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 Leaving soon.

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Hikari Namikaze
Nova Corps
Nova Corps

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Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
Bloodline : Golden Eyes (V2)
Ryo : 100600

PostSubject: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:58 pm

So, I wanted to give the heads up that I will be leaving the site (Temporarily) as soon as all my current story line plans are wrapped up. There are alot of reasons for this, and if you think that this leaving of the site is because of you, while you are probably part of the reason, you are not the main reason.

Reasons for leaving


So first of all, I know we are not really supposed to talk about IRL stuff, but I honestly I don't think I will get a permanent ban for it, and I don't really care about ban strikes enough to change my mind, and if anyone doesn't want to read this, they can easily skip over it. So, as a lot of people know, I had to leave for a trip about a month back. When I returned, My mother informed me that she had breast cancer and she was going to go to surgery for it the following day. Now, surprisingly this didn't bother me to much, (Probably because my parents and I have never been close, and it was in its early stages, so there was a less then one percent chance of fatality) however, the following events did. Once My mother got out of treatment, she was unable to drive for the following while, and as such I had to take up all her volunteer work at our church. Usualy that wouldn't be to much of a big deal, but she kept getting the credit for the work I was doing, and even more so because she was recovering from cancer and was still doing work. With that in mind My mother decided to sign up for everything possible and make me do all the work for it, killing my time more and more.

On top of that, I just recently graduated from College, and am currently looking for a Job, and my Dad (Who is mad as all heck that I didn't have a job before I graduated) has put on an unrealistic goal of making me fill out 50 job Apps a day. That is something kind of hard already, but combine that with the fact that I am driving some times more than 12 hours a day, it makes to post, and I hate the fact that I am making people wait for a post. (Namely want to apologize to Satomi and Xy, who has been super active and have been waiting for me the most, To Satomi,  I really like your idea with trying to steal information on your opponents, but With all honesty, Hikari isn't supposed to have that information you are looking for, and it more just a CD thing for Hikari, so I think i need to turn you down. (If this was DND and I was DMing though, I would totally not just allow it, but give you bonus points for it as well. As for Xy, I am actually kind of glad the thread turned out the way it has, I didn't think Angel had progressed enough to be a Chunin anyways, and I am glad that we are now both free of this thread. While it was an honor RPING with you, I was nervous as all heck during that thread that I would make big mistakes (Which I did). )

Just so people understand how insane it was, Yesterday, I woke up at 3 A.M. on one of the days that I wasn't supposed to be doing any driving in order to post for Xy and Satomi. (Because I knew my parrents were going to find me someway to drive anyways.) I had decided to change my avatar for Angel to something that matched the Bullet club theme that Takeo and Xy were doing just for fun, However, My parrents entered my room shortly after (Not even knowing I was up) And told me to go pick up someone from the air port that needed a ride. Without much of a choice, I was forced to quickly get my stuff and leave. about 11 hours later, I was still waiting at the air port for the person, and had been trying to get in contact with my parrents about when the person was supposed to get here. After all that time, they finally picked up, and basicly told me that the person had been at the house for the last few hours, not having realized I was there to pick him up and just grabbing an uber and coming.

The Alice in Hikari's room situation

First thing I need to say is I accept Aki's apology about the thread, And Kolb, I know you sent me a PM on the subject, I Have unfortunately not had time to read it yet, but I do plan to soon (I am not just ignoring you). Also, this is kind of going to be awkward for me because my IRL name is Alice. So, apparently there was a huge complaint about the fact that Hikari's actions of letting a stranger into her house was.... was was the words that was used again? I believe it was "There is no IC reasoning behind it." Here is my argument to anyone who would like to make that argument to me. "Have you ever actualy read a single one of Hikari's threads?" Not only was it 100 percent in character for her, but I would say I was meta gaming if I didn't.  To summarize, Hikari is a naive girl (Think a Lawful stupid paladin) who likes to think the best of everyone, and when A girl (Hikari couldn't know that she was a shinobi because of her eye patch) around her age came up to her, who apparently traveled from a long way away to see the library, the basically holy ground for Hikari (It is very rare that any thread I make as her doesn't go there), Hikari saw this instantly as an opportunity to make a friend, and offered up her home to her. (Hikari only has one Female friend in hoshi around her age, Zee, and for those of you who doesn't know how that friendship is.... well... lets just say Hikari would like a bigger friend group.) Basically, anyone who had actually read a thread with Hikari wouldn't even question if this was IC for her, and those who know me IRL and have played with me in a dungeons and dragons game before would be like "Um, you think Alice would make a character that wasn't like that?"

