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 The First Storm [Village Destruction]

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Yensung Aburame <3

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Element(s) : Water, earth
Clan Element : none
Bloodline : Aburame
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PostSubject: Re: The First Storm [Village Destruction]   Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:05 am

The people from both sidea crowded in as yen maintained his aura. The various people from his very village. His home. Wounded hurt, broken. Jouninn whom worked for days like this now a shadow of whom they belived they once were.  All of this etched across the faces as yen himself felt himself falter.

The sight of konoha ninja left in the kirigure ranks only dampend his spirits even more. He felt the cold even more clearly then before. Normally one would wonder if the rain truely stopped? To yen despite the nature's course of action. The rain of misery slowly seeped into his soul. The protective mechanisms only proved a means of physical damage. 

The strain of the mind. Despite all of his written theories and the practice and use of genjutsu on him were the subtle reminder. The wheel never stopped turning. This was the reality as he saw his own freind salzem and the body of an unconcious geninn fall from the grasps of the metalic husk. It was like watching a freind for the first time become beaten. Yet he only knew what he truely saw. The look of shock on his face and wonder was merely a show of what he never expected..

Sal..... you fell too....

The thought rebounded through his mind as he finally had grasp of everything. The kage that stood merely had another plan and yen stared at sal. It was almost as if he couldnt belive it.

I trusted you.... i gave you a task.... to guide me.... be the light that was strong.... and not fall... you were the only one....

The wind picked up as he did not weep but stared at both of the two. They have fallen and he was comming to grasp. In war there were many people. Some were loyal, others were less. Yet yen despite loyalty was loyal to a cause above a person. The soil beneath his feet held more value then most people. This he knew  in the depths of his soul. For it was fuled by thoes long since gone. So he knelt for konoha. As he would fight. 


Yen thought as the man beside him muttered for him to lower his defenses. Yet he knew the fools before him sheild or not they only seeked an easy kill. As easy as the fool tore sal's legs for him. Like paper from the roll. 

He did not reply back to the man and glanced at kisuke an "i am sorry"  look in his eye as he turned towards the arrogant that dared to stand before him and spoil his home with their breath and blood. It was unacceptable as he listend to the man before him speak. Standing some 15 meters to the left. He boasted and spoke like some man whom had power. Yet it only became clear the man prized more violence...

Fine then!

He thought as his eyes with gloom and a loathing fury  filled his chest as the man took his knee to risako's back. The sickening crunch only signified the beginning of the end of her career as a shinobi. She whom he trusted and followed despite the leadership that she tempoarily had. With the head of an anbu that dangled just like a prized trophy. Bouncing like a ball off his hip. His resolve changed, darkend.  She let the anbu die yet was unable to secure a victory with an elite? It was like the pride of what his village stood for. The very pride he held. The very pride he kepy as he wore the headband  day in and out. The speeches to the genin, that chuninn laughed over and jouninn scoffed at in  disrespect. His love for his home... his only home. Snapping like the very spine in risakos back. Severed like the legs of salzem, and going unconcious like the genin before him. His fire burned black like a corruption. The feeling was not liberating it was painful.

This.... is not it is going to be..... it will not be this way! I will not let my work go in vain! Konoha shall not fall on its knee! It will.... be under me!

His thoughts raged against the very foundations of his being as he kept his fury in check only by the thoughts he kept bare alone. Then the man spoke of slaying  salzem as a team and for but an instant he looked at salzem with not rage, but pitty flashed across his single eye. It was pitty to the mere thought that sal was truely suffering deep down and the suffering he will go through upon thoes whom would rise up. Then he made up his mind. There was no speech to be said. Nor spoken. Like toys the fallen would be discarded.... all of them. A child held more contempt to a doll.

In your name sal i will call you my final light. Because here on out. The heavens will not spare thoes that dare cross my path... you have failed! You couldnt save your freind, you chased a ghost, you left here when kasai went mad, you left me alone to try to heal him. I failed, i lost my freinds, but i shall not loose my home. I will not loose my family nor my children.... i will stand tall. For my home, and sacrifices as all leaders know have to be made. Once hell takes me i will wear the shackles.

