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PostSubject: Night Cap (P training)   Night Cap (P training) I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 16, 2017 4:11 am

It is early evening in Kumogakure, however judging by how dark the skies looked outside one would think that it was the middle of the night. It had been raining heavily for the past few hours, and it looked as if it would continue to rain for the foreseeable future(till morning).

Renji had just gotten in from his first day of training with his team. He was still filled with excitement and jubilee as he walks through the front door still soaking wet from the heavy down pour. Not wanting to mess up the house, Renji would get changed by the door, kicking off his boots and hanging his jacket up behind the front door before changing the rest of his cloths which he would leave in a pile by the front door.

Once he was settled, Renji would rush to the fridge to get something to eat as he had been starving all day. Seeing that he did not have many options to choose from, Renji would settle for a bowl of his favorite cereal.   As Renji is sitting there at the table he would begin to go over his day of training with the team. It had been a long day, probably the longest day of training that he had in some time. Renji would smile a few times as he reminisces about the memorable/funny highlights of the day like Senshi magically appearing out of no where or how Saya  had landed such a neat strike on her puppet. Renji would burst out laughing as he remembers Max’s attempt at teaching him taijutsu. Renji would be sitting in his kitchen having a blast thinking about his day, this would last for about ten minutes.

Once he was done with his bowl of cereal, Renji would grab the cereal box and goes to make another bowl. This time however, the internal conversation he has with himself would be different. Having lived through so many different regime changes and wars, Renji would be worried about his new teammates. He’d even be worried about that academy kid he had met the one time at the training ground “Shigeki Shio-something” Renji would say to himself, trying to remember the boys name “I wonder if he ever did pass his Genin exam?” . As he sat there eating his cereal and worrying, his worried thoughts would eventually change to ‘how to’ thoughts, most of which was how to protect them from meeting a fate similar to those who now sat outside the village impaled on spikes; Renji would shiver at the thought of his friends being killed. With that in mind Renji knew that their was only one solution to his problem and that was more training! He needed more strength, he needed to take his training to another level. After his training session with Napa earlier today, Renji would know for the first time ever just how ‘good’ his skills were.

Getting up from the table, Renji walked over towards the window and looks out it. The rain had only picked up since he had been home and was getting worse by the minute. These were clearly no conditions to be outside, but regardless, if he wanted to get stronger he knew that he could not let a little rain get in his way. Renji knowing that he would not be able to get to sleep anyways would decide to brave the storm and go back outside for more training. Putting back on his cloths from earlier, Renji would grab a rain coat and throws it on over his jacket , pulling the hood of the rain coat up to cover his head.

As renji heads out his house, the wind would be so strong that it slams his door closed behind him. Pulling up his collar to prevent the wind from entering his jacket, Renji would jog off in the direction of the training grounds, sloshing water about as he steps in what felt like every puddle along the way. He would not have any idea of what he wanted to work on, but since becoming a shinobi, Renji would find himself feeling most at home when in the confines of the training grounds.

As Renji runs onto the training ground, his foot would slip on the mud that the ground had now been turned into from all the rain. If not for his sturdy Hyuga Body, Renji would have fallen face first into the mud. He would make it a point to be more careful from here on out as he did not think he would get so luck a second time.

Now walking, Renji would activate his byakugan hoping that it’s 360 degree vision will help him better navigate the rough Terrain of the training grounds floor. It would not be to long before he would find a nice sized tree that looked to provide some type of protection from the rain; which was still coming down just as hard at this point. As he gets to the tree he would see that some of the ground by its roots maybe a 5 meter radius, had not been completely turned to mud like the rest of the training grounds. “I guess this is as good a footing as I’ll find in these conditions” Renji would mumble under his breath as his kicks at the mud around his feet and scans one last time for any better spot to set up shop.