Along that note, most people think that that thread was planned as a way to get the members of Hitsuyō Aku information on Kumo's defenses. I have a few things I would like to say about that.
The First thing I would like to ask is people to stop calling them "The Anti-Kumo group" Prehaps it doesn't bother other members, but It does very much well bother me. To those in Kumo, what If I started calling you the "Anti Hoshi/Suna group?" Would you guys enjoy that?  H.A. Is a lot more then just a group of people attempting to take down Kumogakure, they are trying to rebuild Suna, and more than that, they are just a group that enjoys Role playing together.

Second I fully admit that, yes, I have a contest alt with less than 20 IC post that runs with the anti Kumo group. My question to those who are attempting to use that as evidence to us preplaning this is simple, "Please get to your point." While that is motive of there being OOC interference on the thread, that by no means is evidence to point that out. As I said earlier, Hikari's actions are more than IC for her, so what sort of evidence do people have that this was Preplaned?

For those who are curious about what the full story is behind that thread, I am more then willing to explain the situation. One day, shortly before I went to mass, I got a Skype messege via H.A. Chat from Jace asking me to let Alice into Hoshi. My original response was "No, I am busy, and once I get back, I need to post for Xy. Besides, by the time I get back, someone else will have taken that thread for you." So I finished up my business, came home, sat down to make a post, but hit writers block hard. After a bit of time trying to figure out what to write, I saw that Jace's thread was still unanswered. As such, I decided I could do that thread and get some creative juices flowing, it might be enough to kick start me up again. So, I took the thread and when Alice said that she was sightseeing, my initital reaction was "That isn't enough to get you into Hoshi." However, thinking about it, hoshi Basically lets everyone in, so I ran it by Hoshi Chat, and Miyamoto said that he thought I should let her in. That being said, I did decide to troll Jace a little bit and asked what she wanted to see. To my surprise, one of the thing that he said was to see the library, and the rest of of Hikari's actions could be seen above. Jace had no idea I was going to let her do that (Which now the proof of that has been presented to the mod chat) and was merely a normal everyday role playing event. (I will confess, after the thread, we did discuss the possibility of allowing Alice to steal 10k from Hikari, not because I was in A.H. but because I felt like I owed Jace for giving me his Uchiha spot, but Yen told us that seemed a little metagamy, so we decided not to.)  But now, I am being verbally assaulted OOC for IC actions.

Along that note, I would like to point out the fact that Kolb entering that thread and verbally assaulting me was by no means the actions of a mod, or even a normal player for that case. First of all, no Moderator had been asked by Alice to enter that thread, so there was no reason a Mod should of been in that thread. I don't care if the entire site complained about the thread, That was a thread Jace made, and by all rights Jace had every right to void that thread if he saw fit. But instead that happening, or him requesting a mod to look at it for approval, another entity entered that, insulted me (Who wasn't even in that thread) and attempted to God Mod my character.

Another point I would like to bring up is the fact that Kolb has this bad habbit of entering threads, prematurely approving them, and basicly ending the thread. I can think of two threads off the top of my head (A genin exam, and a deep philosophical thread) That she jumped in and approved before either party was ready to have their exit approved, and as such killed of the thread. I Understand that this action specifically is Kolb attempting to help people, however, it has become a problem which I feel like is mandatory for me to state at this point.

Lack of fun

Akihana basically forcing a thread to be voided so she can make a private thread and let the Kumo kids in.

My Chunin exam basically turning into a 3v1 (At least for a short time) when I was promised for a 1v1v1, and basicly being turned into a "This exam is made for Kenshin to prove himself to Aki" thread.

Kenshin  leaving the site and kind of leaving me dry about my Character development thread.

Constant comments by the Kumo kids in chat about how "Oh, you want us dead! You are 5 v 1 us, and are trying to kill all of our genin!" (Dispite the fact that when we joined that thread, it was actually 6v5)

The CC being down for multiple months now, with no reopen date in sight.

Basicly, the site is becoming less and less fun for me. I find my main reason to be a part of this site now in days is just to make sure that no Hoshi genin are stuck in the situation I was in and basicly made to wait for months for an opportunity to preform the chunin exam. Now, while that is fun and I am more then happy to do it (I actually asked for the role) I still feel like I am giving a lot more then I am taking.


As such, I will be taking a leave of absence as soon as all my story lines finish up, and all the Hoshi Chunin exams are over. As of right now, I do plan to return, probably early V7, but I have no idea how long that is going to be. I plan to be on later tonight, where I am more than willing to discuss more in detail if anyone has questions, but as of right now I am being grabbed to run another errand for my parents (Also, sorry about the grammar errors and possibly missing words, I basically had to type this up as quickly as possible because I needed to get it off my chest.)

"I do not fear death. What I fear is doing nothing and losing everything."
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Element(s) : Sand
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Ryo : 18000

PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:05 pm

Quote :
As of right now, I do plan to return, probably early V7, but I have no idea how long that is going to be.