He thought as he slowly rose to his feet the mere feeling of his chakra radiating through the area as he preformed a display of power in silent fury and a determined look on his face. The two auras only showed a clearity of whom he was. The image of a wall once white turned darkend and swirling with pure power resonating through the ranks of the shinobi that lost their will to fight.

Now they will all rise. A new village formed under fear and blight. I shall not stand for this. This is the end for him, and the man i am. I regret turning the man that does this. The man to come has borrowed time... but it is time.

Yen thought as he flowed chakra through his body the mere thought of this fuled him yet now he was a warrior. He made his choice. Now he spoke.

"Rise and stab the man in the heart, head, throat, or goin. It is time."

That was all that was said as his display of power (505 total stats, 378 stats to resist fear effect)  spoke for itself, and weaved the handsigns for chakra scalpel.  he  stepped towards salzem as the bluish hue of the chakra scalpel formed on his hands sharp like a sword. The small shadow crossed the distance slowly but not as slowly as the man from the light crossing into the eternal darkness. (Chakra scalpel:125) 

 As he stood before the metal sentiniel, but he never saw it. It was scrap metal to his very being, before him only the strong could oppose him. The weak could only gwak or gasp. His voice rang out in the silence of the world and he lifted his blueish hand in  to block the light from the sun. His eye would meet salzem's as he spoke. Resonating duty and power. For now he was in charge, the captain of the ship, and by his hands since risako  was deemed useless. To be struck down without argument. 

"Salzem! By the power invested in me yensung aburame. Your life by the laws of shinobi has ended. Lest your final words be heard through the ranks of shinobi that will send their regards and dismember you.... good bye"

Yen stated as he ran his hand through salzem's gut and cut up slightly. The blood seeping out of the wound splattered the earth, yet yen did his job, a wound worthy of dying of slowly and painfully. 

He stood up after glancing a final time at he once followed comrad. Only then did he turn towards the crowd of disgusted  shinobi perhaps, but only out of duty he did what was nessary, he spent his words, he did his duty.  Now was the time to forge his home to the place of old.

"Any who dare to oppose this..."

His voice was deathly quiet as he with a blood soaked hand did not look over towards the student before him. His eye on kisuke for a moment as if make your choice.  The inner grey aura faded as his chakra levels returned to normal. The display of power ended and yen Still had the outter one remained. His heart tore at him as he stood. Having made up his mind. Long have he sought power, the power to drive fear properly. Not to like a tyrant. But a hero. Of admiration.... however no more. No more could he be admired, but scorned and hated. If not black listed, death was a gift to this...

There is defintley weakness.... and it lies! In two choices.....

He thought as he made the right choice, but that's the thing about doing the right thing. It goes by what the person belives in. Their gut instinct, unless of course spilled to the earth. Then there is a lack of gut instinct persay. 

I am sorry....

 Yen thought as weaved a single handsign as he made his choice. His hands free to see by both the standing kage, and all of konoha for he did not hide his handsigns, but his intentions? Only he knew.  Well for a handsign at least (bird handsign). Yen went to a single knee before salzem and bowed his head as he channeled chakra into the earth. A few meters towards where risako was broken and useless.  Then towards where that metal hunk of scraps lay the unconcious genin. Sharp earth pillars arose from underneath the stand in kage risako, One straight through the base  of  the side of thier neck. Attempting to Tear through the skin bone and flesh. Then One through their right knee. as the rising earth was a momentary lift for them till they slumped back down the 3 meter high  pillars. Pressing their wounded body, or pierced body back into the spikes. Allowing the world's gravity if it existed to do the rest. Of course should she miraculously arise to her feet yen wouldve already made his choice. (Earth release: earth pillar spears: power: 40, speed:40 sharpness:40)

.... old freind.... but if sal is to die, then by my hand you too will fall... alone by my hand... i will take your life force... and put it to rest.... it is my declaration.... that only I am fit for this burden.... i would not bend knee next time...

As he did the one act that would sprout outrage even among konoha shinobi yet his voice would ring out like a knife percise, and with a roaring sound of rolling thunder.

