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 Hidden Mist Jutsu Training [Private]

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Ban Senju
Genin of Konoha
Genin of Konoha

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  • Leaf

Element(s) : Water/Suiton
Clan : Senju
Clan Element : Wood/Moukton
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PostSubject: Hidden Mist Jutsu Training [Private]   Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:55 am

 Today was the first day of Ban's training as a genin. Just the other day he had received his rank advancement from a genin exam much unexpected. All of the other students had been a genjutsu, an illusion, aside from one. This one was the head of the Aburame clan, Yensung Aburame. He had made the genin exam very troublesome for Ban and Ban didn't like it at all. The man talked too much and asked too many questions of him. One thing Ban did like about Yensung though was that he said he would teach him how to use the earth release also know as the doton release. That would allow Ban to learn the secret wood release or moukton release of his Senju clan. But today however he decided he would learn some more of the water element jutsu. The way Yensung had easily weakened Ban made him angry and motivated him to get stronger. He never wanted to be in that type of situation again. That's what he had decided after he had became a genin.

 Now Ban was in the forest again in the same area by the stream. This time the stream would be useful to him seeing as he needed a source of water to even attempt this jutsu. The jutsu was called the Hidden Mist Jutsu. Ban wanted to learn it because he imagined it would be useful in battle situations take the luxury of sight away from his opponent, unless they were to be of the Hyuuga clan and posses the Byakugan but that wouldn't be 100% of the time so it would be fine. The only hand sign required in this jutsu was the tiger hand sign which Ban already knew and had used a few times learning jutsu and performing jutsu in his genin exam. He placed his hands flat together vertically, then interlaced both of his ring finger and pinky finger leaving the rest the way they were. He then called out hidden mist jutsu looking at the stream expecting a response. Looking closely to the stream he noticed about a handful of mist rising from the water. Ban sighed and while doing so a frog jumped splashing into the water not making much of an impact but spraying water on Bans face. He slowly lifted his head up and wiped his face with his shirt. This could take a minute.

 Ban put his hands together again forming the tiger hand sign with another attempt at the hidden mist jutsu. This time before actually trying the jutsu, he visualized it in his mind. Closing his eyes but still holding the hand sign, he imagined himself standing in the forest, the rush of the stream, and birds chirping. Feeling the breeze on his face, and blowing his hair. He pictured fog rising from the stream and slowly but surely wrapping itself around ban like a blanket. He was in the center of all of it. He tried seeing the fog materialize from the stream faster and also making the fog thicker and harder to see through. Ban softly said aloud the name of the jutsu, eyes still shut. He kept the image and process of the jutsu in his mind for about 30 more seconds then opened his eyes. He looked around himself and didn't notice much. Regardless, there was a thin layer of mist around his body. It was transparent and Ban was able to see through it to his skin and clothes but he wasn't disappointed because this was progress with the jutsu and meant he could most definitely learn and utilize it. Yet he didn't know exactly when. Ban liked this jutsu, he ran through scenarios in his head of mastering this jutsu and using it in a battle. He surrounded his opponent with the jutsu placing them in the center, he then sent tendrils of wood at them at high speeds. He wasn't sure what he'd do from there because he would need a reaction from the foe. The thought of learning new and powerful jutsu excited Ban. He soon realized he was lost in his thoughts and snapped back into focus.

 Once more forming the tiger hand sign Ban watched the stream closely, this time he watched as mist spiraled out of the stream towards him and started to cover him up in a sort of cloak. The mist was thicker and also had more diameter this time, about half a meter in diameter spread away from Ban and it was still in a way transparent but not so much so as the second time he had tried to summon mist. Before releasing it from himself he tried adding on more mist to the already materialized sort, making it thicker and farther away from him. Ban looked on as it rose from the stream like a cloud and added on while also becoming less transparent. He managed to get it a meter in diameter away from himself in the center of the fog. He knew now that he was definitely to do above and beyond what he had now but he needed to focus more chakra on it. He formed the tiger hand sign and again watched the mist rising from the stream. He fed it more and more chakra as he watched the "cloud" grow larger and get farther away from him. Soon it was at least 8 meters away from Ban in the center and not very transparent. Ban needed to squint so he was able to see through. He wasn't able to see deep into the forest anymore or even see his feet or the sky. Satisfied, he released his hidden mist jutsu and watched the mist fade into the air most likely as water vapor. He knew he hadn't mastered his potential completely with this jutsu but for now it was good enough. He had more jutsu he needed to learn if he was to grow stronger. He dusted himself off and began on his way home

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Kobayashi Senshi <3
Jounin of Kumo
Jounin of Kumo

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PostSubject: Re: Hidden Mist Jutsu Training [Private]   Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:59 am



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Hidden Mist Jutsu Training [Private]
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