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 Finding The Soul

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Komon Hyuuga
Komon Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Finding The Soul   Finding The Soul I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 16, 2017 12:28 pm

The ninja of the village had just received their newest orders. After less than a couple days after defeating the three tails in combat they had been summoned to another journey and Komon was yet again finding himself with orders to leave the village. Kumo was becoming more of a check in station then a home these days it seemed. Looking at the envelope he and most of Kumogakures forces where to travel to a place called…

The village hidden in the stars, Hoshigakure to be exact. The slip of paper had the official signature of the makukage, which meant that the orders were to be obeyed. The hyuuga would let out a brief sigh. This whole war thing seemed to be one load of busy work after another, he had hardly been able to find time to train since the damn thing had started, and he’d be damned if he left the village without learning at least one new trick.
Slamming the flat side of his palm to the wooden table he was currently sitting on he’d use the force of the push to pull himself off of his chair and onto his feet. “Alright! That settles it!” He’d exclaim as he paced himself over to the stairs of his own apartment. His and Komori’s rooms rested across from each other at the top of the wooden structure, and his feet would move methodically as he guided himself to his own.
Upon entering his room he’d slip on his signature blue and white outfit before sliding his window pane open and hopping out to the streets of Kumogakure, a method of getting out of the house that he had pretty much mastered by now, it was both quicker and more fun than leaving out the front door like a normal human being.
After finishing his two story drop to the ground, he’d find himself in a mass of people, the streets as busy as they’d been consistently since the war effort, a strange surge of activity had spawned itself in the village since maku’s grand declaration of war. As if the once scared and helpless people who had been subjected to youkas rule had finally found a purpose in this place.
Maybe they had believed Maku’s speech… His propaganda, that kumogakure was the only land of true shinobi, and they had rallied behind it as if to be a part of the military might of the nation. But Komon was smarter than that, in his time as a ninja he had seen what other nations could do, and there was a very real possibility of kumogakure losing this war.
This Celebration in hoshigakure seemed like a risky move to him due to this, where they really going to move the majority of their army to a completely different village as they were in the middle of a war where they had draped their banners over subjected cities? Kumogakure had clear and present enemies in the world, and Maku’s decision seemed… wrong.
Shaking his head he’d push the thought of his mind. “No point in worrying about it now” He’d say aloud as he pushed his way through the people in front of him, until he made it to the familiar destination that he had spent a vast amount of time in as a gennin about a year ago.
Training ground 5.
This was the location where he had taught his brother the lighting element, where he had met senshi reizo and max, and where he had addressed his team of gennin and his brother before leaving to war. It held a lot of sentimental value, it was his training ground. In this village where one rarely had control, it seemed to be the only place where he could find his moments of clarity, its location on the outermost rim of the village and near the village gates themselves.
He had chosen this location so long ago for one very important reason, Isolation. Which was why he was surprised at the site in front of him, a man in burnt orange robes and holding a bow staff stood alone and seemed to be practicing defensive techniques, by himself. Kind of annoyed the hyuuga would tilt his head before sputtering aloud to the stranger “Yah it’s kind of easy to block the imaginary enemy” He didn’t particularly know why he had been so rude to the man.
But he had, and there was no changing that.
The man with a bald head and orange tunic would plant the staff into the ground before turning to komon, “Well I’f you’d like to spar me you’re more than welcome too” He’d say, the words sounding more like a taunt than an insult, as if he was daring Komon to try his luck.
Komon prideful as ever would draw shinigami, confident that his sword skills far outweighed the man's pathetic wooden staff. “Have it your way” He’d say to the stranger as he rushed forward at full speed blade raised high above his head. As the attack occurred and he neared his opponent he’d see a small smirk as a red energy covered the man in front of him, and his speed was suddenly increased to alarming levels.
As komon swung his sword downwards he could barely react to the wooden stick that would clash against the flat side of his blade, the mere force of the parry sending Komon spiraling to the left and crashing into the ground. Landing on his shoulder he’d look up to the man who had returned to the stance earlier, arms at his hips and his staff planted in the dirt, supporting itself.
“Again?” The man would question, still taunting the hyuuga boy in front of him. The black haired chuunin would spring to his feet, this time mere feet from the man he’d cover his blade in lightning chakra as he performed a horizontal slash at the man's ribs, The attack would surely break through the man's staff when he attempted to block it and he’d stop it just short of the man's body.
Or at least that's what he thought would happen.
Again the red energy surrounded the man, and this time his staff as well, the monks reflexes seemed to far outweigh Komon’s while he was in this state, and the wooden staff would find itself clashing into Komons blade again, however the horizontal clash had made it hard to parry the blunt end and the man had been forced to clash with the sharp side of Komons sword instead this time. Komon had thought that this would surely mean the man’s defeat, as chidori katana would break through a wooden pole with ease, but to his amazement he’d watch as the lighting enveloping his sword would disperse on contact.