"Defy me and my home! That i bleed for!  defy the act of cleaning the weakness that is and would be to come! to this day onward the village will be run diffrently. No more sitting like fat lords at a dinner table... there is work to be done. This will be your fate.  If you stand in my way. So i give you a choice. Choose your poision and understand your conciquences. I have made my choice and my stance, death may come to me. I accept it, but i will fight for the safety of my home! that is why i kneel.... and I will lead this village regardless of my choices. Do not dare question my resolve from this moment on. I grew tired waiting in the darkness. No more will i sit by on this.... no more shall i watch my village be weak. Each of you! will stab or die!"

He felt shame burn deep from within him, but still he accepted his decisions without a waivering heart. There was no power in existance that could rewind time, and convince the aburame to make another decision.  No judgement would've changed him. He was ready to even destroy his own home, and from the ashes he would rebuild it. Even with weak strength. Even alone.  Besides no one on konoha could make it past him. If he had to build up his own killer. It would be a damnation well worth the value. He was willing to cast away everything to bring his invisioned home of the strong to reality. The konoha of old that was strong that it would kill thoes who dared to surrender. And obliterate a leader that would not stand for their country. Yet grief strickend his soul like the very blades that would proberly face him on all sides.

Even if i have to be that leader i shall be that leader. The leader that demands and will grasp respect for their country.

(Let the riot begin!)

Ap: eh lets go with 650

Jutsu ending,

Body and soul: -30

Continuing jutsu/used jutsu

Yang art yang aura: -70

Chakra scalpel: -40

Earth release: earth pillar spears:-20

who said it was easy?

yensung aburame

insect stats:

yens stats:
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Element(s) : Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: The First Storm [Village Destruction]   Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:59 pm

It seemed the battle had ended. Tatsuo had been busy during it of course. Though not directly fighting either side. A great general would be in the thick of battle, duking it out with the leaders. However Tatsuo was not a great general, not yet. The boy had to be smart. Smart men lived to become great warriors, or something like that.

In the midst of the confusion of the battle, what with explosions and shit going off I didn't actually read your topics so I don't actually know, the man had time to loot the fallen bodies. A headband for Kirigakure had been acquired from a downed corpse of a fallen warrior. A smart warrior had a back up plan if things went south.

The battle ended soon after. A most significant defeat for Konohagakure. Tatsuo had expected as much. When Xyxer-senpai had been identified, Tatsuo knew the village had stood no chance. It was why the boy had first knelt, and had not taken part in the fighting. Now there he stood as the masses began to reorganise. The chaos of it all allowed the boy to finally tie a headband around his head, that of Kirigakure's. He moved over to their side of the ranks as the reorganising went about.

Then shit got weird.

A most foul betrayal occurred right before his eyes. Tatsuo could only watch in shock and horror as one of Konoha's own attacked another. The boy could only stand there, eyes wide and head looking back and forth between the attacker and the attacked.

The Kirigakure headband dropped from his head. It seemed the strapping had been damaged during the battle. The boy ignored that. His shocked reaction continued, glancing back and forth. Xyxer-senpai had spoken. His word was surely law now since they had lost, right?

The boy knew what had to be done. Still. It felt wrong in some way. The choice was obvious though. A boy he didn't know for the entire village?

Tatsuo made his way forward. The young child walked forward toward the bleeding body, should Yen's actions have succeeded of course. While the other man went through the motion of impaling the Hokage, the child would go through with his own. The white haired boy would drop to one knee, looking over the doggo boy that was bleeding. A single kunai in his grasp, he moved the blade toward the groin. Impressing Xyxer-senpai would allow for him to succeed in the new Konohagakure. Only the most brutal methods would establish himself.

The boy hacked away at the groin of the dog boy thing. Xyxer's love of castration as a torture method was legendary within the Tadashi Club, as such Tatsuo would find himself doing said action in order to impress the Mizukage.

Blood splattered everywhere, it was quite a brutal sight, very graphic, very detailed. The act would be done unless something changed that would cause him to stop. Then the boy would move away, letting the other vultures take their turn if they to wished to live.

