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 Touka Keisuke

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Tatsuya Nara

Fame : 20
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : -
Ryo : 0

PostSubject: Touka Keisuke   Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:38 pm

Touka Keisuke

Basic Information

Age: 18
Birthday: Late Summer
Gender: Male
Appearance: Touka is your average build guy. The usual five foot eight inches with a moderate amount of muscle and weighs about 140 pounds. From a distance, he would pass as any old fellow walking down the street. However, at closer inspection you will find his nails painted a dazzling turquoise blue which complements his hair and his lip are painted with a light peach lipstick. He would also place a few touchups around his eyes and cheekbones to bring out his complexion but nothing too radical. If he were really going all out he would even have a few highlights in his blue hair. Touka didn't have much money so much of his clothing were a bit worn out, this of course really frustrated Touka as he was all about appearances. But with the money he did have, Touka would invest wisely and became particularly good at finding sales.
Personality: Touka has a range of different behaviors depending on the group of people he is around. If around people that are more unfamiliar he acts more reserved and cool headed but not to the point of being stuck up or obnoxious. When around friends which are limited, Touka is much more ecstatic and expressive. When in these moments it would even seem as if his makeup would become more vibrant. 

While his personality may shift depending on his social situation Touka is at most consistent when in battle. It is almost as if the element of lightning that resides within his body is distributed to bring about much charisma and excitement. With eyes wide and a smile reaching from ear to ear he is ready for anything.

History: Touka has a simple background that is common with many shinobi. He was born in the land of lightning to two ninjas of the Village Hidden in the Clouds. However, after the unfortunate death of his parents during a mission Touka was sent to an orphanage at the age of 5. Unfortunately orphanages in the region were at full capacity and so Touka was then transferred to an orphanage in the Hidden Leaf village. Growing up he didn't have much interest in becoming a ninja and in fact he despised military institutions after he learned how his parents died. He thought that they were a waste of the people's money and only escalated conflicts between states. At the age of 15 however he couldn't help notice his attraction to giant thunderheads that would form above the village and after being confronted by a high-ranked shinobi who had noticed Touka’s large reserves of chakra he was eventually convinced to at least attend the academy. Touka’s reasoning for this was just to learn some basic self-defence techniques to use in case he was confronted on the streets. 

The academy was hard for Touka, being the oldest made most interactions with the other students awkward because of huge maturity differences. This would commonly result in Touka not having anyone to spar with which made Touka fall behind in class. This was true until his teacher made him self available to help train Touka one on one which helped him move from the bottom of the class to the top and eventually resulting in his graduation. Having graduated, Touka thought long and hard if he wanted to continue his training as a ninja and after looking back on his time at the academy it was the first time he was happy and Touka wanted to continue this happiness, besides what could he loose?  

Likes: Touka takes a great liking to intense storms and finds himself particularly interested when discharges of energy meet the earth. This may be attributed to having spent some of his life in the Village Hidden in the Clouds. He will sometimes find himself gazing up at the clouds watching how the evolve and change. Because he grew up in solitude he enjoys time alone and can be quite independent, this being said Touka also enjoys creating new relations with people. From looking at Touka you can tell that he also enjoys makeup. Again he isn't into anything too fancy but just enough to make an impression.  
Dislikes: There aren't many things Touka doesn’t like however one thing that makes the top of the list was unnecessary violence. It was true that Touka loved to fight however he viewed it as an art and should be treated honorably and fairly. Of course, Touka also doesn't like the people who are mean, selfish or manipulative but who does?

Ninja Traits

Rank: Genin
Village: Hidden Leaf
Element(s): Lightning
Clan: none
Bijuu Request: none


Health: 6
Chakra: 14
Stamina: 14
Speed: 20
Strength: 6

The Player

Other Characters: Tatsuya Nara (dead)
Roleplay Sample: N/A

Touka Stats


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Valen Akari

Fame : 22
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Element(s) : Hoshi
Ryo : 5850

PostSubject: Re: Touka Keisuke   Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:51 pm

I personally see nothing wrong here, trial approved. Sadly that does mean you'll have to wait for one of these lovely people to come by and drop their approval as well before you can start rping. 

Naoki Gekou
Akihana Akari 
Ashi Inuzuka 
Kobayashi Senshi 
Aryll Hyuug

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Tatsuya Nara

Fame : 20
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  • Cloud

Element(s) : Lightning
Clan : -
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PostSubject: Re: Touka Keisuke   Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:31 am


Touka Stats


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PostSubject: Re: Touka Keisuke   

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Touka Keisuke
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