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PostSubject: Luther prepares (training) [P][NK]   Luther prepares (training) [P][NK] I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 25, 2017 7:49 pm

Luther picked up his wooden sword and was ready to return home before he stopped himself. “If I train more now, I’ll be able to show my parents some rapid growth. And that will put them at ease more than just learning about my acquiring the Meigan.”
Luther walked back to the center of the roof-top, with a new found confidence after having finally activated his Meigan. Holding the wooden sword, Luther thought about what he would need to be a great swordsman. He would certainly need chakra infusion in order to combine his lightning with his swordsmanship. With that combination, he’d have a better chance against his peers when the time for fighting finally rolled around again.
Luther acted as if his wooden practice sword was sheathed, placing it beside his left side of his waist. Now, he would draw it quickly having it carve through the chilling air around him.  The young shinobi releases the tension from his body, actively feeling each and every joint null to a point of total contentment. “I’ll need to be clear of mind in order to conjure up my chakra in into this test blade of mine here.” Luther said, still trying to ease the rest of his arms.
Some short point of time passed and now he was ready to begin his first attempt at taking his natural chakra and turning it into a material form that would allow him to infuse his weapons and other items with his own chakra. Luther had a few ideas of how to begin this training besides just meditating and making sure his mind was up for the task.

“I’m gonna need to imagine that the chakra literally is flowing into my weapon as I control it.” Luther said. At times like these, he’d often wish he had some way of making his training easier. But, within a significant level of struggle, what was a shinobi to be anyway. Thus, Luther outstretched the wooden sword high into the air and began to image out in his mind a flowing fountain going up made of blue chakra that would gracefully flow into the middle portion of his blade and then sprout out slowly like a growing flower in its early stages of blooming. Then again, this was just an image and it he would need to be able to physically conjure something as well. Which was also a whole entire different story than that of the one mentioned earlier.

He could feel the flow of chakra however, it was moving slightly within his arms and rising upward until feeling a slight stop near the base of his wrist. “Granted, I am trying to initiate this without any form of hand signs. It is obvious that most people do not use hand signs when they have some form of weaponry to master… but there was never a rule going against the use of hand signs when simply practicing a technique that was going to later be swapped over to non-hand sign usage only.
Luther slowly lowered his wooden sword and looked over to his left hand. “What type of hand sign could I use that would initiate some form of chakra infusion-like control?” Luther thought to himself. Surely, there had to be something. But the main problem was, that he didn’t know what that exact hand sign was. He was also aware that there were many different hand signs, specifically more than they taught just in the academy. However, if he wanted to be able to fully learn this technique. He would need to just try a bunch until he found one that worked for him.