My stats
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Hikari Hyuuga

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Element(s) : Fire, Lightning
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Ryo : 2400

PostSubject: Re: The First Storm [Village Destruction]   Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:31 am

More shinobi began to pile into the area, some walking unscathed while others limped together. There were fewer troops in their ranks as her eyes counted the bodies kneeling, none of the faces familiar. A cold chill ran across her skin as she noted two of her friends were missing: Ita, an Uchiha she met only once but considered him a new friend, and Salzem, her closest friend and younger brother. She hoped Ita was just slow to return, hoping he didn’t fall as others had, and she prayed Salzem had been taken to safety by medics from the hospital or a fellow Konohagakure shinobi, although she knew it was too good to be true. She had seen him with the kirigakure forces earlier, and it was highly unlikely they would willingly give him to their shinobi, wanting him as a prize to show off their glorified massacre.

Seconds after she prayed for the safety of her brother, the large mecanum machine, with its front open to reveal a woman sitting inside, made its way to the kneeling Konohagakure shinobi, releasing two bodies from its metal grip. One was a dark haired girl, with young features, who seemed to be unconscious, her body lying limp on the ground. Salzem laid unmoving in the mud, her heart sinking at the thought of him having been crushed by the monster of a metal body, only to be reassured by the slow rise and fall of his chest. By the grace of the gods he was still alive, and Hikari couldn’t wait until the end of this war. She wanted nothing more than to envelop her brother in an embrace and never let go, to never let anyone else hurt him the way he had been hurt this day. She vowed to become stronger for him, to be his protector the way he had always been hers.

Silence fell over the battlefield, her village kneeling for the Mizukage just as they had to begin with, and the Kirigakure shinobi patiently waiting for their leader to begin speaking. She didn’t want to glance at those surrounding her as they waited, not wanting to see the elated expressions she figured they were making or the victorious and cocky smirks they might have doned. The Village Hidden in the Mist truly did seem to enjoy the sorrows of war, deriving pleasure from the lives they took.

The Mizukage spoke loudly, drowning out the wind and pattering of rain, his voice echoing throughout the area. He spoke of how they had offered peace and her village disregarded it, needlessly bringing forth bloodshed. Hikari believed he would end his speech of death there, making them bear the weight of their fallen comrades as he then went to talk about how they were being taken prisoners or forced to join the Kirigakure village.

How naive she had been, to think a murderer would be satisfied with only a few lives taken.

Her blood ran cold as he said more shinobi still had to die, to atone for the village’s sins. Her heart rate picked up as her innocent eyes grew in size, fear resonating within her at the realization Kots and her were on the enemy’s side for a reason...to be the examples for the village. Yet she was unprepared for what he did next.

Lifting the limp body of the Hokage in the air, as if offering a sacrifice to the gods, he continued as the rain mercilessly struck the defenseless body of the Hokage. In an instant he brought her body down upon his lifted knee, cracking her small form almost in two. Then he rolled her onto the ground, her broken body thumping as it reached the muddied earth, her head facing away from Hikari but her eyes staring into the souls of all the Konohagakure shinobi. Their leader was spared, or at the very least granted a few more moments of life to watch as the very last foundation of the village came crumbling down, the eternal flame of the Will of Fire extinguished by the unforgiving flood.

Unfazed by his own actions, the Mizukage clapped his hands together, a smile upon his rough features. He was thoroughly enjoying the torment of her village, and couldn’t contain his excitement for what he was about to make them do, least they all be killed as he said. Anyone could tell he was not bluffing; their lives meant nothing to the leader, and she figured he would even enjoy it more if they did disobey him, giving him a reason to paint the ground all over again.

The monster finally roared his ugly head as the man before her, Xyxer of the Bloody Mist, ordered them to kill him. While her eyes traveled to where he pointed, she was certain he had meant the small Jounin who started the war and kept his defenses up even as they kneeled. Yet she could not have guessed the cruelty awaiting her at the end of his gaze.

Her breath came to a sudden halt in her throat when she caught sight of the man whose death Xyxer just ordered. Her body froze and she could barely hear his threat that all of them would die if they didn’t kill Salzem, her mind blank as her worst fear was slowly becoming a reality, and she was helpless, unable to save him just as she had been in her premonition before the war even began. What did she do to deserve this fate, watching the only person she loved killed twice?

