause serious harm if they connected to flesh. Hikari wondered how those sharp edges could be used to make small incisions, although she figured maybe the user could control just how sharp the edges became Thus this current form would be one used offensively, and that maybe Dr. Satomi would show her the more precise version when they practiced the incisions later on.

“Hikari, would you like to use one of your weapons against my hand? To see how the chakra works as a blade?” Dr. Satomi called out, and Hikari eagerly nodded her head. She unsheathed her Konohagakure Army Katana from her hip and walked forward until the blade of the katana could reach the doctor’s hands. Then she raised the sword over her head, swinging it straight down. The doctor easily blocked the swift movement with her right hand, the chakra scalpel technique holding it’s own against her blade, and keeping Dr. Satomi’s hands safe from injury all the while.

Hikari could feel the pressure on her blade, as if she were clashing metal upon metal. To not break her blade, or the doctor’s scalpel, she jumped back a foot and sheathed her katana, “I am quite impressed with that technique, it held its own fairly well against my katana.” She said, her eyes dancing with excitement that her tone did not convey. “I think I am ready to practice it, Dr. Satomi.”

The doctor nodded, deactivating her own scalpels as she intently watched Hikari, to see if the young kunoichi could replicate the technique she had shown her. Hikari inhaled deeply, releasing the large breath of air after she cleared her mind. It was her usual training ritual to prepare her, although of course she never used such a slow ritual in battle. She would be dead instantly if she had.

Hikari made the tiger, horse, rabbit, rat, and dog hand signs as she focused her chakra down to her hands, envisioning them enveloping both of her hands and extending outward about an inch in every direction. She could feel her chakra move down to her hands, could see the pooling of it around her fingertips, but instead of blue chakra she saw her green medical chakra. She had forgotten to mentally change her chakra nature form to be offensive, not healing. She deactivated the jutsu quickly, embarrassment streaked across her cheeks, and tried the jutsu again, this time remembering to have offensive chakra form around her instead of healing chakra.

She did the same as before, shaping her fingers into the required five hand seals, breathing in and out to quell any nerves she had produced from her first attempt, and concentrated on pooling her chakra to her hands again, covering them in blue chakra aura that could slice and tear through anything a foe threw her way. Hikari, at first, was elated at seeing her hands enveloped in blue chakra, but then she noticed that the chakra was not jagged around the edges, it was smooth and would not be able to cut even a piece of paper.

Hikari thought to herself she just needed to practice it one more time, as the easier part was concentrating chakra to a single area, she had been doing that for days with her medical-ninjutsu, but serrating her chakra would require her to have more precise control. It was a delicate thing she was working on, and as such her control had to be just as delicate when sharpening her chakra’s edges.

Thus she focused once more at her hands after she formed the several necessary hand seals, feeling her chakra flow down to her palms, warming her hands as a medium sized amount encompassed the entirety of her hands. She focused on fine tuning the edges of her chakra, willing them to sharpen the way Dr. Satomi’s chakra had done. This time she could feel her chakra harden, becoming sharper than her previous attempts. Hikari had made some progress, she noted, as she looked down at her glowing blue appendages. The edges of her chakra were beginning to form in a jagged manner, but the sharpness was dull compared to the doctor’s scalpels.

“You are slowly getting used to this jutsu and how your chakra is supposed to feel, Hikari. It will not take much more practice for you to be able to sharpen them like mine.” Dr. Satomi encouragingly called out to her, the words laced in her usual emotionless voice, with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She was reverting back to her usual habits, a relatively good sign that the incident earlier had nt affecting either of them as much as they had thought while it happened. Hikari herself barely remembered the incident, her mind busy thinking of more important matters, such as completing her training for this technique that was proving to be more time consuming than she originally thought it would be.

Taking one more deep breath to concentrate as she performed the required hand signs, she looked down at her palms, moving her chakra to the same position as the several other attempts, the warmth coming back to her palms as a medium sized amount of her chakra enveloped her hands, the familiar blue aura glowing brightly. As Hikari stared down at her fingers, she controlled her chakra, envisioning once again the sharp, rough edges that Dr. Satomi’s hands had performed This time her chakra followed her wishes down to a tee, replicating the serrated edges that the doctor’s scalpels had, her hands finally sharp enough to take on a simple blade.

Hikari could not keep her excitement in, thankful she had gotten the first part of this technique down and could move on to the second part that would be most needed for her third jutsu; the incisions. “Yes! I finally did it!” She elatedly shouted, swinging her still glowing blue hands up into the air. A large smile danced across her face at her accomplishment, as she was one step closer to becoming an even better medical-nin, although she still had a lot to learn before she was anywhere close to being the best in the shinobi world.

Her childish antics caused the doctor to chuckle, the corners of her lips turned upwards in a small smile. It amazed the doctor how a grown woman could get so excited over the simplest of things, and for a moment she thought about how Hikari was too innocent and kind for the shinobi world, a cruel and often times unforgiving place. But her thoughts were brief, and just as fast as they came they disappeared, being left at the back recesses of her mind to become forgotten thoughts.

Composing herself enough to continue teaching Hikari, Dr. Satomi spoke up, “Now we just need to practice making the incisions. This part might prove just as challenging, so please be patient with yourself.” Then she walked to the middle of the room, setting one of the scrolls down and summoning something into the room. Once the white puff of smoke cleared, a large boar laid unconscious atop the scroll, its breathing slow and even as it slept.

“Try to create a large incision on this creature, near her ribcage. Do not worry, he will remain unconscious for a while. I put all of these animals under chakra anesthetics before we got here, so they will not wake up nor will they feel any pain.” She explained, motioning for Hikari to practice with her still illuminated palms.

Gulping nervously the petite girl walked over to the boar, bending down to a kneeling position in front of him. Her eyes found his ribcage, and a suitable spot to make the cut, as she followed the rhythm of his breathing. She raised her right arm, her hand stopping a few inches above the animal's skin. She calmed her beating her and focused on keeping her hand steady as she moved the scalpel down, breaking the skin as a serrated edge made contact. In a swift motion she moved her hand to the right, opening the skin more as she created a large incision that was a flesh wound. Some blood trickled from the incision, but not enough to cause any immediate alarm.

