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 Montage Training [P]

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Chuunin of Konoha
Chuunin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Montage Training [P]   Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:01 pm

It was early in the day. The young boy had risen from his bed before the sun had come up. Leaving his own home in haste as to avoid his family. Messy white hair remained that way as he exited his home. Styling his hair wasn't his style. The boy had other things to do. Mainly practice. You see the young boy was a student in the Konohagakure shinobi academy. Unfortunately for him, his skills in the actual chakra usage department was severely lacking. His exams were coming up soon. The boy, Tatsuo, could not risk failing. Not now. If he failed it would set the boy back in his journey. The goal in his mind was set out before him, there would be no detours.

The world was changing. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain. The peace that had lasted under the rule of the Fourth Hokage was coming to an end. Well, it had already ended long ago. Ever since the Fourth had disappeared from the world things had changed. Konohagakure was no longer the super power that it had once been. The adults knew it, Tatsuo knew it, the world knew it. It would only be a matter of time before they found themselves with enemies at their doorstep.

That would be Tatsuo's chance. His chance to carve his name into history. The boy had inherited the name Tadashi. There was a lot to live up to. His branch was a long forgotten one. There were many that didn't even know it existed. That would change soon. Tatsuo would surpass the previous generation of Tadashi. Maybe he would even meet them on the fields of battle. A great general didn't care whom he was facing. He would cut them down either way. That was the way of Tadashi, that would be the way of Tatsuo.

The young boy made his way to the shinobi academy of Konohagakure. He was dressed for a montage training topic. So standard affair kind of stuff. The grey coloured hoodie, straight out of his favourite straight to video movie, Earthy. It was a heartwarming story about a boxer who trained in a epic way and did some cool stuff. He also wore some grey jogging pants, or whatever they were. Basically he looked like he was ready for some sick training. The white haired Tadashi was young and naive, however his work ethic was immense. There had been little results when he was younger however. Mostly due to lack of formal training, though his physicality was far superior to that of a normal human male. Even at this young age, he found himself able to do things that normal humans couldn't do. Jashin had given him strength. While the practices of the religion never truly sat right with him, the benefits of their secret techniques were worth it in the end. He dare not stray from the path, lest the god betray him during a key moment.

Usually the young boy would train his body. He cared little for the common practices of shinobi. Tatsuo had always found himself troubled when it came to successfully using chakra. As such the boy had already decided on what he would specialise in long before others may have. However, the shinobi academy of Konohagakure didn't particularly care it seems. They still believed that the basics should be taught to every student. Which is why Tatsuo was out here in the early hours of the morning. The young boy had to practice the basic jutsu. The exam period was coming up soon, and Tatsuo hoped to be able to get into this next batch of Genin. Such rapid progression would surely allow him to stand out among his peers. His strength would become legendary, and he would be able to lead the armies of Konohagakure on the battlefield.

But first he needed to learn the basics.

Tugging the hood up over his mop of hair, he closed his eyes. He let the sun shine down upon his face. Focus, that was the key. There had been no Tadashi in history that ever failed the Genin Exams. Tatsuo would not allow himself to be the first. It would destroy his destiny. Failure was not an option.

The first technique. The Clone Technique. Tatsuo had seen it only ever used in the academy itself. Truth be told, it was an utterly useless jutsu. It's only true usage was that it helped branch out into the other clone techniques. It was simple enough for kids to understand, to get a grasp of using handseals..probably.

Three hand seals, Tatsuo went through the motions slowly at first. It was quite difficult honestly. The hand movements were awkward at best. No wonder nobody ever used this in a practical scenario.

The young boy went through the motions. Then he went through them again..and again..and again. How many times the white haired child went through the motions of the hand seals he didn't know. Tatsuo had long lost count of the number. Still, as time went on he found himself slowly growing accustomed to the movements. Practice makes perfect he supposed. The motions were eventually mastered. Though now it all came down to whether or not he possessed the chakra control to perform the jutsu itself. It was incredibly basic. Child's play, in a quite literal sense. Tatsuo understood that. He just needed to focus.

Focus his mind and he will find success. Probably.