Luther brought his chakra back to his center by closing his eyes and focusing for a few moments. Now, he would able to test his improvement with hand sign assisted chakra flow without the addition of chakra already having been moved in the intended direction. Thus, there would be no interference. Luther formed a standard tiger seal with his left hand and began focusing on the path of chakra from his right arm into the blade that was before him. Would it work? That was his only concern. “Shit, there isn’t a change at all is there?” Luther thought to himself, noticing that there was very little feeling of increased flow within his arm, as if he had actively placed some sort of blockade within his arm to stop him from being able to properly flow his chakra within his body. “I guess that hand sign will not be of much use then huh?” He thought to himself. “Then another one it is.” Luther changed the tiger hand sign he was making with his left hand to that of a half snake hand sign. “Perhaps this will work better for me?” He asked himself. Of course, he made sure to reset his chakra flow before further testing as that would tamper with his results. Upon changing the hand sign, the earlier feeling of some sort of blockage began to fade away and now a simple ease could be felt. “This might be the one then.” Luther thought to himself as he tried hard to focus his chakra down his right arm in order to mend it with the blade that was before him. It felt like mentally pushing a weight and throwing it over a sixty meter tall wall with hopes that you’d somehow be able to, right after throwing the weight, rebalance yourself and zip around the wall all the way to the landing point then catch the weight, without breaking your legs, and being able to continue running with it. “This obviously isn’t gonna be of much help.” Luther said to himself as he released the hand sign in his left hand and simply stood, mentally exhausted, wondering what would be his next move in order to achieve what he has sought out for today. Luther thought long and hard and came to the conclusion that the easiest hand sign to pull off while wielding a weapon that could be handled with just one hand, would have to be the seal of confrontation. “Yes, that much be it, the seal of confrontation is logically the easiest and thus blade wielders would probably use that when in combat.” Luther said to himself. However, there was still a flaw in that logic. “Wait a sec, the blade users don’t even require the use of hand signs when they channel their chakra into weapons. In that case, I wouldn’t even be able to know what hand sign would assist me in this unless…. Well heh…” Luther paced around for a bit, walking over small pebbles, and again, dragging his wooden practice sword along the Kiri building roof. Luckily, no one was in the building below him, else they would have been pretty upset to hear a random kid’s pondering on top of their roof.
“I got it now…” Luther thought to himself. “If I use the Meigan, I should be able to see the flow of chakra within something. And with that, I will be able to see my own chakra and more accurately figure out where it is and what the next step would be in the process of getting it to flow and take shape around my wooden practice sword.” Luther had come up with. He walked back to the center of the large cement roof top and shortly closed his eyelids, then began creating images of the Meigan within his mind. It was easy really, all he had to do was focus on the thought of Yuumei, the very essence of darkness itself. Luther opened his eyes and blotches of darkness existed in various locations. Granted, that wasn’t his primary focus at the moment, so he paid relatively little attention to any of them. “Alright, now let’s get this chakra control self competition on the roll.” Luther said aloud. He rose his wooden practice sword once more and began to think about how his chakra would need to flow in order to go into the blade. “Wait a sec, I can’t anything, why is this?” Luther asked himself. It appeared to him that there must have be either a defect within his Meigan’s vision. But no, that couldn’t have been the case since he was 100% pure Shinkou in heritage. Perhaps it was that his eye had not been developed enough? “Yeah that has to be it, it seems my Meigan isn’t developed enough to be able to see the chakra within entities yet.” Luther said to himself quietly. He wondered what that would mean about him being able to see Yuumei. Just how strange would something need to be to allow him to actively see the pure essence of darkness, but not let him see normal chakra within entities? Strange. “If that’s the case then…. I’ll just need to go fully solo on this one and even revoke back to high levels of meditation. While they aren’t bad, they aren’t really that easy either.” Luther thought to himself. “Welp, I guess a shinobi must do what a shinobi must do. As…. I’d never want my parents to worry of me… and for that reason, I will continue with my training right now.

Luther spun his sword around in his hand rather quickly, as if to regain the feeling in his wrist that had been holding the wooden practice sword for so long now. What would be his next move? Would he need to resort to meditation? Or could sheer will be the answer to his problems of this training session?

Luther stood up once more and looked directly forward, watching the mist far in the distance wave in the wind similar to how he wish he could just wave his hand and have all his techniques work on the first try. Though, that would be too easy of a tale wouldn’t it? No ninja began without training, without grinding to become what they once were not.

The young shinobi drew his sword forward in front of him with both hands placed firmly on its grip. And began to focus. No, not like before but truly focus. It seemed as if the air around him no longer had a chill to its touch. Now, the cement roof below him was no longer there and was just a distant memory, maybe even a dreamed of concept that never truly existed. Now, the chakra flowed through his arms very rigidly, like rocks through down vents with 90 degree angles in them, making it difficult for the rock to fully travel the length of the ever continuing vents. It would be Luther’s task to somehow make these vents malleable and control them to such a degree that the rigid 90 degree angles would be turned into that of smooth curves, letting the rocks, or his chakra, flow cleanly into the blade that required a firm chakra boost.

Quickly, he encountered that wall near his wrist that seemed to have certainly alluded him earlier. “I don’t have much of a plan other than to think of a different flowing pattern now and try to focus harder.” Luther thought to himself. Again, it felt like moving a gigantic weight, but this time, instead of throwing the weight over the gigantic wall. He instead opted for a more strategic approach, and let his mind become something along the lines of a shovel, carving underneath the wall. Making the distance and energy needed for moving the weight, significantly lower.