“That was not bad, however, try to cut deeper next time. I’ll heal this cut while you make a deeper cut on the cow I summoned from the other scroll.” Dr. Satomi simply said, kneeling down with her hands glowing green, already beginning the short healing process for the small cut. Hikari nodded her head to affirm she understood and moved over to the cow that laid a foot over from the boar, finding the animal’s large ribcage and moving her glowing blue hand once again above where she decided to make the incision. She moved her hand down a couple inches, cutting deeper into the flesh than she had with the boar, a small amount of blood squirting from the open wound. She moved her hand down the animal’s body a little bit to create a longer, bigger incision.

Dr. Satomi moved from the first scroll over to Hikari’s, kneeling on the opposite side of the cow, “That is a better incision, you will be able to push the medicinal-fluid through that cut much easier than your first cut.” She made five hand signs, activated her own chakra scalpel as she continued speaking, “Now, I want you to watch as I create a small incision, one you can use on humans that is still just as effective, but takes less time to create once you practice it multiple times and can do it with ease.”

The doctor placed her glowing blue right hand above the skin that sat below the cow’s rib cage, slowly inching her fingertips toward the cow’s skin. Instead of diving closer to the flesh and tearing it, she changed the form of her chakra, making the edges softer near the middle to the ends and sharp at the top of her outstretched palm. Then she lowered her arm, her sharpened fingertips making contact with the skin and making a smaller incision than if her whole hand had been sharpened. Dr. Satomi dipped her hand lower as she made the incision deeper, to demonstrate to Hikari that one could make both a small incision and deep incision using this reformed version of the chakra scalpel.

Then the doctor pulled her hand out, having accomplished her demonstration, deactivating her chakra scalpel jutsu, “While I heal this cow’s injuries, please try on that pig.” She motioned to the once empty scroll, where a plump, pink pig laid silently, fast asleep as all the other animals had been. Hikari moved back over the the first scroll, sliding her knees on the flat surface of the floor until she knelt on the side of the pig, her back facing the kunoichi. She made the tiger, horse, rabbit, rat, and dog hand signs to reactivate her chakra scalpel jutsu, as she had released it when Dr. Satomi showed her how to carefully create a smaller incision.

She looked down at her blue glowing hands, examining the large gaps in between the serrated edges, picturing how the doctor’s chakra scalpel had looked. She willed her chakra to form the same shape, softening from the middle downwards, leaving the middle upwards towards her fingertips jagged. Her chakra attempted to follow her command, and as she continued to picture the image in her mind, she was able to control her chakra enough to get it to even out down the middle, however the tip kept its long sharpened edges instead of smaller teeth. She took a deep breath, calming her irritated nerves from her chakra not cooperating, releasing the breath she looked down at her incomplete scalpels and tried once more. She focused on the memory of Dr. Satomi’s hand, how perfectly spaced out each small jagged edge was, and willed her chakra to form the same perfect shapes. This time it complied with her wishes, forming the small sharp teeth she had pictured in her head.

With her chakra scalpel shrunken down to the correct size to create a small incision, Hikari looked down at the pig below her, hovering her hand above the animal’s back, about to make her cut in a fatty piece of skin as she slowly moved her hand down. She was being as precise and cautious as possible, not wanting to move her hand too wide and ruin her otherwise perfectly small incision. Hikari felt the skin break underneath her fingers, and eased her way further into the flesh, creating a deep, yet still small, incision. Pulling her hand out, blood dotting the otherwise crystal blue chakra, she examined the cut made by her hands, satisfied with the way it looked. She hoped Dr. Satomi was just as satisfied as she turned to look up at the doctor, who by this time was sitting across from Hikari, having healed the cow in no time at all.

“Well done, you quickly were able to control your chakra precisely enough to change its sharpness on a whim. It might be a gift as a Hyuuga, having such excellent chakra control.” She complimented Hikari, a soft smile upon her lips as she healed the cut the Hyuuga has just created. After closing the wound, which took about ten seconds, Dr. Satomi collected both scrolls, placing them in her pockets once again, giving Hikari the impression they might be using them later on for practice with the last jutsu on their list. “Now, this last technique takes a bit longer to practice. Are you alright with being poisoned, just slightly enough for me to perform the Delicate Illness Extraction technique? After you get the hang of attempting the jutsu on animals, I will have you practice it on myself as well.”

Hesitantly Hikari slowly nodded her head, remaining a little cautious of Dr. Satomi but ultimately trusting her and her training methods, “Yes, I agree to be poisoned enough for a demonstration.” She gave her verbal agreement as well, her voice monotone as she spoke. Hikari understood she was about to be in severe pain as the toxin would enter her body, but felt comfort in the fact that a trained medical-nin would be healing her, so she just needed to try and focus on everything the doctor did so they did not have to try it again.

With Hikari’s consent given, Dr. Satomi stood, straightening her legs as she walked over to the table and picked up the same red vial she had picked up earlier, along with the bowls full of medicinal fluid. Then she walked back over to where Hikari knelt, kneeling beside her, “You may want to lie back for this, it will be quite painful until I remove the poison. Also please uncover your torso, as I do not want to have to cut open your nice clothes, thus ruining them.” Nervously she laid back on the ground, raising her kimono just enough for the doctor to be able to reach her stomach -modesty was obviously not a pleasure shinobi were given when surgery was being performed on them, her eyes roaming the ceiling above until Dr. Satomi came into sight, the vial in her right hand. “Please drink the poison, as that’s the fastest way for it to get to your stomach.”

Hikari took a hold of the offered vial, placing her lips at the entrance to the glass and tipping it up, the red liquid oozing down the glass and into her mouth. She swallowed the substance, her face contorting in disgust as her tastebuds disagreed with the taste of the poison. Dr. Satomi took the vial from her before she could break it as within a minute of downing the poison, Hikari writhed in pain, her hands clenching into fists by her side. She bit down in her mouth, grinding her teeth together as the pain spread throughout her body. She felt as if she were caught on fire, her body’s burning like never before. Hikari wanted release from this hell hole of pain she was experiencing, trying to focus her mind on what the doctor was doing as she first checked Hikaris chakra, as the book had said to do.

