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 Moukton Jutsu Incoming

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Ban Senju
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha
Ban Senju

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water/Suiton
Clan : Senju
Clan Element : Wood/Moukton
Bloodline : Sages Body
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Moukton Jutsu Incoming   Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:56 am

Life was becoming more meaningful to Ban every day. He wasn't sure yet what his true purpose in living was. In his own opinion, maybe humans just didn't have purposes. Maybe humans were just like any other living species, and simply reproduced and tried their best to make their species larger and survive. To evolve and protect themselves to increase their population. But then why so many wars? Why so much death in this world ruled by the human species? Why so much hate and anger? It could be that all of us didn't realize how much it inflicted pain. Or maybe humans set their mind to a certain thing, and that then became their purpose. Maybe humans decided what their own purpose was. That was Bans idea on his purpose. But he still had decided what his true purpose was. He knew he most likely would figure that out, sooner or later. Ban enjoyed searching deep into the crevices of his mind for interesting and difficult topics such as this one. He liked thinking normally overall. 

 Today was an amazing day outside in Bans mind. The sky was dotted with large, fluffy, and grey cumulus clouds. The sun was covered by them so the air was not too hot, it was a little cool. There was a slight breeze, sometimes it was whipped up into a strong wind but only on a few occasions, releasing its fury. The earths voice, blew drizzles of rain drops from the sky around. It was barely a drizzle at all. They could hardly be felt on the skin when dropped. The smell in the air was fresh just like nature. Ban was happy, as today was a very important day to him. He had just recently learned the earth release element, Doton. Now he knew the earth and water release elements. That would mean Ban could train for the wood release, the kekke genkai of the Senju clan, Moukton! 

 Ban was so intensely filled with happiness and joy on this day. He had longed for this for so long. Maybe this was his purpose, to learn the secrets of his Senju clan, and in time create more for other to find. Perhaps he would make the name of the Senju clan become clung to him, so that when people thought of the Senju clan, they would think of the strongest Senju shinobi to live, Ban Senju. That idea intrigued him and he liked the track his mind was on at the moment. Ban was tired of just dreaming at this point. He would hurriedly begin making his way to the forest. He would head to the stream he had so many times trained at before. He was saving it mostly for this time now. He also wanted to learn the wood element in the forest, not just because he had trained in that area before. The forest was the home of his Senju clan. Ban would be most comfortable learning his bloodline in his own original home. 

Once Ban made it into his personal training area, he immediately plopped down next to the stream, legs crossed and arms resting on them. Before he began he needed to calm himself and feel no emotion. He wanted as much focus as he could get right now. However, his happiness and excitement just wouldn't seem to subside. He had waited six entire years for this moment right now. He had wanted this since he was the age of 10, but wasn't allowed to become a shinobi. He sighed in attempt to exhale his ecstatic feelings with the breath, but no luck. He however knew once he was in the chamber of his mind, locked in the state of meditation, he could focus without the distraction of feelings. Ban took deep breaths and closed his eyes. He focused on the darkness, and soon, in his mind a wooden door formed. It was made of English oak, and had a golden door knob made of real gold. The door was able to be locked, and only Ban had the key. His key was his own will. The door swung open under his will and he stepped into his meditation chamber. He closed the door behind him, and assumed the same position he was in, in the real outer world. Now, he was medatating about the element of wood. The trees were his first thought. Trees had many uses. They were essential for the survival of many different species. Humans also used trees. Wood was a very useful resource. It wasn't necessary in human life but it was definitely a good thing to have. Wood from trees were used to build shelter, chopsticks, could be made into paper, and many more. Ban couldn't even fathom all of the uses for wood at once. 

 Water and earth were what wood was based from. The water was a necessity for all life, and earth was the home to all life. Put them together and you get something beatiful. Wood was a difficult and unyielding element, which actually matches Ban. Wood could be stubborn but it was an amazing thing. Trees grew leaves and fruits which were food for all types of herbivores and omnivores. Apple trees, cherry trees, peach trees, plumb trees, and many others that were known, and unknown as well. Ban now focused on bringing all of that into his chamber. The chamber was a representation of his thought, and at the center himself. His chakra was in fact a part of himself. He brought all of the thought inwards to himself. He seemingly absorbed the thought into his body, and made them all a part of his chakra too. His chakra system flowing through his body, was glowing blue currently. But when the thoughts and reflections on the element of wood entered his body, his chakra system began to glow a leaf green color. Ban knew he had done it. He finally had made the element of wood a part of himself. However he did not want to exit his chamber of thoughts yet. He stayed and continued to reflect on things not just the wood element. It was so peaceful in his mind at the time and he enjoyed it very much. 

WC: 1,045
Claiming Moukton
Claiming 5 Stats

It's beauty in the struggle and ugliness in the success.

Last edited by Ban Senju on Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:04 am; edited 1 time in total
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Valen Akari
Missing-Nin S
Missing-Nin S
Valen Akari

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Element(s) : Lightning, Fire, Wind, Li
Clan : Akari
Clan Element : Light
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PostSubject: Re: Moukton Jutsu Incoming   Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:00 am


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Moukton Jutsu Incoming
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