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 Showdown by moonlight [P,IO,NK]

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Miyamoto Terumi

Fame : 19
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Element(s) : Earth, Fire, Water
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava/Boil
Bloodline : Terumi
Ryo : 18100

PostSubject: Showdown by moonlight [P,IO,NK]   Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:33 pm

A new day, a new technique to train. Since his time spent meeting a new student in the village and learning powerful techniques he is now falling a bit behind on some of the finer techniques that he overlooked. Still taking up residence at the earth chakra school he has begun to regularly visit his family now that he has come to terms with himself. His mother worries about him still, but she won’t beg for him to move back home. She says that she understands the shinobi path...she does not like it, but she nevertheless gave her blessing to Miyamoto to continue with his life goal and path. Miyamoto of course kept her in the dark about the stuff he did on missions as he was sworn to do, of course he also did it because he did not want his mother to know what he had done. He performed his normal duties around the school; training, meditation, reading old text, and listening to the masters teach with the same amount of effort that he put in every day. At night is when he set out for his more intensive training. He would meet up with two former classmates that were Chuunin and placed in different teams, but they were some of his only friends even though they were older. Makkuro Kanzo the genjutsu specialist, and Daichiro Inuzuka a taijutsu and medical specialist that belonged as a reminder of the great old clans that still remained in the world.

They met at the Tachibaka Wildlife Reserve, setting up an area where they all could train away from the prying eyes of the village. Tonight though only Daichiro showed up with his companion wolf Fang. As Miyamoto walked into the clearing he only saw the muscular teenager with his canine by slender rays of moonlight that seemed to cast few shadows as to make the coming night of training even more intense. Miyamoto popped his knuckles as he stopped within one meter from his friend, watching the pair closely Miyamoto began to mimic them as they began to circle each other. The three of them constantly entering and exiting the slender beams of light as their breath even as slight as it was, was the only thing that filled their ears. When Miyamoto finally got to his original position he saw that Fang was no longer with Daichiro. With eyes widened, Miyamoto gave a slight grin as Fang burst forth from the brush just behind Miyamoto in the darkness. Unable to dodge Miyamoto was caught as Fang bit into his left shoulder with the jump carrying their combined weight forward. Daichiro was eager and the opening his companion brought him served its purpose as he brought his knee up to meet Miyamoto in his face which sent him falling back to his original spot. With a tumble Miyamoto rolled back with the momentum before springing himself up and with a single flip he landed back onto the beginning spot as he wiped the blood from his busted lip, the same smirk still gracing his face.

“Still chomping at the bit eh wolf boy?” Miyamoto said in a teasing tone as he pulled his cloak from his body as he flung it to a tree as he did each night.

“Still kicking your ass no matter how many times you heal yourself boy wonder.” Daichiro said as Fang gave a low growl.

The trio, locked in a combat to see who would be the first to concede has so far gone 14-13 in favor of Miyamoto currently. Miyamoto took the lead this time as he performed the Shadow Clone Technique and launched a simultaneous attack of the Leaf Gale and Leaf Whirlwind at his targets. Fang easily avoided the attacks as Daichiro set-up to perform a substitution technique, but was too slow as Miyamoto caught him in the flurry of blows causing him to tumble off into the shadows. Fang leapt at the spot where Miyamoto and his shadow clone had stopped, only to have a caught the clone defending Miyamoto as the clone pulled the canine off of him and then got into an attacking stance. Miyamoto did the same as a thin haze of dust filled the beam of moonlight, no sound, but Miyamoto knew that Daichiro was not out...he too backed into the darkness looking for a new strategy as Fang decided to stay his ground and not press on to attack which was something that Miyamoto had not yet seen.

“Always full of surprising new tactics boy wonder, it is like you saw it out of a manga.” Daichiro spoke trying to goad Miyamoto.

A chuckle from Miyamoto would betray his position, so Miyamoto remained quiet as he tried to widen his range of vision as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He was refraining from using the Mind Eye technique as he wanted to be able to beat the wolf boy Daichiro at his own game. It was not long before the next wave of attacks came out of the darkness, the very flash of each boy’s forehead protector was the only giveaway that there was even bodies in the darkness. The almost rhythmic thumping as each hit was parried, deflected, or even if they hit it was only a fraction of a second as each moved with such an intensity that even Fang had trouble discerning which flash was whom by sight. After a few seconds a thud causing the ground to billow up with dust as the outcome was decided. Miyamoto walked out into the moonlight as Fang jumped towards him, making Miyamoto dodge and use the added weight technique to cause Fang to become rooted upon landing. With heavy breath Miyamoto walked to Daichiro and offered him his hand to get up. Daichiro took his hand and slowly rose up as he held his left rib area.