Dr. Satomi of course knew that Hikari’s chakra was going haywire due to poison, but in a battle against a real opponent, she would most likely be unaware of what was wrong with the patent, at least at the very beginning. The doctor, Hikari noted through slightly lidded eyes, activated her chakra scalpel jutsu by performing the required five hand signs, her hands instantly enveloping in the familiar blue hue as her chakra’s aura became visible. Then the doctor moved her hand to the left side of where her stomach would be, cutting the flesh enough to create an incision for the medicinal fluid to escape from as it carried the toxin. Some blood dripped out of the wound, coloring her ivory torso crimson, but the blood did not draw the doctor’s attention away from healing her student. Dr. Satomi then made another small incision on the opposite side of Hikari’s stomach, as she needed both an entrance and exit for the medicinal fluid to flow through.

Hikari began to gasp every once in awhile, her lungs constricting from the poison, making it hard for the girl to breathe. Dr. Satomi removed her scalpel as the second incision was made deep enough, and she stuck her deactivated left hand in the bowl of medicinal fluid. Then she moved her left hand to the opposite side of Hikari’s stomach from where she had made the first incision, pushing the clean liquid through Hikari’s skin and into her stomach to extract the poison. Once the fluid collected the poison from her stomach, she ushered the liquid out the other incision Dr. Satomi had created, pulling out the substance and poison in one solid movement before dumping them back into the bowl. Hikari’s chest loosened a little as the poison began to get removed, lifting the pain from her aching body. She could barely remember that after extracting the poison the user could analyze it to find an antidote or medicine that counteracts the poison, her mind slowly coming down from it’s fuzzy state.

“If I were in a real situation where my comrade was being poisoned, and there was no medicinal fluid in sight, water can also be used, however it will not heal the wounds like the medicinal fluid will. Thus you’ll have to use your Mystical Palm technique afterwards to ensure their safety. Likewise, if you can have another medical-nin examine the contents within this medicinal fluid while you keep the patient stable would be the best case scenario.” Dr. Satomi began to explain, her right hand pulling out one of the generic scrolls to summon a vial, the liquid inside a dark green. She unscrewed the cap and held it to Hikari’s lips for her to drink, the warm liquid tasting just as disgusting as the poison had. “That way you can find an antidote to give the patient, and keep in handy in case you are facing the same enemy again. Always carry antidotes with you it you can, and make sure to label them so you don’t get mixed up with what kind of poison they heal.”

Hikari nodded, the antidote working rather fast, or perhaps it was just due to the poison being taken out of her body. Either way she was able to move her body freely again, un-tensing her muscles and massaging the aches caused by her writhing in pain. Being poisoned was one of the most terrible kinds of pain she has ever been put through, and the Hyuuga has been through quite a lot of pain in her training sessions with Salzem, but breaking bones held nothing over being poisoned, and that was probably a very low level poison. Hikari shivered at the thought of going through that ordeal again with a higher leveled poison, the pain it caused surely enough to make one fall unconscious.

“Feeling better already?” The doctor asked, placing the two empty vials in one of her scrolls, probably to be thrown away or cleansed later on after they finish training.

Hikari was pulling her now closed wounds from the incision, not having noticed that Dr. Satomi had healed them with her medical chakra already, when the doctor asked her the question. She looked up and made eye contact with Dr. Satomi as she replied, “Yes, much better already! Man I don’t want to be poisoned every again.”

Despite her better judgement, the sentence th girl spouted made the doctor chuckle. Of course she wouldn’t want to be poisoned, no one in their right might wanted to be poisoned, unless they were slowly trying to become immune to non-lethal poisons. “Ah yes, I’ll make sure to note on your file that you don’t want to be poisoned, that way no one here will poison you.” Her sarcastic comment caused the girl to roll her lilac eyes, unamused at the doctor’s attempt at a joke. “Anyways, to continue our training I will poison a few animals and have you heal them. Then I want you to try your hand at discerning what kind of poison it was. Not necessarily what it was made out of, but what it was meant to do; did it paralyze them, put them to sleep, enter their cells and start destroying them to kill the animal or person, or something else? Once you figure out what the poison did, then you will be able to figure out what it could be created with, such as plants, fruit, metals, or the like.”

Hikari’s eyes widened slightly at the thought of being able to recognize what kind of poison an enemy used, however she felt doubtful in her knowledge of poisons to actually be able to accomplish such a task. Even with her learning under an impressive medical-nin such as Dr. Satomi, she felt as if her own abilities were not enough, but she resolved to give it her all anyways, determined to prove herself wrong. “Alright, I am ready to start this process.”

Dr. Satomi acknowledged her words with a nod, placing one scroll down in front of them and bringing a baby bear, unconscious of course, into the room. It laid limp across the ground, but its body shook every now and again, most likely due to a poison Dr. Satomi had given it. The doctor’s tone was authoritative, as if she were narrating for a game, “This bear is in critical condition, and needs your help to save its life.”

Without a moment lost the Hyuuga bent down, examining the ailments of the bear. Its fur felt flush underneath the thick coat, it convulsed every thirty seconds, and its breathing was hitched. Hikari had no idea what to start with, nor what kind of poison could create such problems.

“I’ll give you a hint, this bear’s problems stem from his abdomen.” The doctor chimed in, seeing the girl look completely lost and confused.

Hearing the hint, Hikari performed the five hand signs to activate her chakra scalpel technique, automatically her chakra knew the form she wanted it in and shaped the scalpels to be made for a small incision. Then she lowered both her hands to the animal’s skin, making a cut on either side of its abdomen to extract the poison. Once the initial blood flow began to slow down, she pulled out her chakra scalpelled hands, deactivated the jutsu, and moved on to the more difficult part of the technique. She had to somehow infuse her chakra with the medicinal fluid so she could carry it, and then control it as it flowed through the animal's body until she cold feel the poison seep into the fluid and then extract the fluid through the second incision.

Then a thought occurred to the Hyuuga, she might be able to use her Byakugan to aid her in checking patients, or at least to check their chakra for any disturbances. With that thought in mind she activated her Byakugan within seconds, the veins bulging on either corner of her pupil-less eyes. Her attention then scanned between the medicinal fluid and the animal’s body, trying to pick up on any signs with her chakra vision. She could see the animal’s chakra network flaring wildly, as if it were trying to defend itself against the invading toxin. However she did not gain any other valuable knowledge at the time, and thus moved on to focus her chakra into her palm and into the light colored fluid that swayed freely in the metal circular bowl to her side. Feeling as if the liquid and her chakra had mended together, she slowly raised her hand out of the bowl, only to find it was dripping wet, the fluid still in one piece and not in her hand.