“Just a little more force and I’ll have it!” Luther yelled within the black void that his mind had placed him now. He was just inches away and could feel the chakra seeping through his wrist almost like a valve that had the rust finally removed from it and was sprinkling clear water. The chakra fully burst through like a wave until it surged into the hilt and then into the blade section of the wooden practice sword. Suddenly, Luther opened his eyes and saw that his blade was engulfed in the bright wrapping of blue chakra. “Yes, I did it. Finally!” Luther yelled in his mind, jumping up and down and slicing his wooden practice sword high into the air with every jump that he performed.
Luther gazed at the blue chakra some more before quickly lying down on the cement and taking some time to relax. He hadn’t had this much luck with training in ages. For that reason, he got a little more confident than he had been earlier. “At this rate, I can surely attempt even more training that I normally do.” Luther thought to himself, quickly sitting up in a crossed leg position. “The next thing that I’ll need to solidify my setup before the next Blood games will be control over the water element.” Luther said. It was true. Before, he pondered just how he would go about battling his peers and what would he be able to use a general method to take them out before they could do the same to him? Well, he took into account that his primary nature happened to lightning. Mixing that with his love for weaponry was a great idea as now, with chakra infusion and what not, he’d be able to enhance the power of his weapon a decent amount by adding the lightning chakra to it, increasing its cutting power and likely his swing speed as well. But that wasn’t it either. Granted he was also in Kiri, water style was going to be an abundant thing and likely one of the first elements that his peers would specialize in. In fact, he’d also be getting water as his 2nd element… hopefully today as well. Regardless of that however, Luther’s practical method of attack and defense was going to the combination of lightning and water, both his own of course. In this combination, he would craft a special sword along with using many water styled jutsu to make the surrounding area was malleable as possible for his spamming of lightning. Of course, he’d make sure to train and find gear that granted himself resistances to lightning so he wouldn’t damage himself in that process. He imagined that later his named would be followed with something like “The Eel.” Regardless again though, that all depended on how well he could display himself in the Blood games for the kage, Xxyer. But more importantly, it depending on whether or not he could get a solid control and basis over the chakra nature of the water element. The only way to figure out would be to practice some more as he had tried before but his efforts were to no avail at the time.

“With the amount of luck that my training has today, I might just be able to make some notable progress with this water – lightning combination business now.” Luther said to himself, placing his sword down for a moment. He scanned the surrounding area, looking for any less easily damageable areas that he could go to in order to practice without possibly damaging property that wasn’t his own, not that he would damage the property of his parents however. “Ahh…. That pond over there near those few trees would be a good spot.” Luther thought, grabbing his wooden practice sword and quickly moving toward the end of the roof top that he was on, before jumping to another set of roof tops and continuing from there.

It didn’t take him that long in order to reach the position that he had sighted from earlier. Finally being there, Luther placed his wooden practice sword against the large tree that towered over him just a mere 2 meters away. “Alright, water control is gonna be another whole beast for me to tackle today. Again though…. I don’t really know just how I should go about approaching it.” Luther said to himself.

He didn’t want to have to go into a pool of meditation just yet, so he hesitated when that idea bounced into his head for a quick moment. In fact, if it was the connection with the water that he ever so needed, then he had an idea. “I’ll enter the water slightly, first using the surface walking technique and then slowly let myself rise and sync without actually using my body to swim, but instead using my chakra to keep my physical entity in motion going up and down at a constant rate in order to improve my water chakra nature control.” Luther thought to himself. It was a good thing that he was already wearing shorts. The young shinobi placed his first step onto the chilling water and stung back with a sting. “Damn, this water is pretty cold isn’t it?” He said, putting his other foot in. The cold water stuck to his feet like a super-glue as he focused on his chakra control in order to be begin walking on the water like he had to do for the academy not too long ago. Luther walked to the very center of the pond and looked around to make sure no creeps were watching him or anything, else it would have been pretty strange. Then again, someone randomly syncing in and out of water in a pond nearby a small group of trees wasn’t the most common sight that he had heard of within Kiri either. Luther switched from just basic chakra control and now began to focus more on the water side of his training. A large water thrash sent droplets flying directly into his eyes when he first switched due to his legs plummeting straight down to the bottom of the pond within just a few moments. “This is going to be a long day indeed.” Luther said, focusing back on his chakra control now. He could feel himself slightly being pushed up just a very little every few moments. However, this was directly countered as he would always just sink back to the bottom before the little pushes of him going up could add up to anything substantial.

Luther continued with this practice, despite how boring it was. Ever few moments, he would have a small push of force making him seem to have gained a little control over moment in the water without the direct utilization of his body. But that was just an illusion as each was again, followed by that falling and feeling the dirty bottom of the pond on his feet. “Gross.” He thought to himself, feeling his feet connect again with the dirt below him. Luther walked around now trying to see if more movement would allow him to get a better feel for the water that he was trying so desperately to manipulate freehand. “Wait a second, free-hand, yeah.” Luther said. He was wondering just why he was only using his actual body and not his hand signs. “Hand signs are used for water style ninjutsu so it would make sense that I’d use them in practice unlike the hand signs I attempted earlier for chakra infusion.” Luther thought to himself. He hopped quickly out of the pond and rolled his pants’ legs back down before kicking the rest of the water off of him. “Heh, how about trying water based techniques. That sounds way more style than just chilling in some pond trying to float when I could just use the surface walking technique which is miles easier.” Luther said as he took a few steps back from the pond and lifted his hands to form various seals. He was trying no jutsu in particular, but he wanted to try to focus on the water element when mending these hand signs, so that he would be able to manifest some slight control at least, over the water than was swishing around in the rather blue pond. If he could just demonstrate the slightest level of control, that would mean he’d be making much more progress than his younger counterpart which practiced for ages to no avail.