Standing there Renji would begin to wonder what technique to learn. He would stand around in the rain for a few minutes while trying to figure out where to begin his training. Unsure, Renji decides to start with simply trying to improve on  the effectiveness of his strikes.  He would then take up his usual fighting stance, making sure to spread his legs shoulder width apart in order to evenly distribute his weight and ensure that his center of gravity was well balanced. With his arms raised up in front of his face, Renji would throw a simple jab with his left gloved hand. The Jab would be a half lazy one as he was still a bit tight and tense from the uncomfortable situation that the rain provided. It would take Renji a few more of these lazy left handed punches before he was warmed up enough.

Finally warmed up, Renji would readjust his footing ensuring that he was still properly centered before going back to throwing his left handed jab; he would switch it up every now and then so that his right side got an equal amount of training as well. During his warm up session Renji had realized that this whole time he had not been throwing his punch ad effective as he could be. The way that he normally threw a punch even when not in an uncomfortable situation, was slow and arching, easily readable by the way in which he telegraphed his strikes.  He would stop for a minute and throws a few super slow punches as he tries to fix the problems with his form before continuing on.

With each pivot of his foot Renji’s feet would dig a bit deeper into the ground; creating small holes in the loose mud that was at his feet. He would sink a few inches in the first ten minutes alone. Of course he would be to focused on improving himself and his skills to notice this. He had a fire in his eyes now, the fire being the only thing that was keeping the young kid going; his muscles still sore from training with his teammates earlier in the day. He wanted to be much more stronger, he wanted to protect all of those that he held dear to him, and he knew that in order to do so he would have to do this training and do it correct.

Ten more intense minutes of training would pass, causing him to sink more into the ground underneath his feet. At this point Renji would see this as a 2 fold welcomed gift. Firstly having to struggle and fight to pick his foot up with every thrown punch, Renji was able to get a decent leg work out. And secondly Renji needed to get out of the bad habit of always leaving his feet during his fights; every time he thinks or tries to jump he would be restrained by the suction of the mud around his feet.

As Renji continues to work at his punch, he would feel a familiar pressure begin to build up in his left hand. Having felt this feeling before when he was training his taijutsu puncture technique, Renji knew that this feeling had to be the physical pressure building up in his hand. It felt as if he was holding a 50 pound dumbbell in his hand. A smerk appearing on his face. The rain still beating heavily. Renji would continue to throw his punch, fighting to keep his form as close to perfect against the intense pressure his arm was now under.

As the rain/sweat water mixture runs down the side of his face Renji would not be able to tell if it is sweat from the intense training he had been doing, or water from the rain that still showed no signs of letting up. The tree that Renji had choose to train under was doing a respectable job of keeping the majority of the rain from falling down on top of the young shinobi, it’s branches and leaves reaching out almost like a natural umbrella. If it had not been so windy, Renji probably would not have gotten wet at all while he was under the tree.

As the night continued on, the small patch of earth under Renji’s feet would begin to turn and mold and give way as his feet were carving and digging away until he was now in a small ditch that he had created. The ditch would be up to about Renji’s neck, and extended about a meter or a half a meter out past his arms length.  Not wanting to throw out his elbow with the force that he was now putting behind his punches, Renji would begin to strike at the ground in front of him, using the soft muddy soil wall to cushion his blows. With each hit, mud would slosh around hitting the young genin in the face. His cloths by now we’re all but ruined. He had long since removed the rain coat as the tree provided decent enough cover, and the coat was pretty restricting of his arm movements.  

Having been hitting the same spot in the wall over and over repeatedly, Renji had cleared out another meter or two in front of himself. Not realizing this tho, he would throw a hard right punch, fully expecting to make contact with the ground In front of him. With so much force behind the punch and nothing to  connect with, the momentum of the punch would cause Renji to lose his balance and fall face first into the mud on the ground. He would hit the ground sending massive amounts of mud flying into the air and landing down back on top of him. He would lay in the position for a few seconds. Starting to feel bad for himself, Renji would pound at the ground with the side of his fist out of frustration. “Damn it!” he would yell as he did not want to get his jacket dirty.