Sighing the large breath she had taken in, Hikari placed her hand back into the medicinal fluid, focusing her chakra into her hands and then focusing the chakra to mingle through the fluid her palm was submerged in, wrapping about the water like substance. After a few moments of her chakra running through the fluid, she gently raised her arm, the water flowing with her palm, encompassing it. She had successfully picked up and controlled the medicinal fluid out of the bowl, now would she be able to through the animal’s body? She tested her luck as she moved her left hand with the medicinal fluid circling around it to the incision closest to her body.

Hikari tried to control her chakra to move the fluid through the small incision, but the liquid and her chakra did not want to fit, flopping out of the cut when she tried to force it through. Hikari eased her control a little, trying not to be as forceful and instead trying to will her chakra through the small opening in the bear’s skin. She furrowed her brow as she focused on the cut, imagining her chakra and fluid combination seeping their way through the incision and into the bear’s body, where she would then extract the poison carefully. Her chakra obeyed her wishes, finally, as it oozed its way through the small space made by the incision, entering the abdominal area of the bear. She moved her hand above the bear’s abdomen, her chakra within the bear following her hand and moving over the bear’s abdomen, the medicinal fluid instantly attracting the poison from the bear. Soon enough the fluid was full of floating particles from the poison, remnants she would be able to use and find an antidote with after analyzing it if she were in a real situation. With the fluid full of poison, she used her right hand to cover the second incision, pulling the chakra out of the bear’s torso, illuminating the liquid as it reached the light once more. Dark fragments dotted the yellowish liquid she noted as she placed the medicinal fluid back into the metal bowl. The process seemed to go rather quickly for Hikari, but it had actually taken her about twenty minutes to complete in total.

She wiped the sweat off her brow with a cloth offered to her from Dr. Satomi, who seemed to have everything in her scrolls, before she looked up at the doctor, preparing to give her analysis on the poison, “I believe that poison was meant to attack the chakra system of the bear, meaning that bear was no ordinary wild animal. Is it a nin-bear?” Harnessing her deduction skills to determine what kind of creature it was, and what the poison might have targeted on the bear. It made sense to her for someone to want to stop a ninja animal from doing its job, so poisoning it’s chakra network and making it impossible to use jutsu was a reasonable guess.

“Yes, that is a nin-bear. However,” She began, closing the incisions on the bear, allowing the creature to have its much deserved rest, “the poison was used to paralyze the bear from the waist down. What you probably saw, that looked like the bear’s chakra system fighting the poison, was in fact just that. However, if the poison was made to attack the chakra system, it would go for the tenketsu points first, stopping the flow of the chakra network and any use of jutsu the user could have performed.”

Hikari’s mouthed formed the O shape as she silently said ‘ohhh’ to herself, not having thought about that being a possibility. There was still so much for her to learn about poison, she felt as if it should be another class altogether since it was so vast. After their training today Hikari mentally made a note to herself to speak to Dr. Satomi about giving her a course on all things poisons, the dangerous liquids, or any other form they could take the shape of, intriguing the young medical-nin.

Dr. Satomi silently sealed the black bear back into her scroll, after giving it an antidote for any remaining poison in its system, before taking out a medium sized dog, although it could be a ninken since the bear was a ninja animal. The dog was a dark brown color, and looked to be a young german shepherd breed. She convulsed every few seconds, as if she were being electrocuted.

Hikari quickly got to work once more, monitoring the dog’s body as it shook constantly. She had a vague idea as to what this could mean, already activating her chakra scalpels as she moved her hands to either side of the dog’s spine. Cutting through her thick coat, Hikari made two small incisions near the middle of the dog’s spine. Thankfully Dr. Satomi had changed out her medicinal fluid, the liquid floating in the bowl clear and rid of any toxins. She placed her chakra infused right hand into the fluid, concentrating on mending the fluid and her chakra once again, to feel the coolness of the water completely cover her warm hand. Hikari raised her hand as she felt her chakra dance through the liquid, watching with satisfaction in her lilac eyes as the medicinal fluid stayed connected to her hand through her chakra, allowing her to push the healing substance through the right incision, guiding it to the dog’s spine. Hikari had figured out that the animal had been paralyzed due to how it’s body jerked, having been synonymous with being shocked by lightning. She could feel the toxins get drawn into the fluid, entraping all the unlucky particles that got stuck in the substance, and once she felt that all of the poison had been extracted from the joints and vertebrae in the animal’s spine Hikari used her free left hand to draw the medicinal fluid out. It slipped through the small opening in the dog’s flesh, following her hand as she placed the fluid back in the bowl to examine it. The particles inside were a dark forest green, contrastingly different to the previous poison that was a dark brown, almost black, color.

“This poison” She started, her voice steady and full of confidence, “paralyzed the target by attacking its spine. This stopped the flow of the dog’s nerves, not allowing for any communication between limbs and brain.”

Dr. Satomi clapped her hands in front of her, quite pleased with her student, “Excellent work, Hikari! That is exactly right! Now, can you guess what this poison is made out of?”

Her confidence wilted a little at the doctor’s question, sure she had figured out what the poison did, but she didn't really know what it could be made out of. Instead of saying she didn't know, she took a wild guess due to its color, her tone hesitant, “Um...is it made from a plant?”

“Despite you guessing, that is correct. The green undertone of this poison hints to it being made from earthy material, such as plants. The dark brown poison, what do you think that could be made from?”

Hikari took a minute to ponder, taking into consideration the poison’s color. Dark green signaled earthy substances, so what is dark brown that could be poisonous? Bark from trees are dark brown, however she felt they would fall under the category of earthy materials so that couldn't be it. Metal would have a grey undertone she assumed. What about snake’s venom? Could that be it?

“Could it be from a snake’s venom?” She asked meekly, still quite unsure of her answer.

“Close, its from arachnid venom mixed with a metallic substance. Snake venom would be black, as would arachnid venom on its own.” Dr. Satomi was still quite proud of how knowledgeable her young student was becoming. She would turn into a fine kunoichi and medical-nin, the doctor had no doubts about it. “I think you have done enough training on animals, do you feel the same way?”

