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 Meeting Saya (IO)

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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Saya (IO)   Sun May 13, 2018 9:15 pm

Yurei afforded the pair of hooligans with a sympathetic and warm, yet tired smile. It seemed wherever they travelled, these two would bring chaos with them. The albino Uchiha hadn’t really met anyone like that before. In fact, most of the people in Hoshigakure were fairly serious and reserved. This didn’t stop the occasional fun, but this duo was something akin to that of hungry wolves nipping at one another. Generally, such agitation was a quiet thing in this place. Despite the pair’s issues, Yurei did admire the atmosphere they presented to the City Hidden in the Stars. It added some much needed flavor.

It wasn’t long before their idle hisses and spit devolved into a more calm departure. Despite not sharing much, Yurei already missed them, but given the circumstances it was for the best. The dark-haired girl before him gave a similar smile, though lacking in his intensity. She was particularly distant, and the thought of cracking her exterior beckoned the pale genin. Before he could speak up, however, she offered her thanks. It was no issue, nothing to boast about, and, frankly, Yurei felt saying ‘you’re welcome’ was undeserved. It was a simple genjutsu, one he had performed numerous times before. Still, it was quite the effective tool for suppression. The occasional scuffle here and there had more than made up for the time he spent mastering the jutsu. This was especially true given the nature of Hoshigakure. Religious zealots had, at times, gotten too rowdy in their protests again shinobi, the very people protecting them.

Yurei dismissed the thought, vying for a more positive note. He was, after all, trying to be welcoming. This would simply make his blood boil, and focusing on his ambitions rather than their source made it easier to keep his composure. Saya picked up her train a thought on what the pale Uchiha figured for a description on their little situation here, but her words quickly fell off her tongue. The Uchiha smiled once more, waiting for her response.

“...an interesting place.”

The white-haired Uchiha blew warm hair from his flared nostril in a chortle. That is was. Hoshigakure was, perhaps, a little too interesting for his liking. And for what appeared to be an outsider… well, the city hidden in the stars was certainly different if Komon’s description meant anything. That difference kept Yurei going, however. It was empowering in a way, knowing that the hatred of shinobi wasn’t shared in other places. Though he had never been, in more ways than one, Kumogakure felt more like home. The pale Uchiha longed for a place such a that, one free of the religious hatred spewed by so many. It boiled within Yurei’s belly, and the constant anger he held toward it called for more repression. He brought it to a simmer, placing it on the backburner of his mind. Change is what mattered right now. That was something to look forward to.

”That’s a respectable goal.”

Yurei granted the girl with a shy nod and a toothy smile, rubbing the back of his head. “Daw, it’s nothing, really,” he chuckled. It was, though. It was everything. Every action he ever took was for that goal, for the betterment of the village and its people. Better yet, this kunoichi actually liked his goal. That was already a staunch difference from Sakana, but, at the same time, he hadn’t really gone into detail. It didn’t bother him, though. He knew for certain that he was in the right, and he didn’t need to approval of someone he had just met, even if the acknowledgement had left him somewhat fuzzy on the inside.

“I too wish to do the same thing with my village.”

The Uchiha’s smile shifted into a smirk, then deteriorated into a flat expression of concern. He looked to the side for a moment, thinking, before perking up. “Hey, tell you what. When I’m done here, maybe I can give your village a good change, huh?” Yurei smiled, chuckling. For a moment, then, the Uchiha thought of the issues of other villages and the prospect of rectifying them. Unity was an alluring concept to him, but more so than that desire to lend his aide. But not yet. Hoshigakure had too many pressing matters. It was too close to him for now, and he wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that so much was wrong here while he ventured off, leaving his mother, Akio, and Damon behind.

There was, of course, the question of where exactly this girl was from as well. Kumogakure had remained a thought in his head, but she hadn’t confirmed it. All things considered, however, it was the most likely choice, especially given the issues with the village that Sakana had outlined.

The girl opened up from the note of change to one of greeting, introducing herself as Saya. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, too,” Yurei would say, nodding firmly and cheerfully. He returned her modest bow, careful not to ram his head into hers. Despite her company, Saya seemed very proper and perhaps a little uptight, though the Uchiha found it a small goal of his to whittle away that tough barrier between them. He had a way of making friends.

This, however, was not to be. At least not for now.

”I’m sorry to cut it short, Yurei, but it seems that I need to go and talk to my friends from earlier.”

“Oh,” Yurei replied, his smile fading. Oh well. “I guess so,” he’d say, giving a faint smile and fluttering nods. “Better to keep an eye on those two,” he’d say. The disappointment was palpable in his voice. The girl extended his hand, and Yurei, eyeing it for just a moment, extended his own, gifting a firm and warm departure.

”I’m from Kumogakure, by the way.”

The genin lit up to a degree, smiling. It was a small success, one likely ending in futility, but it pleased him nonetheless. So now he knew three people from this village, and if Komon and Saya were any indication, there were some good people there.

Sakana, on the other hand, left little to be desired, but two out of three were good odds, right?

”If you ever need help or find yourself around Kumogakure, look for me. Saya Kirihara, okay?”

Yurei gave a confident nod and endearing grin. “Will do! Glad to have met you, Saya Kirihara!” The Uchiha waved goodbye as the girl departed.

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Komon Hyuuga
Komon Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting Saya (IO)   Sun May 13, 2018 9:21 pm

Late af exit but approved my guy

"Never mind your happiness, do your duty"
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Meeting Saya (IO)
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