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 Setsuna Hayabusa's Stats

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Setsuna Hayabusa
Missing-Nin D
Missing-Nin D

Fame : 0
Home Village :
  • Volcano

Element(s) : Water
Clan : Hyuuga
Clan Element : None
Bloodline : Byakugan
Ryo : 3200

PostSubject: Setsuna Hayabusa's Stats   Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:14 pm

Name: Setsuna Hayabusa
Rank: D rank
Bijuu: None
V1 - None
V2 - None
Full Beast - None

Clan: Hyuuga
KKG: Byakugan

Current Stat Points: 80
Current Action Points: 81

Health: 10
Chakra: 19 (10)
Stamina: 8
Speed: 23 (10)
Strength: 20

Specialties: Ninjutsu
Element(s): Water

Jutsu Unlocked





Hidden Mist Technique [Mastered / No Hands]
Water Replacement
Temporary Paralysis
Body Flicker Technique

Substitution Technique
Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Surface Walking Technique
Genjutsu Release

Skills Unlocked:
Hyuuga Body

Items on your person:
Shuriken / 5
Kunai / 5
Smoke Bomb / 2
Explosive Tags / 2
Weapon Pouch / 2
Chestnuts of Roasting / 1
Sugar Plum / 1
Christmas Cracker / 3
Ever-Burning Candle / 1
Exploding Present / 1

Character Codex:
Ciel "Pico" Duchamp: Pending...
0 / 0

10% WC Discount
15% WC Discount
2750 WC

Your Story:
A Thief an his Arsenal- After Setsuna realized that he was severely lacking in skills that he would need in order to grab the big pay out contracts that he really want, He decided to enhance his arsenal, by learning some new techniques. One of which, is the hidden mist jutsu. Ironically, Setsuna first viewed the technique as a trivial technique. However, after analyzing it further, it is now one of his favorite, if not most favorite jutsu.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
A Thief's new trick- Continuing his training out side the Black Market, Setsuna enjoyed his new just so much, after tinkering with it a bit more, he managed to learn how to use it, without weaving hand signs. Setsuna prophesies that this will greatly come in handy when he pulls off his next job.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
The Mind of a Thief- Setsuna takes a trip down memory lane, and relives a moment in his life as a child that gives hint to how he views life. Everything is just a thing, the only value it has, is how much money it can bring to the table.
A Thief's Situation - Setsuna grows wary of the Employer, ever since the day he was found out by him. His grip on Setsuna, caused him to remember much difficult memories from the past. First the Volcano Village, now the Black Market. However, as he tries to formulate a plan to get out of this mess, some unexpected visitors come for him. Speak of the devil, and he shall appear.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
A Thief's Deja Vu- After being picked up from the alley, Setsuna is yet again, forcefully summoned by the Employer. The two have a very tense conversation, however, Setsuna finally learns of the dollar amount he is must pay back. Now, Setsuna has two choices. Either he must carry out the tasks given to him by the Employer, or, he must venture outside the Black Market, and steal 7500 ryo; or, at least something worth that amount.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
A Thief's Recollection- After being released from the Employer's office, he decides to get some food from one of the local pubs. There, he remembers a time back in the volcano village, when he attended the academy. From that, he decides to practice one of the old academy jutsu, the Release Technique.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
A Thief's Ambition Part 1- Setsuna begins his to strengthen his jutsu, so that he may be able to not only take on higher paying jobs, but also break away from the "Employer" as well.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
A Thief's Ambition Part 2- Setsuna continues his training, now inquiring a prison escape technique. He feels he is getting closer to his goal. He also discovers his recent interest in scorpions.

Furthering his training, he develops a new skill, a skill that allows him to secure weapons into his hands more rapidly. He intends to enhance this skill in the future.
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
Christmas Claim Topic- Seasonal Claim Topic
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Setsuna Hayabusa's Stats
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