“I refuse to return home until I’ve master the basics of the element of water.” Luther yelled out, tensing his fingers as he did so, making his hand sign sort of slanted wrong. In his mind, he was imaging a large mass swirling up from the small pond and mending to his will. That’s all that he had really, his imagery and the will to create what he could imagine. Luther did another arrangement of hand signs until he finally began to notice at least some change in the water. It appeared that it was having slight ripples that echoed out from the center, later bouncing off the sides of the pond, creating a type of interference pattern. “Ehh? That’s pretty cool, but I’ll need something a little more convincing than that before I can say that I can control the water element.” Luther said, leaning forward in order to examine the various ripples. As he did so, it could be inferred that he was only speaking of the devil. “What the?” He said, looking even closer. There were tiny bugs on top of the water that seemed to be moving side to side, doing a strange sort of dance. By looking at the interference pattern and focusing for a few moments, Luther was able to deduct that the origin of all of the ripples were these floating bugs that had made a mockery of him so. “Dang, such sly bugs you are -_-, that’s a real good show.” He said, riddled with disappointment.

Luther dashed about the pond forming various hand signs hoping that one of them would be the key to all his needs in order to rise the water into some grand attacking for perhaps like a water dragon or a gigantic water bird that would smite all his enemies with just a bat of his eyes. “Yeah, that would be cool.” He said, stopping with a skirt before moving into a large boulder. That of course, wasn’t on his list of things he planned to do while training for techniques. Luther glanced again at the pond and decided that meditation was going to be the only true way that he could get this training session with his self-motivation still intact. Well, actually no, he’d be able to continue his training regardless of whether he had given up or not. Because, his parents would never give up on him and for that reason, he could never truly give up on himself either because Luther believed in them and their words of encouragement to him.

“Yes, I won’t give up.” Luther repeated to himself as he slowly moved into the water and prepared to go underneath in order to meditate. He would need to focus on his breath in order to not drown, but that was all part of the training. In his mind, he would need to become one with the water before it would respect him, in the same way that he would need to become one with lightning. Though, that was a lot easier as he didn’t really have to do much but embrace his control over lightning, which was far less than walking into live-voltage like some others had to do in order to get their 2nd chakra nature mastered.

Luther pushed his head beneath the water and focused deeply within himself, closing his eyes until all but a large darkness remained. From this point on, he’d focus on his breathing and sync it up with the expansion and contraction of his own chakra network’s flow. It took a few minutes to get to this point, as well as a few breaks for breath so he wouldn’t end up hurting himself in the process of his training. But finally, he was able to sync up the flow of his chakra to the flow of his breathing.
“Now… this is where my true training begins.” Luther said to himself, eyes closed and head beneath the water with small bubbles rolling out from his noise at random. He explored the shadow world until ut formed into something entirely different before him. Yes, it was a world made entirely of water where he could float along the clouds. It was easy to tell that the clouds below were raining as the pattern of infinite ripples rolled along the massive sea from above. “Damn, that’s some spectacle.” Luther thought, as he dove downward like a bolt of lightning toward the sea. He’d be engulfed by its darkness as his body smashed into the surface of the sea, sending a massive shockwave of water that tasted of bitter salt high into the air like a sprinkler times a thousand. Luther looked around once he went under the water and his hair settled, the impact didn’t feel all that bad thankfully.

In what seemed like a daze, a giant shark swam over to Luther and looked him right in the eye. “Who are you…. And why are you in my ocean?” The shark had asked the young shinobi. Shocked beyond belief, Luther glanced over to see the massive white shark. It engulfed the entirety of his vision and appeared to be larger than life itself in that moment. “Well…. Aren’t you going to answer or what kid?” The shark asked again. “Ahh I apologize, I just sort of ended up here when I was meditating on how to control the water element in order to work on my combination.” Luther explained. “A combination huh? If it’s learning the water element you’re looking for, then look no further. My name’s Eroko, and I’m the king shark of the sea. Luther gasped a bit as water went directly into his lungs. “Shit, didn’t mean to do that.” He never expected to be directly talking to a king of the seas, even if it were in an illusion he concocted for his mind in order to learn the water element at a must faster rate.