See you next year then, have fun.

You'll be glad of the hateful things I do someday.
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:17 pm

In all honesty, I didn't want to do what I did but it feels unfair for everyone else if I allowed you so much time and then complain about them. Again though, if you sent me a PM to explain the circumstances I would have been more than willing to delay it a bit longer, because in all honesty you kinda cucked me on my cool explanations. If there was more time, I'd be willing to void the Samehada little leagues throw for some CD but as it sounds you're far too busy as is so I guess a psychopathic Kage will have to remain.

I hope you find your muse again though, I know quite a few people who've lost their muse due to recent events on the site. The Kumo kids are probably just doing bants, but give them time, they're just very bad at it. Not everyone can be born British and innately have fire banter.

"Even those who have nothing, can give their lives"

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Hikari Hyuuga <3
Jounin of Konoha
Jounin of Konoha

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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:34 pm

I'm sorry to hear about all of this, Hikari. I hope with some time away from the site you'll be able to relax a bit (at least from the pressure of finding time to post), and I really do hope your IRL problem's resolve quickly somehow :/

It was nice getting to talk with you in the CB, Hikari! You are very nice, and well informed. It was a pleasure to meet you~ ^_^

If you do for a fact come back for v7, I think it is only natural for the two Hikari's of the site to finally meet IC XD

Alt Siggy's:


Last edited by Hikari Hyuuga on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:26 am; edited 3 times in total
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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:40 pm

Quote :

The First thing I would like to ask is people to stop calling them "The Anti-Kumo group" Prehaps it doesn't bother other members, but It does very much well bother me. To those in Kumo, what If I started calling you the "Anti Hoshi/Suna group?" Would you guys enjoy that?  H.A. Is a lot more then just a group of people attempting to take down Kumogakure, they are trying to rebuild Suna, and more than that, they are just a group that enjoys Role playing together.

Constant comments by the Kumo kids in chat about how "Oh, you want us dead! You are 5 v 1 us, and are trying to kill all of our genin!" (Dispite the fact that when we joined that thread, it was actually 6v5)

Anti-Kumo is just easier to spell. And Kumo is a village while that group is. well that. Also really nobody in Kumo has shown the whole anti-whatever mindset, at least IC. And idk im tired of correcting this, but we had one dude in a thread where 5 of you jumped in. There was a chuunin and 4 genin staying out of the thread, and a couple of the genin didnt even have 100 stats, in comparison to a queensguard, jounin, and a bunch of chuunin, but whatever, I've got work now so Ill leave that be.

In all seriousness though, I'm sorry for all this IRL stuff that's popped up, and wish you the best.

To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.
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Sakana Meijin
Chuunin of Kumo
Chuunin of Kumo

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Clan Element : Water
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:55 pm

I am truly sorry to hear about your mother, and the situation that occurred after it. Life sucks at times, it gets crazy and overwhelming. You shouldn’t have to have the added stress that the site causes you. It’s supposed to be a game and I have to admit everyone (myself included) takes it too seriously at times and it can cause ourselves or the people we interact with to feel stressed. I really hope things settle down for you. (P.S. Congrats on graduating college, that’s really cool.)
As per the Anti kumo group thing. We, the kumo kids never started that name, I’m 99% sure it wasn’t us. I believe Ren was the first to call the group Anti kumo and it pretty much just stuck. I’m sorry that we made you feel attacked with the Alice thread, I swear to you that we didn’t want any of that to happen.
I will be sad to see you leave the site even for a little while. It’s a sad day when anyone leaves. Sorry if I ever aided in that stress, it was never my intention. I hope to see you back soon.

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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Clan : None/Kobayashi
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:10 pm

Start this from the beginning. I apologize if you took offense to what was said in Alice's thread. It was not my intention to attack you personally in anyway or to make you feel bullied. I should have worded what I said in a better manner. What I did was simply replied with the complaint that I had gotten without editing it, which was my error.

I can't apologize for posting it, and I will explain why. My intention with my post was to let Jace know that the thread might be voided so if he had an argument for why it should be allowed he could offer it. We did have a discussion in mod chat about voiding the thread, however it was quickly shot down. The reason I brought up voiding the thread was because I had received several complaint about it, and their reasons were listed.

As a mod, as a person in general, if someone comes to me with a complaint it is my duty to address it and just simply do what I can to fix it. What I should have done however, was ensured that what I posted did not in anyway look to disparage upon any member of the site. So I apologize that, that was what you thought I was doing. It's important that you know, that, that was never my intention. I simply wanted Jace to know what was going on, and have a chance to defend himself.

