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 A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]

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PostSubject: A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]    Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:58 am

Thrice in slow succession rang out the sound of a leaky faucet within the interior of a four walled room, over the course of the past several hours at least a dozen times per minute would it repeat without end echoing each time within the interior of the head of the rooms only occupant. At each corner of the room stood a lamp whose brightness was set to its highest capacity creating an environment where attempts at sleep were futile and by the looks of the captured individual overbearing with heat, with sweat dripping from his brow sat Nōet bound at the wrist by way of sealing tags behind a steel metal desk, obviously he was malnourished, yet no one was there to come to his aid. Not even a single one of his siblings. Had he been kidnapped? Was  the boy being tortured? Surely not... Or so would be said by the man conducting what he calls rigorous training of exercising and exerting control over one's chakra.

"God Damn It..." No longer were the sixteen dreadlocks bound together, free from their restraints they rested over his face leaving his facial features shrouded from sight and muffling his words making them inaudible. Luckily he repeated himself, only much louder this time with a display of some force exerted to the desk infront of him flipping it in the process.

"GOD. DAMN. IT!!!!!" Nōet yelled in a fit of rage whilst jerking his neck back and causing the sixteen locs to be intertwined with the others at the back of his head, yet no sooner had the words left his lips did his father swiftly swoop into the room without not so much as a sound made nor exchanged between either of them.

A single hand extended catching the table by its corner at the apex of its ascension, his decent back to the ground had the table right side up even before his feet hit the ground. With his Byakūgan both sights were set on his estranged son who reciprocated the glare meeting his father's white eyes with his own whose iris where cyan in color, the standoff was intense filling the room with an air of tension thick enough to slice with a blade. As continued to stare into his father's eyes he was to believe he had seen a glimmer, a sliver of hurt that stood behind the facade of a stern demeanor. Erupting into a burst of chaotic laughter, Nōet marveled at the thought of his father not living up to the name that he held so dearly: "The Red Hawk". The joke spoken only to himself had the boy in belly aching laughter, Mao remained vigilant and silent in reaction to his son's antics.

"Oi! Old man! You better learn to liven up a bit! You really didn't think sticking your dic—"

"Language!" Mao Sr. interjected making the strict demand of his son, Nōet retaliated with a heavy sigh from deep within his chest as if in false defeat before continuing on.

"Penis!?! Good enough?..  In every whore of the crop that you would receive perfect children made in your image, now did ya?" He said ending with a scoff at his father's infidelities polygamous relationships.

Accompanied by that slight glimmer he would swear on his life that he saw in his father's eyes, Nōet felt he had struck a critical blow and behind the facade of a stern demeanor that he wore there was a pain that ached in memory of the boy's mother every time the man looked at his son. Yet still Mao remained silent, only now he had broken the gaze with his son and his eyes acted in swivel-like motion as the "all seeing eye" penetrated the boys exterior with its enhanced vision in search of the questions that plagued his mind.

The observation proved fruitful to the boy's father, although he celebrated in silence within the confines of his subconscious for what was a great discovery proved even more so concerning. At face value nothing was abnormal about the fifteen year old sitting behind the desk, although bound by sealing tags his hands remained unmoved and still intertwined with one another in the form of the "Tiger" hand seal, but through the prowess of his eyes Mao observed the matriculation of his son's chakra circulating through his body system somewhat in similar manner to molasses, yet proving even more concerning was the absence of ill effects that would normally afflict anyone with the new exception of his son. He hypothesized that it was a matter of precision-like exertion of control Nōet displayed over his chakra with the supplemental  aid of an outside force, what the outside force was remained a mystery to Mao Sr. leaving him in utter silence that Nōet took as a lack of reaction to the truth and utter  neglect. Growing restless, Nōet let out another deep sigh before choosing to speak again, only this time with much more sanity and in a calmer tone.

"Hey old man... All I want are my gummy bears... I get that and you get what you want..." Nōet said shifting his tone to one drastically more sinister by the end of what he had to say, silence sat between them as their eyes met once more.

"I'll recount the night my mother died at my hand, the day that I slaughtered and fed on an entire town!.. The day you took my hand in yours whilst it dripped like this fucking faucet with the blood of your unborn twins whose taste to this day keeps me up at night like a fiend wanting MORE!!! " He said as his chest rapidly rose and fell out of his own excitement, this prompted the return of his laughter which at this point was moreso an ear sore done out of disrespect.