“And yes, I know I’m within your illusion in your mind in order to help you learn the water element. But that doesn’t mean you don’t respect my customs here. That means, no usage of the lightning release because that would be damaging to our many settlements in the lower layers of the ocean here.”
Luther began to feel sick with his consciousness faded. “How the hell…. Does consciousness… fade within an illusion?” Luther thought. “Oh snap, didn’t notice you were dying huh kid? Don’t worry, I’ll save ya.” Eroko said. The water around Luther seemed to swirl and it made him rise directly to the water’s surface in mere moments. He flew high into the air and the shark jumped to be level with him, releasing a large shockwave of water. “Yeah! This place is pretty fun isn’t it!” Eroko yelled in a deep voice. Meanwhile, Luther choked on water still stuck in his lungs before he coughed it away and back into the see. “Ahh, your kind seems to be fond of littering huh kid? Disgusting.” Eroko said again, dragging the boy back underwater. Luther looked over to the giant shark. “Please show me some manners why don’t ya, It isn’t like drowning is the equivalent of having too much air to me.” Luther yelled.

The Shark continued to grab him and took him further underwater until Luther should have lost all consciousness. Though, it seemed the dream logic finally kicked in when he found that he could no longer drown and air bubbles weren’t periodically draining out of his mouth whenever he decided to open it in order to talk to the massive shark. The shark spoke of taking him to some land where he would be able to fully train the water element with the masters. He also made sure to include that he, himself, was a master as well.

“Why would I need to go to any different location when I’m already inside the dang ocean in order to train the water element?” Luther wondered, still be dragged by the natural current that the massive shark was creating for him. He had to admit though, the ocean was pretty creepy and if it weren’t for him using a very small amount of contained lightning in order to create a little light, he’d be blind as bat at noon.
He finally found himself at some form of flat land at what appeared to be the bottom of the ocean. Granted it was a different world, Luther just presumed sharks could somehow function at the very bottom of the ocean. But, it seemed like they had been flowing for a long time really, perhaps twenty minutes?

“Thanks for making that free express conveyer belt for me, but what is this place even supposed to be? It looks like some underwater salt flat to me.” Luther said. “Me make that belt? I did no such thing kiddo. You probably did it in order to save yourself and because your drive to learn the water element is so strong, that it made you naturally follow me regardless of where I went.” Eroko said. “But you did say that you saved me earlier so why are you lying to me.” Luther asked, tilting his head with a slightly annoyance. “If it’s a tactic to lower my guard, it isn’t going to work.” Luther countered.

“Whatever you say kiddo. Regardless, you’re making progress with the water element right now. Why else would you have not drowned by now?” Eroko said. Luther took a moment to consider that. Yeah, it was true that he wasn’t having any problem breathing and normally his meditation simulations were pretty spot on in terms of the realism concerning his own body.

“I suppose you’ve got a point shark. Well, thanks and all, but I best settle the last bit of my journey in the physical plane. I’ve gained enough confidence from experiencing what I’ve experienced here.” Luther said.

Luther awoke to find that he was still near the pool from earlier and he was in a meditation stance as he had left himself previously. “Good, now let’s retest my control over the element of water… after that weird ass adventure with the shark who called himself Eroko, I should be able to at least get something done.”

Luther hopped up and then walked around the pond a bit holding his hand beneath his chin in order to get into a thinking mood. Once ready, he would walk back into the pond and place his feet directly onto the center most surface area of it, by utilization of the surface walking technique that he had learned when he was still an academy student. “Here we go again, taking control over the body of what that I’m currently in by the means of over messing with water release instead of pure chakra control to maintain stability.” Luther explained, right as his blue marks of chakra control on his feet seemed to vanish into an oblivion. He could feel his own weight mixed with the water now capable of certainly pulling him down but before he would let it pull him down, Luther would close his eyes and focus back to the giant ocean that he had been in before. When he was there, he was able to control the water around him due to the fact that it was a life or death situation but now…. He would need to perform his actions surely by his want therefor to do them.