And shinigami would find itself halfway buried in a wooden pole, unable to come out of the other end. “What the fu--” He’d be halfway through saying before the wooden pole would come into contact with his face as the monk pushed it forward. The hyuuga would find himself flying backwards into the dirt his sword still buried in the wooden pole.
As he landed he’d hear more taunting words from the mysterious monk. “I think the imaginary opponent was giving me more of a fight” The man's hand would take hold of shinigamis hilt and unhinge it from his staff before throwing it back in the dirt next to Komon.
Normally Komon would be insulted, but the man had just proved his worth in combat, and he had started the trash talk, so he really had no valid reason to be. Instead he’d be amazed. “What the hell was that jutsu… The energy that surrounded you and took my chakra. What was that” He’d say in pure envy. The jutsu was like nothing he’d seen before and he wanted to learn more.
The monk would laugh as he talked to Komon. “It’s called soul expulsion, and it wasn’t energy. It was my soul, it didn’t eat your chakra it simply purified it.” The man talked as if this was common knowledge and Komon would tilt his head in confusion. Soul? Purification? He’d never even heard of anything like that. But he wasn’t gonna stop there.
“Can you teach it to me”
The monk was now not even making eye contact with the boy but rather eyeing the cut in his staff with disappointment, clearly irritated with the damage Komon had caused to his staff, Without looking at Komon he’d answer the boy’s question. “Kind of, it has to be learned in small doses and progressed, and i'm not staying here long. But I can get you started.” The man wouldn’t even have to say anything next, he knew that Komon was a shinobi and would know what handsigns where, so he simply did the three that this jutsu required. And pointed to Komon to do the same.
Komon in response would begin to weave the three hand signs he had perceived over and over again, wiring the damn combination into his head so that it would become almost instinctual. After about 2 minutes of doing it over and over again he’d look back to the monk. “Ok so what's next, how do I do this” He’d say kind of frustrated. Just not knowing how to do it was enough to irritate him.
“Slow down or you’ll hurt yourself” The man would respond letting a slight pause hang in the air before speaking. “This jutsu isn’t your typical use of chakra, it’s quite literally surrounding yourself in your own soul and wearing it as a suit of armor. It’ll take practice, you're going to have to learn how to draw your soul out if you want to enhance your abilities, to expel your soul you're going to need to reach deep within yourself, take a deep breath and give it a shot”
The man was starting to sound less like a taunter and more like a teacher. That was something Komon could work with. Giving a quick nod he’d inhale, letting his nervous system calm and finding a moment of clarity before trying to search for that soul this man kept talking about. But he could find nothing, other than his usual chakra network. It was an odd sensation to him.. Looking for something even his byakugan couldn’t see. It was almost unheard of. At a loss again in what to do he’d turn to his sudden and newfound mentor.
“I can’t find it, what’s a soul feel like?” He’d ask, it felt almost stupid to ask, like he didn’t have a soul or something. But he simply couldn’t distinguish his soul from his flesh.
The mentor would place his finger to his chin while his eyes angled upwards to the sky, it was obvious that he was thinking of an answer to the boys question. “I guess you could say, it’s the warm feeling you get when you help someone else, or the pain you feel in your gut when someone has wronged you… The best way I can describe it is that feeling you get when you experience an emotion so strong it actually leaves a physical mark on your body” He’d shrug as he finished.
The answer was long and vague, and Komon wasn’t sure it helped but he’d give the jutsu one last shot. Forming the three hand signs he had learned from the man he’d take another deep breath and close his eyes. In this new state of darkness he’d listen to the man’s instructions and think back to his most powerful emotions, it wasn’t hard to think of one. With Komon’s tragic past there were two major events that stuck out above all the others. His mom and father's untimely demise.
Over time the emotion that he felt when he pictured his mother's murderer had hardly dampened. Rage, Guilt, Helplessness. That pain in his gut that the monk had been talking about became apparent as soon as he began to ponder on it, and he’d harness that feeling immediately, taking a hold of it and letting it expand much like his chakra would if he was using his jutsu.
Feeling a weird sensation come over him, he’d open his eyes that had still been closed and would be alarmed to see a yellow aura enveloping him. “Why is mine a different color?” He’d ask the man in confusion.
The man seemed both offput and alarmed at Komon. In truth he had never seen somebody learn the technique this quickly, and it startled him. But after the momentary shock he regained his composure. “Well, the soul is the color of your strongest element. Mines fire, I guess yours is lightning” He’d say.
“You did good work for today, but remember you have to keep practicing so your soul can get used to being outside of your body, and can grow in power”
Komon would nod, and thank the man for teaching him the technique before saying goodbye. It was about time he made his way towards the gates of kumogakure, everyone would surely be leaving by now.
As he stepped off the grass and onto the streets of kumogakure he’d realize however that he had never gotten the mans name and would turn and say “Hey I never got your--?” His gaze rested on an empty field, as if the man had vanished into thin air.
“What the hell”
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Finding The Soul
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