“Are you sure you are ready to be poisoned, Dr. Satomi?” She hesitantly asked, more for the sake of her teacher than herself. She could still vividly remember what it was like for her to be taken by the toxic, slowly losing control of her body, unable to do anything except try to stay conscious. It was a dreadful, nauseating feeling that she hoped no one she knew would ever have to go through.

Dr. Satomi nodded her head confidently, as if unfazed by the events to come. Then it dawned on the young Hyuuga, the doctor had probably done this countless times with the new medical-nin’s, teaching them in the same way as she taught herself. Hikari had no doubt the woman would use the same drastic measures on every prospective medical-nin, sorting the weak from the strong willed with her intense training. Dr. Satomi placed her scrolls back into her pockets, although Hikari didn’t think they were needed anymore, as she rose off of her knees slowly, turning her body around to walk towards the table. She then picked up a violet filled vial, satisfied with what kind of poison it was, leaving Hikari unsure of what it did as she knew not what its side effects were.

In one solid movement the doctor unscrewed the cap to the vial and downed the purple substance as if it were a shot. Afterwards she calmly set the now empty vial back on the table and returned to her original spot on the ground in front of Hikari, mimicking what the young girl had to do when it had been her turn to be poisoned. She slid off her white coat, revealing her backless, black halter top, and placed it to the side, out of the way.

This poison, Hikari noted as she watched the signs of her patient, had a delayed reaction time. It was a stealthy component for a shinobi to utilize, as their target would not necessarily know when they had been poisoned, or by whom. A few minutes later the doctor’s eyes closed tightly shut, her hands clenching the fabric of her coat on the ground as she suppressed her agony. She bit her lip, drawing a small amount of blood as her sharp teeth tore the tender skin open. Hikari activated her Byakugan, still curious as to if she could spot any changes within a patient's body.

She could see mini blobs swirling around within her, attaching to her tendons and nerves. Her eyes widened slightly at the realization she could sense where the poison was inside Dr. Satomi’s body, and felt as if she might have found a new ability for her Byakugan. However just as fast as it had appeared, the blos fizzled out of sight and her eyes could not find them again. She needed more training, and most likely more research, on how to obtain this new skill of hers.

Not dwelling on thoughts she could reminiscent about later, Hikari placed her hands gently on the doctor’s shoulders, needing to roll her onto her side to reach her back, where the most cluster of nerves resided and where the poison was mainly surrounding. Once she was able to lightly move the doctor, trying to avoid causing her any more harm than she was already going through, Hikari made the necessary five hand signs to perform the Chakra Scalpel technique, her chakra concentrated to her hands and forming a blue aura around them. She sharpened the very tip of her scalpel, the rest softening out as to not cause any unnecessary damage to the rest of Dr. Satomi’s skin.

Then she moved both of her hands simultaneously, dipping them to either side of the doctor’s spine, just below the base of her neck where most of her peripheral nervous system laid. These nerves controlled all of the salient nerves in the body, excluding the brain and spinal cord. Her hands remained relatively steady as she cut through human flesh, which did not feel as different from animal skin as she had been expecting. Hikari’s hands drew a bit of blood as she made two small, but deep incisions in Dr. Satomi’s back. Then she deactivated her scalpels, dipping her left hand in the medicinal fluid, focusing her chakra to wrap around her hand and the liquid, becoming one with each other until she could pick up the water from her palm.

After moving her left hand and placing it on the left incision, she yelped in surprise as Dr. Satomi shook violently, her body reacting negatively to the poison. She realized she needed to increase her healing speed to put the doctor out of her misery. Thus she hastily placed her left hand on the incision, guiding the fluid and her chakra through the small entrance and over her nervous system, instantly attracting the toxin from her nerves and to the light colored substance. It took about thirty seconds for all of the poison to float into the water, ridding her body from a majority of the toxic purple liquid. Hikari then used her right hand, placing it over the right incision to drag the medicinal fluid out of the doctor’s body, cleansing her of the harmful material. Once all of the fluid escaped her body, she lowered her hand back into the metal bowl to drop the liquid and poison duo, waiting for Dr Satomi to regain her composure and self control.

Slowly, as if the light blinded her, Dr. Satomi opened her eyes and turned to glance at Hikari, who had decided to activate her Mystical Palms technique to heal the doctor’s incision wounds. “T-thank you, Hikari.” She murmured out, the strain far greater on her body than the kunoichi had first thought. “You did a great ob removing that poison from me, I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank you, Dr. Satomi. Your words of praise mean so much to me.” She kindly spoke, a smile gracing her lips as she felt cheerful and joyful. It was hard to believe they had gone through such an ordeal earlier, frightening the Hyuuga and breaking the doctor’s heart like a mother losing her child.

Dr. Satomi’s body seemed to rebound rather quickly after the initial shock of the poison, already sitting up and getting ready to move onto the next thing in her day, which was to drink the antidote to fully recuperate her worn and exhausted body. She pulled an antidote from one of her scroll’s, briskly downing the oozing silver solution.

She stretched her arms above her head, like a cat or dog stretching from a nap, as she spoke in a tired voice, “Well, that is all I have for you today, Hikari. I think we both deserve nice long rests after this training session.” Hikari couldn’t agree more, her body feeling heavy as she stood up, offering a hand for her teacher who took it gladly, pulling herself up and releasing her hand from the young girl’s grasp. It was time for the duo to return to civilization, having been cut off from the outside world due to the remote room they needed to train in for the Poison Mist technique.

(WC: 7439)
(TWC: 8726 unused)
(Using the 1287 WC from my first post in this post. So 7000/7000 for Chakra Scalpel & Delicate Illness Extraction, and claiming 70 AP. Remaining 1726 WC to be used in my last post)

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Hikari and Dr. Satomi collected their belongings and put away the items used during their training, although most of those were placed back in the older medical-nin’s generic scrolls. Then the two exited the special training room and made their way down a dim lighted corridor, resurfacing from the deepest parts of the Konoha Hospital where they had been training since early morning that day, ignorant to the chaos and doom outside the four grey walls they had been secluded within. The world around them was quiet, not a soul to be heard nor seen as they passed by windows down the hallway, which they did not find odd due to the pouring rain, figuring that most people were inside to keep dry. The storm Hikari had seen earlier grew heavier, rain drenching the whole village, the dark sky foreboding and sending a shiver down her spine. She didn’t know why, but glancing at the sky gave her a bad feeling in her gut, which scared her far more than anything else she had experienced in a long time, even her “near death” heart attack inducing incident earlier in her training that day with Dr. Satomi.