Laying there completely covered in mud would be the icing on the cake to a crappy situation. With the rain and wind and now being covered in mud from head to toe, Renji would begin to get the feeling that things could not get any worse. This feeling would help in lifting a lot of the tension from the boys shoulders. No longer having to worry about staying clean, Renji could really get ‘down and dirt’.

As he stands back to his feet, mud and rain water would drip down from the boys cloths, sloshing onto the floor at his feet. Taking both of his hands, Renji would do a poor job of whipping the mud from his face, leaving finger steaks across his face from where he had whipped.

Once he had gotten most of the mud from his face Renji would return to his training, just as intense as he was before he had fallen to the ground. He would shift his position in the ditch so that he could again use the walls of the ditch to cushion his blows.  By now he had gotten use to the physical pressure build up in his fists, which by now felt like he was holding onto 100 pounds in each hand. Every punch was also releasing some of the pressure contained in them with every strike that  lands on the wall. This combined with his feet moving through the ground at his feet would make the ditch continue to grow and deepen.

Within a few hours Renji would be standing in a small crater that he had created in the ground from all of his intense training. The crater would have a radius of roughly 5 meters and at its deepest point, where Renji was currently standing, the crater would be 3 meters deep. The water from the rain mixed with the fresh earth and becomes a soupy mud that was now pooling around the Genins upper knee. Under the waterline Renji’s feet would be stuck inside a more quicksand like version of the mud; he would have to lift his knees almost to his face in order to release his feet from the mud.

Standing there Renji  would be hunched over with his hands on his knees as he is taking a small break from his training. “not yet, I have to get stronger. If I want to be able to protect my village and friends I need more strength, I need to get stronger. I can not let a little rain or dirt stop me from honing my skills.” He would think to himself, before straightening up and looking up to the sky through his byakugan he would watch as the individual rain drops fall aimlessly to the ground.  

Renji break would last for a few more moments before he’d turn his gaze back to the dirt in front of him and starts to wail away at the wall again. By now Renji’s fist would be giving off a small aura like glow from all of the physical pressure that was he was putting behind his blows. Every time he shoots his arm into the dirt in front of him his arm would get wedged into the dirt forcing him to have to pull back hard in order to return his hand to its rightful defensive position in front of his face, this training would continue for a few hours. One time his hand would even get so stuck that he would have to lodge his feet against the wall all pull with all his might to get his arm out. This would of course send young Renji flying backwards into the pooling mud, landing in a seated position splashing mud all over the place. By now the mud and being dirty did not bother Renji one bit Knowing that this training would pay off in the long run he would. “I hope that doesn’t stain.” Renji would say, trying to make light of the sucky situation that he now found himself in.

As mid night comes signifying the end of one day and the start of a fresh new day, the rain would finally begin to slow down a bit although it would still be a few more hours before it would fully stop raining. Through his punching, Renji would notice as the pitter patter sound the rain had been making all night as it hit the water around him would slow down a bit.  Renji would take this opportunity to take another break from his training. Standing there with his hands on his hips, Renji would look around and for the first time notices just how deep this crater was that he was standing in. “how the heck do I get out of here?” Renji would ask himself as he tries to figure out a way out from the 15 foot deep hole he had created. Fighting to move, it would take Renji about a minute just to walk to the edge of the crater; he would struggle a few times to catch his balance and not fall again into the soup. Once he was at the edge of the crater, the first thing that Renji tries to do is to jump up and grab onto the edge of the top and pull himself from the ditch. Pushing down and then jumping up, or trying to jump up, Renji would barely even make it an inch off of the ground. The combination of the mud soup around his waist and his feet being stuck up to his ankles in the quick sand would make jumping to safety clearly out of the question.

