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 A Priest and The Golden Eyes

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Valen Akari

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PostSubject: A Priest and The Golden Eyes   Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:36 am


It was an odd mission to be sure. Being asked to help kidnap on the ‘faithful’ of one of the nearby churches. It would appear the young priest or priestess wanted to escape from their expected lifestyle to make their own life of adventure. Of course since they were raised by the church they were expected to follow in the footsteps of those before them and become a great Beacon of Faith for those needing it. Valen would shake his head at the stupidity of it all. To need to be kidnapped to escape your own church service? This religious zealotry was becoming a bit of a damn issue and he was not amused. Valen would sigh out loud as he set the scroll aside and continued drying his hair. He had the next couple of days to do this mission, as he would need to case the church and locate the person described in the scroll and get their schedule. Or really, just the location where they slept. They’d be expecting him at some point over the next few nights. He’d hit the first one tonight, luckily such reconnaissance would be simple. It would merely be a matter of blending in with his surroundings which he could do without issue considering where he’d be. Amongst the holy and faithful of one of the biggest churches in the city. ‘The Church of Eternal Flame’, honestly the whole damn church was becoming an enormous hassle for him. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. This did however make the mission easier, he doubted the church got rid of the secret entrance that those missing shinobi had used to get to their secret meeting place. It would be easy to smuggle the mark out with that.

At this point Valen’s vision would swim, it was harder to perceive his surroundings, he couldn’t quite react fast enough to handle his lifestyle at the moment and due to that it was a bit of a mess in his apartment. He sighed and got dressed, fully in casual clothes, with his hair down naturally and not hidden behind his crimson band. He couldn’t look like a shinobi today. As such he’d stick with a good, loose casual tee shirt and some slacks. Of course he’d have hidden weaponry such as kunai and such and of course one more piece of insurance. Obviously Valen couldn’t bring his sword with him. It wasn’t like he could attack the clergy, but he could do something else for a bit of sneaky insurance in the situation. Performing the seal of confrontation, he’d summon Natsumi next to him. She’d look up at him and flick her tongue out at him in greeting. “Good morning Valen, sssshall we train today?” She’d ask, her snake ‘accent’ being obvious when she pronounced ‘s’. He’d shake his head, barely able to really react to her greeting. She knew what was happening, or rather that it was happening to him. But she didn’t know what it could be either. Even the snake sages were confused as to the matter but one had a theory on the situation. It could be possible his eyes still had an extra evolution to go. It could be that his eyes were attempting to evolve and had to get his body prepared for the change in perception.

Valen of course couldn’t imagine what in the world it could be that his eyes would do to evolve, but the explanation was the only thing he had right now. He just hoped that WAS the case, or else he’d be in a bit of trouble. He’d figure it out though, he was a shinobi, he had to. At this point of introspection he’d shake his head again at the young snake. “No, not this time Natsumi, I have a mission and can’t bring my weapons, can you coil around my leg and be unseen? That was in case something does happen I have a little back up..” He’d say with a shrug. She’d nod her head in a snake like manner and quickly do just that. “Of courssse Valen, ready when you are.” She’d say as she did so. He’d quickly stand and check himself in the mirror. He disliked having his hair down, it made him look far too feminine in his opinion, but he’d deal with that. ‘I don’t like you leaving me behind. There’s absolutely no chance I’ll get to slaughter anyone if I’m stuck here..” the sword he’d had with him for months said to him in his mind. Valen would roll his eyes at this and sigh exasperatedly ‘It’s an extraction mission in friendly territory. There won’t be any ‘slaughtering’ at all’ He’d explain before making sure his equipment checked out in their locations.

