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 Let me teach you Nii-san [P/Invite Only/NK]

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Nagata Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Let me teach you Nii-san [P/Invite Only/NK]   Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:17 am

Early morning, the Sun was set loose. The darkness had faded away and the mist, the characteristic of the village had surrounded the forest. This particular forest that Nagata had come along with his brother. Today, was an off day from the academy, but it was not a day without training. Today, he was going to help his older brother learn some jutsus. Some jutsus that he had learned quite quickly. The reason being, the life threatening sensei who would’ve led him to his death if he hadn’t learned the jutsus. So, to prevent his older brother from suffering such an ordeal, he was helping out. Honestly though, he wasn’t that kind. It was actually because Mugetsu Nii-san promised him a pack of diet coke. And all was decided.

Birds had begun to awaken and chirp, surrounding the environment in a mesmerizing symphony. It was truly a beautiful morning. Nagata stood in the middle of a circular clearing. To add to the drama of training for jutsus, these clearings appeared from time to time within a forest for convenience purposes. Such was this clearing as well, it was 50 meters in diameter and had a few pond here and there, with an occasional tree within it as well.

Today, he had decided to go with something more comfortable than casual. Instead of his usual jeans and jacket, he was sporting a silver colored kimono. Despite being young, his father had properly educated him in the verse of handling a kimono. The discipline, the elegance and the attitude came natural to the Hyuuga.

From one of his conveniently spacious sleeves, he retrieved a cold diet coke. It was the last one of his current batch and he was running low on his pocket money. He really should start managing his personal finances well. He was eight for crying out loud, not a two year old. How long would he depend on his older, more capable siblings to provide for him anyways? Regardless, he needed this pack of diet coke that Mu Nii-san had promised him.

”Let’s begin Nii-san, I want those die… I mean, I want those jutsu learned.. By you.. Properly.. ish”, he was fixated on the diet cokes, his intentions were gushing out. Who was he kidding though? It was his older brother. As if he wouldn’t know the fixation of his little brother?

Word Count: 400

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PostSubject: Re: Let me teach you Nii-san [P/Invite Only/NK]   Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:28 pm

It was indeed dawn just right before Mugetsu would raise to start his early training right when the shadows of the night would be replaced by the warmth of the sun and then immediately covered in thick layers of mist. That was one of the few reasons why Mugetsu loved Kirigakure it allowed him to practice his self trained assassins techniques those of which he were moderately good at. This day was bound to be rather interestin., Mugetsu was meeting his little brother, Nagata... 

One who was particularly fond of bribing his elder siblings for various sweets and candy in exchange for things they could possibly want and need. There was something that Mugetsu knew about his little brother that most seem to ignor because of his childish tendencies. Nagata was a genius a self made prodigy capable of learning and doing things that would take the average ninja several years to accomplish. It was this raw skill that Mugetsu loved to tap into why he was able to learn things from his little brother much faster then teachers, these training sessions where a way to test his brother himself. In any case there was no reason he couldnt do any training on his own. 

Mugetsu most of the way was running at top speed to the meeting locations. He took extra energy to push harder to force himself to a new speed even if it pain his very own legs. Speed training was something he loved to do and hopefully he could show his slower little brother a thing or two along the way. Mugetsu was dressed in his traditional black clothing in addition to the incredibly identifiable black silk hooded trench coat. A back filled with several oval shaped object were held close to his chest to minimize shaking up his brothers bribe. Staring at the back of his little brothers head while still running top speed he could see Nagata already drinking one of the things he was forced to bring him. Diet coke something a kid his age shouldnt have been drinking but if you were to even dream about taking it away from the eight year old monster... It would surely be the end of you. Mugetsu upon reaching him would swiftly stop kicking up a cloud of dust into the air around the two. It was funny how Nagata always knew who was around him as he had already began talking to Mugetsu before their eyes met.

"I see you havent changed Nagata, I brought what you asked for but you arent getting them until this is over."

Sitting the drinks next to a group of idle trees Mugetsu would begin to sprint around his brother at increasing speeds until he once again reached his top speed. But this time was different Mugetsu had been moving much faster and his once sky blue eyes, had now turned pale white as his veins vegan protruding around his eyes. This signified the awakening of his Byakugan something that allowed him to run and train his speed even better them before while also simultaneously keeping track of his brothers actions with ease. This was one of Mugetsu's multiple way at multitasking and some that his brother's were used to seeing. He was waiting on his little brother to show him thr jutsu he'd promised to show him and any other conversation between the two could wait. Nagata knew that Mugetsu was one not fond of words but if his little brother had skmething he gad wanted to talk about them Mugetsu would try his hardest to help the Hyuuga prodigy.

Word Count: 604

~Mugetsu Hyuuga~

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Nagata Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Let me teach you Nii-san [P/Invite Only/NK]   Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:34 pm

The two hyuuga siblings had sprinted their way on here. While Nagata did pretend that he was teaching his older sibling, the truth was he could learn a thing or two from his older brother. Specifically, that speed. Mugetsu was actually twice as fast than Nagata. As evident from their earlier sprint to the clearing, Nagata had lagged behind. And if Mugetsu hadn’t slowed down intentionally for his little brother, Nagata would have taken twice the time to get there. Regardless, they were there.

Immediately after Nagata’s statement, the cat was out of the bag. His Nii-san didn’t waste a minute to address the elephant in the situation. He presented the desirable beverage and not just one or two, an entire pack. However, he also mentioned a condition. Said condition, made Nagata go ”Tch..”. Well, what did he expect? It was Mu Nii-san after all. He wouldn’t know the most obvious desires of his young brother? At this point, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that they all knew. Didn’t they? They just pretended to go along with it. Didn’t they? The bunch of smart older Hyuugas.

Well, one thing led to another and now Mu Nii-san was running around all over the place. And he was serious too. As could be deduced with his immediate activation of his byakugan.

Nagata understood his position. He was not faster nor comparable to his brother’s speed at this point. To get closer to him, he needed to take another approach. So he did. Following his brother’s example, Nagata too activated his byakugan with a textbook announcement of it: ”Byakugan!”, he said as the all seeing eye awakened.

Even with the additional abilities of the byakugan, he knew he wouldn’t be able to touch Mu Nii-san. If only he had some teleportation abilities or something. Not to mention, he had a very small arsenal of jutsus; actually just two. He observed his brother, moving quickly and elegantly. Deducing that just standing there observing would serve little, he decided to chase after him while thinking. Would that be beneficial? Heck no. He was twice as fast than Nagata.

He would chase after his brother, who would have reached top speed by now. Until finally, he came up with a plan. He didn’t have teleportation; not exactly, but he did have something pretty close to it. If only he could find something that was half his weight and in his brother’s running path; that would be just perfect.

For convenience purposes, Nagata spotted a log nearby. Right in the way of where his brother was headed and even more convenient, it was within 10 meters of his current location. Grinning, he made the appropriate hand signs and focused his chakra. With a little magic but mostly jutsu, he disappeared and in his place appeared the log. While he appeared where the log was a moment ago, like merely fractions of a second. Hoping that his brother would find it a tad bit hard to stop right away, he would raise his right hand so that he could simply touch his brother’s torso. Once touched, if at all touched, he would say ”I win!”.

Would the strategy succeed? Would the teleportation via substitution jutsu actually be a good enough strategy? Only the next post could reveal that.
Word Count: 567.
Total Word Count: 967.
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PostSubject: Re: Let me teach you Nii-san [P/Invite Only/NK]   

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Let me teach you Nii-san [P/Invite Only/NK]
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