Once again, the Byakūgan wielded by Mao Sr. picked up upon hidden occurrences gone unseen by the naked eye, his dōjutsu being capable of viewing the fluctuations Nōet's chakra and picking up on how it circulated at nearly double the speed that it has previous, yet somehow the boy kept it contained by some membrane even the "all saying eye" wasn't able to see. A spark of curiosity ignited in Mao's psyche at his son's words, for now it would seem that he would play along as from within the sleeve of his robes he withdrew a fresh pack of gummy bears. The aroma of flavors released from the pack being open nearly sent Nōet in a frenzy, but his father caught notice and lowered the bag as if putting it away until he was silenced. And then, at random, a gummy bear was removed and thrown into the mouth of his son.

"Holy shit! A red one, fruit punch flavored!!! Awww you shouldn't have... Old man, how did you come to deduce that this was my personal favori—" A look only a parent could give was shot at Nōet stopping him from saying another word off subject. His eyes rolled over with a display of much attitude, but his father's silent orders were upheld and the story began to unfold.

Word Count: 1,201
Stats Trained: 6 - Chakra
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PostSubject: Re: A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]    Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:29 am

Approved and please please please do not use that brown gold whatever color it makes it very hard to read


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PostSubject: Re: A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]    Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:33 am

For as long as could be remembered Nōet had been trained for the very moment wherein his mother's agonizing pain would ring through his ear canals signaling the eve of the day that she was due to give birth not once but twice in succession in expectation of fraternal twins. Like Nōet, so to would these children belong to the pairing of the female known only as "Obs" and the "Red Hawk"of the Hyūga clan, but instead of being by her side during such pressing times he was absent, and instead only a three year old Nōet. He had orders to carry out, he had trained for this, but still... A son's love for his mother was immeasurable...

"It's OK baby... It's OK, mom-my.. Ugh.. Mommy is going to be fine..." Maintaining her composure, Obs spoke gingerly in a motherly tone in attempts to soothe her child, all the while baring the strenuous pain of the contractions. The twins were nearing, their births would be marked in this world.

"Nōe-Nōes... Baby, you have to listen to mommy now, there isn't much time left... Go!" Yet, he still remained at her side, to which she did nothing more than raise her hand to his face. Her thumb took the pain away and along with it the tears, with her fingers she brushed the baby locs from infront of his face so that both sets of cyan eyes were locked. The moment was their's, nothing else mattered...


In the face of her killer Obs was as proud to be a mother as could be, her son was a reflection of her in more ways then one, and note the mission could be completed... Nōet's left side changed in hue from light to dark as a grey pigmentation overcame it, his dreadlocks multiplied and elongated, and what was left of his sanity was only conveyed by the right side of his face as the left took on a more demonic appearance complete with yellow starred cornea. In other words... 'Perfect' in the eyes of his mother. An enraged scream trumpeted out from the boy, the walls were neither thick enough to contain the noise nor strong enough to withstand the force that was the power behind his rage.

The order had been given and Obs' soldier was enroute, after seeing her son use the same rage that she used to overcome his father in combat she was left with zero doubt to fear or that he would be nothing less than 'perfect'. The farther he got away from his mother the stronger her words echoed in his psyche, they pushed him to go faster and put forth more effort to fulfill her will, and so he did. Gaining momentum with each step and finding traction underneath his own weight, young Nōet took off toward the heart of their town with a veil that shrouded his vision of but only three individuals.

The Mayor | Jīyu Fū, had long since been a gambling rival of the "Red Hawk", but it had been nine months since their last meeting wherein the legendary Hyūga had lost and was in debt. In his absence Jīyu took his frustrations out on Obs, increasing the taxes that she had to pay to make rent and denying any attempts at loan assistance. Yet still, she did what she had to in order to  pay her bills and provide a better life for her son.

There was pain, there was anger, and on nights when it was the hardest there was rage, but this was a side of herself she wished not for her son to see. Instead, she trained him on how to exploit the rage that he would come to feel, how to make the power of his emotions his own strength... On this night Jīyu Fū's blood was the first to have been spilled at Nōet's hand, through the veil he knew what the man looked like and the pain he has caused. It would be returned twice as strong. In his transformed state Nōet's strength was amplified, but it was his speed that was focused on as it coupled with the serrated edge of his blade-like protrusion extending from his forearm. Like a thief in the night, he came, he saw, and he took what he wanted which inevitably was vengeance...

The Farm Owner  | Gonmu Nuimei, a love interest of the "Red Hawk" who had been smart enough to never allow him to lay a finger on her, but instead received whatever her heart desired. Some say that distance strengthens the heart, yet with his nine month absence Gonmu's lust for material possessions grew out of control and with not being able to keep up with the latest trends she took her frustrations out on Obs, and thus their food was taxed and any attempts at growing her own was met with failure due to unusual circumstances...

