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 .: Akari Kyo :. [Done]

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Academy Student

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PostSubject: .: Akari Kyo :. [Done]   Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:59 pm

Akari Kyo

Basic Information

Age: 10
Birthday: 2nd June
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kyo is a four foot eight inches with white hair just like his father and mother. He has an innocent face, with his father's eyes and the lower half of his face like his mother's. He had a white kimono with a blue hem on the borders of the robes. On the robes are some golden chains connected to two emblems on the chest and run to a simple attachment to his back. On his hands are gloves that some fingers are fingerless. Namely the index, thumb and pinky finger remain exposed. On his waist there is a grey sash white a black belt and silver buckle. His legs at the side of them are the traditional samurai armor and run down up to his knees. The pants on the bottom half of the kimono tapers down into the top of his shinobi boots which are black in color.
Personality: Loud and boisterous
History: The history of the clan is intertwined heavily into the history of Kyo and his life had always been in conflict. From the scrolls of the old days it says "The Akari clan is of the belief that they are the ‘light in the darkness’. This is one reason they caught the interest of Danzo. They believe that they should work for the cause of good, even if they have to work in the shadows and do less than honorable things to further any cause of theirs."

Kyo had read the parchments from since he could read and at first he did not fully know what it meant. He also read "The Akari think themselves better than others in the sense that they think that they should manipulate events to do what they want. They believe that their vision is superior, and that anyone else’s is inferior will get in the way. The Akari vision is that a world without shinobi must exist if there is ever to be peace."

This belief has been somewhat shaken since the Fire Nation managed to unite every nation under them. There are still some older members who believe that the shinobi villages should be destroyed, that there will be another war regardless and that the peace will not last. Many younger members however have begun to believe that the clan should work towards the continuation of this new country, and that they should assist the shinobi villages in maintaining peace. The clan has since detached itself into two groups, those loyal to the old ideals are called Loyalists and those who rebel against the old ways are called Rogues. Rogues can live in any village, but Loyalists must live in certain villages.

Kyo's family was different, and as with some families they are led by the male human. Kyo's father and his family which comprised of his wife, Mysao, Kyo and himself Kaai. Kaai despite being born into the clan he had a different mind set to the cliche members of the clan. He and his family was neither a royalist nor did they have a desire to go rouge. He was brought to the loyalist side of the clan's counsel body and was exiled. Now cast out from his home with his wife and baby Kyo, and not even able to turn to the rouge side of the clan, he ran towards Kirigakure no sato and there he raised his family. The clan not wanting to have a family with their blood on the loose not obeying the laws of either side of the clan sent assassins to take the life of Kaai and his family. And so Kaai and Mysao fought to defend their child but to no avail. For the assassins were not only stronger but they far outnumbered Kaai and Mysao. It took the combined chakra of Mysao an Kaai to use a jutsu unique to Kaai and Mysao that allows to teleport one person at a time to where another light source is. Kaai used Kage light clones to fight off his attackers while he used his jutsu first on his son then secondly he tried to use the jutsu on his wife when they cut off two of her legs from above the knee just before he successfully sent his wife safely away.

Some distance away, was a weeping Kyo in his mother's arms who was bleeding to death from her wounds; the rain falling as if it sensed the sorrow of the Akari family when a young man and his wife found the mother and child and took them to safety. And so it was at the house of this young man and his wife that Kyo grew up in with his crippled mother in Kirigakure no sato. His mother explained to the couple of their bloodline and they were being hunted and so Kyo and his mother's abilities were kept secret; that was until little Kyo asked his mother to join the Academy. Permission was granted knowing at least for now, the people who killed the boy's father could not find them. And thus, Kyo began his journey as a shinobi.

Likes: Training, Laughing, Making fun of opponents, Being annoying, humbling the proud,
Dislikes: Cowards, People who take advantage of others, people who has a God complex

Ninja Traits

Rank: Academy Student
Village: Kirigakure no sato
Element(s): Light
Specialties: Light Manipulation
Clan: Akari
Bijuu Request: n/a


Health: 6
Chakra: 6
Stamina: 6
Speed: 6
Strength: 6

The Player

Other Characters: n/a
Roleplay Sample:

"So there he is?" asked the teenager name Sancho as he spoke to one of his friends as they stalked Kyo from some bushes.