Hikari tried to calm her racing heart and fight back the tears threatening to fall, foolishly believing in the shinobi of the leaf to not fall so low as to murder their own comrade. She held them to a standard far beyond what they seemed capable of reaching, and each time she put faith in them all they did was fail her.

Especially that damn Jounin.

He was the first to rise at the call of the remaining kage, hiding behind his barrier like the coward he was. There was no hesitation in his voice, not even a tone of remorse for what he was about to do, as he gave orders for the remaining shinobi to rise and stab their comrade, a brother of the Leaf. He was one of their own yet his life was as valuable as a bug, expendable when it came time to save their own sorry asses. Hikari hadn't realized had low the Village Hidden in the Leaves had sunk until this very moment, as they betrayed Salzem without batting an eye.

Like the man’s barrier darkened, so did the heart of the Hyuuga standing across from him. Rage, fury, and grief gnawed away at her heart, fighting for a place within her soul. Hatred, murderous and evil, sat above the rest inside of the kunoichi, her eyes hardening like steel as he, the man whose blood should have been shed instead of Salzem’s, drove a chakra scalpelled hand through his insides. Her brother’s blood made a picture on the ground as it sprayed out from his wound, painting the face of the sorry existence of a man.

Yensung Aburame. Hikari narrowed her eyes at him while he drove his hand through her brother, etching his name into her memory, never to forget his name nor his appearance. A stump of a man acting as if he was suddenly their leader, wrongly giving himself power. He was not fit to lead their village if he could so easily stab a friend in the back. The Leaf had no use for a treacherous man like him.

The blood of her brother, should Yensung’s actions go through, was not enough to satiate the man’s bloodthirsty desires. He should have been born from Kirigakure as he would have fit in among the rest of the monsters seeking the blood of innocents. He weaved a handsign and attempted to strike the Hokage through the throat with the earth, trying to bring her life to an end he was not instructed to do so. His actions were rogue of those ordered by Xyxer. How anyone could shrug off his traitorous ways would be a mystery to the white haired girl, her own mind seeing him for who he truly was: a two-faced murderer.

As Yensung attempted the life of the Hokage, a pipsqueak from the Kirigakure sidelines came over to the body of her brother, his blood pooling around him as his life was slowly fading away. It didn’t take a medic to know the amount of blood he already lost would be what took his life, unless someone took it upon themselves to give him a quick and painless final blow. The boy did not attempt such a thing, and instead tried to stab Sal in the groin, being as barbaric as the first man. The child, one she hadn’t seen before, was added to her list under Yensung Aburame as another traitor of the Leaf village. The boy had not only been hiding among the enemy ranks the entire time, he also tried to savagely attacked her brother without any regards for his life.

It took all of her willpower to bit her lip and not lash out at those before her, gripping the sword in her hands until her knuckles turned white and her palms began to bleed. One day, she vowed to her younger brother, watching from lifeless eyes the blood continue to spill from his body agonizingly slow, one day…



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Kaguya Kotsuzui

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PostSubject: Re: The First Storm [Village Destruction]   Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:00 pm

Shortly after Kotsuzui had been placed within the lines of the enemy along side Hikari, everyone else had gathered. Kotsuzui's eyes focused mostly on Kisuke seeing that he had come out of this alive. At least for the time being. He was helping one of the other genin into the line where they were to kneel. It seemed they weren't any more fortunate in their battles than Kotsuzui, and well the rest of Konoha. He tried to keep enough of his focus on Kisuke as to be able to watch him and make sure nothing bad happened to him. But in truth there had been so much going on around them it was hard to do so. A large part of Kotsuzui's focus had to be on Hikari and those around him. They were surrounded by the enemy and anything could happen to them. Even though they lost the war and the fighting were over, Kotsuzui still needed to be on high alert. He wasn't going to let his guard down for an instant. 