Seeing that he could not jump to safety from where he is at, Renji would Next try to climb his way out from the bottom of the ditch. Bending over to gather some momentum, Renji would throw his upper body backwards causing his foot to come completely loose from the quicksand and the water that was above it. With his one foot released from its muddy prison ,Renji would kick his foot hard into the wall. While doing this he would reach up with his hands and tries to grab as high as he could. Using his hands and one free foot, Renji would pull with all of his might and power to try and get is other foot out from the mud at the bottom of the pit. He would pull so hard with his hands, and push so hard with his foot that they would begin to slide down a bit. Pulling frantically at his leg like a mad man, Renji finally gets it free. However he would lose the grip that his left hand had on the wall. About to fall off of the wall, Renji reacts in a matter of a split second as swings his now free hand around in the air while kicking his free foot so that the momentum would aim both limbs back towards to wall. As they are about to come into contact with the wall, Renji would yell out as he adds a bit off power to them to ensure that he gets them deep into the wall.  Both of his limbs would make contact with the wall at the same time, stopping for a fraction of a second before being engulfed by the wall as the wall gives off a loud sucking sound as it swallow Renji’s limbs.

Now with his body safely secured to the side of the crater, Renji would pull out his left arm and right leg and lifting them up a few feet he would push them back into the dirt wall. He would follow suit with his right hand and left leg, making sure to take his time when he pulled them from the wall as he did not want to go falling to the bottom. Renji would continue to alternate hands and feet as he makes his way up the side of the dirt wall looking like a mountain climber. It would take Renji about 5 minutes just to make it to the half way point. But he did not mind so long as he was going up. The higher he got, the more his body and gravity would turn in to his enemy. After passing the half way point every few feet that he would go up would be followed by a slide of half the distance. The next ten minute sold prove brutal for Renji as despite all his efforts, he could not make it more than a few feet past the half way point.

As he hung there from the side of the wall Renji would begin to think to himself “at this rate I’ll be back at the bottom faster than I can get to the top. I have to pick up the pace if I want to get out of here. Just got to be mindful of where I step and I should be good, I hope I will be good. I mean worse case I fall it’s not like I will break my back or anything, the mud would certainly cushion my fall plus this crater isn’t to deep, maybe 10 feet at most…ok so that’s it I will just move smart and fast and hopefully I’ll be out of this in no time.”

Once he was done game planning Renji would return back to trying to climb his way out of the Pitt. Taking a deep breath Renji would extend his arm high overhead; pushing up with his foot to stand on his tippy toes as every inch mattered in trying to escape this sinking grave. Once he had a solid hold with his hand he would pull his opposite knee high up towards his face before kicking it into the dirt. He would continue this method with his other arm and leg, hoping that the extra few inches would held to make up for ground that he would lose when he slid back down. Renji would also start to pick up the pace a little each time he felt himself falling to much.

It would take longer then he expected but Renji could finally see the fruits of his labors. There maybe 3 feet above him was the ledge. If he could get to it he would be able to pull himself up to safety. Renji was almost completely exhausted by now but, he knew that he could not stop or he would end up back down at the bottom where he had started oh so long ago. Taking a deep breath, Renji decides to deviate from his original plan. Instead of climbing the way he had been for the past ten minutes, Renji decides to try to jump and make a grab for the ledge. Pushing off as hard as he could with both feet Renji would let go of his grip on the wall and jumps up in an attempt to grab at the wall with his left hand.

Although it would only last a few second, to Renji it felt as if he was flying through the air for an eternity. During that time, from Renji’s perspective it would look as if the ledge was slowly moving towards his outstretched hand. It was like he was motionless and the world was just happening around him at a super slow pace. Through his byakugan renji could see the fine details in the area around him, he could see the blades of grass dancing ever so slowly as they were pushed and moved by the wind and drops of rain. The longest 3 seconds of young Renji’s life would come to a climax as Renji’s outstretched fingers swipe at the ledge. His hand would dig into the ledge and had he not been so worn from training all day he probably would have been able to get by with the grip that he had. but, being so exhausted Renji would lose his grip on the ledge a few seconds after grabbing onto it, sending him flying backwards his hands and legs swinging as he falls helplessly.