“That was a good fight Moto...I concede for now…” Daichiro said wincing through speech.

“Good, because I did not want to have to go all out, you need more practice dog breath…” Miyamoto retorted with similar heavy breathing.

With a couple of hand seals Miyamoto canceled the added weight technique as the forest grew quiet again. The two of them collapsed to their asses as they shared a good laugh, the scene was as if ripped from some buddy style manga that was sold in most bookstores. Miyamoto looked through the Mind Eye of Kagura, noting that both Daichiro and Fang both seemed to be a bit on the weak side of things as if they were both injured severely. Neither showed signs physically except for the wincing which was normal for the pair after a fight. After a few minutes of silence and recoup Miyamoto stood up as he stretched for a couple of seconds.

“Alright now let’s move on to some actual ninjutsu training...I know you are lacking in that department.” Miyamoto teased as Daichiro stood hesitantly but without question.

“Very Well wonder boy, let me see if you can dodge my attacks as well. I have not been slacking off I will have you know.” Daichiro said as he got into a fighting stance once more.

Miyamoto started off by making a shadow clone then launching two consecutive lava flings towards Daichiro. The boy was able to dodge the stinging projectiles as they hit a tree and began to slowly melt the bark and wood. Miyamoto grabbed his clone by the arm and spun him around before launching him directly at Daichiro as a feint. As the clone was mid flight however Fang would leap up to bite the ankle of the clone as it was brought down Miyamoto executed the Flying Stone technique causing dirt to spray up as the explosion sent projectiles towards Daichiro. The target however, was out of sight as Miyamoto waited for the dust to settle. He looked around almost frantically only to spy him high in a tree clutching his side. Miyamoto was about to set off another series of attacks before seeing Fang, Daichiro’s companion standing in front of the tree as guard. Only one eye open as he was covered in dirt, as it looked like Fang took the brunt of the attack and Miyamoto scratched his head before going up to the loyal companion of his friend.

“I am sorry I did not notice earlier bud, you are just protecting that knucklehead aren’t you?” Miyamoto asked as he gathered up chakra in his right hand.
“Don’t worry I won’t hurt you at all or your master. This will fix some problems you guys are having.” Miyamoto said as he heard Fang’s growls subside.

Miyamoto laid his right hand on Fang’s face as the wounds he had sustained began to heal up and soon his closed eye opened and looked healthy again. Miyamoto kept up his concentration as he pet the loyal dog, slowly healing the wounds that he had sustained. He then looked up to Daichiro and motioned him down , and after a few minutes of seeing Fang coming back to his usual self Daichiro shimmied down the tree with ease as Miyamoto held out his hand to shake Daichiro’s as he fed chakra to the hand. When Daichiro shook it he would push healing chakra to him so that his wounds would heal. Thankfully nothing was broken from what Miyamoto could tell but after a few minutes it seemed as though Daichiro was back to his usual scrappy self.


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Miyamoto Terumi

Fame : 19
Home Village :
  • Star

Element(s) : Earth, Fire, Water
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava/Boil
Bloodline : Terumi
Ryo : 18100

PostSubject: Re: Showdown by moonlight [P,IO,NK]   Sat Jul 22, 2017 8:32 pm

The night training with Daichiro left Miyamoto looking for new ways to fight. He found that while not being as fast as most shinobi he could take a lot of damage without ever really feeling the effects or any long term issues with fighting. The realization that he was still susceptible to genjutsu was an eye opener however, not having picked up the skill while at the academy left him upset and feeling a bit down. He did do some more practicing against genjutsu as he trained with other practitioners of the art, finding flaws and ways to get around certain techniques.

Miyamoto found that to be able to find his way out of the techniques he found himself trapped in, or beginning to feel were set upon him that it was imperative that his body's natural chakra be as large if not larger than his opponents. He read all day as it had been a full week since his sparring match with Daichiro, and today’s match was with Makkuro, the one the villagers referred to as the lorekeeper due to his bookish nature. Tonight he would put all of what he researched into finding a way to beat Makkuro’s genjutsu and defeating him before he could trap him with something more powerful.

