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 Holy Helpers - E Rank (Yurei)

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Missing-Nin B
Missing-Nin B

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PostSubject: Holy Helpers - E Rank (Yurei)   Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:52 pm


Yurei placed the bouquet of desert flowers atop his father’s grave, resting them tenderly on the loose dirt stacked above his corpse. The sun beat against his skin and clothes, and, for the first time since his father’s passing, Yurei could feel the heat of the sun once more – its warmth – if only a faint sensation. The pale Uchiha folded his right arm over his chest and grasped his left arm, watching his father’s grave as the wind tugged at his kimono. He sighed and then left without saying a word. He had more things to do that day, and he wanted to get back home in time to see his Mother. He hadn’t spoken with her since the funeral, nor she him, but perhaps that was for the best. He did however want her to know the level of guilt he carried and that he was sorry, but, if she were angry, he deserved it.

Yurei walked past the black gates that lined the cemetery and began to walk down the sidewalks of Hoshigakure. After tending to the plants, Yurei had been assigned to providing food and care for some of the more radical, more spiritually inclined shinobi. This would be a fantastic opportunity to mend some of the broken relations between villager and shinobi, but there was a problem. The villagers did not share this sentiment, and since Yurei had gone around brandishing his headband, they would surely know he was a shinobi. Now was the time to bring up old techniques. The shinobi made the handsigns, dog, then boar, then ram. A puff of smoke surrounded the genin as he altered his appearance, turning tan and bearing golden blonde hair. He removed his headband and placed it into his now orange kimono.

Now it was just a matter of getting the supplies for the villagers, and Yurei had a few ideas. Food from the markets was typically expensive, but after a rigorous battle in his own kitchen, Yurei was able to make two pots of ramen, following his mother’s recipe to a t. It was a difficult experience as Yurei had little experience cooking, but the smell was intoxicating. The two pots didn’t look like much, but they had managed to fill up his late father with one bowl back when his mother used to make them. Yurei took two covers and placed the over the ramen, as well as a few disposable bowls and utensils. The boy placed the supplies on a blanket and began to drag them outside of his house and onto the sidewalk. Now it was just a matter of providing the clothes and medicine, which, as Yurei understood it, would be provided to him at the hospital in Hoshigakure.

Yurei had never been inside, but he found the hospital to be a wonderful place. The boy had no intentions of becoming a medical shinobi, but the work they did there, shinobi or villager, was admirable, even if the two groups didn’t get along. The Uchiha just hoped they could put aside their differences and work to help those in need, and that seemed to be supported by their providing of medicine and clothing.

When Yurei had finally reached the hospital, he found a man to be waiting for him and carrying a sack of what he presumed to be medicine. He was in typical medical garb, bearing white robes and a hat with cloth draping over his ears and the back of his head, leaving only his face exposed. “Here,” the man had said, holding out the sack.

“Thank you,” the boy replied, swinging the bag over his shoulder.

“Be careful with that, now. I don’t want you to go around swinging that thing. That stuff is fragile, even with the clothes inside.

Yurei nodded, gripping the bag tighter. “Thank you, Sir,” he said as he moved on to the largest cathedral he could find, the one where the wedding ceremony had taken place.

This was a kind mission, nothing too difficult, but it felt wrong in a way. Yurei had no problem with helping those who opposed him, but doing so in a disguise invalidated whatever work he was trying to accomplish with this. But at the same time, coming as a shinobi would present numerous problems: retaliation, denial, rejection. Those were a part of a long list of violence that could erupt simply because the lanky boy adorned a shinobi headband.

Yurei sighed, dragging the food across the sidewalk. He paused, going back the pots and touching them with the top of his hand. It was still warm. Good. The Uchiha turned and looked up, eyeing the church from across the road. It wasn’t much further. Yurei treaded onward, trudging forward with the heavy sack of medicine and clothes and his makeshift sled.  As Yurei neared the cathedral, he debated on whether or not he should introduce himself, by alias of course. Simply disappearing could cause issues, as suspicion would arise, but he could avoid and in-depth conversations with someone who hated him. No, he needed to speak. He needed to help change this way of life.

The young shinobi walked to the doors of the cathedral with his supplies in hand and on the blanket. He dropped the cloth and knocked on the massive, tall doors. They soon opened revealing a frail man bearing a desperate look. “Hello?” he said, peaking out of the fortress.

“Hello, Sir. I’ve brought you some supplies for your church. I heard you could use them.”

“Oh yes, thank you! Who are you, boy?”

“I just wanted to help out, sir. I’m no one special.”

“Hm,” the man uttered, stroking his prickly white hairs on his chin. “I see. Well, thank you.”

The pale genin nodded, leaving the pots and supplies with the old man. He smiled, then departed, hearing the old man’s calls of praise and thanks from inside the cathedral.

Yurei turned back to the doors and sighed, walking back home, smiling.
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PostSubject: Re: Holy Helpers - E Rank (Yurei)   Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:29 pm

Approved <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

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Holy Helpers - E Rank (Yurei)
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