Feeling the chakra moving through his body, Luther focused inward and felt a sense of stability coming along like he was controlling the winds that kept a wind-sail boat afloat far out in the midst of the ocean. With every moment of continuous effort he would be able to stabilize more and more of the wind in order to calm the waters for the boat, but also guide the boat in the right direction. Luther’s body began to rise slowly and fall as it had done way before but instead this time, it would not bring his more down than it did bring him up. In fact, he was bouncing up and down along the surface of the pond itself. “Hah! I’ve got something now.” Luther yelled nearly jumping out of the pond in excitement.
Luther moved through the cold water floating up and down before making himself gain some slight momentum to drag him out of the extremely large pond. Once out, he would focus on making himself no longer burdened with wet clothes. How? Easy, just transfer chakra into his clothes and use his basic control over water release to remove the water. It sounded easy in concept but would likely be a lot harder in practice. Granted, it would give him a large amount of practice if he were to be able to pull it off. “Then I guess it’s worth the try heh.” Luther said, getting in a squatting position before making a hand sign. He could detect the flow of chakra within his own body as it spread outward via chakra infusion into his clothes. The blue aura grew large over his eyes as it covered every inch of fabric and metal, engulfing his shorts and shirt. Now, it was time for the young shinobi to test himself by removing what he had gained connection to. Slowly, the water that just so previously drenched his gear floated outward into the air like giant liquid glass orbs that could be shaped freely. The water formed outward like a squid was dragging it straight back into the pond and before Luther even knew it, his clothes started to feel dry as the desert itself. He had never been to a desert, but by understanding the tales of what they were like, he presumed it was that dry… at least.
A large mass of water deposited itself back into the now larger than before pond. At this point, it was overflowing and spilling muddy water all over the area. Luther walked over to the tree to make sure it didn’t reach his wooden practice sword, else that would have been annoying to clean off. And despite getting all of the water out of his clothes, there was still a lot of dirt too. “Perhaps earth release would be able to fix that huh? Though, I don’t think I’m skilled enough yet to be able to train that at all. Besides, that’s not really what I’m after now is it heh…” Luther said, knowing well that what he wanted for his style would be storm release. The combination of lightning and water chakra transformation. It was an advanced element of which he would be employing a lot, if he survived the blood games that is.
Luther picked up his wooden practice sword and decided to try another strange combination that would give him some more experience with his newly acquired water release. “How about infusing my blade with water chakra huh…” Luther said as he drew the wooden practice sword and held it firmly before flowing his chakra into the thing already transformed to be in a physical form with the properties of water. It certainly wasn’t going to increase any cutting power. However, it would increase the level of control Luther had over his water style as he’d be fighting against the water’s natural want to be affected by gravity unlike lightning.
The water formed like a living mass around the wooden practice sword, easily be able to be seen through because well… it was water. As Luther swung the wooden practice sword, he focused hard to keep the gelatinous mass under his control. “Damn, this was a good idea. Way harder than earlier’s training.” Luther said, holding frantically to the living mass. The water progressively dripped from the wooden practice sword, forcing him to lose chakra. Luther controlled the mass for a moment just to pull all his chakra back in as he didn’t want to waste any of it. There was still much more training to do in the current day. “Alright. What’s next?”
Luther stood up and wiped the last bits of water off his wooden practice sword. “I should probably try to keep going with my Meigan and see what level of proficiency I can reach in just one day of training.” Luther said, already having activated the eye in what seemed like only a few seconds. His activation speed was getting better and better. It was also taking noticeably less focus that it previously did. Luther suspected that eventually, it would take no focus whatsoever as that’s how it seemed whenever his parents would use it. It was also apparent that there was at least two variations to how the Meigan could work. Since his parents often use it to make sure he wasn’t getting in trouble or doing something he wasn’t supposed to be at the time, it would appear some do different things. Luther’s father was able to tell when his son had used the cloning technique in order to win with ease while playing hide and seek. However, his mom was able to tell him what chakra affinity he had rather quickly. Why was that..? Yes, that would be a good margin of study for Luther today as he was fascinated too with which specification he would be acquiring.
“I know I need to get my 2nd level of the Meigan…. But I don’t know any damn way to go about training such a strange technique.” Luther said to himself, holding his hand below his chin, wondering just what he would have to do in order to achieve victory over his next mission of the day.” After a few moments, Luther came up with a few methods that could possibly be used for some effective training. “How about I go around looking for Yuumei and try to… collect it somehow.” Luther said. Collecting Yuumei was something that his body would need to do if he were going to use any of the abilities that the rest of his clan would be able to possess. His parents told his long ago the power of Yuumei and what it became when fused with chakra…. It became some sort of anti-chakra that was nicknamed Shade release. Though, the records of the many jutsu they used before are long gone by now and if Luther were to take that path, he would need to create many of his own techniques or use the few that his parents knew from their childhood. Strangely enough though, none of Luther’s family had ever actually grown up in the original village of the Shinkou clan. They were born elsewhere and then moved to Kirigakure because of the lack of a home when their past village was destroyed. But heh, what can you do.