Tatsuo went through the motions, allowing his chakra to be controlled via the usage of the hand seals. He could feel it working, his chakra levels dipping ever so slightly. He looked left, then he looked right. Two clones either side to him. They appeared briefly, flickering out of existence almost immediately after. Tatsuo blinked. It had been over so quickly, had he just imagined it? It was difficult to judge if he had successfully performed the jutsu or not.

The obvious thing would be to simply perform it again of course. So that's what the boy did. He went through the three hand seals. The first he didn't know the name of, though he performed it almost perfectly anyway. Tatsuo had great hand coordination, if he paid attention. The second he also didn't know the name of, was it ram or something? Who cares, it was the right one for the jutsu so it would work regardless. The third and final hand seal. Tatsuo had learned it's name. What was it? It was something stupid, like crouching hippo. Or was that a movie he watched?

Anyway he did the three hand seals. And then like some clones appeared next to him and shit. Nailed it.

Now on to the other jutsu that he was supposed to learn. Transformation. What a useless skill. Like honestly why would you need to disguise yourself? It would only fool normal humans, and then you could just use another more useful technique to achieve what you ever wanted to do anyway. Tatsuo sighed. This is why Konohagakure was fading. It spent too much time worrying about teaching it's future shinobi useless nonsense than actual real world applicable techniques.

Konohagakure was truly full of dogs.

Speaking of dogs, Tatsuo did the first hand seal for the transformation jutsu slash technique slash ability slash skill. It was called the Dog handseal. Tatsuo didn't know why, it didn't really look anything like a dog. Who came up with these names anyway? They should probably get their eyes tested.

Then he went and did the second of the hand seals. There were three of them for this technique. Seemed three was the go to for basic techniques. Tatsuo didn't know why, wasting time doing hand seals for that long would just get you killed. So what was this second hand seal called again? Pig or something. One of those types of animals Tatsuo assumed. Boar maybe? Yeah that sounded about right, boar. Just like this practice, such a bore. Haha get it, because they're pronounced the same way. Tatsuo was such a funny guy. Even at a young age, he possessed the wit that Tadashi were famous for.

Back to the main point, he did the second hand seal. The Boar hand seal. Such a bore, it made him want to snore. Tatsuo was clearly losing focus again.

Trying not to lose his focus and fail with the jutsu, Tatsuo cleared his mind. He focused as his hands began to move to form the final hand seal. It was the ram hand seal. Now Tatsuo had never seen a Ram before. What even was a Ram? Was it even an animal. It probably was, since the hand seals all seemed to be animal themed for some reason. Maybe it was like a fish or something. Or another type of boar, because it rhymed with ham. Did ham come from rams?

Okay focus.

The final hand seal was performed. Tatsuo pictured the appearance of someone in his mind. He pictured that of some random baker he had seen before. Focusing his mind the picture became clearer. There was like a poof of smoke, because that's canon for transforming into people in Naruto or something. Tatsuo opened his eyes to examine himself. Ah yes, it seemed that he had indeed transformed into the baker. It was perfect. Tatsuo was truly a master of jutsu, even though he isn't supposed to be.

Satisfied for that day, Tatsuo went about his business. Training complete.

Tatsuo woke early in the morning on this day. He yawned loudly and wiped his eyes rolling out of the bed to his feet. Today was a training day. That was what he decided on this fine morning. Quickly he ate, got dressed, and washed, though not in that order. Finally he was ready. He smiled slightly as he opened the door to his small home and stepped out into the village. Despite it being rather early in the morning there were already several people out roaming the streets doing whatever they do during this time. "Well, may as well start off slow." He said to himself his quiet voice only just being heard by the boy himself. With that he began to walk through the streets weaving his way through the crowd and having to avoid getting knocked over several times. Finally he made his way into an alleyway out of the way of the now crowded streets. He let out a sigh revealed to have made it there without getting himself flattened by the crowd. "Now then, let's get down to business." He slowly made his way towards the wall at the end of the alleyway. His gaze moved up and down the wall as he examined it.