He’d proceed to obtain the mission scroll once more from his counter and read and memorize the description of the target. ‘Sixteen years old, male, brown hair cut short, extremely innocent in a great number of issues with the world. Soft spoken and kind.’ It sounded like the target was simply not suited for life outside of the church. But he had his mission and a place to bring him. Once he got the boy to the gazebo in the gardens what he thought of the matter wouldn’t matter so long as he didn’t reveal what happened to the boy. And that was a simple fact of the matter. At this point he’d destroy the scroll, having memorized the description and mission details. He’d then proceed to move out of his door, the familiar wave of chakra appearing as he moved out of the door. He’d probably increase his knowledge of that technique at some point to allow him to put a stronger lock on it. For now though that one would suffice. As he turned toward the sunlit roads his vision would blur a bit, as if something were supposed to be telling him something here. That was new, his vision had never been affected by bright lights before. He’d channel a large amount of chakra into his eyes for a moment and barely held back his yelp. Time seemed to slow down considerably when he did that. It was as if he wouldn’t be able to react fast enough to anything. He stopped the flow of chakra quickly before moving down the road at a normal pace. He had to look and act like a civilian, that meant no Shunshin, no high speed movements, no nothing. That was fine though, he wasn’t in a hurry.

It didn’t take him long to get to the Church of The Eternal Flame. After all he’d been there before and he knew the layout of the village better than most civilians. He did patrol it when required after all. He moved in through the front doors as normal, a few priests and priestess’ bowed their heads to him in greeting and he did the same. They had no idea that he was a shinobi when he dressed like this. After all how could they? He looked nothing like the way he did when in full combat gear. He of course had his headband tied off around the opposite leg from Natsumi, in case a shinobi’s authority was needed. But otherwise he was simply a civilian coming to pray to everyone in this church. He moved silently over to the pew and knelt his head down in ‘prayer’. He’d proceed to use his eyes to scope out the area, trying to make sure nothing was amiss and to see if he could find the priest or priestess he needed to get out later on. Eventually as he was staking out the place in plain sight (Many times it really WAS that simple, so many other ninja over complicated things sometimes) a young teen matching the exact physical description of the his target came to the podium. Another priest, a cardinal based on his red robes and the fire emblem embroidered on a red sash that was cross tied across his chest, came to stand next to him.

“Please bow your heads for his grace, Archbishop Vethwic!” He’d call out before stepping back. Valen’s eyes would widen a bit as the boy began to speak. “H-Hello, I’m Archbishop Vethwic, I wanted to lead everyone here in a prayer for those who defended our fair village and indirectly, our church. The shinobi of the village, d-deserve our respect.” He’d announce softly. Most of the civilians in the pews surrounding Valen grumbled slightly at this proclamation but bowed their heads all the same. Valen did so as well and waited for the Archbishop to finish his prayer and afterwards his sermon. He couldn’t believe it, an Archbishop wanted to be smuggled out of the clergy? This made it much more complicated, he’d obviously have to adapt things as the Archbishop would no doubt be guarded at almost all times. Especially after the church had recently been infiltrated with missing shinobi. The good news about this is that Valen now knew where the boy would sleep as well. The Archbishop would only sleep in his own personal quarters and they were the top most room in the church, below only the great bell that rang in the mornings.

With this development Valen would get up and begin to leave, before slipping deeper into the church when no one was looking. He’d slip past clergymen as he moved silently, never making a peep as he moved. He wanted to transform into another clergyman. But he couldn’t risk someone running into the original and him. He also couldn’t assault anyone, as they were still citizens of his village. This however could be rectified with a visit to their laundry room. With this thought in mind he moved through the church in an attempt to find the room that would house their robes and caps. He’d need to do a minor transformation to hide his rather distinctive crimson coloured eyes. Otherwise someone might recognize him from when he was in the main hall, praying on the pew. He shortly found the laundry room, his eyes easily navigating to dark halls despite the blurriness every once in awhile. He was starting to adjust to how his vision was reacting to everything. This brought a wave of relief to him as it meant he would probably be just fine with a bit more time. He’d simply need to avoid hard combat for the moment, something he could easily do by taking missions that weren’t really dangerous until his eyes were better. As he considered these things he moved into the laundry room and found a robe and cap that fit him. It was a simply red robe and crimson sash, it would denote him a member of the clergy and give him a significant better range of movement within their church. He’d quickly change and perform a few hand seals before sending his original clothing to a storage dimension with Storage Displacement before doing a few more seals and appearing as he had before, only with his eyes being an emerald green and his hair being a chestnut brown instead. Of course his hair colour was influenced by a friend, but that didn’t matter at the moment, the mission did.