"Yea that's the little runt whose mother is a freak." snarled the biggest of the group named Pancho who was already 18 while Kyo sat there upon a bench in the park minding his own business.

In the group there were five teenagers who seemed justified plotting to beat up a small ten year old boy only because their parents did not like how Kyo's mother used to ask them to clean the outside of their business to earn some money. Now they were going to beat Kyo to an inch of his life to maybe send a message to the boy's mother since they threatened her they would do this. Some time earlier, the mother had told Kyo not to go out on his own for fear of their threats. But Kyo knew nothing of fear nor did he know of its meaning. And with that attitude he went out there on purpose. The boys of five attacked Kyo while he sat there and turned to look at them as they came at him with a retarded looking face. Wondering what the hell is wrong with this little boy Kyo lashed out. He had already placed his both feet on a concrete protrusion from under the bench and push off from it to gain momentum as he crashed the top of his head into the biggest of the group first; knocking the wind out of him. By that time he was already sitting on the boy's chest after he head butted him, by the time the others realized what was going on he was on his hands with his legs spinning doing an upside down round house to the rest of them sending them flying back. He straightened himself and stood upright as he looked at them.

"Do anything to my mother again and it will be more than bones broken. Got it?"
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Kobayashi Senshi <3

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PostSubject: Re: .: Akari Kyo :. [Done]   Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:54 am

Appearance: please add a definitive weight to his appearance.

Personality: two words are not going to do. We need at least two paragraphs of 5-7 sentences explaining his personality.

History: okay I appologize I'm going to be blunt this is a mess. NRPG is set several hundred years after Danzig would already be dead. The fire nation doesn't control everything. The Akari clan head is the leader of Hoshigakure and he doesn't send assassins after people. As far as I know none of the info you provided about the clan is valid at all, so all of that will need to be removed as the clan head determines the clans history. This in life's the rogue and loyalist factions. 

Your welcome to flee to Kirigakure all you want but know that they have a huge storm circling the island to defend it against incomers, t might be best to just say you were born there. You have inconsistencies in your history that make it seem as if it was used for other sites. You refer to yodels as Kyo a child of his father and his wife misao and another child Kiaa. But then you refer to Kyo as being Kiaa. And then you refer to Kyo as being an adult with a child named Kiaa. You'll need to fix all of that. And then you refer to kaai and Mysao as the parents of Kyo.  

You then refer to some special unique teleporting ability only usable by Kiaa and Misao together but then a few sentences later reference that Kiaa uses it alone. 

I highly suggest you make the following changes: delete the portions about the Akari, all of it unless Denkitekin Hyato or Akihana Akari approves of it. Delete the portions of the "Fire nation" ruling everything. Delete the portions of anything mentioning Danzo. You can instead reference and say you were apart of some minor village, where you were born into a large family that had two branches, a loyal and rogue side. You do not know you are re related to the Akari you simply know your family had a bloodline. Pretty much you are an Akari you have the Akari bloodline but your family doesn't know it's the Akari bloodline they think it's their bloodline. Then you can keep all those pieces of info you wanted. They can send as Assassains but if you try to say you're from a major village like Konoha or Kumo etc you'll need permission from that villages kage to say assassains were sent after you. By changing your last name you can circumvent changing your families history scroll parts since it would be part of your family NOT part of the Akari. 

Elements: you need to choose an element that is not light. That is a bloodline element that must be trained. You must choose one of the basic five first. 

Specialty: please remove light manipulation as it is not a specialty and Academy students have no specialties.

Please do one of the roleplay samples outlined in the character creation guide. Also please add a word count at the end of your roleplay sample


Stats Page
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Akihana Akari

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PostSubject: Re: .: Akari Kyo :. [Done]   Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:46 pm

If you need any help with the Akari angle, please let me know. <3

You're awesome, give yourself a treat. <3

"It was only a sunny smile, and little did it cost in the giving.
But like morning light it scattered the night, and made the day worth living ."

Important information:

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PostSubject: Re: .: Akari Kyo :. [Done]   

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.: Akari Kyo :. [Done]
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