As the moonlight shined through his window Miyamoto geared up for the spar of the evening. He made sure not to take any weapons besides his ninjato, knowing he would not need it, but it was better to go prepared than to go without any line of defense, or offense for that matter. Leaving by way of the window he would sneak out of the courtyard and out into the village streets as he would make his way easily to the entrance of the wildlife reserve. Finding the trail he would follow it until the traps would begin to go off. One a pitfall, the other a pitfall, the next...a pitfall. He stopped as he reached the potential next trap as he took in a deep breath and pushed out with his chakra while making the tiger seal to activate the genjutsu release as he stood at the edge of a pitfall trap three meters in diameter.

“Clever, even for you book boy...activating a trap while I am on the edge of falling into another seemingly deadlier trap. Don’t you worry, once I find you...you are gonna be in a world of hurt.” Miyamoto would say as he would begin to fall before activating the surface walking technique and walking around the edge of the trap to the other side. Once topside he would continue the trail until he reached the massive twenty meter high wall he erected less than a week ago.
“Funny how learning a simple technique can change a landscape so much…” He started to say as he noticed the vines that began to climb the walls already. It made him think of how he had branched out from his family’s shadow already...now how far will Miyamoto go. His goals seemed as if like this wall, that he was never going to reach the top.
“I will not give up, I will raise myself over this wall, to become the absolute best of my family name.” He finished as he walked into the practice place that they had all made. The same spot he fought Daichiro earlier that week.

As he stood in the center of the area, the wooded area ahead was dark, and showed no signs of life. It was both odd, and calming as Miyamoto figured he might be caught in another genjutsu, but had yet to try and find a way out. Then as the silence broke with the hoots of owls as they began to appear in swarms in the trees made Miyamoto smile...that was just like Makkuro to use his own signature when using genjutsu. Miyamoto knew that the owls of this village looked more native to the forested areas rather than that of an arctic region, the coloration was completely different as Miyamoto finally spoke as he broke free of the genjutsu, Makkuro in front of him with a sword drawn and pointing at Miyamoto.

“Gotta remember not to stick with creatures of the air when using an illusion...you show your hand too much bird brain.” Miyamoto said as he drew his ninjato and took in the scenery as a cold wind blew through the forest.
“So let us see who has progressed the most during our training…” Makkuro said, it reminded Miyamoto of himself and Ayato as his head became clear.

The flash of the blade as the sound of metal striking metal rung out in the air. Both Miyamoto and Makkuro were locked in fierce match of strength, Miyamoto currently struggling due to how Makkuro had infused his own chakra into the swing making it tough to stand against. His hand reaching out to punch him only to be caught by Makkuro as the two seemed to be locked in a tense stalemate. After a few minutes of trading ground, Miyamoto reeled back his hand before finally gaining an edge as he dodged Makkuro’s attack to parry the blade. A breath of relief escaped his lungs as he launched back towards the opening of the earth wall.

He pointed his ninjato at Makkuro, who had already begun his counter attack as he had launched a surprise attack using his wind chakra. It left Miyamoto with little options but to dodge, roll, or speed out of the way. After a few minutes of dodging Miyamoto finally looked to Makkuro with a smile on his face.

“My turn…”


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Miyamoto Terumi

Fame : 19
Home Village :
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Element(s) : Earth, Fire, Water
Clan : Terumi
Clan Element : Lava/Boil
Bloodline : Terumi
Ryo : 18100

PostSubject: Re: Showdown by moonlight [P,IO,NK]   Yesterday at 11:47 pm

As the night went on he eventually defeated Makkuro, but not without a few cuts and bruises. The two stood there winded and at the last bit of their strength. Miyamoto, however, did not want to give up, he activated the Temple of Hephaestus technique and began to charge at his friend, and just before his strike Makkuro raised his hand in submission. The fight was over, and as such Miyamoto fell onto his ass and deactivated the technique.

"Damn...that was...that was a long night, I don't wanna do that again," Miyamoto said as Makkuro laughed and agreed before falling back and laying on the ground completely spent. The two laughed before passing out from exhaustion. Once Miyamoto woke up he yawned before looking around to find he was the only one around in the area. "Well damn, guess he had somewhere to be," Miyamoto said before standing up, his body had healed during his sleep, but to make sure he was fresh he made sure to use Yin Healing Wound Destruction to completely make sure he was ready to go. Today he was finally going to master the Boil Release, a smile spread across his face as steam rose from his lips. He was getting excited, and his body reacted accordingly as his chakra levels became elevated.

He found an area where he could fill an old stump like a basin to hold water. Once he did he sat before it and began to meditate on the actual properties of getting water to boil.


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PostSubject: Re: Showdown by moonlight [P,IO,NK]   

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Showdown by moonlight [P,IO,NK]
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