He’d proceed to spend the rest of the day moving throughout the church, keeping close to Archbishop Vethwic and in general just blending in until the Archbishop retired. The church was filled with dark halls and passageways that most people would have great difficulty traversing in most cases. Valen however was getting more and more accustomed to his eyes as the day went on. He had discovered something important in their usage. It wasn’t that time was slowing down, his perception of it was speeding up. It seemed as if everyone was moving in slow motion to him because his eyes were perceiving it at a much greater rate than before. After this was discovered it was a simple matter of adjusting. He could feel himself moving faster, read things faster, and he could take in information at a greatly increased pace. As the night wore on Valen would memorize the patrol schedule of the guards, keeping in a room that wasn’t far from Vethwic’s Chambers. The torches the guards carried made it incredibly easy to time their rotations. As the night wore on and the rotations hadn’t changed he nodded his head to himself. It was time to move. After the next rotation, the torches disappearing as they passed by the door to the room he was occupying he counted to ten and moved out quietly. The guards had moved on around the corner and Valen moved quickly toward Vethwic’s room, opening the door quietly and slipping inside. He would proceed to move over to the boys bed and swiftly grab ahold of the young clergyman’s mouth to silence him as he brought a finger to his own lips. “Archbishop, you requested an extraction yes?” He would ask quietly. Realization would Dawn on the boys mind and he’d nod his head quietly, knowing it was time to be quiet. Valen would remove the hand from his mouth and the boy would speak. “I’m ready to leave in a heartbeat shinobi-san, I’ll follow your lead to the meeting point..” He’d say before reaching under his rather luxurious mattress and pulling out a small pack. Valen would nod at the preparedness “Good, for security reason, you will not know my name.” He’d explain before taking his hand and moving toward the door.

The next guard rotation would come by and Valen would turn to Vethwic quietly, speaking his hushed whispers. “We have to be quick, we’ll wait for the next rotation and then move, we’re going toward where the Missing Nin had the secret entrance, I know the sewers there due to that can get us to the extraction point quickly.” He’d explain to the nodding boy. After the next rotation, Valen would do just that. Leading the boy down the churches level quickly and efficiently, as if he hadn’t spent an entire day moving throughout the place memorizing every nook and cranny. Soon they found themselves in the sewer below the church. If Vethwic had any complaints than he kept them to himself, that was good. Valen didn’t want to listen to them when he was trying to focus on where the tunnels were leading them. They silently moved through the sewage passages until they came to an exit right by the Gazebo, the point of extraction he was told to live the Archbishop at for the boy to begin his new life. As they climbed out of the sewers Valen would bring the man and have him sit on a bench at the location. “This is where we part ways sir, I wish you luck..” He’d say, purposefully not saying his name to avoid any unwanted attention. Valen himself would Shunshin away at a high speed, appearing outside of his front door with his transformation dropped before unlocking his door and moving in quietly. He’d burn the robes and hat before going on to bed, hopefully his eyes would be fully adjusted by the morning.



Claiming mission rewards and Golden Eye Level 2 proof of permission is below


WC is 3000 but with my max stat discount it should be 2250.

Thank you.
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Sakana Meijin
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Chuunin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: A Priest and The Golden Eyes   Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:13 pm


Stat Page

Quick Stats:

Health: 30 (+ 20)

Chakra: 100

Stamina: 45 (+ 175 AP)

Speed: 100 (+25)

Strength: 50
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A Priest and The Golden Eyes
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