As they two made their way into the lobby, panicked noises could be heard as nurses shuffled in and out hurriedly, gathering supplies and packing them in medical bags. This caused the two medical-nin to increase their pace and stop the first nurse they saw to interrogate them on what was going on.

“Haruka, what is the meaning of this?” Dr. Satomi demanded, glowering down at the nurse who sat at the front desk. Haruka shrieked at the sudden, angry voice calling out to her and slowly turned to face the person the voice belonged to.

“D-dr. Satomi!” She cried out, both in glee and in fear, “It’s the most awful news ever! A large group of people have entered our forests and are currently at our villages gates! The Deputy Hokage has issued an order for all Genin to evacuate the civilians in Konohagakure, and for all Chuunin and higher ranked shinobi to head to the gates immediately. We would have told you two sooner but no one could reach you, and we told Kuro to go help the nurses gather the supplies we’ll need if a war breaks out!”

The doctor needed to hear no more as she turned to her young student before the aforementioned student could run off to die in battle, sternly making eye contact, “Hikari, before you leave to fight this potential war I have one more jutsu you need to learn. Up until now you have learned jutsu to heal your comrades, without learning any techniques to utilize for yourself. Sure you can use the Mystical Palm technique, but that takes far too much time for you to use on yourself when you could be healing others. Similarly, people will be targeting you because you are a medical-nin, especially if you are the only one out there healing the fallen shinobi.” After she spoke she walked over to an empty corner of the lobby, Hikari following her as she knew her teacher was right. With the way she was right now she would most definitely succumb to death at the hands of an enemy if she weren’t careful. “This technique I am going to teach you is called the Yin Healing Wound Destruction.”

Hikari’s eyes widened as she heard the name of the technique, remembering it as one of the jutsu she had read about when she first began her training as a medical-nin, “If I recall correctly,” she said, interjecting Dr. Satomi’s explanation, “this technique does not require any hand signs, and begins once the user focuses chakra to a specific point in their body. After they do that than any attacks that hit the user are treated with a negative power, as if they never even hit the user due to the user healing themselves at the same time as being injured.”

Dr. Satomi nodded her head in affirmation, confirming the young Hyuuga’s description of the jutsu, “You are correct. If an enemy is charging up for a very powerful attack, activate this technique and you should be fine, as long as you have enough power within you to fully use this technique. If their attack is stronger than you with this jutsu, you are still in danger of being injured.”

Hikari, listening to the words her teacher spoke, pondered how she could make sure her jutsu was more powerful than most attacks. Was there a pill she could take to increase her power? No...wait, there was another thing she could do, Hikari thought to herself as she remembered a memory from a few weeks ago, having completely forgotten about that encounter with her mind being full of jutsu to learn.

Hikari was walking through the market, Kuro by her side as always. They were enjoying the nice, sunny weather as they traveled down the path, seeing all the wares the shopkeepers were selling that day. It was the usual, typical items of clothes, food, books, flowers, jewelry, and ninja tools. None of those items caught the small Hyuuga’s attention. She already had plenty of books and food, her clothes and ninja tools worked perfectly fine as they were, and she had no real necessity for jewelry, it would just be a waste of her precious mission ryo.

As they passed by people on the street also looking at what the shops had to offer, they overheard a shopkeeper tell a young man about their special gloves. At first the conversation did not attract the girl, she had no need to buy gloves in the summer time, where the sun constantly melted everything it touched. But as they were barely out of earshot of the merchant and customer, they overheard him say that his gloves were no ordinary piece of cloth. He said they were created with power inside them, able to increase a shinobi’s speed just by wearing them.

Having never realized that items could give such a power, thinking only weapons or military pills could grant such gifts, the thought of wearing something that gave her strength drew her attention to the stall. She turned on her heels and walked over to the shopkeeper, wanting to determine for herself if such items could actually exist. Much to her amazement, when she tried on the gloves she could feel her body lighten, as the item gave her speed a boost she could physically feel. She handed the gloves back to the man, eyes widened slightly at this new revelation, and she hurried home to brainstorm about what item she would want to buy or customly make. Of course, a few days after she had worked on this project of hers, she overworked herself and fried her brain, figuratively speaking, from all her training distracting her from everything around her.
***End of Flashback***

“There is one thing I would like to create to make myself stronger, however, I do not know if we have the time nor the equipment to make it.” Hikari began, snapping out of her flashback as Dr. Satomi patiently waited for her response, “I would like to create wrist gauntlets that contain power for both of my main styles of fighting; medical-ninjutsu and taijutsu. However, I don’t know if we could get in contact with a blacksmith soon enough to create this item to be ready by the time I leave for the village gates.”

“I actually may have a solution to that idea of yours, and it will not take nearly as long as you think it would. Tell me the details of your gauntlets, and I will have my friend make them while we practice your jutsu. Then you can add the finalizing touches that give it the special powers you are wanting once they get here.” Dr. Satomi said, her hand on her comms unit as she awaited Hikari’s description of her gauntlets.

She began to describe in as much detail as she could recall about her gauntlets so they would be created just as she imagined them to be, “They are metal, silver really, gauntlets with the Hyuuga crest engraved on the front, and a red crystal in the center of the crest. They will also have short chains that wrap around the forearms past the main frame of the gauntlets.”

Dr. Satomi relayed the information to someone over her comms unit, stating the items were urgent and needed to be done as quickly as humanly possible. “My friend will create the metal gauntlets for you, so by the time we get done training here they will be delivered to the Hospital via messenger hawk. Then you’ll be all set for battle...” Her voice trailed off, dropping as her sentence ended. It was obvious the doctor was worried for Hikari, afraid this would be their last time together. Hikari would be lying if she said she didn’t feel the same way, as deep down in her stomach were knots slowly tightening, nerves trying to get the best of her. She would be facing what it meant to be a shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, putting her life on the line for the citizens and fellow shinobi of the village, heck even for the village itself.