Several splatters of a dried red substance were scattered across the wall. Along with that there were also what appeared to be several places where the wall seemed to have been worn down creating a sort of dent like shape in them. Tatsuo smiled again. "We'll aim for fifty this time." He raised his hands up to his face and clenched them into fists. Then he punched. His fist hit off the wall with all the force Tatsuo could put behind it. The pain instantly hit him. He clenched his teeth and punched at the wall once more. He stopped as his knuckles began to sting from the punches to the wall. 'C'mon Tatsuo, if you can't handle this then you can't handle anything!' He thought to himself before raising his hands up again. He swung two more punches before beginning in a steady rhythm. Five minutes later and he was still going at the steady pace from before. Tears had begun to well up in his eyes from the pain in his knuckles which were now scraped and bleeding. Blood now sprayed out into the alleyway from the punches that were being thrown. Two punches later and Tatsuo couldn't handle any more. "Damn it." He mumbled to himself slumping down onto the dirty floor of the alleyway. He wrapped his long sleeves around his hands to prevent the blood from escaping his knuckles and slowly stood to his feet. He was done for the day. With that he walked out of the alley knuckles bleeding and the rest of him sweating as he made his way home.

The next day Tatsuo was once more wandering through the streets of Konohagakure. His hands were now bandaged after his rather brutal punching the wall session he had yesterday. ‘What shall I do today?’ He thought to himself his gaze wandering from left to right as he looks around for anything interesting to do. He let out an irritated sigh as another person bumped into him. This was the 10th time this morning that this had happened. ‘I can’t stand remaining on this street any longer.’ He thought moving through the crowd to the side of a shop building. He examined the building for any easy ways to climb upwards onto the roof. He stopped it in the form of some conveniently placed boxes in front of the building. He smiled before running up to them; he used them as stairs for the most part before launching himself off the top one towards the roof. His hands grasped onto the edge of the roof before he pulled himself up rather easily with his light frame. The people below didn’t seem to pay him any attention however, they must have been used to people doing things like this a lot by now. Tatsuo stood up straight balancing himself on the roof; he wobbled slightly before finding his balance and then let his gaze wander. He stood there for several minutes simply staring at the rooftops around him before smiling once more. He took several steps back before running forward. He raced as fast as he could towards the edge of the roof he was on. Just before he ran straight of the roof he used his legs to push off from the rooftop leaping forward. He felt the wind race through his hair and heard it billow his baggy clothes out behind him. He stretched his leg forward feeling his foot come in contact with the roof of the building across from the one he was just on. As his other foot also landed on the rooftop he immediately began to go back into his run. With that he ran and leapt his way across the rooftops of Konohagakure. ‘Well this is one way to occupy my time.’ He thought to himself as he raced across the rooftops. What seemed like several hours later, though it was probably only about ten minutes, he felt his breath begin to falter. With that he stopped running. He panted having exerted most of his energy from basically sprinting for ten minutes and he felt the muscles in his leg burn and ache from the running. He felt sweat drip down from his forehead and he wiped it away with the back of his sleeve. Then he lay on the rooftop and closed his eyes too tired to move. It was dark when Tatsuo woke. He sat up and yawned wondering why he felt cold. Did he leave his window open? That was when he realised where he was. Yawning once more he stood up to his feet and began to rub his eyes. After about five minutes of stumbling around on the roof he managed to find a way to climb down. ‘Hm…I have no idea where I am.’ He thought to himself. The buildings around him looked unfamiliar though it being dark didn’t help. “Guess I have no choice but to do this the hard way.” He said out loud before setting off down the road. He set a steady pace as he wandered the dark streets spending most of the night trying to find his way home.

One week later and Tatsuo was in his bed gazing at the ceiling. He just didn’t feel like going out today. He wanted to do something easy and simple. He thought about this for a moment then it dawned on him. He would simply do some push ups. He smiled rolling out of bed and dropping to the floor. “We’ll start with one hundred.” He said out loud before beginning. He lowered himself down to the ground his hands firmly planted against the floor. He then slowly pushed his body upwards using his arm strength alone. He did this twice more before finding a steady rhythm. With that he set to work. Four minutes later he was done, he was slightly worn out from doing this and his arms ached slightly but it was nothing major, so he decided he could go for another one hundred. So that’s how he spent the rest of his morning, doing push ups until the muscles in his arms burned and screamed in protest to stop him from continuing. With that he went back to lying on the bed staring at the ceiling thinking of anything else he could do.

Then the montage ends and it fades to black.


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Montage Training [P]
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