As he lands Renji would crash through the top layer of the mud soup and completely submerges himself in the dirt underneath it; only his head and neck would be above the waterline so that he would not drown down there. As he is moving to get up, Renji would begin to feel a weird sensation coming over his body. The only way to describe it was like when he was molding his Lighting chakra and using lighting jutsus. But this feeling was far different, when using lighting, Renji could feel as his chakra moved through his chakra network at high speeds and almost felt as if it were shocking him. This feeling that he was having in his chakra network was as if his chakra had somehow gotten heavier and was moving more slowly. “what’s that?” Renji would ask himself as he was clueless to this foreign feeling inside of him.

Still clueless as to what this new feeling could be, Renji would push off the ground hard, standing back up to his feet. Once he was standing, Renji would lift his arm to begin again climbing up the side of the wall. As his lifts his arm up, he would notice as the ground around him would begin to move about as if it were reacting to the young Genins hand motion. Seeing this would intrigue Renji and takes his attention momentarily away from Escaping The pit that he was in.  Moving over towards the center of the pit, Renji would move his arm again in the same motion that he had made just a second ago. And again, the mud would react to his hand waving over it, the mud jumping up and down as if there was a fire under it causing it to boil over. A smerk would appear on Renji’s face as he finds this super cool.  He would move his arms around for a bit watching in excitement like a kid In a candy store, as the mud jumps up in response to his hand movements.

“did I just learn the earth element?” Renji would ask himself, half not believe it. But having been training in the crater and pretty much becoming one with the earth on more than one occasion when he face planted, he  had indeed gained an affinity for the earth element. While it did not come to him naturally like lightning, Renji had worked hard enough it seems to pick a second element. “wait till I show the team this! I bet they won’t even believe it, I definitely have to learn some jutsu so that I can show them. But first I’ll have to improve on my control over this new element.” Renji would say to himself as he stands there happy that his hard work was paying off.

The rain would still be coming down though it had significantly slowed down; and the wind from earlier was all but gone, though he could not feel it blowing anyways while he’s at the bottom of the ditch, but he would hear it stop howling. The tree was doing a great job now of stopping the rain from hitting the boy at the bottom of the pit. Reinvigorated, Renji would decide to hold off on trying to escape from his pit and instead decides to continue on training. Being that it’s normally hot this time of year Renji would not have to worry about catching a cold from all the rain. And having his new Earth affinity he would not have to worry about the dirt  giving him an infection or anything.

Standing there covered in mud Renji would begin to think back to his spar session against Napa. Or actually his 2 v 2 sparing session with Saya against the two puppets. Thinking back to the start of the fight Renji would begin to break down his movements during the entire fight. Starting the fight with a dynamic kick was probably a bad idea, but Renji wanted to close the distance as he had no ranged jutsu or weapons to compensate for the distance between he and napa. As he is standing there thinking over this conundrum, he would suddenly have an idea on how to fix his range issue. “I wonder if I build up enough pressure in my fist can I release it, using it as a short of ranged attack? But if I want to do that I am almost certain that I will need to increase the amount of physical pressure that I can build up and store in my hands.” Renji would say aloud to himself.

Finally with the plan set, Renji would turn back towards the wall in front of him and takes up a fighting stance. Renji’s hands where sore from having thrown so many punches at the wall, his hands had dug into the skin of his palms and they where very ginger to the touch.  for now  renji would settle for throwing open palmed hand strikes. With each successful thrown strike, Renji would try to gather a bit more pressure into his hand than on the last strike. It would not be long perhaps 2 or 3 strikes before Renji felt like he was holding onto 100 pound dumbbells again. Knowing that he would have to increase the pressure behind his strikes greatly if he wanted to cause any real damage with this jutsu that he was trying to work on as the minute the pressure attack left his hand Renji knew that it would start to lose some of its power.

After a few more successful thrown strikes Renji’s hands would begin to feel so heavy. Plus the fact that he had been going for nearly 24 hours straight did not help him at all. Not wanting to give up before he had learned this technique Renji would push the negative thoughts from his head. In an attempt to not think about the pain, Renji would begin to sing a song in his head “99 ninja stars on the wall 99 ninja stars! Take one down pass it around 98 ninja stars on the wall. 98 ninja star on the wall 98 ninja star take one down pass it around 97 ninja star on the wall. 97 ninja star…..” Renji would continue to sing in this manner until he had gotten all the way down to 11 ninja stars. At this point Renji would not be able to sing away the pain any more. It felt as if he were carrying a small car in each hand or what he assumed it felt like having never actually lifted actually car before. The weight was so unbearable that from this point forward Renji would have to just fight through it as no amounts of disassociation was going to push the pain from his mind. Gritting his teeth Renji would press on with his intense crazy training in the rain.