On the outside the turmoil within was kept hidden, her usual cheery smile on her face, although it was harder now to keep it across her lips, “I have had you teaching me, Dr. Satomi, and I believe in your skills as a teacher. If I survive or die, I will have been doing my duty as a kunoichi of Konohagakure either way. This is what is expected of a ninja, and we’ve all known we could die at any point in our lives for choosing such dangerous careers. But if we can save the people of this village by dying, then I would gladly do it a hundred times over.” Her speech, albeit heroic, was easy to say when not faced with a sword to her neck, death staring her in the face. Would she really feel the same if her life flashed before her eyes, and she realized she would never get to see her brother again, or to grow old together with the new friends she has made? What about her aspirations and dreams, could she easily give up becoming the best medical-nin in the world, and to give up finding a nice man to have a family with? And could she really bare the thought of seeing her brother get murdered right before her eyes? Was the Hyuuga truly prepared for what she was to face outside the villages’ gates?

It seemed only time could answer her questions as her own mind started to make her doubt herself, something she would not allow. She had to keep a positive attitude if she had any hopes of surviving.

Dr. Satomi nodded slowly as she took in the brave words the girl spouted, hoping that if she were to meet a young demise, it would be swift and painless, believing Hikari deserved that much for how innocent and kind she was in a world full of lying, thieving monsters.

“Well then I guess we better not waste anymore time.” The doctor began, her tone more stoic than before, no trace of emotion left within her voice, “The Yin Healing Wound Destruction technique is not visible to the naked eye, actually I am not sure it is visible to any eye, even your Byakugan, as it makes no physical changes to the user’s body besides healing them at the same rate as them taking damage. The only visual que being the wounds that instantly heal, but if your opponent was distracted and not paying your injuries any heed, they might not notice your body healing itself at the same rate as the fighting.”

Hikari nodded along with everything her teacher said, hanging on to every word as if her life depended on it (and who knows, maybe it would). Dr. Satomi continued, preparing herself to demonstrate the technique for Hikari, wanting to give the Hyuuga enough time to efficiently practice the technique before she went and used it mindlessly in battle, getting herself killed. “Watch carefully with your Byakugan as I activate this jutsu.”

Hikari did as she was instructed, activated her kekkei genkai, the veins around her eyes grew larger as she focused chakra to them for her Byakugan. With her dojutsu, she watched intently as the doctor focused her chakra to her heart, making that the specific point in her body to focus her chakra to.

“Use your Ninjato to cut me, as if I were an enemy you are trying to slain.” Dr. Satomi called out to her, motioning for her to come at her whenever she was ready. Hikari unsheathed her Heaven’s Sorrow Ninjato from its sheath on her right hip, placing both of her small hands on the hilt of the weapon. Then she ran closer to her teacher, the blade raised above her head, and slashed down, cutting deeply into her torso. No blood splattered as the hit landed, the blade clean and Dr. Satomi not writhing in pain at the slash wound.

This caused the young kunoichi to audibly gasp, amazed at the strength of such a technique. How did one’s body rejuvenate to such an extent as healing itself from wounds that had just occurred? She realized, much to her dismay, that she may never find the answer to her pondering. Instead of continuing to question life as she knew it, Hikari focused on Dr. Satomi and the Yin Wound Destruction technique, sheathing her ninjato as she no longer had any use for it during that moment. This would be, the Hyuuga confidently thought, the hardest jutsu she has had to learn yet, hyperactivating her body’s natural healing through chakra in order to continuously heal one’s self.

“What did you think? Were you able to see with your Byakugan better than what you might have seen with the naked eye?” The doctor asked aloud, both out of curiosity at what the jutsu might resemble with chakra visioned eyes, and to help train Hikari with the technique, getting her to become more familiar with how it should look and feel.

She took a moment to gather her thoughts, crossing her arms over her chest subconsciously as she did so, “Hmm it was most definitely a sight to behold, watching your wound instantly heal as if it were never created.” She paused momentarily, adding emphasis to the words she spoke, “My Byakugan really helped me to see the flare up of the chakra when you were wounded. I was able to see the human body heal itself on a whole new level, which was an amazing experience to have.”

“Good. Now, do you feel confident practicing it yourself? And once you get the hang of it enough times, I’d like to test your abilities by using a blade to wound you in the same way you had used your ninjato against me, breaking through skin yet having no remnants of the injury remain.” The doctor asked, again wanting to make sure Hikari knew everything she had planned for the remaining of the new training session so as to not upset her.

The Hyuuga bit her lip nervously, still unsure whether or not she could perform such a high level technique after watching it be performed once and only reading about it a couple of times. Her curiosity and desire to learn more ended up getting the best of her and she resolved to attempt the jutsu, wholeheartedly prepared for it to fail completely.

Hikari closed her eyes, deactivating her Byakugan in the same movement, and breathing in deeply to ready herself and clear her mind, getting her into the right mindset to train. She focused chakra to her heart, similar to what Dr. Satomi had done, and felt no change within her body to signify she had gotten the jutsu correct, especially on her first time.

The doctor chimed in as she felt Hikari needed a little push in the right direction, “Once your chakra is focused within your body, you will feel a surge of power flow through you, and that is when you’ll know the jutsu has been activated.”

The advice was exactly what the kunoichi needed, as she had been completely lost on how to tell when she was ready to test the jutsu. With the thought of a power surge on her mind as she reopened her eyes, staring around the room before looking down at her palms, she focused her chakra to her heart. Her chest became warm and fuzzy due to the large amounts of chakra evident in the one area, and she felt her chakra then flow through her body, encompassing all of her. She felt as if that were another step closer towards mastering this jutsu and learning all she needed to quickly. Yet she did not feel the surge of power Dr. Satomi referenced, nothing even beginning to come close hit the girl. All she felt was warmth from her chakra, not any increase to her body.

Hence she knew she needed to try the jutsu again, although she already knew this technique would require more than a couple of tries to understand. Hikari concentrated her chakra once more to her heart, willing it to move and encompass that area, before reverberating throughout her body to spread her immense healing chakra all over her as the jutsu could heal any part of her instantly (as long as the jutsu’s strength matched the opponent’s technique’s strength).