Gonmu's death was not swift nor as straight to the point as the mayor's was. Having awoken much of the residents with the recklessness of crashing through walls and the enraged scream from his first kill, Gonmu was on high alert and so to were the people of her farm. Speed had been Nōet's only adversary making quick work of the chickens, the goats were more defensive causing his small stature to try more nimble tactics, but they also fell to his hand. All that remained were the cattle which with their bull had taken to barricading themselves around Gonmu, she felt safe and untouchable, he felt that she had done the same to herself that she had once done to the animals with trapping them. One by one the creatures met the blade's touch until he was faced in person that at times was the cause of their deprivation of food.

Gonmu, upon looking into the eyes of her killer, appeared to have accepted her fate for she neither moved nor made fuss as she was hacked away at mercilessly. In her final moments nothing about the woman changed, Gonmu looking upon the face of Nōet and only saw the one she yearned for,  the "Red Hawk".

The Addict | Hibiki Momoshi, after two deaths in the small town the word on the street was that a killer was on the loose. Although the names of the victims held no possible ties in the townspeople's discussions, but Hibiki knew who the connecting piece was. With the reputation that the man upheld in the Hyūga clan Hibiki assumed it could be no one but him to have returned to sever loose ends, thus he took his own life. At the sight of his targets self inflicted wounds Nōet came to a moment of clarity, his appearance shifting to its normal state once again, and then it him: mother. And just like that, he took off without the aid of  the previous enhancements pushing his speed to its limits to arrive at his mother's side, hopefully in time.  
With the veil lifted the aftermath of his night rage was revealed to him, in the wake of his targets deaths several businesses suffered damages leaving them inoperable. Trails of tears and death chants followed him as his characteristics raised suspicion, dipping and dodging only helped so much when a child of three years old fled the captors, where he found his stride was in the straights which allowed Nōet to exploit his youth and speed.

Word Count: 1,245
Stat Trained: 6 - Speed

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PostSubject: Re: A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]    Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:53 am

"Stop!" Mao hissed in a tone that seemed almost threatening, one certainly not used when speaking to one's child. Nōet was silenced by bucked eyes, never had he experienced his father so out of his norm. He dared to say it, this was a side of the infamous "Red Hawk". Although appearing to be shocked, Nōet was merely slowly stirring the pot, the mask would be lifted. He would expose who he really was.

"No father! You don't get to ruin this story just because you know how the story ends!..." Nōet retorted while slamming his fist down, sneering all the while keeping his eyes on his father who merely stated at the desk between them. DOG...

"Silence yourself Nōet, you have been warned... What you did was unacceptable, what you have done is incomprehensible!.." Mao said folding his arms across his chest, his sons words were taking a tole on the man's composure. Nōet recognized this and the onslaught continued.

"What I did was nothing diffrent then what you have done, oh mighty 'Red Hawk'... Miss me with that bullshit..." Nōet said throwing his bound hands at his father before returning them back to the desk. BOAR..

"I kill three people and get labeled as a monster... You?.. Oh no, you a monster? Yea right, you kill three people and its regarded as an act of duty..." he paused. "Ya know, as much as I try to be unlike the more I see that I'm just a reflection of the side of you that you mask... What really happened to earn you the title of Red Hawk? Huh, father?.. Because I'm sure I made you proud stripping the flesh off of the twins. You ever do the same? Let's compare notes—" Nōet continued to rant adding more and more fuel to the fire burning under his father's sensitive area, the twins were to be his greatest accomplishment of all of his children born and yet to come, but their lives were cut short.

And then, just like that, Mao lashed out with extended index and middle fingers aimed at his sons chest. No longer would he put up with Nōet's lack of respect, but before the strike could be made a second glance at his son paused the man in his tracks. RAM!  Sitting before Mao was his mistress, Obs, and in both of her arms were children. Mao stared on in disbelief as his mind begun envisioning a life that could have been, the emotions overriding the mask that he wore and as the first teardrop met the desk Nōet knew he had won in the name of his mother.

Mao turned his back on his son and made his exit, although for a brief moment he paused in the doorway, but not so much of a word was exchanged before he left. Nōet sat confused back in his normal form, by the time that he noticed the seals effects had worn off and his arms were once again free. The question remained, was he free? Nōet took no chances and vaulted over the table and made his way through the doorway. With his head peaked out it turned on a swivel ensuring that all was clear and it was, if ever the time to make his escape it was now. Freedom was just a step further, but fate intervened. There sitting under his foot was a fresh pack of gummy bears, attached to it a note.

You start the academy tomorrow.
Do not try and run, there is much to learn before the world will be ready for you.
Enjoy the snacks.

Word Count: 605
Jutsu Trained: Transformation Technique

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PostSubject: Re: A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]    

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A Night of Rage! [Solo/Training/Flashback]
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