Anyway, Luther would now grab his wooden practice sword before flipping onto a nearby roof using chakra enhanced jumping. Once he landed and his feet made firm contact with the ground, making sure he didn’t damage himself by landing on the balls of his feet before crunching down slightly to absorb the impact, Luther would continue in this fashion, hopping from roof to roof in order to find a location that seemed suitable to acquire that Yuumei. So far, he was seeing very little Yuumei around the given area. However, it would appear in small pockets here and there around the given location that he’d be searching but that wasn’t really enough. “Perhaps the act of meditation while keeping my Meigan activated will bring more of the Yuumei to my location or at least my location’s general area.” Luther thought… and so he did. Luther sat down on one of the roofs he had just jumped to and then placed his wooden practice sword behind him. Luther then crossed his legs and began his close his eyes slowly, taking in the feel of the cold wind around him and the smooth whisper it had when a breeze would dash by his ears. He took in the feeling of the rough cement below him against his dry shorts and legs. Then, Luther began to focus on the idea of darkness, the very concept that fueled the eye that he had activated which soon became so blood red. “Yeah… Yuumei is definitely nearby. But, is it being drawn toward me is the question.” Luther said to himself, deep in a meditative state. Such that, if he were to pen his eyes now, he’d break out his meditation completely making him have to restart the process all over again. Luther’s eyes could feel it though, the presence of the ever growing darkness around him. Indeed, the Yuumei particles themselves were being drawn to the location of his meditation. Perhaps this is why he would always see his parents meditating late at night? In order to bring forth the darkness that powered their abilities of the Meigan. 

Luther continued in his meditation until he could feel a mass of darkness gathering around him as if some ghost was sitting just inches away from his face. At this moment, he would open his eyes and feel the realization of the reality that he had so quickly forgotten when he entered the state of meditation. The sky was blue with white clouds and low hanging mist on the horizon captivating his view. The grey roof top was still below him, keeping him from falling a good 20 meters into some serious pain that he wouldn’t have enjoyed. With his Crimson Lotus Meigan form activated, he could see the purple-looking blackish Yuumei swirling around him. However, he didn’t know how he would go about absorbing the Yuumei either. “I’ll need to use the Yuumei as a fuel source for my shade release. So learning how to absorb it now is going to be a big help in the long run.” Luther said, stretching out his right hand and plunging it into the material that he wasn’t even sure if he could feel physically or not. When he put his hand into the shadowy mass, the temperature of his palm and fingers seemed to plummet dramatically. “Damn this stuff is hella cold.” He said, reeling his arm back in a shocking feeling before slowly inching it back in and gaining some resistance to the immense cold that just moments ago controlled him so. “Alright… now let’s try absorbing this stuff…” Luther said before opening his palm and then focusing on his flow of chakra. He put it in a sort of reverse pattern that should be able to allow the Yuumei to flow into his own flow of chakra granted he was a Shinkou clan member. Luther felt the Yuumei invade his chakra network, it seemed to actually be depleting his chakra! “What the hell?” Luther said,  pulling his arm back again, this time farther. “I know it has anti-chakra properties but aren’t I supposed to be able to manipulate it?” Luther wondered, feeling the chakra of his arm suddenly vanish as it slowly replenished due to the flow of his chakra throughout his body somewhat like that of a circulatory system. “So this is the power behind that which forms Shade release huh? Formidable indeed.” Luther said placing his hand beneath his chin as he started to walk around some, waited for the feeling in his arm to come back. Meanwhile, he contemplated the various applications such an anti-chakra form of attack could be used for when applied in battle and other combat like scenarios. Luther returned to the mass of shadows within a few minutes and thankfully they were still there. “Granted I can see it… this should be worth a try.” Luther said as he took his wooden practice sword off of the ground and wielded it in his right hand before infusing it with a large mound of blue chakra that seemed to coat the entire structure like some sort of casing or his non-existent sheath.

With the wooden practice sword now fully encased within Luther’s chakra, he swung his sword into the mass of Yuumei to test how quickly it would be able to degrade the chakra. The mass of Yuumei was no larger than perhaps one meters in diameter. But still despite all this, the chakra that Luther had coated the blade with was completely gone upon the wooden practice sword’s exiting. And on top of that, the mass of the Yuumei seemed to decrease in size with proportions to how much chakra he had infused into the wooden practice sword.

“I see. So the properties are that powerful huh.” Luther said, tossing his wooden practice sword to the side as he no longer really needed it. “In which case, I’m gonna need to store this Yuumei in a way far different when compared to that of chakra. Perhaps try to store it in my eyes?” Luther thought. He contemplated pushing his head into the Yuumei but that wouldn’t really be a good idea granted how cold it was to the touch of just his hand earlier.
Suddenly, some strange urge came over Luther. He wanted to immediately absorb the darkness. He didn’t even need to think much about his chakra nor meditate. As if some force just compelled the Yuumei to follow his direct orders, it moved into his body without depleting his original chakra. “What the hell was that?” Luther questioned as the shadow mass was sinking right through his chest and implanting itself practically in his body. The temperature also didin’t feel cold anymore. “Shit, what I imagining what I had seen and felt earlier?” Luther thought to himself. “No… that can’t be the reason. It has to be something else because that just sounds illogical in its own right.” Luther thought to himself as he tried to control the flow of darkness within him as if it were just another chakra pool circulating within his body. This method partially worked yes. But, it didn’t feel that natural to him so he would need more practice before he’d ever be able to replicate any clan jutsu that required the shade release.