As he continues with his training, Renji could see that his strikes where beginning to give off more and more physical energy as they landed, blowing out larger chunks of the surrounding earth and making the ditch that Renji was in deeper and deeper with every successful strike landed. The pain however would continue to grow as well. Renji was doing a decent job of managing it, and by now was starting to get use to it.

The night would continue on and another hour would pass as Renji continues to carve away at the walls inside of the crater he was training inside of. He would be doing such a good job increasing his power that at one point he would knock out a large chunk of dirt and rock that would reveal some of the roots of the huge tree that had been shading him from the down pour all night. Not wanting to knock over the tree, Renji would turn around in the ditch and begins to hammer away at the other side, that was not facing the trees direction.

As he is wailing away at the wall, Renji would have yet another bight idea, knowing that his chances of climbing out of this ditch where pretty low, he would decide to try to build a kind of walk way out of the crater by punching the wall in very precise positions so that he could create steps or small landings that would lead him out of there. Out of all his bright ideas this was probably the best one yet, we’ll after his idea to continue is training in the first place. Bending down a bit, Renji would begin to punch away at the dirt on the wall around knee level. He would punch at the dirt until he had created a small landing that was just above the water line. Stepping up on to the landing, this would be the first time that Renji had been outside of the mud soup since falling from the ledge a few hours ago. It would be a much welcomed relief to be outside of that water. But, turning his attention back to the ledge that was still high out of reach, Renji knew that he still had a ways to go before he could be back up on ground level.

Seeing as he was not going to make it to the ledge Renji decides to make a change to his plan. Instead of trying to build a step ladder to the top, he wants to burrow his way to the top. Not being the brightest when it came to math, Renji would assume that if he burrows at a 45 degree angle then he should be able to follow that path and make it out of this bottomless pit.

Grasping his hands together and cracking his knuckles, Renji would get to work at creating the tunnel. Without any tools or anything, It would be up to Renji’s fist to pave the way for his escape.  Starting off slow at first, Renji would aim at where he thinks would be a good starting spot to make his 45 degree angled tunnel. It would take Renji a few tries as he needed to get the right amount of power on his punches. To little and nothing would happen, to much and the whole side of the wall could cave in on his tunnel. It would only take about 3 minutes before Renji would feel comfortable enough to pick up the pace a bit. Having found the right balance of power and speed, it was just a matter of time now before young Renji would be back on level ground.

Once he had made it half way to the surface in his tunnel, the pain that he was feeling from all the built up pressure was starting to give way  or at least he was starting to become accustomed to it. This was the least amount of pain that Renji had felt in some time. He was in such good spirits that he would begin to whistle while he worked; he would use the sound of the tune to help to deal with the monotony  of throwing the same punch over and over and staring at the same dirt for so many hours. “I wonder how much longer till I’m at the top? It’s Been like a half hour already. Renji would say as he begins to get a bit frustrated with being underground for so long.

Another ten minutes would pass before Renji would finally shoot one final punch. The punch would go flying through the surface creating a small hole in the ground. As Renji is digging trying to make the hole big enough to slip through he would feel the rain as it hits his face. This would be a welcomed feeling after being underground for so long. Once he had pulled himself all the way out from the hole he had created in the ground, Renji would roll over onto his back letting the rain was over him. By this time the rain had slowed down tremendously and was more a heavy drizzle than rain. But it would be every thing to renji in this moment. Opening his mouth to let some of the water in, Renji would then begin to start whipping the mud from his cloths. an exercise in futility as he was so covered in mud that he would just be brushing and smearing it. Realizing that it was not doing anything Renji would stop trying to whip off the mud and instead just lays there for a few more minutes. he would be happy to not be at the bottom of that muddy pit, and would just lays there for a bit longer letting the rain water wash over him.