It seemed everyone had arrived from both sides of the battle. Kotsuzui's eyes fell upon the one who had beaten Sal and taken his legs as well as having knocked out Hikari. He was a strange one to Kotsuzui, having mutilated one of his enemies, knocking the other one out, but allowing both of them to live. Though he didn't pay any more attention to the man as his gaze shifted over to the large hunk of metal carrying two of Kotsuzui's comrades, one being the mutilated Salzem. She dropped both of them into the line, the female simply falling onto the ground unconscious while Sal also fell, though he was still conscious. Now that everyone had gathered to participate and witness the final act, Xyxer went on with this game of his. 

Xyxer spoke, reminding Konoha that all of this was in fact their fault. All this bloodshed and death could have been avoided had they not fought back. Xyxer may have been right, in truth Kotsuzui had no idea what Xyxer's proposal was. Had anyone known what it was? All that he knew was that they were suppose to kneel and let Kiri take over. But we stood. Now they had to face the consequences. Aside from the loss they had to endure, Xyxer had to put more salt into their wounds and make the suffering worse. With that he lifted the body of their Hokage and brought her crashing down onto his knee, the crack sounding throughout the battle filed. As Risako's limp body rolled onto the ground it only deepened the sense of failure within the Kaguya. He should have attempted to stop Xyxer from crippling their Hokage, but he already had the opportunity to do so. Twice, actually. And failed both times. Doing so now would likely put more lives in jeopardy. 

His next order of business required everyone to participate in the killing of Salzem. Xyxer had deemed him to be the weakest of the Konoha forces and in order to prevent all of Konoha from falling to his level, they were to kill him. One by one. Any who didn't participate would likely be killed or cause all of them to be killed. With the exception of Kotsuzui and Hikari. The Kaguya's gaze was locked onto the Mizukage. He was too mentally beat down to do anything, but something deep down inside of him was burning. It started back when Xyxer had first arrived with his army and they had nearly knelt. Since then it only continued to burn. The sight of Xyxer doing as he pleased and crippling the village along with Risako fueled the fire inside of him. But this wasn't the will of fire. It was more of something along the lines of anger and rage. Though from the outside there were no signs of the anger building up.

Kotsuzui was not surprised to see the little man from Konoha be the first to listen to the Leviathan. He had been the one who started all of this by activating his protective barriers. And even now he kept it up like the child seemed to be. "What a coward" Kotsuzui thought to himself. Too afraid to accept defeat and lower his defenses as it may cost him his life, but the first to take up on the task of killing one of his allies to save his own ass. He was probably trying to impress the Mizukage as well. What better way to save yourself than to obey his every order in an attempt to make up for starting the war and then act like it's what's best. With a blank face, the Kaguya watched as Yen stabbed the gut of Sal with a chakra scalpel, then compelled everyone else to do so. Now he's trying to take charge and be the leader? How humorous. It was almost enough to make the Kaguya crack a smile. He followed up with a jutsu, his hand seal so slow Kotsuzui could have stopped him in half a heart beat. He started this war with a hand seal, why not finish it off the same way? Only this time his jutsu was aimed at their Hokage. Now that made Kotsuzui chuckle just a bit. How desperate was he to prove himself to Xyxer that he would even kill his own Hokage? Was he even a ninja of Konoha?

Shortly after someone from the lines of Kiri made his way over to Sal, a Konoha nin who had disguised himself as a Kiri nin. It seemed Konoha was filled with cowards. Another one who tried to escape the wrath of Xyxer and now saw his opportunity to suck up to the Kage. Kotsuzui turned his gaze over to Kisuke wondering if he would do as he was bid and save himself. But at that moment Kotsuzui felt something warm trickle down onto his right hand. It was quite the contrast compared to the cool rain. He quickly glanced down only to see a crimson liquid running down the hilt of Samehada from Hikari's palm. His eyes looked up to Hikari's face and Kotsuzui instantly noticed the change of expression in her own eyes. Before she seemed quite docile, almost always worried for the safety of her comrades rather than killing the enemy. But that was no longer the case. Now her eyes had a killer's intent to them. Whether they were for Xyxer himself or for Konoha turning on their own allies, Kotsuzui could not say. Maybe it had been for both.