She felt a tingling sensation run across her body as her chakra fanned out, not enough to become a protective layer over her but enough to finalize within her that she was on the right path to completion. Her ticket to finish learning this technique hung right in front of her, barely out of arm’s reach. Hikari, fired up by this small nudge of confidence, attempted the Yin Healing Wound Destruction jutsu again, focusing her chakra mainly to the area near her heart. She felt the small weight against her skin as her chakra pooled in the singular area before it bounded across her body in a fiery explosion of sensations. Her fingers vibrated and her toes ringed, proving to her she had concentrated enough chakra within her to activate her healing ability.

“I-I think I am ready…” she trailed off, glancing up at Dr. Satomi, preparing for the final test. The doctor nodded, accessing that she was indeed in the correct jutsu form, and pulled out a simple kunai. She dashed forward, slashing in an upward motion at Hikari’s left hand and then immediately afterwards stabbing her on the left side of her neck. No sign of blood dripped down the kunai as the two examined the wounds, or lack thereof, and they were elated to find that zero damage had been sustained. If her clothes had been in the line of fire, they would have been torn, being the only piece of evidence that she had been attacked in the first place.

“Great job, Hikari!” Dr. Satomi praised, a large grin across her visage, “I know that jutsu took a little longer than expected, but that’s alright. What truly matters is that you'll be able to use that jutsu as part of your arsenal during battle now!” Her voice was calming and soothing, reassuring the young girl she had accomplished a large feat that day with all that she had learned and practiced. Then the doctor received a message from her comms unit, a message from her blacksmith friend notifying her that her specially made gauntlets were ready to be picked up outside the konoha hospital doors, attached to a large black carrier hawk.

The two exited through the two large glass doors, a massive black hawk instantly landing upon the doctor’s outstretched arm. Attached to the hawk’s back was a giant parcel, and a note that read: Dr. Satomi, here are the gauntlets you requested. If anything is wrong with them, please let me know and I will replace them, or make a new pair right away.

The doctor carefully took the parcel off of the hawk’s back as to not harm the animal, and having their mission accomplished, the hawk flapped its wings, gaining momentum as they glided through the air back to their post. Hikari and Dr. Satomi both walked back into the hospital, unwrapping the parcel to unveil the shiny, silver gauntlets. The Hyuuga crest was engraved on them, and a red gem stood atop the crest. Chains extended from one side of each gauntlet, and wrapped around her forearm slightly, although not enough to hinder her or get in her way in general. They were created just as she described, and she didn't think she could have made them any better herself.

“Now, we still need you to focus your chakra through the gems on the center to fuse it together with the gauntlets.” She began softly, returning to their corner where they were previously in to train the Yin Healing Wound Destruction technique. Hikari nodded as she took a seat in one of the waiting room chairs, the doctor handing her both gauntlets to focus on. She got to work quickly, making the gem shine each time she concentrated her chakra into it.

Hikari saw how the chakra flashed but laid dormant, noticing that she needed to add more chakra to the gem to hold its power. She placed her plans on top of both red gems, and concentrated her chakra into her palms as she had done so many times before. Then she felt her chakra slip through the crystallized gem, embedding itself within the confines of the gem’s interior. The gem’s shined lightly, signaling her chakra had been infused with the items and would thus be able to give her the boosts she had envisioned, aiding her in both her medical and taijutsu techniques.

Once her gauntlets shined as brightly as they would, she slipped them into her wrists, preparing for battle. The chains easily wrapped around her thin arms and the gauntlets fit snugly on her wrists, alleviating her of the fear they would slip off of her during battle.

“I guess it's time for me to go, Dr. Satomi.” She began sullenly, not wanting to say goodbye but knowing it was far past time for her to get to the frontline of the battle. “Promise to look after Kuro while I am gone.”

Dr. Satomi smiled, a tinge of sadness mixed with the smile as she replied, “Of course I’ll watch over Kuro. Be safe out there, watch your back and take care of your allies.” She knew Hikari would already know all of this information, but she was at a loss for words to say besides being repetitive. If she began to think about the words she should say, she feared she might let her tears escape, crying at what may become of her precious student. “You've turned into an excellent medical-nin, and I'm proud to have taught you these few weeks.”

Hikari’s eyes threatened to leak as she enveloped Dr. Satomi in a hug. The woman had become like another mother to her, always wanting the best for her, even if her methods weren't always traditional. “Thank you so much, Dr. Satomi. It means so much to me to hear you say that. When I get back we will need to perform surgeries together again.”

The doctor nodded her head, the words she wanted to say stuck in her throat. Unwillingly she released their embrace, knowing it was time for her protege to defend the village. Kuro came to say goodbye as well, walking up gloomily to nuzzle her hand. He hated being away from her, especially when her life could be in danger, but the village hospital needed his assistance and Hikari would be upset with him even more if she flaked to follow her. Kuro’s normally piercing red eyes flashed desperation, silently pleading with her to come back to him alive. The thought of losing her brought tears to the predator’s eyes, and he had to quickly blink them away so no one would notice.

She bent down and hugged the large wolf, wrapping her arms around his lusciously soft black coat before placing a gentle kiss atop his forehead. A promise she would come back to him, whether that be in this life or the next only fate knew.

Rising, she said her final farewells, giving a large wave to everyone in the lobby before she spun on her heels and ran out the sliding doors. With her newly crafted Amol Selseila wrapped tightly round her wrists, Hikari made a mad dash for the entrance to the village, avoiding any few remaining civilians as she ran across the path, her boots splashing through the puddles, soaking anything small nearby such as a rat or frog. Her mind raced with all the possibilities that could be taking place right now, her heart threatening to beat out of her chest as she worried for the lives of all the Konohagakure shinobi. Hikari prayed she wouldn’t be late, showing up just in time to see everyone get slaughtered by the intruders.

The rain saturated on her clothes and her  as she ran, her lungs crying out in pain as she sprinted without taking any breaks, not wanting to risk anything, or anyone. She could breathe when she reached the village gates and assured herself that everyone was, indeed, fine. At least, that was what she kept telling herself as she darted through the mostly empty marketplace streets.

(WC: 4315)
(TWC: 6041)
(Claiming 4000/4000 for Yin Healing Wound Destruction & 2000/2000 for the remaining purchase of my Amol Selseila item through WC. Also claiming 60 AP)

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A Medical-Nin Almost Dies?! (P)
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