Once his long break was over, Renji would gingerly stand up to his feet and again would begin to gather energy into his fist and tries to shoot it out in the form of a punch. By now the force in his hands was greatly intense, feeling as if he was holding onto a building which each hand; Having never lifted a building, Renji would just assume this as his hands felt ten times heavier than before. His hands would feel so heavy that he can no longer lift them to his face. Instead he would have to settle for throwing his punches from the waist as that was as high as he could get his arms; the soreness played a major roll in him not being able to lift his arms, had he been fresh he would have been able to at least get his hands up to chest level. However, one thing would  be for certain, Renji was putting an immense amount of pressure behind his punches. The fire in his eyes at this point was burning brightly, like he had the eye of the Tiger  in him, he was determined to master this technique.

The rain would continue to slow down as the night wears on. It would be another few hours before any progress would be seen from the young Gennin. With the eye of the Tiger burning brightly in him, Renji would still be throwing his punches. By now though, he would have to use one hand to hold the other one up as the pressure was so great in them. It felt like his hand would drop to the ground at terminal velocity if he did not support it with his other hand.

Finally Renji would reach a second breakthrough of the night in his training. After having been working all night at gathering energy into his hands, he was able to do so now more quickly than when he had first started out, and much of the pain was bearable by now.  As he sets up for another routine punch attempt, Renji would lift his left gloved hand in front of his face with an opened palm. Using his off hand, Renji would hold it in a fist behind his left hand. Doing this would cause all of the built of pressure in his two hands to begin to expelled and take on a form of a roaring angry tiger. Renji would be surprised at first as he did not know taijutsu techniques to look like this. But he would quickly shake the negative thought from his head as maintaining this jutsu required great amounts of concentration. Had he not been a Hyuga and so good at controlling his chakra and energy he probably would not have even stumbled upon this jutsu. Still fighting to maintain the Tiger energy cloak that was now around him, Renji would shoot both of his hands forward and makes a tiger hand seal with them. At the same time, the Tiger would begin to run off in the direction that Renji’s open handed strike had aimed it.

As the Tiger got further away from Renji it would begin to spiral and condense into a small point. It would continue to condense until it was close to fifty meters away from Renji. Once the condensed tiger was 50 meters away it would explode, the explosion would be in a cone shape and Flys forward another 50 meters before dissipating into the air. Renji would be completely taken aback by what he had just witnessed. Looking at his hand, Renji would wonder if that massive attack had truly come from these same fist of his. “wow” is all the boy could muster up as he watched on as the Tiger exploded.

As if he did not believe what he had just seen with his own eyes, Renji would set up once more to try out this technique. He wanted to see if it was something Repeatable of just pure luck. Renji would make sure to set up his body in the exact same position that he had it in just moments ago when first performed the jutsu; methodically checking over his body position from his feet placement up to the way his head was tilted and every other body part in between.

Once he has ensured that his was as close in form to his last attempt as he could get, Renji would begin to gather the energy/pressure into his hands. He would then lift his hands high up to his face, this time it would be way easier to get his hands up as he was starting to built a strong tolerance for the pain. As he hands begin to come into position, the pressure within them would begin to expel and starts to form again the raging tiger. As he shorts his palm forward forming the Tiger hand seal Renji would try to track the attack as it leaves from his hand.

Through his byakugan renji could see up close as the Tiger went running forward. Much to his surprise, The Tiger was not made up of chakra as he had assumed but rather condense air pressure. Seeing this would cause Renji to get excited. Out of excitement Renji would slam his fist shut in order to pump his fist in celebration. But the moment he closes his fist, Renji would see 20 meters down field, the Tiger would instantly explode sending the resulting explosion flying 50 meters forward in a cone, much like it had the last time. “hmm I guess I have some kind of control over when this technique will explode. That is good to know that I don’t to wait till it gets to the end of its range for it to explode.” He would think to himself before returning to celebrating his success.