That was the PM I sent you hikari. I shouldn't have to explain this but I will. All exits from a thread MUST be approved. That has been a policy for a long time. Jace posted an exit at the end of his post, no one has posted in that post for at least over 24 hours when I came in and posted what's i did. Honestly Aki saying that the thread wasn't up for a void is a down rift misinterpretation. We did talk about it in mod chat and I did bring it up for a void.

As stated in the pm I sent you my intent with what I wrote was not to disparage you or question your character but to bring up the reasons as to why I was presenting it to Mod chat to be voided (where we, to include Aki, talked about t and voted not to void it). I want you two to be able to offer your two cents in on why the thread should not be voided.

I fully admit that I could have worded it better. I should have done so. I tend to be gruff and rough around the edges, and don't always word things so nicely. It's always been a bad habit of mine one I always work on but it was by no means ever an attack on you or Jace.

And while you're sitting here telling me I tried to God mod your actions IC you are sitting here trying to God mod my actions in real life. None of you, to include Aki EVER said a word to
Me about it. Only thing ever said was bun jace when he asked why I was approving something without claims, which as a former mod he should know was because he posted and exit (which to digress quickly the threads your mentioning all had exits posted at their end. Sure I jumped the gun approving them and I admitted to that and have since corrected that action and usually wait at least 48 hours before doing so).

On to my next point, in that no one not even Aki ever asked me why I posted what I did. You all just jumped in feet first assuming the worst, which makes no sense since I have never not once ever taken to disparaging or attacking any member on this site. I personally feel the two of you should have ASKED me what the hell I was thinking when I posted it and what my intention was. It would have saved a lot of time and trouble for everyone involved.

To address this anti Kumo thing: we didn't start that. Ren did. He even referred to it as the anti-Kumo group quite often. It was simply a trend that picked up. And frankly go ahead and call us anti-Hoshi or anti-suna, you'd be incorrect no one in Kumo is anti any village. By I assure you most of Kumo would have no issue in fact we'd likely laugh about it. The Kumo people are playing out their characters, characters who love Kumo and it's climate and are being forced to another village and it's climate and its populace is very different from our own in that they hate civilians. 

Also I've personally read the majority of your threads, approved many of them. 

But look; I understand, stuff happens. People assuming things. We don't always talk it out like we should. I hold no Ill will towards you or even anyone else on this site. I felt the need to post everything above because frankly a lot of your post was a direct comment to me and my actions and it is only right that I get the chance to air out my own dirty laundry, so to speak.

I'm sorry you're leaving, you're a great writer with great activity and you've personally took on assisting not only in Hoshi but the MN group and Mist. I'm also sorry about your mother, I offer my condolences. I know, quit intimately, how difficult dealing with cancer is and I wish your mother the best of luck in beating it. 


Stats Page
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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:30 pm

I can't speak for IC issues, but I will offer my condolences and my sympathies for your IRL issues. I hope everything works out for the best and wish you and your family well!

Health:25  Chakra:125 (+25)  Stamina:60 (+421 AP) Speed:100  Strength:40
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Kyson <3

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Element(s) : Water, Wind, Earth
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:05 am

Hope everything works out in the end. And hopefully we can do an official topic when you get back lol

Health: 40 (+25)
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Element(s) : Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   Sat Jul 29, 2017 12:06 pm

@Kobayashi Senshi <3 wrote:

As a mod, as a person in general, if someone comes to me with a complaint it is my duty to address it
It is your duty to address it impartialy. You are not Kumo's personal mod, your a site mod first and a Kumo player second, or at least that is how it is supposed to be.
@Kobayashi Senshi <3 wrote:

All exits from a thread MUST be approved. That has been a policy for a long time.
Since when, right up until you joined the mod team I had not seen a single exit or travel thread require approval during my entire time on the site.
@Kobayashi Senshi <3 wrote:

Honestly Aki saying that the thread wasn't up for a void is a down rift misinterpretation.
Unless I'm misunderstanding your story the thread wasnt up for a void, you made the claim that it was up for a void then were shot down when you asked about it in staff chat.

@Kobayashi Senshi <3 wrote:

And while you're sitting here telling me I tried to God mod your actions IC you are sitting here trying to God mod my actions in real life. None of you, to include Aki EVER said a word to me about it.

I read this and said "what the fuck" aloud I was that confused by this, How does someone god mod you in real life? Are you telling me that hikari is actually a witch that is manipulating your actions with some wierd hoodo or something?

@Kobayashi Senshi <3 wrote:

To address this anti Kumo thing: we didn't start that. Ren did. He even referred to it as the anti-Kumo group quite often.
Please don't blame things on me without proof, I called the group an anti-terrorism group, the first person I encountered calling us anti-kumo was one of the K-twins although I have no idea who first used the term

Ren Tsubasa
Health: 40
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PostSubject: Re: Leaving soon.   

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Leaving soon.
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