“For now… at least I know that I can somehow hold the Yuumei within me. That’s a start for the rest of the techniques I’ll be undergoing training with later. For now, I’ll focus on the other method that I had came up with earlier.” Luther said walking around to look for his wooden practice sword, it wasn’t that far away and he picked it up from the ground and got back to training.  Luther’s next method was trying to enhance the chakra vision that was given by his Meigan in order to be able to see the chakra within a person’s body. If he could manage to do this, this would grant him a significant advantage over his peers when it came to battle. He’d be able to detect attacks more easily increasing his defensive, offensive, and countering abilities.
Luther grabbed his wooden practice sword once more and got ready to leave. First he checked his gear though to make sure the Yuumei had no strange effects to his clothes that he was wearing, else his mother would have totally be tilted which wasn’t part of the plan but actually…. Granted Luther had managed so much training already today, it was unlikely that his parents wouldn’t be happy even if he did something they didn’t like at the time. Regardless, Luther was actually running a little low on time already. He was supposed to get back and eat with them pretty soon. So with the stress on time, Luther was fast with moving from roof top to roof top in order to find a more populated area of Kiri. Rather quickly, he found the masses of some common villagers. Walking high above, he’d look down and try to focus into the chakra of the all the people there. They had no masses of blue chakra around them nor any auras so in his current stage, he wouldn’t be able to detect the chakra that was within them. But… once he could… it would prove very useful and worth it.

Luther continued staring and received a few strange looks here and there by the people that actually managed to notice him. After seeing very little result for quite some time Luther wondered how he was actually going to go about training this new presumed ability of the Meigan granted that it required no hand signs, nor physical proximity to have better vision with his eyesight. Perhaps it was all linked to intention? But if so, he had already shown great feats of intention when he was looking at the people with such a serious stare as if he was trying to look through them – which he was but heh. Luther decided that maybe he could already be able to see the chakra within entitites and people however he wouldn’t be able to at such a far distance so perhaps he would need to then go down and get in a closer proximity of the people that he was trying to see via chakra. Luther grabbed his wooden practice sword and flipped backwards until his feet connected with the center of the roof top. After that, he turned around and began slowly walking with a shifting pace until he was at the end of the roof. From there, he’d activate his surface walking technique and begin walking down the side of the wall making sure to walk around windows so that he would annoy people or possibly break their windows resulting in quite the fine. Luther had finally made it to the bottom of the wall and then simply stepped up to place himself on the grass before walking around the corner of the building and then proceeding through the alley in order to reach the area where the market was which had the majority of all the citizens at right now. It seemed as if this was definitely the shopping hour. “Maybe I should get a gift for mom or dad?” Luther thought as he walked past a few fruit stands that smelled great. Too bad a ninja on duty didn’t really have much time for buying random goods. Luther looked around for a bit and moved around the large crowds that were moving through the village. On the side of one of the stands, there was an empty chair. Luther moved through the people until walking in front of that stand then looking to the owner. “Excuse me, could I sit here while I practice my jutsu?” He asked the old lady. “Why sure you can, as long as it doesn’t cause any damage to my stand or the stands around here darling.” “It won’t, and thanks.” Luther assured before he turned around slightly and walked just two steps in order to sit down and look at many people that were passing by on their daily routines. As he sat down, he noticed the slight glimmer of blue within a person. “Oh shit, this might be my big break.” Luther thought. He quickly darted his eyes over to focus on the person. It was a tall man with black hair who gallantly moved through the crowd. The longer Luther stared at the blue dot, the greater it grew until nearly covering the entire body of the man within a minute. Now, more blue dots started appearing over everyone else until they became fleshed out in an aura of chakra as well. “So this is chakra vision huh. I guess I did just need to be closer then.”

WC: 8,626
Meigan : 2nd level (Mirage) - 2,500 WC
Chakra Infusion - 2,000 WC
Water Element - 4,000 WC
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"Come and get it!"
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Hello, just wanted to let you know that because my colleague and friend Kyousuke here approved this it is of course approved. 

But for future reference Academy Students cannot learn a second element. You only get the ability to train a second one at genin. 

Thank you Smile

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Luther prepares (training) [P][NK]
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