By now Renji was super exhausted, he had only gotten a few hours rest in between his training session with team senshi and his late night training session. Renji would zombie walk over towards the Tree, doing his best to avoid the huge hole that was still there in front of the tree. “ha I really hope I don’t get in trouble for this.” Renji would think to himself as he examines the hole before taking a seat under the tree. The rain had almost all but stopped by now; just a light mist that was going to leave a nice morning dew on the village.

As he sits there trying to catch his breath Renji would begin to get lost in thought. The first thing that would come to mind as he is sitting there is his Gennin exam. Having only been a few months removed from graduation, The sight of Senshi looking so bored by Renji’s performance during the exam was still a hot topic in Renji’s mind. “I bet Senshi will be blown away by this!” a smile coming to the young shinobi’s face as he thinks about his team leader. Next Renji’s thoughts would shift to his two teammates. Having both the earth element and this new tiger jutsu Renji knew that he would be able to better protect them when they are out on missions.

Still sitting there Renji’s mind would shift now to Napa. Napa was probably one of the main reason for Renji coming out here last night. Before sparing with Napa  Renji had never sparred seriously with anybody, and this caused him to think that he was a lot better than his skills actually where. Fighting with Napa would open his eyes to the dangers of the Shinobi life because like Napa said, had Napa’s tap to the chest of Renji been a Kunai Renji would not be sitting under this tree right now. “ha let’s see what Napa has to say when he sees this new jutsu.” Renji would think to himself.

As the night darkness begins to run from the sky, it would take with it the little bit of rain that was left over from yesterday’s storm. Renji would spend another hour or so under the tree, using the time to both rest up from his intense training and also to let the sun dry his cloths a bit, as they were still pretty muddy and wet.

Sitting there watching as the sun rises over the horizon Renji would for a few fleeting moments forget about the war and the dangers that the shinobi life brought with it. For those few seconds he was just a 15 year old boy enjoying the freedom of being able to stay up all night and now be able to watch such a beautiful sunrise. To see the world, to be able to see the sunrise from a different point part of the world, that was Renji’s true dream and goal.

Slamming his fist to the ground at his side he would snap out of this day dream. He knew that no matter how much he wanted to enjoy being a kid he couldn’t he had to grow up and learn to become a shinobi and live the ninja way. “but does that mean abandoning my dream?” Renji would ask of himself as if there were two people sitting there and it would be somebody else giving him the answer to his problem. But he knew, he knew that only he could truly answer this for himself. But for now he was just happy to see such a beautiful sunrise and would do his best not to ruin it with such stressful thoughts.

Looking up at the sky Renji would notice that the sun was just about in the same position it had been in when he first arrived at the training grounds 24 hours ago. Oh how a world can change in 24 hours. At this time yesterday Renji was a wet behind the ears Genin coming to the training grounds to meet his team for the first time, thinking he was thr best thing since sliced bread. But today while he was still wet behind the ears, he was way more stronger of body and mind and now knew just how weak he was and how much farther he has to push. No longer was he living in a façade world where he was the best. So much and it’s only been 24 hours, Renji would be excited to see the heights that team Senshi would take him.

Seeing as he had been up for 24 hours now, renji would be super tired and ready for bed. “well..I guess I should make my way home I’ve been out here all night, and..I think I’m starting to stink” Renji would say as he stands up to his feet and grabs his rain coat. Throwing his raincoat over his jacket, He would then start to make his walk for the training ground entrance. “I really really hope I don’t get in trouble for this.  I guess if anything I’ll come back later and fill back in once I get this earth element under control” Renji would say as he walks past the crater he had called home for most of the night.

Heading out of the training grounds Renji would walk home, his boots squishing with every step he takes and dried up mud/dirt falling from his cloths. The towns folk that where up at this early hour would look on at Renji in awe, trying to figure out why the boy was so dirty. He would not mind the looks though as he was still on cloud nine from the success that the night had brought him.  


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