Kotsuzui's gaze returned to the young boy cutting at the groin of Sal, then to Xyxer. He gently placed his left hand on top of Hikari's bleeding palm as if to tell her to calm herself and make sure she didn't do anything that would get herself killed. "In time" Kotsuzui whispered to the Hyuuga. It was all that he said, but it would be enough. To the Hyuuga it likely meant getting revenge for Sal. But to Kotsuzui, it meant getting Xyxer. Not now, maybe not in a year, but eventually. The rage inside of him was for Xyxer and the entirety Kiri. One day it would unleash. But until then he needed to be patient.
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PostSubject: Re: The First Storm [Village Destruction]   Yesterday at 12:24 am

The foreign leader began his victory speech as the masses had now formed before him, kneeling solemnly in the dirt. With his jet black eyes focused on the Kage and making sure Jason to his right didnt topple over, Kisuke listened for that was all he could do. The misery of having been defeated and having needlessly lost so many lives was consuming him. Whether the Mizu Kage had truly offered a peaceful resolution or not, Kisuke had been ready to kneel for he knew it was not worth the risk. But somehow the fighting broke out and so they fought. Look where that got them.

The young Uchiha would grind his teeth together in frustration and shift his gaze to the mud which he knelt on upon the snapping his Risako's back, his sorrow now morphing into rage. "Mother fucker." He though to himself. Kicking them while they were down, clearly the foreign leaders tactic, probably their consequence for having defied him. But it seemed the Hozuki leader was not done with their punishment. Far from it. 

He went on about being either the predator or the prey, some generic macho man speech everyone had already herd one time in their life before. The frustration boiling up inside of Kisuke left him with deaf ears, not hearing any of his words till he mentioned that they had to kill on of their own. Everyone had to participate in killing one of their own or they would all die, except for Kotsuzui and Hikari. Kisuke's rage filled eyes glanced over towards Kotsuzui behind enemy lines, wondering why his best friend had been omitted from this requirement. What had happened during the fight to put him in what appeared to be the good grace's of a Kage who enjoyed tormenting and torturing his defeated foes?

At first, Kisuke thought to himself that there was no way he would aid in the killing of one of his own and he thought that others would do the same. Stick with your own no matter what, the will of fire and all that mumbojumbo they were taught as kids that he never cared for. He thought to see it be implemented right now, where instead of killing one of their own the village shinobi would remain strong, together, and face their fates arm in arm, remaining loyal to one another till the bitter end. Yeah right. At the end of the day none of that shit mattered when you truly put someone's life into their own hands. What a grand betrayal. 

In the corner of his eyes Kisuke noticed Senpai Yen get up off his knee, catching his woeful glance. "What? Is this really happening?" The young Genin though to himself, watching his teacher release his intimidating chakra reserves before stepping over Sal and delivering a blow. Unwavering and unblinking Kisuke's gaze remained locked on Sal's decrepit body, all hope gone from the Uchiha's soulless eyes. How low had they fallen?

Then another, the Genin he had intercepted before made his way over toward Sal and began slicing and chopping away. They had made their decision so fast, they had put their lives ahead of the village and their ally. Kisuke was truly disgusted, but this was exactly what the Mizukage wanted, to show how easily they would turn on their own. All this did was show how fragile village bonds were and when push came to shove it was only survival of the fitess that mattered. With this new reality donning on him, a wave of relaxation would cascade over the young Uchiha, his eyes drooping and his facial expression becoming stone cold. Void of any emotion, Kisuke would mechanically rise to his feet, now leaving Jason to his own devices. Approaching what was left a Sal, Kisuke would pull a kunai out from his pouch while avoiding eye contact with Yensung. Kneeling down, he would plunge the cold metal into Sal's side. The blade would slip right past his rib cage and puncture his heart. Swiftly pulling the kunai out, a river of crimson blood would seep forth from the wound. The swift loss of blood would cause Sal to lose all sensation in his body within moments, causing all further torture to his mangled body to be painless.

Void of emotion Kisuke watched the thick warm blood mix with the brown mud and trail off with the stream of water with his cold gaze for a few moments, before raising to his feet. Without looking to either Kotsuzui or Yensung, Kisuke would return to where he was before and take up his kneeling position once more.
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The First Storm [Village Destruction]
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